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Aug 15th, 2021
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  1. Buttercup
  2. 316 Days
  3. Stands Out Socially, Prefers Modern, Relies on Wits, Sees Saule as a Friend, 0 Rebellion
  5. Awareness 148
  6. Insight 251
  7. Dominance 76
  8. Temperance 148
  10. Strength 26
  11. Grace 238
  12. Style 249
  13. Endurance 60
  15. Fighting 0
  16. Sensitivity 105
  17. Technology 180
  18. Etiquette 300
  19. Mischief 208
  20. Occult 79
  21. History 42
  22. Science 184
  23. Classical Arts 98
  24. Pop Culture 85
  25. Business 42
  26. Law 175
  28. Buttercup loved people. She loved to be around people, to talk to them, to entertain them, to touch them, and occasionally to bite them. She had no desire to be locked up in a cold stone mansion by herself when she could instead be surrounded by a few hundred of her closest friends.
  30. And so, Buttercup became a grand hostess, using her estate to throw lavish parties every weekend. The only limitation was that all guests must leave before dawn.
  32. Fashion was Buttercup's watchword. Guests attended in lavish ballgowns or intricate costumes depending on the theme of each particular soiree. Those who could not pass the dress code were offered the loan of suitable outfits - indeed, Buttercup employed seamstresses to fill wardrobes with possibilities.
  34. To enter her home was to be part of a beautiful fantasy, a dream that she hoped would never end.
  36. Saule found the presence of so many strangers in the place that she considered to be her home, week after week, to be rather unsettling. She appreciated it when guests admired the estate, the decor, the dainty foodstuffs, and the Mistress, but she did often wish that they would all go away.
  38. At least the rest of the week would allow for some quiet time to enjoy Buttercup's company.
  40. At first, Akari's social graces appeared a perfect match for her girlfriend's new lifestyle. However, Buttercup was soon reminded that the ballroom was Akari's profession, not her reason for living. In a few years, she would be off to a new job in a new country. Apparently she was considering something to do with racecars.
  42. Buttercup was content to let Akari fly away on adventures, knowing that she was bound to return. Their waltz would be a long one.
  44. Adelia did not care for crowds, especially 'polite' ones. She was more comfortable in a bar than a ballroom, and never attended any of Buttercup's 'charming affairs'.
  46. However, there was a certain thrill in taking the same woman who dressed like a princess on weekends and getting her covered in grime on their private adventures.
  48. Dimitria was used to dealing with wealthy representatives of high society, but only as 'the help' - respectable and professional help, well paid for her services, but not someone that a powdered matron would see as an equal. She preferred small gatherings with industry peers to elaborate gowns and polite conversation.
  50. However, she did not require that Buttercup be totally devoted to her with no other interests. On the night of any ball, she simply vanished into the background to take up her own amusements.
  52. Rosalie enjoyed parties, but an entirely different kind of party than the high-society affairs Buttercup originally envisioned. Her first suggestion of hosting raves didn't quite meet Buttercup's standards, so they settled on a compromise: live-action roleplaying events! Guests of all ages could dress up and play-act roles, carrying out complex intrigues with convenient dramatic climaxes by the end of the night.
  54. Sometimes the guests might even pretend to be vampires!
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