No tree - no path

Dec 3rd, 2021
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  1. (defun find-path (tree elem)
  2.   (labels ((layer (list) (cond ((null list) nil) ;;This goes through a list of children and if and cheks whether one of them returns !nil
  3.                                (t (let ((next (find-path (car list) elem)))
  4.                                     (if (eql next nil) (layer (cdr list)) next))))))
  5.     (cond ((null tree) nil) ;;No tree - no path
  6.           ((eql (car tree) elem) (list (car tree))) ;;We are done here
  7.           (t (let ((result (layer (cdr tree)))) ;;Let's save the result so we don't have to call this twice
  8.                (if (eql result nil) nil (cons (car tree) result))))))) ;;If it is not nil, we are on the way home
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