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  1. [4:54pm] Pwnemon: the only thing i killed was kaew
  2. [4:54pm] Kadew is now known as kaew.
  3. [4:54pm] kaew: pwnemon you killed my name
  4. [4:55pm] kaew: shot the d right outta it
  5. [4:55pm] Pwnemon: dont worry kaew youre a girl
  6. [4:55pm] Pwnemon: you shouldnt have a d in the first place
  7. [4:55pm] paintseagull: Pwne... :\
  8. [4:55pm] • paintseagull gives Pwne a mom look
  9. [4:56pm] • Canis_Majoris gives kaew the d back
  10. [4:56pm] kaew is now known as Kadew.
  11. [4:57pm] Pwnemon: "[4:56pm] • Canis_Majoris gives kaew the d"
  12. [4:57pm] Pwnemon: sig y/y
  13. [4:57pm] Kadew: no/never
  14. [4:57pm] paintseagull: PWNE
  15. [4:57pm] paintseagull: *extreme mom look*
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