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  1. ---------------
  2. 0.9.0 --> 1.0.0
  3. ---------------
  6. - Durability is now shown under your equipped items.
  7. - You can now craft the Rusted Blade by dragging one of the three required pieces onto an anvil.
  8. - You can now craft the Rusted Armour by dragging one of the four required pieces onto an anvil.
  9. - Added a "Exit Game" button to the bottom of the demo expiration menu.
  10. - Added a seasons system:
  11. - Your world will start on a random season: winter, spring, summer or autumn.
  12. - A new season will start every four days.
  13. - Each of these seasons will have different effects on your world (e.g. more snow in the winter).
  14. - Rivers can now be walked over during the winter but you will not be able to drink from/fish in them.
  15. - Crops will now be destroyed during the winter.
  17. # CHANGES
  18. - Increased the walking and running speeds.
  19. - Renamed the "Exit Game" button in the death menu to "Back To Menu".
  20. - Animals and other AI no longer perform actions whilst you're dead or blacking out.
  21. - The demo timer is now calculated in minutes.
  22. - Snow is now saved as part of the world (it will no longer stop snowing when you exit).
  24. # FIXES
  25. - Fixed being able to take sharp bones from non-existent chickens.
  26. - Fixed arrows doing 0 damage to animals sometimes.
  27. - Fixed being able to shoot dead animals with arrows.
  28. - Fixed being able to fire arrows at villagers.
  29. - Fixed being able to right-click fruit bushes from long distances.
  30. - Fixed being able to right-click landmarks from long distances.
  31. - Fixed being able to right-click "the corpse" from long distances.
  32. - Fixed seeing the blackout menu and death menu simultaneously.
  33. - Fixed rain and snow never ending sometimes.
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