Battle Palace FAQ

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  1. The Battle Palace is the... baka facility. Each round consists of seven battles, and you're fully healed after each one. Your Pokemon choose their own moves, often unintelligently, leading their trainer to exclaim "Baka!" with frustrating frequency. Which move they choose depends on their nature and some luck. Certain natures use attacking moves more often, while others use defensive or support moves. If your Pokemon wants to use a defensive move but has only attacking moves, it will either do nothing or choose an attacking move at random.
  3. Difficulty: 7th easiest of 7
  4. - You can't do much except hope your Pokemon choose wisely. And Latios and Metagross have bad natures for the Palace (nearly 1/3 to do nothing).
  6. The Frontier Brain is Spenser. You fight him at the end of the third round (Silver) and sixth round (Gold). Her Silver team is Crobat, Slaking and Lapras (all 16 IVs). His Gold team is Arcanine, Slaking and Suicune (all 31 IVs). Both fights are about 90% to win without RNG manipulation, and since dying costs a ton of time, they are RNG manipulated to guarantee a victory.
  8. IV notes: See the chart at the bottom of the general FAQ.
  10. RNG manipulation: You manipulate every turn of the Spenser battles. The RNG does not advance idly during Frontier battles, so if you know the frame on which you started the battle, you know exactly what will happen on every turn if you perform certain actions (which is limited to attacking or switching at the Palace). Manipulation consists of saving and resetting before the battle, starting the battle within a 10-15 frame cluster, observing the first turn to see which frame you hit, and then executing the fastest winning strategy for that frame. I also time several inputs before entering the battle room, as the manip occasionally fails for unknown reasons if I just mash. The 10-15 frame cluster consists of only 2 battle frames -- one for the odd frames and one for the even frames -- so each manipulation has only two possible outcomes.
  12. Notably, if you save and reset before a fight and then reset again at any point after re-entering the challenge, you're disqualified. So you have one shot at the manip.
  14. It's also possible to manip every single battle, which is worth it in later rounds, but the mechanics are not fully understood and the manips would take hundreds of hours to make.
  16. Order of Pokemon: Metagross, Latios, Swampert
  18. General strategy: Remove Calm Mind from Latios because it's not smart enough to use it effectively, and it will use it far too often at low HP. Remove Shadow Ball from Metagross because it's barely better than Meteor Mash against Ghost and Psychic types, but it's very punishing to use it against a Normal type while Choice Banded. Remove Explosion from Metagross for obvious reasons. Lead Metagross instead of Latios because the Choice Band adds predictability.
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