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Adventure Time 3D Game Walkthrough

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Oct 30th, 2016
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  1. Here is a full wall of ‘unlocked’ secrets -
  4. To unlock all secrets, NSFW mode is required, so keep that in mind. NSFW Mode should ONLY be employed by those 18+ and somewhere NOT work, as it is NOT safe for such. Also note SOME of this information may be inaccurate as this was mostly from my experiences and gleaning information from comments left.
  6. First Secret - Reunited At Last
  8. To complete this secret, you only need to complete the first portion of the game straight up. I am going to put a walkthrough here about it, so if you DON’T want any of that spoiled and want to play through it yourself, then skip to the Second Secret.
  10. You will begin the game in the cave. Talk to B-Mo who will direct you into Marceline’s House. Enter Marceline’s House. She will direct you to the boarded up cave on the left side of her cave from the mouth, or where you started the game. Return outside and talk to B-Mo about Hammer. B-Mo will agree to give you the hammer in exchange for playing Hide and Seek.
  12. B-Mo’s first hiding place is right near the boarded up cave entrance. B-Mo’s second hiding place is under Marceline’s house on the right side. B-Mo’s third and final hiding place is in the cave you can find by following the RIGHT side of the cave from the ‘entrance’. Follow that cave and you will arrive in a room with a ledge on the left side and a block on it, which will be covered later. For now talked to B-mo, receive the hammer. Ignore the Golden Planks. You can’t break them yet. Enter First Person View and look through the nearby hole. That will cause the Horse from the Eyes to follow you.
  14. It may spook you now and again appearing to pop in and out of nowhere. Deal with it. Exit back into the main cave. Don’t go for the boarded up cave yet. Instead follow the right-hand side of the cave to the ledge with the boxes. If you are lucky you can use The Horse to get up there, then use the block up there to reach the top. You can then push down the block from there to the ‘second’ level, then drop down and push the ‘second level’ block down to the ground floor. It’s a short-cut to ‘The Maze’ which will be covered shortly.
  16. If you aren’t lucky, then focus for now on getting the horse to stand on Marceline’s pier porch. Once he is, jump on top of him and jump onto Marceline’s roof. Jump up on top and you can receive the Recover skill. Skills are Necessary to the Ninth Achievement. NOW go to the boarded up cave on the left side.
  18. If you played the previous build, note it has been changed this time around. Upon entry, the Horse should be standing directly to your right. Jump on top of him and use him to reach a hidden ledge. This ledge is important to the Seventh Achievement as it is where one of the swords required will appear. Keep it in mind.
  20. Once you have retrieved the wish orb which can be used to purchase hints, head towards the back of the room. You will see a map. This map will lead you to the bomb required to blow the rock on the left side of the room via The Maze. For now however travel to your right. Be careful as there is an invisible edge that you can fall into. Look towards the back of this side cave and head forward. Fireballs should start appearing. Dodge them and just keep moving forward. Once you are near enough to the end, they will stop.
  22. Congratulations, you have the Golden Sword, the most basic sword in the game and otherwise the most useless. If you want a slightly better sword with the necessary functions for the Eleventh Achievement, then see The Eleventh Achievement. If not, don’t worry, it won’t be long before you can get a different one anyways.
  24. Return the way you came, killing the Green worms along the way. Make sure to collect the dropped bubbles which restore your health some, and the money, which can be used to buy potions later on. For an in depth explanation of the different worms, see ‘Intersection Battle’.
  26. Make your way back into Marceline’s House cave and take the right cave. Break the golden planks and proceed to push the blocks from that top ledge to the next and so on, if you haven’t already earlier. Proceed into the cave ahead.
  28. This is the Maze. It is the key to the two most fun secrets, with one of those secrets being necessary to completing the others. You will be coming here at least three times, however upon finding the two main rooms, you will be able to use it to go to and from those areas immediately.
  30. For now proceed Left, Right, then Up. You should be in the Bomb room. Proceed to use the floating and flipping platforms to reach the next level. YOu will see a platform shooting up and down, ignore it for now. You can’t reach it yet. For now advance on the ladder. Upon doing so you will be ambushed by Worms. Each worm color has different abilities, so watch carefully or see Intersection Battle for an explanation.
  32. Once you have defeated them, use the Ladder. Run the perimeter of the room around to the star. This is the ‘Dash’ Skill. It is your most versatile tool, is necessary for the Ninth Achievement, and is generally just fun to use. Keep in mind though it requires stamina to use so you can’t use it infinitely.
  34. Return to the level you just climbed the ladder from and use dash to ‘dash’ onto the platform when it is level with you. Ride the floating platform up. Use the floating platform in front of you and get across. Pick up The Bomb and just drop back down to the first level and leave.
  36. Return to the ‘Bomb Map’ Cave where you found the sword and use the bomb to blow up the boulder and proceed to the Intersection.
  38. This is the Intersection. It is where you will access most rooms from. To unlock such access however you must first complete the Intersection Battle, Phases 1 - 3. I will be detailing the different enemies here, including those who only appear in phases 4 and 5.
  40. Green Worms - The lowest form of worms, the least health of all worms. Their primary means of attack and defense is to release a soundwave barrier around themselves that will damage you should you come into contact with it whether by walking into it or attacking while it’s up.
  42. Purple Worms - More health than Green worms, not as much as Grey. Purple Worms attack by inhaling and inflating their heads and then shooting a blast of air at you. As long as you pay attention to them around the room, it is easy enough to dodge.
  44. Red Worms - More health than Green worms, not as much as Grey. Red worms attack by charging at you. Just attack them and they go down without too much trouble.
  46. Grey Worms - The most difficult species of worm. They have the most health. They are capable of using all three Worm Attacks. Bubbling, Charging, And Blasting. They do not have any additional skills beyond using any of the three abilities in battle.
  48. Fruit Witch - From the episode Dad’s Dungeon. The first fruit witch you encounter is the blonde. All Fruit Witches utilize the same basic attack in their first phase and have an individual attack. During this first phase they will float about and eventually if you are a distance away follow you and proceed to summon a few glowing red spots that will descend around them. That is their only attack in this phase and long as you keep attacking it’s not gonna happen. Upon losing about half of their health, they will become briefly invulnerable while they change to their ‘dark’ second form. Prior to that they fight identically.
  50. Fruit Witch Blonde - After the brief invulnerable phase she becomes vulnerable again after assuming her ‘dark’ form.. She will attack with basic quick slashes in this form before pausing giving you plenty of openings to attack.
  52. Fruit Witch Redhead - After the brief invulnerable phase she becomes vulnerable again after assuming her ‘dark’ form. She will attack with a red ‘slash like’ blast that will travel a distance in your direction. She only seems to shoot one at a time giving you plenty of time to attack.
  54. Fruit Witch Black - After the brief invulnerable phase she can be attack, HOWEVER her form is different from the others. She will transform into a giant red apple that will flash repeatedly increasing in speed before finally exploding. While you can simply dodge away and leave her to explode, doing so will not net you any rewards from killing her. However in this form she has no actual attack beyond the explosion at the end of her timer.
  56. Now, you have cleared the combat phase and the rings have dropped. You don’t NEED to battle again except for money for potions or for a matter relating to the eleventh achievement. Climb the stairs and investigate the cave with the colored locks. From here the exact path you follow can vary, but I recommend returning to Marceline’s cave first.
  58. Upon your return, take the ‘box steps’ up to the ledge with the Maze entrance. Looking around the room you may have noticed ledges above. You will follow the ‘outer’ wall and try to jump onto the ledge just off the ledge. From there follow the ledges until you reach the ‘standee’ of Magic Man with a lever. Pay attention to the Phil Face’s. They are necessary. Strike the lever with your sword. A cutscene will ensue. Remember the white block I told you to ignore earlier? Race back as fast as you can and hit it. I recommend taking the ‘high road’ via the ledges, but I believe there is plenty of time even if you drop back to the ground. Hit the button. This will cause the ‘Magic Man’ rock covering one of the entrances in the Intersection to vanish.
  60. Return to the Intersection. You will find three unlocked doors and the one locked one from earlier. Following the edge of the room’s second level after the stairs, you can just ignore the enemies if you are so inclined, find the room called Eyes.
  62. Eyes room. Upon entering use the pillars to avoid the first eye reached the corridor at the opposite corner. Just run down it and wait at the opening. You will see another eyeball floating by on patrol and will see another eyeball doing a patrol in the opposite direction at the opposite end of the room. Like before you will need to reach the opening at the far corner of the room. It may take practice but you will eventually find your way around them to reach it. Exit through it and you will find the Red Key AND the Root sword. It has immensely better reach than the Golden sword and has a special ability to defend/block, costing Stamina instead of health. I can’t promise how good it is against special moves by bosses but it’s better than the golden sword.
  64. Return through the eyes room. The eyes are gone now. You can jump on top of the pillars here and search around them and find a wish orb. Upon reaching the INtersection again, take the glowing open entrance to ‘Beachside’. Use the floating planks of wood and reach the first rock platform. You will fight the Fruit Witch trio here. Beat them and move to the second rock platform.
  66. Sea Worm (Boss) - The Sea Worm is a rather straight-forward boss battle. HIs attacks all bluntly involve striking you and have a fair window to dodge. When he is right up next to the platform jump and slash away. If he backs away some he is getting ready to crash his head down. Use dash to avoid it and resume slashing before he can get back up. If he disappears under the water, stand at one of the corners and turn the camera so the opposite corner is ‘straight ahead’ of you. This gives you the best view to see as much water and notice where he might be coming from.
  68. When the water ripples, keep track of what SIDE it’s on. If it’s on either of the short sides, he is travelling lengthwise and you will have less space to dodge. If it is on the long side, just side-step more or less. Resume the start position until he stops it and resurfaces. He can’t be struck during this phase so just be patient. Keep attacking. When he drops below half health he’ll retreat and change colors and will attack a bit more quickly and repeatedly.
  70. He has an additional attack, I don’t know if it is exclusive to the second phase or not, but he will sweep his head over the entire area. Just jump over him and you should be fine. Keep attacking when able and he’ll eventually die and become something of a reachable bridge to the final rock platform.
  72. Upon arrival you will find Breakfast Princess. You can say no to helping her but can’t progress until you help her, at which point she’ll give you the Blue Key AND a free potion. You can purchase potions from her at 60 a pop. For now you can hold 3 potions. See the Second Achievement if you want to know how to have more. Leave Beachside and proceed to ‘Twilight Room’. This is the ‘bomb map room’. Ignore the metal door for now and instead turn to look directly to your right. You will see a ledge with a block on it. Jump to it and push the block off.
  74. Congratulations, you now have a shortcut back up here. Jump back up to the level with the metal door and instead head through the opening, hugging the right wall. You will eventually be back in Marceline’s house cave. Follow the walkway up to a phil face. Press its eyes in the order you saw on the platforms. But in case you don’t remember them, or were too lazy, the order is Left Eye, Left Eye, Right Eye, Left Eye. This will cause a platform to appear in the lake. Follow the walkway and jump down to the platform. This will cause 5 other platforms to pop up.
  76. It’s basically a game of Simon. Jump onto the colored platforms in the order they lit up. You can jump back the central platform between platforms, so don’t worry about that. Do this about three or four times and another platform will show up. Jump to it and it will rise up to an otherwise inaccessible platform. Collect the key card.
  78. Return to the Twilight Room and use the shortcut to reach the metal door. Use the key card on it and enter the room. Talk to Princess Bubblegum. Now jump onto the platforms moving in a vertical circle and ride them up to the big ring in the center of the room. Collect the green key and hit the lever. This will activate the model viewer which is necessary to the eleventh achievement.
  80. Leave the room and return to the Intersection and use the keys on the locked door. You can now access the Ice Room. It is here you will battle the Ice King to save Jake. I recommend you collect potions from Breakfast Prince, AND complete the second Achievement before this as it will help.
  82. Once you are ready, fight Ice King.
  84. Ice King/Poo Brain Horse (Boss) - As a boss, Ice King is a decent step up from Sea Worm. He has three primary attacks but he only gains one of them after losing half of his health, I believe. Be aware however that Gunthers will pop up and will seek to attack you. These gunthers however are also very useful as Ice King’s attacks can destroy them, leaving health for you.
  86. Ice King’s first attack is ‘Ice Blasts’. Simple straight-forward blasts they will knock you back and away if they hit you. They are easily dodged though with dash and taking advantage of the oblong shape of the arena. His second attack is the one after which he becomes vulnerable. He will float to the center of the arena and you can see a glowing line run along the arena THROUGH him that will eventually turn into a giant light wall. This light all will circle him fully but moves slowly. Once it goes down he will descend and you can lay into him. Repeat until he goes below half health and glows a little red.
  88. It is here I believe his third attack comes into play. When he floats into the center of the arena, pay attention to if a light shows up. If it does NOT, then be prepared to run AWAY from Ice King. Run away as soon as the light show starts as he will start to suck you and anything else in in pulses. He is NOT vulnerable after this attack. Wait for the next light wall and attack him then and repeat until he goes down.
  90. Now comes the REAL boss fight.
  92. Marceline (Boss) - Marceline’s boss fight is pretty predictable once you have the pattern down, but it requires paying clear attention to where she is and knowing that it WILL speed up during the second half of the fight. You will want to have full potions, plain and simple for this fight so restock if necessary.
  94. Full to 50%.
  96. Phase 1 - Mines. You will see the floor start to light up underneath you. Run away from those spots and dash away from them.
  98. Phase 2 - Slash Blasts. Similarly to the Red headed fruit witches, Marceline will release a long range ‘slash’ attack that you merely need to dash from. She does about two or three of them.
  100. Phase 3 - Charge! Marceline will engulf herself in flames and dash towards you. Dash to the side or towards her and away at an angle to basically side step her.
  102. Phase 4 - Slash! Marceline will descend to your level and chase you before starting to slash with her axe. Dash away from her. Just keep dashing and using the length and size of the arena to your advantage, DON’T try and cut across her or over her. If she hits you during this phase it’s gonna hit HARD as every other hit is likely to hit you including phase 5.
  104. Phase 5 - Final Blast. If you were hit by the last phase 4 strike, you will be knocked vulnerably into the air and be hit with a powerful blast that will knock you to the far side of the arena from Marceline. If you DODGED phase 4 however you will see the glowing light following you. JUst keep dashing away from it and wait for it to explode. Once you have either come back down or it’s blown, charge Marceline and hit her as much as possible before the fight resumes.
  106. 50% to 0%.
  108. Marceline will turn black during this phase and be visibly on fire...which is a good sign she’s REALLY pissed with you. An additional phase will now show up and the mines and charge phase will occur twice during the round, and go FAR faster. So you will NEED to use dash instead of running during mines phase and fully avoiding Marceline’s charges will be far more difficult.
  110. New Phase - Pound. Marceline will slam her axe into the ground a few times while chasing you around the arena in quick succession. Use your dodge to avoid her.
  112. Dodge is your best friend, use it whenever you can and during the BRIEF pauses between phases, let it recharge and do it all over again. After ‘Final Blast’ Marceline will regain her true colors and you can attack her but she will turn black again after recharging so be aware you will probably need to take on this phase a few times before it’s over.
  114. Congratulations, you beat up an old man and a teenage girl! Seriously though, Marceline will let you go back into her house and you can find Jake sitting there. After talking to Jake, credits will roll.
  116. You’ve got the first achievement of the game!
  118. Second Achievement - Something Fishy
  120. Go to Beachside and find the rock on the right side of the beach. Now dash around it in a circle like a maniac. You will probably see a bright pink thing circling it with you. Chase it down and keep pressing until it stops and talks to you.
  122. You’ve now met Flying Fish Princess. If you want to know more about her, talk to Marceline after this is over. For now return to the Cave Entrance zone and stand on Marceline’s porch pier. You should be able to interact with the ocean there.
  124. Flying Fish Princess leaves you now with two extra bottles, upping your total to five. Congratulations!
  126. Third Achievement - Escar-Gotcha!
  128. I do not know if it can only be done in Genderbend world, which is where I found him, or not. In the Eyes room though he is on one of the pillars near the ‘far’ end near where the Red Key and Root Sword were.
  130. Fourth Achievement - Oh, Ohhh, Fionna…
  132. Upon completing the main game, you will find a note on the cave wall RIGHT in front of you leaving Marceline’s house. This note will have the directions to take through the maze to reach Genderbender world. For instructions regarding Gender Bender world, see the Tenth Achievement. But once you’ve made it through the maze here, not only can you use the maze immediately to reach it, but you can also use the ‘hack’ from B-mo to immediately genderbend. NOTE however that in Gender Bender World, you will NOT have the horse.
  134. Fifth Achievement - Yolks On Her
  136. Speak with Breakfast Princess at Beachside, in Finn’s world, about Marceline. Return to Marceline in her house and talk to her about her face. Marceline will appear to vanish and you can hear the shower upstairs running. Using the horse stand on his head and peer through the opening upstairs and you will see Marceline. Watch her for a couple seconds and the achievement will pop up on the wall. Congratulations, you’re a peeping tom.
  138. Sixth Achievement - Yolks On Him
  140. This achievement requires the 4th Dimensional Sword, which I will detail how to get in the seventh achievement.
  142. Speak with Breakfast Princess at Beachside, in Finn’s world, about Marceline. NOW either take the maze path or use the b-mo hack and genderbend the world. Talk to Marshal Lee about his face and he will appear to vanish and you can hear the shower running. Use the 4th dimensional sword and transition to ‘fly’ form and hover near the opening and watch Marshal Lee shower for a few second. The achievement will pop up on the wall. Congratulations, you’re a peeping tomboy too.
  144. Seventh Achievement - To The Hilt!
  146. This achievement MIGHT only require the 4th dimensional sword, but I am acting as if it requires all swords to be unlocked to pop.
  148. Golden Sword - See ‘Walkthrough’
  150. Root Sword - See ‘Walkthrough’
  152. ??? Sword - This sword is required to fulfill the eleventh achievement, I believe. Holding Q, use the arrow keys in this order. Right, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Right. You should unlock the sword. The ??? Sword allows you to decensor, a feat I will detail in the Eleventh Achievement.
  154. Demon Blood Sword - In Genderbend world, enter the Twilight Room and take the path to the right, same as you did when you got the Golden Sword. Like before fireballs will come at you but there will be a lot more of them. Survive to make it to the end of the run and pick it up.
  156. 4th Dimensional Sword - You will require the Infinite Dash, which I will detail how to acquire in the ninth achievement. Enter the Twilight Room from the intersection. Angle yourself towards the wall to the right of the walkway towards the phil face walkway’s entrance. If you hit the wall and ‘dash’ along it, you will eventually dash through the opening into the spot with the sword. Pick it up and done.
  158. Eight Achievement - Got Mega Milk?
  160. In Finn’s world, enter the Ice Room. Provided you beat Ice King and Marceline, the light switch should work now enabling you to see the ‘Hidden’ aspect of the posters. Pay attention to Ice King’s note and use that to piece together the path that will lead you to the Mega Milk item...or I can just explain it.
  162. Do NOT use all of the posters. The only posters you need to pay attention to are the PRINCESSES. Doctor Princess (who isn’t technically a Princess), Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess, and Engagement Ring Princess. Hidden, some more, some less, are the directions you will need to follow through the Maze. Up, Right, Up, and Left.
  164. You should reach a room that LOOKS like any old maze room but an item is hovering over the floor. Collect it. Talk to B-mo and he will enable the hack automatically. For now disable it. But congratulations, now all the girls except Fionna have big boobs!
  166. Ninth Achievement - Da Skillz!
  168. In total there are eight skills in the game. I only remember the position of seven of the skills, but the one I don’t remember shouldn’t be too hard to find.
  170. Dash - The Bomb Room as part of the story.
  172. Recover - On top of Marcy’s house in Finn’s world.
  174. Double Jump - Do not remember…
  176. Long Dash - In Genderbend world, strike Magic Man’s lever as you did in Finn’s world. Go to the cave where the ‘button’ was in Finn’s world quickly as possible under the timer and reach the ledge with the skill star. Attack the bubble around it quickly as possible. The next skill may help but I did it using Demon Blood Sword’s fire dash repeatedly without it.
  178. Quick Attack - In Genderbend world go to the Phil Face Walkway and jump down to the Simon (the game) platform. The platforms will flash colors but ignore that. You only need to land on the one that flashes WHITE at the end of it. Repeat that a few times and the platform will appear to raise you to the inaccessible region.
  180. Change Sword - Will detail how to get it with the Twelfth achievement.
  182. Double Health - In Genderbend world, talk to Breakfast Princess about Other Potions. Pay 1000 money for it.
  184. Double Stamina - In Genderbend world, talk to Breakfast Princess about Other Potions. Pay 1000 money for it.
  186. Tenth Achievement - Hail The Queen
  188. In Genderbend world go to the Ice Room and talk to ‘Poo Brain Horse’/Ice Queen. Challenge her to a fight, simple as that. You will want to have max potions.
  190. Ice Queen/Poo Brain Horse (Boss GB) - Generally the same as the battle against Ice King, but hits harder and takes less damage. I found no discernable differences beyond that.
  192. After defeating her Marshal Lee will come to try and similarly to Marceline take you on in Ice Queen’s place for the second boss battle. Instead Ice Queen manages to wriggle out of the suit and you can take her on. You will want everything you can have going for you here. I will admit I had to use the cheap-o ‘dodge off the side of the platform’ gimmick to beat her.
  194. Ice Queen/Queen Beyblade (Boss GB) - This is NOT like an amped up/ice version of Marceline fight so do NOT expect that going in. It is far more similar to the Poo Brain Horse battles. She has several attacks though that range between nearly unavoidable to just plain painful. She is truly befitting her current final boss status. Plus she comes with yeah.
  196. 100 - 50
  198. Ice Wall - She will quickly draw a line on the ground towards you from which an ice wall will rise up. She will draw two of these but as long as you keep side-stepping or dashing to the side, should be fine.
  200. Ice Shards - Unlike the Ice Blasts attack from the Poo Brain fight, she will launch ice shards at you that attack far faster. You will want to dodge near endlessly with this attack and never towards her if you can avoid it.
  202. Single Laser - She will descend to the ground and using both hands project out a laser and spin across the arena. The laser can be dodged for awhile using either 4th dimensional sword’s flight from or a LOT of well timed jumps. I don’t know how well root sword would do against it.
  204. Ice PIllar - Prior to her Double Laser attack, she will clearly telegraph this attack by throwing her arm up into the air. You will notice frost starting to collect near you. You will want to be standing near either corner at the OPPOSITE end of the arena from her. This way pillar will drop there. You can dash away from it just before it drops to avoid damage.
  206. Double Laser - She will descend and the floor and extend out both hands and project lasers from them. SHe will rotate SUPER quickly while travelling to the opposite side and back. She will make two or three trips but will usually end on the end OPPOSITE of where she started. When she stops, you attack here. She will eventually start walking back towards the center of the arena. Attack her as she does so until she starts to glow. Then back off quickly to avoid the outward blast. It has a wide radius so give her a wide berth.
  208. 50 - 0. When she hits the half health mark she will spawn an Ice Ring that will bounce around the arena and is generally from what I saw impervious to attacks. Avoid it as best you can. Her attacks come quicker, her Ice Shards now explode as well. AND to make matters worse, Double Laser becomes Queen Beyblade.
  210. Queen Beyblade - The Ice Ring that was bouncing around will come to her as she descends and wrap around her as she travels the length of the arena on her passes. Unlike last time however the ring will hang around her creating a defensive barrier that from my experience was impossible to break. You will need to attack her on her way to the center of the arena and only then, as that is when the ring leaves her.
  212. Beat her and watch the credits roll. Congratulations, you just beat up a crazy lady for an achievement!
  214. Eleventh Achievement - Don’t Tell the Dev!
  216. This achievement to me seems to be all about the model viewer and unlocking its contents. To unlock this you will need to complete tenth achievement, as that is the only way to unlock Ice Queen.
  218. The ??? Sword is king in this achievement. Its function allows you to decensor or strip the female npcs, and the fruit witches, but before that, you will want to get the Shibakini and the Sailor Fuk-U, both of which can only be found in Genderbend.
  220. The Sailor Fuk-U can be found in the Bomb room where you found the bomb, you will need to fight a new batch of worms to get up there though.
  222. The Shibakini can be found at Beachside on the last rock platform where you found Breakfast Princess in Finn’s world. You will need to fight Sea Worm again who like everything else is tougher and hits harder but doesn’t have any new moves except for, it seemed, pounding his face into the arena floor a couple times instead of once.
  224. Now, we break out the ??? Sword! The ??? Sword gains its power by basically being used on enemies, primarily the Fruit Witches. Its special attack is basically a wide area bubble that can hit multiple enemies. I recommend using the fruit witch trio at beachside. Battling them a couple times nearly fills it completely, then just kill a couple worms with it to fill it up. When it starts flashing, take it to these characters in any order and us the special move fully charged on them. Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Ice Queen. For the boys you will need to use it on them twice, but just use the ‘uncharged version’ the second time, no need to get a second bar or hold the special down. You will however need to refill the special bar between uses on these major characters.
  226. Next, turn on Mega Milk and go talk to Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Ice Queen. While it HAS an effect on the boys, there is no model viewer effect. Lastly you will need to visit Genderbend world’s Eyes room. There is an eye patrolling the corridor between the two halves of the rooms, and a pair of eyes facing opposite directions in the center of the second room. If however you have double jump AND the infinite dash, then you can simply jump, point yourself in the direction of the corner and dash straight across the room around pillars and if necessary jump an extra time to land on the ledge out. Out here you will find an item that looks like the triforce from legend of zelda. It allows you to pose multiple characters together in the model viewer.
  228. Now you should have this achievement unlocked. You do NOT need to strip a character AND have megamilk on to unlock its model, as I only stripped PB once without megamilk on, and then visited her with megamilk on, and all four models were unlocked.
  230. Now if you’ve stuck it out this far,I congratulate you! Because now you face the freakiest achievement…
  232. Twelfth Achievement - Hamb-OHMYGOD!
  234. In Finn’s world, go to the intersection room and use 4th dimensional sword’s flight ability to take you up into the light at the roof. You will eventually reach a small circular room where you will find Hambo with a note that reads Do Not Touch. Naturally you gotta touch it, so tell it yes to take it, jump down the hole, and whatever you do, DON’T PANIC! It’s a jumpscare!
  236. It’s JUST a scare. Now, upon jumping down you will see words popping up in the middle of the area. Ignore them completely. Head forward ignoring the Blank Eyed Girl’s, from the eponymous episode, and when you reach an ‘opening’ to ??? Just go through. You are now in ‘Hambo’s World’ which is basically Marceline’s House, another game by Mike. Follow the cave path hugging the left side until you make your way out into the actual cave with Marceline’s house.
  238. Your vision is limited here but again, don’t worry. Follow the left side near the water until you reach the far wall. Follow it and ‘the right side’ all the way down until you reach what I consider to be the last wish orb, that I found at least.
  240. Now turn back around and head towards the large cave opening where you can see the sky. If you see the giant blank eye girl face, and didn’t crap yourself, good. Now turn LEFT from facing the blank eyed girl and follow that right wall, hugging it and entering a cave. Follow the cave out hugging the right wall.
  242. If you already played Marceline’s house, this is the path to the snail to get the bomb, which has been replaced with the game’s final skill. IGNORE all the words telling you to go back. When you reach kind of the top of that wall you are going to want to turn around and hug the LEFT wall now, and you should see a ledge you can jump to. Jump to it and follow this new cave all the way to the star.
  244. Now that you have Change Swords, turn around and go back out the cave and go to Marceline’s house, which is where you probably wanted to go from the start. Upon entering the house you find it’s empty. Walk towards the ‘kitchen’ window area. The house will transform and you will see Little Marcie beckoning you essentially to follow her only to reach a sign telling you the boss battle isn’t ready.
  246. Wake up from the nightmare and bask in the glory of having survived a rather masterfully enabled jump scare scenario by Mike Inel. Oh, and in completing your achievements. That’s important too.
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