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old vein combos

Crimefighter Feb 4th, 2017 235 Never
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  1. Combos
  3. Vein combos follow this pattern: ground string -> launcher -> juggle(optional) -> air combo. So experiment and find out what combo routes work for you.
  4. Juggle routes:
  5. launcher>IAD j.B>j.D>hj.B>j.C>j.D>5A>air combo
  6. This typically works from fireball air hit, 236AC, and trap super
  7. launcher>IAD j.B>j.D>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo
  8. Variation of the one above.
  9. launcher>IAD j.C>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo
  10. Another variation, depends on height.
  11. launcher>(dash 2A/2B>)dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>air combo
  12. This works from pretty much any launcher, I find this to be the most reliable route for me.
  13. Aerial routes:
  14. j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  15. Highest damage aerial route, near corner-corner only but most combos carry from midscreen to corner so you'll use this often.
  16. 6A>hj.C>j.D>(j.236A/C)
  17. Simple good damage midscreen air combo, doesn't work in corner.
  18. j.A>j.B>delay j.D>dj.B>j.D>(j.236A/C)
  19. Alternative midscreen air combo, does about the same damage as above.
  20. Meterless
  22. Most of the combos can be done from falling j.C>j.D, IAD j.B>j.D, IAD j.C, CH rising j.B>j.C/j.D, and any falling CH jumping normal
  23. 5A/2A>5B/2B>(c.5C/2C(1 or 2))>2D
  24. Basic combo into sweep. Note 2A has longer reach than 5A does, and use your own judgement when you think you should throw in c.5C or 2C for some extra damage and meter. Safe setup for fireball oki.
  25. 5A/2A>5B/2B>2C(2)>(5D(1)>)(6A>)>236A/C
  26. Basic damage combo, in corner you can catch air techs with 5A and 6A pretty reliably into a small combo.
  27. CH 623A/6A/2D/(214BD)>dash 2B>c.5C>6A(1)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  28. Standard OTG combo that works anywhere, might be quite difficult for beginners due to the delays and links required. Dash 2B>c.5C>6A(1)>hj.C has to be all done immediately or else you'll get f.5C and/or hj.C won't connect if you dont hit 6A(1) close enough. 5A>j.A link is easiest if you hold 9 after 5A then press A after you're in the air. 214BD requires 0.5 stock. ~0.5 stock gain.
  29. CH 6A/2D>236B/D>dashing falling j.C>c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  30. Higher damage combo, pretty easy to hit confirm but requires more precision.
  31. 236B/D>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>2C>2D
  32. Fireball crossup hit into knockdown for another fireball oki. Litte over 0.5 stock gain.
  33. 236B/D>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C
  34. Good damage and corner carry route from fireball crossup. Little over 1 stock gain.
  35. 0.5 stock
  37. (236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  38. EX fireball doesnt seem to get affected by meter gain cooldown(in training mode at the very least) so you can gain enough meter for another 0.5 stock special.
  39. (236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>c.5C>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  40. Same combo as above but with a loop in it, very height and timing specific combo video type thing, you have to hit the first c.5C at the lowest height possible where hj.C will still connect while doing max delay j.Ds so the second c.5C and 5A will connect, adds a decent chunk of damage.
  41. 214BD>2A/2B>(c.5C>)6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>dj.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  42. EX teleport starter, most of the time you'll be able to combo off it as long as you do it from around 236B distance away from them.
  43. 1 stock
  45. (236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)>dash 2A>2B>[c.5C>5D(1)>6A(1/2)] or [2C(2)]>2141236A/C>(236B>c.5C>delay 6A(1)>neutral hjc>)IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C or 2D knockdown
  46. Not exactly a very high damaging combo but the net meter is around 0 so you can typically start this combo around 0.5 stock and end with a full stock even if you opt for the easier combo route.
  47. (236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236236B/D>[236B>dash>IAD j.C>] or [623A>]* or [c.5C>IAD j.C>]*c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  48. Standard 1 stock trap super combo, * indicates routes for corner. 623A and c.5C in corner have to hit before the 6th hit of trap super
  49. CH 623A/6A/2D/(214BD)>dash 2B>c.5C>6A(2)>236236A/C>(dash 2A)>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  50. Slash super combo, very distance specific, must be done around 1/2-1/3 screen from corner or else you'll have to use chaos shift to followup, very good damage though.
  51. 1.5 stock
  53. 6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236AC>dash c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  54. Guard crush combo, you gain the meter needed for 236AC during the combo, amazing starter and worth spending extra or even all your meter.
  55. 2 stock
  57. (236B/236D/236BD>214B/D>IAD j.B>j.D>)dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>236236B/D>[236D>dash>IAD j.C] or [623A]* or [c.5C>IAD j.C]*>c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  58. Extremely high damage chaos cancel trap super combo, * indicates corner only, does around 75-80%.
  59. 2.5 stock
  61. (CH)214BD>(2A/2B/c.5C>)623A>236236B/D>[236B>dash>IAD j.C] or [c.5C>IAD j.C] or [623A]>(2A/2B>)c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  62. Not guaranteed on normal hit, same rule as 0.5 stock EX teleport combo pretty much, does around 80%.
  63. 3 stock
  65. 6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>236236B/D>[236B/D>dash>IAD j.C] or [c.5C>IAD j.C] or [623A]>(2A/2B>)c.5C>6A(1/2)>hj.C>delay j.D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.B>j.C>(j.236A/C)
  66. High damage guard crush combo, will stun some chars, can start from 2 stock.
  67. Exceed
  69. 6CD>IAD j.B>j.D>dash 2A>2B>c.5C>5D(1)>6A(2)>236C(4 hit)>BC>(dash)c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C
  70. Midscreen to corner guard crush 100% exceed combo using imitsuki loop, it should kill everyone and is pretty practical since there's a couple setups for unblockable. Walk back c.5C can be omitted and you can just do walk back 623A by itself, but I find that c.5C helps with timing.
  71. Any ground string>236C(4 hit)>BC>(dash)c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C
  72. Same combo as above, does around 90-95% with any starter pretty much.
  73. 632146A/C(3 hit)>BC>f.5C>236C(4 hit)>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C>AB>walk back slightly c.5C>623A>236236A/C
  74. Command throw straight into imitsuki loop, high damage with no risk.
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