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  1. CleepToday at 1:51 PM
  2. OK my story next!
  3. Real story though
  4. The disband of CCC
  5. SuzuToday at 1:52 PM
  6. aite go
  7. tef sukToday at 1:52 PM
  8. o
  9. CleepToday at 1:52 PM
  11. Raid Boss DownToday at 1:52 PM
  12. :popcorn:
  13. tef sukToday at 1:52 PM
  14. i like this already
  15. CleepToday at 1:52 PM
  20. Except Barca
  21. BUT I like Barca lowkey!
  22. SuzuToday at 1:53 PM
  23. ur the only one
  24. CleepToday at 1:53 PM
  25. LOL hes a chill dude once you speak toh im
  26. hes just young
  27. Like 16
  28. SO yeah Im like
  29. WHAT why would they leave
  30. THEY KNOW we cant do L1-L3 without them!
  31. SO when i join their party I confront them and ask if they're leaving
  32. THENNN 10 seconds later
  33. In teh guild chat I see KzR say "Hit or Miss"
  34. KzR left the guild after that
  35. Raid Boss DownToday at 1:54 PM
  36. lmao
  37. SuzuToday at 1:54 PM
  38. yea they were gonna join milk weeks ago
  39. but i said no
  40. CleepToday at 1:55 PM
  41. Then Barca said the next line
  42. Idk how the lines go, i just heard that hit or miss shit is some song meme
  43. Then Barca left
  44. Wittley did the same but she failed the lines I heard
  45. How you fail typing
  46. EHH so yeah
  47. They left I asked why in the party chat with a sad face
  48. the D; face
  49. They didnt tell me
  50. wittley just gave me a saf face
  51. KzR said dead guild
  52. Barca said he left cause KzR left
  53. Wittley gave no answer, but she ended up leaving Kindred after 1 day anyways
  54. Our favorite and most core priest Neko88 wanted to leave too, but he kept his word about staying in teh guild
  55. lynnybinnyToday at 1:56 PM
  56. LMAO
  57. hit or miss
  58. tef sukToday at 1:57 PM
  59. i guess they never miss huh
  60. CleepToday at 1:57 PM
  61. Yeah that shit
  62. SuzuToday at 1:57 PM
  63. keeping ur word about staying in the guild huh...
  64. reminds me of a certain runeblader
  65. CleepToday at 1:57 PM
  66. Yeah Neko88 BEST priest NA
  67. Raid Boss DownToday at 1:57 PM
  68. you got a boyfriend?
  69. CleepToday at 1:57 PM
  70. YEAH thats the one wittley failed Hawks
  71. SO YEAH
  72. Terp/OG/Gedo felt bad about it
  73. KaoToday at 1:57 PM
  74. egirl chaser rune blader
  75. CleepToday at 1:57 PM
  76. Tehn we had other people in the guild we didnt really do much with
  77. tef sukToday at 1:57 PM
  78. hey at least thode guys left their guild better than HIM
  79. CleepToday at 1:57 PM
  80. or keep in touch with LOL
  81. SOOO
  82. Eventually we spoke about
  83. Joining Bubble Tea
  84. So we speak to one of the leaders and say they have 5 spots open
  85. So we took me, Gedo, Terp, OG and Neko with us
  86. SuzuToday at 1:58 PM
  87. u know soup im actually lowkey impressed ur a normal member now
  88. tef sukToday at 1:58 PM
  89. wym
  90. i was not normal before tf
  91. CleepToday at 1:58 PM
  92. Tehn later on gotten Bot Chan to join us next day
  93. CleepToday at 1:59 PM
  94. So we join teh guild, they said they werent a hardcore guild
  95. tef sukToday at 1:59 PM
  96. only cirl was shitposting w alex
  97. CleepToday at 1:59 PM
  98. SO WHEN JoAnn said they werent a HARDCORE guild
  99. I SAID
  100. SuzuToday at 1:59 PM
  101. ur officially better than girlsu and hyonu
  102. CleepToday at 1:59 PM
  103. """SO I CAN TALK in RAID? CAUSE I HAD problems with that before"
  104. CleepToday at 1:59 PM
  105. I was told "Yeah were all pretty chill theres no problem with that"
  106. So some dude named pokebowl said
  107. ""Lets do 8man cpap to see if we can sell runs"
  108. Like literalyl afte we join
  109. keep in midn this is like
  110. around 2am
  111. LOL
  112. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:00 PM
  113. uh oh
  114. CleepToday at 2:00 PM
  115. WE TIRED and they tryna do CPAP
  116. i said whatever though LOL
  117. i did 1 bad shield though
  118. tef sukToday at 2:00 PM
  119. sell to me for 50k meso
  120. CleepToday at 2:00 PM
  121. I was TIRED though, so my shields was pretty off
  122. considering how i had my eyes closing and opening half the time
  123. we still passed the run
  124. but that Pokebowl guy was upset about the shield
  125. lynnybinnyToday at 2:01 PM
  126. did he sell his 3 socket kandura tho
  127. CleepToday at 2:01 PM
  128. after the raid i went to sleep
  129. Oh idk LOL
  130. iHateUrNameQuQToday at 2:01 PM
  131. he's thay guy who tried selling a kandy for 1.4b or something
  132. CleepToday at 2:02 PM
  133. yeah for like 2 weeks
  134. So him and Lefina asked what happened about the shield
  135. i said idk iw as tired
  136. LOL
  137. SO YEAH
  138. After they pressing me about that or whatever
  139. I heard theres a black girl in the guild
  140. ended up being one of the CO's
  141. so i went up to her house to see if shes really black
  142. Im like WASSUP MY NIGGA you BLACK TOO?
  143. Shes like yea
  144. CleepToday at 2:04 PM
  145. I said what genre of music you listen
  146. This bitch told me Kpop and BlueFace
  147. Black card revoked instantly
  148. is what I said
  149. LOL
  150. But i was joking around, I had to ask what food she eat and all that
  151. to see what kinda black she is
  152. Theres different kinda black people
  153. Weeb kind or nigga kind
  154. im more of the nigga kind cant lie
  155. aight so
  156. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:05 PM
  157. you play ms2 homie
  158. CleepToday at 2:05 PM
  159. im not typical
  160. welll
  161. To a certain extent
  162. LOL
  163. nigga kind dont mean
  164. being in the streets selling weed/shooting and shit
  165. just more of a
  166. Aye wassup my nigga, you good kinda thing
  167. OK so back to teh story
  168. She ask me
  169. If I wanted to join teh "Black team"
  170. i aint know what that was i just said ok
  171. Since it seems cool
  172. Considering me bein gblack
  173. So I join this "team" and we start selling Cmoc
  174. Im talking half the time but they really couldnt understand me that much
  175. I mean I know I talk fast sometimes, but everyone else be understanding me LOL
  176. They didnt understand my slang
  177. Aight so boom we go into the raid
  178. we clearing and shit
  179. we had 2 knights I was the DPS Knight
  180. I did the MOST damage 4/6of the raids
  181. some dude kept telling me to be quiet
  182. in the raid
  183. I wasnt talking htat much
  184. i just gave little jokes
  185. ""This nigga Captain Moc about to slash your whole CHEST open if you dont dodge behidn him"
  186. cause i seen him get swiped for 90% of his HP
  187. LOL
  188. SO then at our 4th raid
  189. Nigga was dying hard
  190. But I was talking to the other knight about what happened to CCC since he asked
  191. Then teh dude outta NOWHEREE
  194. keep in mind he hav eno power in teh guild
  195. so he cant move me...
  197. keep in mind I was doing the most DPS so the yCOULDNT remove me LOL
  198. So I said "WOAH holdup who this? aight wait til this raid end"
  199. So the raid ends 2 minutes latter
  200. I look in discord
  201. I said "alright who was the nigga that was talking shit"
  202. Some nigga named Grumpychan said "ME! Got a PROBLEM?"
  205. Then he finally mutes me
  206. THIS was the 4th raid btw
  207. he had all 3 raids to mute me
  208. but decides to wait til teh 4th raid to mtue me
  209. and he only muted me when i yelled back at him
  210. Bitch nigga shit right?
  211. So we finish the last 2 raids
  212. SuzuToday at 2:12 PM
  213. bro this story mad boring ngl
  214. CleepToday at 2:12 PM
  215. WHAT
  216. MAD BORING?
  217. REALLY?
  218. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:12 PM
  219. LOL
  220. CleepToday at 2:12 PM
  223. lemme continue
  224. SuzuToday at 2:12 PM
  225. bro ur ass at tellin stories
  226. CleepToday at 2:12 PM
  227. SO we finish teh last 2 and the people in the party was saying
  228. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:13 PM
  229. yo im invested now
  230. CleepToday at 2:13 PM
  231. ""What happened we were calm not too long ago"
  232. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:13 PM
  233. let him finish
  234. tef sukToday at 2:13 PM
  235. yea
  236. im w hawks on this
  237. cant cut it early
  238. CleepToday at 2:13 PM
  239. So after the 2 raids we get our pay and everyone leaves the call
  240. So then a hour later gedo comes back
  241. online
  242. Katsumi asked us if we wanted to help in Cmoc
  243. So we join teh cmoc
  244. Me, Gedo and Bot Chan
  245. We doing the most damage and talking in raid
  246. gedo and botchan was typign a bit
  247. some dude named Kimtekz started handing out small insults
  248. like "imagine not being capable to being social in the real world"
  249. and some other shit, i missed the other shit he said
  250. we were just having fun
  251. So then he wipes in under 6 mins with only like  50m damage
  252. in CMOC
  253. and we ended up failing that CmOC by like 20m damage
  254. Gedo seen his profile pciture was with
  255. a basketball anime
  256. Gedo said "Kimtekz KNB the best anime ever!"
  257. Kimtekz responded "what the fuck do you want stfu"
  258. LOL
  259. SO
  260. GEDO start doing his spam caps thing
  261. to him
  264. Gedo started going ham
  265. then that kimtekz guy joins the call
  266. and starts cussing out Gedo
  267. Gedo kept saying "haa YOU MAAD YOUUU MAD. STAY mad cause im good"
  268. SO he eventually leave
  269. after 15 seconds
  270. then one of thier CO's go into his call
  271. ask what happened
  272. and Kimtekz told her to stfu and get out
  273. So she just left that call and came back to ours
  274. So we was wondering why he was acting up so much
  275. The leader JoAnn joins teh call
  276. and heard Kimtekz side of the story
  277. came to our call and said why were we trolling
  278. we werent trolling
  279. we legit contributed the most in that Cmoc
  280. WIHLE talking/typing
  281. LOL
  282. Then JoAnn came to me about that Grumypchan thing
  283. saying it was my fault for speaking loud in the mic
  284. HOW is it mY FAULT when Grumpychan coulda just muted me from the beginning
  285. Like HOW
  286. That shit gotten me mad af, but i kept quiet
  287. CleepToday at 2:20 PM
  288. then the black girl from BLACK team joins the call
  289. CleepToday at 2:20 PM
  290. Said Grumpy had every right reason to be mad
  291. CleepToday at 2:20 PM
  293. then i just muted my mic
  294. and put my headset down
  295. I was literally mad af
  296. LOL
  297. Katsumi was defending the whole time
  298. Saying that eh coulda just muted, he was only talking
  299. I was legit ONLY talking
  300. not even typing
  301. Dude was blaming me on why hes dying pretty much
  302. Mexi18 told me GrumpyChan gets frustrated once he starts dying cause he have to carry sometimes
  303. First of all guys
  304. Look at Grumpychan stats
  305. Like WHAT is he carrying with that trash ass weapon
  306. SO yehh
  307. After all that bull shit happened
  308. A hour later I see our core friend TerpTime leave the guild randomly
  309. he had his mic muted cause his kids was asleep and he didnt want to wake up by talking
  310. But he heard everything
  311. HE said he dont  like having certain rules in the guild and stuff
  312. BTW TerpTime the most chill person i've met on this game so far
  313. But yeah later on
  314. Lefina asked if he can call me through the DMs
  315. Which is another CO
  316. So he calls me, ask wassup my age, and waht i like to do when I play games
  317. Hes a real one. He decided to get to know me first before just saying "its my fault" like the other leaders did
  318. LOL
  319. I said
  320. I usually like PvP games and shit, and if im playing a dungeon based game
  321. ima be talking a lot, cause theres no way you gonna have fun just being quiet in a room
  322. Doing the same raid/dungeon
  323. everyday
  324. So I like adding my little jokes
  325. He said "Ahh that explains it" and said it was fine if we wanted to leave cause everythign went all outta control
  326. BTW this is ALL ONE DAY guys
  327. ONEEE DAY
  328. So
  329. I said alright ill speak to my members about it
  330. They said they were uncomfortable with teh guild
  331. our other member OG aka Ooooops said he joined the voical call twice and they left on him twice
  332. He even joined when he got his +12 legendary weapon and nobody said a thing except Katsumi LOL
  333. So he felt unwanted in the guild
  334. Terp didnt like the rules
  335. Neko felt kinda unwanted too
  336. Gedo didnt mind it, but seen everyoen else not enjoying Bubble Tea even though it was just 1 day
  337. So we was talking about leaving
  338. Before we left, we spoke to teh leaders about our leave
  339. We not bitches, we gonna tell you why we gonna leave, except leaving people in the dirt
  340. Like ylal Stages friend
  341. LOL
  342. iHateUrNameQuQToday at 2:27 PM
  343. :snake:
  344. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:28 PM
  345. :snake:
  346. CleepToday at 2:28 PM
  347. SO we made the decision to either join another guild or to rebuild CCC
  348. Since it was on Gedo's alt
  349. I was thinking man honestly tehres probably no other guild really for us LOL
  350. We all learned a valuable lesson taht day
  351. That we dont want these other gulid problems
  352. OH YEAH i forgot to add
  353. Later on that DAY Kimtekz siad he was sellign B4
  354. for 3m
  355. I said niv
  356. inv
  357. he invited me
  358. then kicked me 3 seconds later withotu saying a word
  359. LOL
  360. I just said "aight"
  361. But later on we leave the guild with saying our goodbyes to the guild
  362. and made a big chart on how we gonna rebuild CCC
  363. Asked ourselves what we liked aobut the guild the most, what do you expect from the guild etc
  364. It was like more of a self-council thing
  365. SO we decided to rebuild it
  366. surprisingly a lot of people was happy we were rebuilding it :open_mouth:
  367. Even refused to join other guilds
  368. or left their guild
  369. To join ours again
  370. We invited all the other members that we removed, and we were a family again :smile:
  371. even thouhg our guild rank is low
  372. to come back with 51 players is honestly alright
  373. It just sucks that we gotten into conflict before we even been in that guild for 24 hours
  374. But honestly I wanna hera yall opinions
  375. if it took the dude
  376. 4 raids to mute me
  377. Is it HONESTLY my fault
  378. for speaking in raid
  379. Like i didnt flame anyone or nothing
  380. I was just joking around
  381. IS that whole Grumpychan incident my fault?
  382. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:34 PM
  383. hard to tell with just one side of the story and not being there
  384. CleepToday at 2:34 PM
  385. When you have 4 raids to mute me
  386. Raid Boss DownToday at 2:34 PM
  387. i dont know u that well lol
  388. CleepToday at 2:34 PM
  389. NAHH he was just upset when i was speaking
  390. but only cause
  391. he was dying
  392. LOL
  393. He yelled at me, when he coulda just muted me
  394. but he decided to mute me after I YELLED at him BACK
  395. Like I cant see 1 thing I did wrong
  396. eliToday at 2:35 PM
  397. Lol never heard of someone being upset for speaking loud
  398. CleepToday at 2:35 PM
  399. I wasnt even speaking loud
  400. tef sukToday at 2:35 PM
  401. uh
  402. eli
  403. CleepToday at 2:35 PM
  404. I was just explaining the disband of CCC
  405. LOL
  406. tef sukToday at 2:35 PM
  407. ur loud tho
  408. les be real
  409. CleepToday at 2:36 PM
  410. we have a 7man in CMOC
  411. And teh funnies tthing yall
  412. tHat nigga left Bubble Tea a few days ago
  413. To join Rebirth
  414. lynnybinnyToday at 2:36 PM
  415. yall really getting angry about cmoc
  416. LMAO
  417. CleepToday at 2:36 PM
  418. BRO
  419. I go tmad cause hes reall ybitching over a raid
  420. lynnybinnyToday at 2:36 PM
  421. cmoc is literally me sleeping
  422. CleepToday at 2:36 PM
  423. EXACTLY
  424. lynnybinnyToday at 2:36 PM
  425. yeah people are dumb
  426. CleepToday at 2:36 PM
  427. I dont get mad about raids at all
  428. This all happened
  429. around the 12th of this month
  430. yeah the 12th
  431. To see that he left bubble tea a few days ago
  432. eliToday at 2:37 PM
  433. Thanks man, that whole story made me finish my burger
  434. CleepToday at 2:37 PM
  435. After being heavily defended by those 2 other leaders
  436. Is just funny to me
  437. LOL
  438. Np np
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