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  1. Helle Dogfighting
  2.     Imagine the following. You are defending a tile from enemy reinforcements arriving. Flying at 3000m in your mosquito.  An unmarked mosquito flies into the tile, this could be them coming to gank your dudes. It's flying at 1000m, you have the advantage. You dive on him, gaining speed and open fire when he is in your sights. Critical roll, tearing a hole in his wing. Knowing he is crippled you burn some of your momentum to do a combat turn and come around on him. he doesn't fire back, desperate to land and gank your boys. Your next shots rip through his engine, sending him into a doomed freefall. You then use the remaining speed you built n your dive to pull up and get back up to 2000m, ready for the next wave.
  3. -----
  4.     Hell dogfighting would consist of simulating strafing and scissoring attacks on other aircraft in your tile using altitude, combat speed, pilot skill. It could be implemented relatively simply and with no changes to existing flight.
  5.     To start, this would only be implemented for mosquitos, and the only armament made available to players would be a low-pen prop MG for mosquitos that can only damage other mosquitos. This would allow players to avoid the balancing process of dogfighting by simply flying any other aircraft available.
  6. 2x 7.7mm propeller-mounted MG for Mosquito
  7. -----
  8.     Combat Speed would be another stat on an aircraft itself, like control or altitude. It would rest at a normal cruising speed while doing all forms of normal flight such as flying between tiles, hovering, ascending and descending. Anything you can do now.
  9.     Combat speed would be altered by using combat maneuvers, such as diving, climbing, turning to face an enemy and trying to shake an enemy off.
  10.     As an example, cruising speed for a mosquito would be 5/20. This is the speed they would naturally retain while cruising and hovering in a tile. If speed is gained or lost at all it will quickly return to 5.
  11. -----
  12. Speed could be gained/lost by:
  13.     1. Diving. A drastic altitude shift downward which adds speed at the cost of altitude. Gaining too much speed in this method could cause compression and loss of control or damage to the craft.
  14.     2. Climbing. A sudden upward shift at the cost of speed, which can cause you to go into freefall if too much speed is lost and the engine stalls.
  15.     3. Turning to face an enemy. Due to the energy cost of performing a combat turn and making micro adjustments to get a lock on them. This will be explained later.
  16. -----
  17.     In combat, speed would be used to maneuver yourself toward the enemy. A fast moving craft is harder to hit and harder to escape, but cannot maintain combat at one altitude for long before dropping back down to cruising speed (5). This is because the act of staying in one tile at one altitude is akin to flying in circles, constantly turning and bleeding energy.
  18. Turning to face an enemy could be done a number of ways:
  19.     1. When within a similar altitude you can turn to face and ultimately fire upon an enemy, this will cost you speed.
  20.     2. When above an enemy you can dive toward them, gaining speed and gradually putting them in your sights.
  21.     3. When below an enemy and within a sufficient speed range you could climb toward them at a massive speed cost.
  22. When you sucessfully zero in on your foe, you can fire. This could perhaps be done automatically by a preference, or by typing fire. Either way.
  23. -----
  24.     Firing on an enemy craft will roll your speed against theirs. And your crafts performance, be it damaged parts or excess weight which might cause difficulty. It will also use stats of the pilot. Flying skill, cool, senses. Whatever.
  25.     If you successfully fire on an opponent and hit them it will roll to damage the craft. As well as for possible conditions to afflict on it. Such as leaking fuel or a damaged wing. These could make controls much more difficult and increase the chance of failing skill rolls, as well as affecting your roll to dodge opponent fire or zero in on them.
  26. -----
  27.     A key feature of this will have to be rolling for success at the END of verbs. Turning to face your opponent should have a delay of course but if during that delay they dove down below you and gained more speed, the pass or fail check should come at the end to account for this.
  28.     I understand that the rolls in question will be the hardest part so to summarize them, it should be difficult to hit another small craft. Not impossible but hard. An advantage of speed or a damaged opponent should be as significant as the pilots skill. A fantastic pilot can turn sharp in their slow moving craft using gravity and combat flaps and turn around on you anyway within reason.
  29. The key to balancing this will be playing with the rolls.
  30. -----
  31. TLDR; a combat speed stat on aircraft to make rolls to shoot eachother more immersive and add realistic tactical advantage to having altitude
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