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Anti Depressants warning, Please read, its important

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  1. When I was 14 my parents put me on add meds and antidepressants for 2 years, I eventually got sick of taking them
  2. I ended up in a psyche ward a year later, ended up on meds, stop taking them after a while and two years after that last psyche ward visit, I'm on meds again only because of the damn cycle
  3. see the thing is
  4. depression starts as a mental thing, that you can only really solve with a lot of introspective thinking and self-understanding
  5. often times, people are put on medication for it
  6. it only makes the problem worse in the long run
  7. see, it causes serotonin to gather in the brain over time
  8. works great for a while
  9. but eventually it hits the ceiling of how much you can handle
  10. when it hits that, the brain down-regulates the receptors, causing it to go back to a normal state
  11. this is near permanent, it takes a very long time to return to normal
  12. eventually the tolerance to the medicine gets higher and you need to take more to feel "normal"
  13.  then the cycle starts where you need to take more and more to feel normal
  14. until you get to the point where it wont work anymore at all, or it becomes dangerous to take more
  15. [at that point, you either stop or wean off of it
  16. when that happens, over time you become more and more depressed until you kill yourself or get sent to a psyche ward
  17. See, alot of people, when they research these things, they only scratch the surface
  18. hey start looking for doctors opinions or other "help" websites with information
  19. its always the same information everywhere
  20. its because all those people are simply pharmaceutical salesmen
  21. its their job to get more perscriptions and pill sales
  22. Its sad because, if people looked up actual experiences with that type of medicine, they'd be horrified
  23. but the thing is, especially in young teenagers, they don't know how to vocalise what they feel and think
  24. they dont know how to vocalise how they've changed
  25. its really drastic and is damaging, it changes you completely
  26. its got a sort of "wow" effect for the first six months or so, then the cycle starts
  27. and by then, its far too late
  29. so please, before you or anyone you know takes them, at least have them read this.
  31. I am stuck in the cycle, and I cannot stop it, but I wish to warn others so they do not get stuck in the vicious cycle.
  33. if someone has ideas for me, questions, or want to say thanks, email me at 1cormund1@gmail.com
  35. thank you for reading, I wish you all well.
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