Nov 27th, 2018
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  1. Name: Swirling Sirroco
  2. Race: Pegasus
  3. -Racial Traits
  4. -Supersonic; once per combat, ranged, automatic; You dash in a massive burst of speed to ram into any target and deal damage. On a successful roll, the shockwave from your sonic boom renders all nearby foes helpless. More powerful foes are immune to this effect.
  6. Gender: Female
  7. Age: 23
  8. Talents:
  9. Flurry of Feathers: When taking off, you leave behind a swirling cloud of feathers, disorienting and distracting any enemies nearby, who take a penalty to their next action.
  11. General Talent:
  12. Gain +2 to any roll involving recalling information about geography, plants, or animals.
  14. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  15. Class: Godhand (Monk/Paladin)
  16. -Multiclass Skills:
  17. -Fists of Fury: instant automatic, recharge 1; You cannot use any weapons, but your hands can count as any single weapon type. Changing this type is an instant automatic action, and the type lasts until changed. However, you have to change types before you roll an attack, not after.
  19. -Class Skills
  20. -Tumble: Recharge 1; Roll past an enemy, striking them. You may use this ability from helplessness. A successful Tumble from helplessness brings you to your feet.
  22. -Dynamic Duo: At the start of combat, pick one ally. When that ally successfully hits an enemy, your next attack at the same enemy becomes Instant.
  24. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. ----------------------------------------------------------------INVENTORY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. 30 Bits
  29. >>>>>>>>>>>RUNES<<<<<<<<<<<
  30. Bracelets of Luck
  31. Binding Type: Object
  32. Effect: Once per encounter: If the user rolls a critical failure, they can negate it, causing the roll to fail but incur no penalty.
  34. Lightning-Rune Coil
  35. (Rune type: Element)
  36. Effect: Allows the use of Magic Bolt by a character that doesn't have it, and inherently has the Lightning Element. If the character already has Magic Bolt, they receive a +1 bonus and the use of the Lightning element.
  38. Fortress-Rune Tunic
  39. (Rune type: Body)
  40. Effect: Increases one's maximum Hits by 2. While wearing it, you don't need to roll to withstand harsh weather.
  42. Ghost-Rune Salts
  43. (Rune type: Soul)
  44. Effect: Like other kinds of spirits, Aos Si have a peculiar aversion to certain substances, such as silver, salt, holy water and incense. This is a bag of blessed salt that wards off spirits, and if it is thrown directly at an Aos Si as a Ranged attack, those attacks will deal an additional 2 hits of damage. 1 bag contains 10 uses' worth of salt.
  46. >>>>>>>>>>>OTHER<<<<<<<<<<<
  47. Soothing Powder: Removes the effects of any kind of burn, including those induced by chemicals and poisons. Has enough powder for 3 uses.
  49. 3 weeks of rations
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