Amazonian lolis (CMCxTeenAnon) to do

Sep 2nd, 2017
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  1. >>The CMC amazons will never bully your dick.
  3. >>be in cmc's class
  4. >>bullshit magic happens to them because of their sisters
  5. >>sudden growth spurts
  6. >>each end up a head taller than you in a couple months
  7. >>tits going from A's for scoot and B's for AB and sweet to low C's and low D's
  8. >>with that comes hormones and the need for dick
  9. >>and you're the target by default because the other boys are taken and Sweet's always had a little crush on you
  11. >You're stuck
  12. >They've completely cornered you
  13. >You were about to take off before they appeared from nowhere
  14. >Sweetie took the seat in front of your desk and sat backwards to face you
  15. >While Applebloom, you think, is sitting on the desk right behind you
  16. >And Scootaloo chose to sit on the one to your right
  17. >And since the wall is right to your left...
  18. >Maybe you could try the window
  19. "Uhm, I don't know, I was kinda planning on doing something--"
  20. >Your voices dies in your throat as a pair of hands wraps themselves around your neck, which is soon followed by the softness of flesh pressing against the back of your head
  21. >You don't need to look up to know that she had to lean down for this to happen
  22. >And to say that you could still tease the little farmer about her mosquito bites not two months ago
  23. >How come she grew so much in so little time--
  24. >You nearly jump as you feel something rub against your thigh, and a quick peek down allows you to see that the sensation comes from Scoot's extended, and still socked, foot
  25. >When did she even take down her shoe
  26. >And more importantly, what is she doing
  27. >Your eyes go up, and up, and up
  28. >Past the pair of denim shorts that are obviously a size too small for her
  29. >Past her barely exposed belly button
  30. >And past the little nubs pointing out of her shirt, as if she wasn't wearing a bra
  31. >...
  32. >She's definitely not wearing a bra
  33. >And up they go, and your eyes arrive just in time to catch her smirk widening
  34. >What's happening?!
  35. >Why are they--
  36. >"Planning on doing something like what?"
  37. >You whip your head
  38. >Sweetie's voice has always been cute
  39. >Adorable, even
  40. >But it also changed
  41. >And the sultry tone she's using only makes it worse
  42. >Or better, you're not sure yet
  43. >But it makes your heartbeat accelerate
  44. >You open your mouth to try and admit that you were going to watch your chineighse cartoons or play some game but your breath hitches in your throat as you feel AB's fingers fumbling past the collar of your shirt
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