KTEST - 07/03/2017

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  1. 07/03/2017 - KTEST Live Maintenance (Kupole Server)
  3. ▣ Updates
  5. 【Candy Hunt Event】
  6.  ※ - This is the same event as the one on iTOS, and since iTOS have it first - i have omitted it from this particular document. It can be added at another date if specifically requested.
  8. 【TP Item】
  9. Party Dress Costume (All Classes) - This item has been removed from the TP Store, to commence end of sales.
  11. 【Recycling Shop】
  12. Party Dress Costume (All Classes) - This item is now available in the Recycle Shop for 258 Medals.
  15. ▣ Bug Fixes
  17. 【Skills】
  19. Fencer:
  20.     Epee Garde:
  21.         - Fixed issue where when the skill effect duration ends whilst the player is resting(Insert), the character would forcefully stand back up.
  23. Chronomancer:
  24.     Reincarnate:
  25.         - Fixed issue where the Reincarnation effect could be applied again to a boss who had already been revived via reincarnate.
  28. 【Quest】
  29. Visiting The Detective - Fixed issue with quest flags not displaying on the minimap
  30. Research Reports of the Priests - Fixed issue with wrong zone name being displayed in quest description
  31. Adapting to Circumstances (1) - Fixed issue with wrong zone name being displayed in quest description
  32. Alembique Tales(2) - Fixed quest description typos
  35. 【Items】
  36. General - Fixed issue with dropped items not having light column effects
  38. Premium Items - Fixed issue where some premium items could not be moved to team warehouse, specifically affecting:
  39.     - Emoticon Plus: Popolion
  40.     - Megaphones
  41.     - Flake Bundle (Pet Food)
  42.     - BattleBird Feed
  43.     - Battlebird Egg
  44.     - Sardine
  45.     - Penguin Egg
  46.     - Midnight Blue Dye
  47.     - Orange Dye
  48.     - Violet Dye
  49.     - Light Salmon Dye
  52. Stackable Item Quantities - fixed issue with the increasing number of non-tradable items when buying from the market.
  53. x4 and x8 EXP Tome - Fixed issue where item could not be stored in team warehouse
  54. Legwyn Set - Fixed incorrect tooltip description for the Legwyn Family Set.
  55. Solmiki Pistol - Fixed issue where the pistol was not increasing all of schwarzer reiter's skills by 1 level.
  58. 【Graphic/UI/Sound】
  59. Fixed issue with the material acquired ui appearing when a material is registered to the adventure journal
  60. Fixed issue where sometimes trading gems/monster gems without a token still branded them with 'tradable' text descriptions
  61. Fixed issue where the trading UI doesn't match the changed trading policy
  62. Fixed issue with the scrollbar UI appearing broken
  63. Fixed issue when using the Token, the  Token UI was output incorrectly
  64. Fixed issue with reconnecting to the game, the Scrollbar UI would disappear
  65. Fixed issue with the Token not stating it includes the 'Team Warehouse Access' effect
  66. Fixed issue where when an items 'tradability' properties would change, when confirming a trade they did not appear in the list
  67. Fixed issue with some UI sound effects cutting out
  68. Fixed issue with the background of the character creation room and the character creation window overlapping.
  69. Fixed issue with incorrect text being displayed when mousing over the close button in the Inbox
  70. Fixed issue where system messages would appear twice when using items that have been expired
  73. 【Chatting】
  74. Fixed issue where group chat icon was marked with a whisper icon in chat settings.
  75. Fixed issue with the wrong UI being displayed when right-clicking your team name in chat window.
  76. Fixed issue with being unable to trade when the chat window is minimized.
  77. Fixed issue where the location of the default chat window was not staying in the same location when changing maps or re-connecting to the game.
  78. Fixed issue where the Participants List in the pop-up chat window doesn't move correctly.
  79. Fixed issue with team name being incorrectly displayed when right-clicking to report suspicious users in chat window.
  80. Fixed issue where the team name was being displayed incorrectly when right clicking a name in the chat window.
  81. Fixed issue where incorrect system messages appear when inviting characters to participate in a group chat.
  82. Fixed issue where party chat was not visible to party members
  83. Fixed issue with the group chat creation order and message displaying priority not remaining constant
  84. Fixed issue with an unidentified message appearing on the chat list when connecting to the game with unread messages
  85. Fixed issue with whisper & group chat not outputting correctly when only entering one emoticon
  86. Fixed issue where the Guild Master's messages were not visible to guild members
  87. Fixed issue with the order of new messages not being listed correctly in group chat rooms
  88. Fixed issue with blank spaces appearing when the group chat tab is deleted
  90. 【Other Changes】
  91. Fixed issue where the client would shut itself down when exchanging items associated with Hethran Badges
  92. Fixed issue where when more than 2 quests have been completed, pressing backspace whilst moving would cause the character to auto-run
  93. Fixed issue where the whisper chat command doesn't work in group chat
  94. Fixed issue with chat filter not working properly
  95. Fixed issue when reading a book item and holding a directional key, the character would move in the opposite direction to the key pressed
  96. Fixed issue where stopping movement diagonally does not stop the character in that direction
  97. Fixed issue where when swapping weapon before changing map, the weapon would swap to the state prior to the map change
  98. Fixed issue where sometimes when traveling after riding your companion it would occasionally appear to 'slide'
  99. Fixed issue with being unable to change the chat tab switch key bindings (Shift + Tab)
  100. Fixed the scenario where it was possible to invite people on your blocked list to a group chat
  101. Fixed issue with incorrect map names being displayed when using a warp statue
  103. Source Post:
  104. Translation by Gwenyth @ToS Forums
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