Preferences (BizagiStudio_2_4).xml

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
  2. <!--
  3.     %ProgramData%\Bizagi\Enterprise\Preferences.xml
  5.     Can it to delete: y
  8.     initial password for the sa login is BizagiBPM123
  9. -->
  10. <preferences>
  11.   <profile name="admL" type="1" active="1">
  12.     <projects>
  13.       <project name="DefaultBizagiProject" displayName="DefaultBizagiProject" DSNDB="Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=CRYPT.1:l18jTPMWkVDQy3PuCcr1/DEldrcWAzB+;Data Source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS2017;Initial Catalog=DefaultBizagiProject;" PROVIDERTYPE="MSSqlClient" dbServer="(local)\SQLEXPRESS2017" loginName="sa" password="CRYPT.1:l18jTPMWkVDQy3PuCcr1/DEldrcWAzB+" database="DefaultBizagiProject" Project="DefaultBizagiProject" WebServer="SEQ1903" WebServiceUserName="" WebServicePassword="" WebServiceDomain="" active="1" SchedulerServiceHost="SEQ1903" SchedulerServiceName="BizAgiDefaultBizagiProjectSchedulerService" authentication="SqlServer_DBAuth" isRecent="1">
  14.         <edition>Standard</edition>
  15.         <LastAccessDate>2019-09-20 02:00:09Z</LastAccessDate>
  16.         <favorites>
  17.           <favorite key="" type="" name="" />
  18.         </favorites>
  19.       </project>
  20.     </projects>
  21.   </profile>
  22. </preferences>
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