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Jeffrey Stockton Hawaii

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Sep 19th, 2011
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  1. Beyond classes some other things which I absolutely enjoy (aside from surfing obviously) is hiking as well as skateboarding together with my hound Frito (that’s right he skateboards.) After I moved off of campus with my buddies I made the choice to get a doggy, he’s been my closest friend since then. Because I wasn’t living in the dormitories any longer I thought it was a perfect chance to get a dog. He’s definitely the coolest pet That I have ever had and I had a feeling he’d turn out amazing when I first saw the guy. He eats anything, even alcohol. We must watch what food items we all leave out because in the event that we take our eyes away from it for a second our dinners are long gone. This guy even drinks beer so whenever we throw a party we have to tell everybody not to leave anything laying around or else he will get wasted! Clever, huh?
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