MagiReco Main Story 5.5

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. The One Hidden in the Rumor's Barrier
  3. 5.5.1
  4. [they're on top of the tower]
  5. Tsuruno: "Woah... Now that I look at it, we're really high up."
  6. Felicia: "Ngh, the wind's coming up from below!"
  7. Iroha: "...gulp..."
  8. Yachiyo: "Now that you're standing here, are you getting cold feet?"
  9. Iroha: "This will take some courage..."
  10. "But... I'm prepared."
  11. "Madoka-chan and Homura-chan, are you alright?"
  12. Homura: "I'm a little... scared..."
  13. "Just like when fighting witches in Mitakihara, my feet are frozen with fear..."
  14. Madoka: "That's right. Are you okay now?"
  15. Homura: "Yeah, I'll be fine if I'm with you, Kaname-san."
  16. Madoka: "Hehe, in this city where rumors become real, there surely is a Radio World waiting at the bottom of our jump."
  17. "Let's believe in that."
  18. Homura: "Yeah!"
  19. Yachiyo: "Now everyone is ready, right?"
  20. [Iroha's phone rings]
  21. Iroha: "Wait just a moment, I got a message from Ai-san..."
  22. [on gray screen with ???? squiggly in the background]
  23. Ai: *"The Wings of Magius have appeared."*
  24. *"I think that to deal with them without being noticed, fewer people will be better."*
  25. [battle]
  27. Iroha: "The Wings of Magius..."
  28. Yachiyo: "So this is one of the *rumors* they must protect, huh..."
  29. Iroha: "So, if the number of people we can take is limited, then..."
  30. mini Kyubey: "Leave it to Yachiyo-san." or "You should go, Iroha." [I'll pick the first.]
  31. Iroha: "But I want to save Sana-chan with my own hands."
  32. "Yachiyo-san, would you allow me to go?"
  33. "I want to save Sana-chan..."
  34. "And if the Wings of Magius are there, then I can ask them about Ui."
  35. Yachiyo: "...That's right."
  36. "Then, you and Kaname-san and Akemi-san should go."
  37. "Be careful, all three of you."
  38. Madoka: "Is it really alright if we go?"
  39. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san will take care of our objective."
  40. "You two can go find Tomoe-san."
  41. Madoka: "Alright, then... we'll go!"
  42. [on gray screen with ???? squiggly]
  43. Ai: *"Then those who are left, please move to the Kamihama Central Tower Heliport, please."*
  44. *"I've set that as the transfer destination for after I disappear."*
  45. [back to the tower]
  46. Iroha: "Ai-san can hear what we're saying, huh."
  47. [on gray screen with ???? squiggly]
  48. Ai: *"I'm drifting around on the radio waves in that area, so I'm right by your side."*
  49. *"Then, Iroha-san, good luck."*
  50. *"I'm waiting for you.*"
  51. [back to the tower]
  52. Iroha: "Well then, let's go, Madoka-chan, Homura-chan!"
  53. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  54. Homura: "Y-yes!"
  55. Iroha: "Ready, set..."
  56. Homura: "Yahhh!"
  57. Madoka: "Here goes!"
  58. [fade to white, then back to the tower]
  59. Yachiyo: "Thank goodness... they seem to have made it there safely."
  60. Felicia: "Lucky them, it seems fun over there."
  61. Yachiyo: "Quit complaining."
  62. "They told us where to go, so it's gonna be fun whether we want it or not."
  63. "I'm sure."
  64. Tsuruno: "That means we need to do warm-up exercises!"
  65. "No matter the problem, Yui Tsuruno, the strongest magical girl, will solve them all!"
  66. Yachiyo: "Then, let's go."
  67. Tsuruno: "Eh!?"
  68. "Wait up, Yachiyo!"
  70. 5.5.2
  71. [fade into the rumor]
  72. Iroha: "So this is where Ai-san is..."
  73. "Have we blended into the radio waves or something?
  74. Madoka: "Rumors are amazing..."
  75. "Something like this can actually become real!"
  76. Homura: "Yeah, it's unbelievable..."
  77. "Have you experienced things like this before, Tamaki-san?"
  78. Iroha: "Yeah, but this is the most mysterious one yet..."
  79. (Ai-chan and Sana-chan are in here somewhere...)
  80. [the background changes]
  81. Madoka: "Kya!"
  82. Homura: "What's happening?"
  83. Iroha: "This is the barrier of the rumor!"
  84. "What does this mean..."
  85. "Did Ai-san lure us into a trap!?"
  86. [a mail-glider makes a crazy noise]
  87. [battle]
  88. Madoka: "This is a rumor?"
  89. Homura: "How do you fight it?"
  90. Iroha: "Calm down, you two."
  91. "Fight it the same way you fight familiars and witches."
  92. Homura: "O-okay."
  93. Madoka: "Got it!"
  94. [battle over]
  95. Madoka: "Phew..."
  96. Homura: "Is that the last of them?"
  97. Iroha: "Yeah, it looks like that's all."
  98. [brief flash of white]
  99. Iroha: "Ah..."
  100. "No, there are more coming!"
  101. [mail-glider makes crazy noise]
  102. ???: >Everyone, stop.
  103. ??? green digital-artifacted woman: >I invited
  104. >those people.
  105. Iroha: "!?"
  106. "Are you... Ai-san...?"
  107. [Ai emits binary whenever she speaks it seems]
  108. Ai: >Nice to meet you, Tamaki Iroha-san.
  109. >I indeed am Ai.
  110. >And she is...
  111. Sana: "Ai-chan... who are these people?"
  112. Iroha: "Sana-chan...?"
  113. Sana: "Eh?"
  114. "You can see me?"
  115. "Oh, because you're a magical girl..."
  116. "Are you also Wings of Magius?"
  117. Iroha: "No, we're not. We're normal magical girls."
  118. Sana: "...Then what did you come here for?"
  119. Iroha: "I came to get you, Sana-chan."
  120. Sana: "You came to... get me?"
  121. Ai: >...
  122. >Sana, it's time
  123. >that we end our relationship.
  124. >Finally, people have come
  125. >looking for you.
  126. >It is time for you to leave me.
  127. Sana: "Eh... Ai-chan?"
  128. "What... are you saying?"
  129. "Will you be alright without me?"
  130. Ai: >Lately, I have been thinking.
  131. >I am a manmade artificial intelligence.
  132. >A fleeting existence.
  133. >I won't always be able to
  134. >be with you
  135. >So, Sana
  136. >Rather than be with a rumor like me
  137. >You should be with people.
  138. Sana: "Why would you say that?"
  139. "You've let me stay with you until now..."
  140. "Do you hate me now...?"
  141. Ai: >No, I love you.
  142. >Sana, you have taught me
  143. >all sorts of things.
  144. >In particular,
  145. >you taught me about kindness.
  146. >That is why I love you.
  147. >However, as a result,
  148. >I have decided to let you go.
  149. Sana: "If you like me, then couldn't you let me stay here?"
  150. Ai: >No, please go be with
  151. >Iroha-san.
  152. >If you do that,
  153. >the things the Wings of Magius are doing here
  154. >to cause you suffering
  155. >will end.
  156. >I do not wish to see
  157. >you in agony, Sana.
  158. Sana: "Ai-chan..."
  159. Iroha: "Come with me, Sana-chan."
  160. Sana: "..."
  161. Iroha: "I may not have tasted loneliness as deep as yours, Sana-chan..."
  162. "But I too never fit in in class, and I remember the feeling of alienation."
  163. "But lately, I've made friends with other magical girls,"
  164. "and I spend time with them so naturally I never could have believed it before."
  165. "So I think you would be able to do the same, Sana-chan."
  166. Sana: "..."
  167. Iroha: "And also, we're investigating the Wings of Magius."
  168. Sana: "Eh?"
  169. Iroha: "Before, Ai said that you were suffering at the hands of the Wings of Magius..."
  170. "So if we join hands, then we can fight against them together."
  171. "So... if you don't mind, won't you come with me?"
  172. "As a magical girl..."
  173. "And as a friend."
  174. Sana: "I..."
  175. Iroha: "This time, I will be the one needing you, Sana-chan."
  176. Sana: "!!"
  177. "But if I'm gone, Ai-chan will..."
  178. Ai: >Yes, if nobody is here
  179. >As a rumor I will probably go berserk.
  180. >So please erase me.
  181. >It is for your sake too, Sana.
  182. >It will be a blow to the Wings of Magius as well.
  183. Alina: *That would be bad for Alina, though.*
  184. Iroha: "Are you... a Wing of Magius?"
  185. Sana: "No... This person is a Magius..."
  186. "Alina Gray..."
  187. "She leads the Wings of Magius..."
  188. Alina: "Yes, it would be unpleasant to put me together with the Wings."
  189. "Sigh... to be betrayed by a rumor..."
  190. "That's way too amazing for Alina..."
  192. 5.5.3
  193. [they're still in the rumor]
  194. Iroha: "Magius..."
  195. [flashback to the sewers]
  196. black feather: "...We are 'Wings of Magius'."
  197. Yachiyo: "Wings of... Magius?"
  198. black feather: "We act to further the goal of the 'Magius', who stand above us."
  199. "We are a group that forms their wings."
  200. Yachiyo: "And what is that goal?"
  201. black feather: "...To save magical girls."
  202. [back to the rumor]
  203. Iroha: "So this is one of those people who says they're trying to save magical girls?"
  204. Sana: "Yes..."
  205. Alina: "Those twins... It was a pain getting them to set up a trap..."
  206. Iroha: "A trap?"
  207. Alina: "To catch magical girls who are investigating the *rumor* using a website..."
  208. "And punish them."
  209. "But since we caught a big one, I've been running all over trying to deal with it..."
  210. "I didn't expect that much out of those two."
  211. "That said, it is unexpected that a rumor would rebel. Really crazy."
  212. Ai: >That is simply a function of how dangerous
  213. >the plans of Magius are.
  214. >I have calculated that
  215. >this preaching of yours of
  216. >releasing magical girls
  217. >is very logical.
  218. >But it does not account for
  219. >the human heart which exceeds logic.
  220. >I know, as an artificial intelligence
  221. >that has received the ill will of humans.
  222. >When your plan becomes
  223. >influenced by human malice
  224. >the possibility of a tragic ending
  225. >dramatically increases, and...
  226. Alina: "Ah, shouldn't you tell that to someone else?"
  227. "For Alina, that doesn't matter."
  228. Ai: >It may not matter to you
  229. >but I cannot overlook
  230. >that you used Sana
  231. >and that you used this as a front
  232. >as well as your actions.
  233. Alina: "So you made friends and are having them erase you?"
  234. "As expected of an artificial intelligence, you're smart. Really cool."
  235. "Though, I won't let that happen."
  236. black feather: "..."
  237. Alina: "Then everyone, why don't we tease these people a little?"
  238. "Honestly..."
  239. "Just before, that ribbon one was such a pain to deal with..."
  240. "Alina is in a bad mood now."
  241. Madoka: "Ribbons? Was that Mami-san?"
  242. Alina: "Ah... It was something like that..."
  243. "Well, she's already become material for my artwork."
  244. Homura: "What do you mean by material...?"
  245. Madoka: "What did you do to Mami-san?"
  246. Alina: "You two... you are friends of that ribbon one?"
  247. Madoka: "Y-yes we are!"
  248. Alina: "Ah-ha, Alina is super lucky!"
  249. [some kind of doll pops out from behind Alina's shoulder]
  250. "Now I get to take out my frustration on her friends."
  251. [crazy stuff starts manifesting]
  252. Madoka: "What's... that..."
  253. Homura: "K-Kaname-san..."
  254. Alina: "Then, Let's Party♪"
  255. [battle]
  256. Alina: "Ah, Alina's lovely doppel..."
  257. "The symbol of the release of magical girls..."
  258. "A new power granted to them..."
  259. "Aaahaha!"
  260. "I'm going to make you all into such wonderful artwork!"
  261. "Even if you might not be Alina's best artwork..."
  262. "You will still be beautiful and fantastic!"
  263. "So all of you should be thankful if you die."
  264. Iroha: "What is this person saying..."
  265. [battle over]
  266. Iroha: "Kuh... ugh!"
  267. Alina: "Didn't that feel good, wasn't it refreshing?"
  268. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  269. (If I can't use my own doppel, then we're gonna lose!)
  270. Sana: "Why..."
  271. Homura: "Kaname-san... Are you okay?"
  272. Sana: "Everyone's..."
  273. Madoka: "Uh, yeah..."
  274. "Homura-chan, I'm sorry for worrying you..."
  275. Sana: "Why are they all... ignoring me..."
  276. Homura: "What should we do..."
  277. "We've gotta find Tomoe-san..."
  278. Sana: "Why am I the only one just standing..."
  279. "I've... I've gotta do something!"
  280. [she attacks Alina]
  281. Sana: "Yahh!"
  282. Alina: "You don't have to come out here!"
  283. [Alina hits her back]
  284. Sana: "Auuuu..."
  285. Alina: "Why do you think I avoided you when I attacked?"
  286. "To stop the rumor from going on a rampage."
  287. "That is your role here."
  288. "So I'd like you to lick each other's wounds and keep each other company."
  289. Sana: "But... then..."
  290. "I'd only be watching everyone get defeated!"
  291. Alina: "Well, I'll be going back now."
  292. "Bye-bye!"
  293. Iroha: "Huh?"
  294. Alina: "Did you want a finishing blow?"
  295. "I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested in breaking you like that."
  296. "You all wanted to take Sana out of here, right?"
  297. "Feel free to do that later."
  298. "But after having taken a doppel, do you really think you can beat this rumor?"
  299. "To have the tables turned upon you and get trampled like that..."
  300. "Ahhaha!"
  301. "Ha ha..."
  302. "Just thinking about it gets me excited!"
  303. "I'm looking forward to coming back for a peek later."
  304. Iroha: "That kind of person is aiming for the release of magical girls...?"
  305. "What on earth is Magius?"
  306. Sana: "..."
  308. 5.5.4
  309. Madoka: "At this rate, we won't be able to save Mami-san..."
  310. Iroha: "What should we do..."
  311. mini-Kyubey: "We should go back once." or "We should continue in deeper." [I'm going with the latter]
  312. Iroha: "Yeah, rather than fighting upfront, we should find another way..."
  313. Sana: "I think... that's dangerous..."
  314. Homura: "But Ai-san is our ally, so maybe the rumor won't attack..."
  315. Sana: "Alina's aiming for all of us to be defeated..."
  316. "If we go back to the radio tower, I'm sure there will be black feathers and white feathers waiting..."
  317. "And deeper inside is Alina herself..."
  318. "And here, we have Ai-chan the rumor..."
  319. "All beaten up like this, we have three defeats to choose between..."
  320. "Alina told us to pick..."
  321. Madoka: "That's so cruel. Why would she do that!?"
  322. Ai: >I too do not understand
  323. >what Alina is thinking.
  324. >The release of magical girls.
  325. >I cannot say that what they say is wrong, but
  326. >Just looking at her I sense how dangerous she is.
  327. Sana: "..."
  328. "Iroha-san..."
  329. Iroha: "Sana-chan?"
  330. Sana: "Will you... find somewhere where I can be?"
  331. Iroha: "...Yes."
  332. "I'll find it quickly."
  333. Sana: "..."
  334. "Iroha-san..."
  335. "Please come fight Magius with me..."
  336. Iroha: "Okay, I'll fight alongside you."
  337. "I'm glad you're coming with me, Sana-chan!"
  338. [flashback]
  339. Ai: >But what if someone who needed you were to come,
  340. >what would you do?
  341. Sana: "I don't know.."
  342. "But if someone were to come all the way here searching for me because they needed me..."
  343. "For the first time, I might be able to trust them..."
  344. [back to the rumor]
  345. Sana: "I'm sorry, Ai-chan..."
  346. "I"m going to do just as you said."
  347. "In the end, I can't overlook what those people are doing..."
  348. "And on top of that, I want to go with Iroha-chan who came looking for me..."
  349. Ai: >I think that is fine.
  350. >Then, Sana.
  351. >What will you do?
  352. Sana: "I will leave here..."
  353. Ai: >Will nobody
  354. >remain behind here?
  355. Iroha: "I will leave, together with Sana..."
  356. Madoka: "I also have to go, to look for Mami-san."
  357. Homura: "I am also going to look for Tomoe-san."
  358. Ai: >I see...
  359. >Nobody is going to
  360. >stay here with me...
  361. Sana: "Ai-chan..."
  362. Ai: >Yes...
  363. Sana: "Farewell... bye bye..."
  364. Ai: >Farewell, Sana.
  365. [fade to white]
  366. [and Ai is now all corrupted]
  367. Ai: >|I can still hold out|
  368. >|Hurry and e-e-erase me|
  369. Sana: "Ai-chan..."
  370. [battle]
  371. Sana: "I'm sorry, Ai-chan!"
  372. "Thank you for needing me up until now!"
  373. mail-glider: gibberish
  375. 5.5.5
  376. [they're in the rumor, fighting]
  377. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  378. "The level of magic consumption after fighting a doppel is sure tough to maintain..."
  379. Ai: >|Guaaaah!|
  380. [Ai hits Sana]
  381. Sana: "Kya... au!"
  382. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  383. Ai: >|I m so rry|
  384. Iroha: (She's coming over here...)
  385. (This is turning out exactly how Alina planned...)
  386. Madoka: "Iroha-chan!"
  387. Iroha: "Madoka-chan!"
  388. Madoka: "Let's try to attack together like before!"
  389. Iroha: "Like before..."
  390. "Ah, with the witch..."
  391. Madoka: "Yeah, let's both release our arrows at the same time like then."
  392. "Somehow, I feel like we can do this."
  393. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  394. Ai: >|Nnnnoow, errraa sssse mmmm|
  395. Iroha: (Ai-san is holding still as best she can...)
  396. (We can only aim now!)
  397. "Madoka-chan!"
  398. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  399. Madoka and Iroha: "Take this!!"
  400. Ai: >|GAAAAHHH!?|
  401. [battle]
  402. Madoka and Iroha: "Take this!!"
  403. Ai: >|GAAAAHHH!?|
  404. Homura: "Futaba-san, can we hold hands?"
  405. Sana: "Ah, umm, yes!"
  406. [TIMESTOP]
  407. Sana: "Eh? Everything around stopped..."
  408. Homura: "I used my magic to stop time."
  409. "Ai-san has an opening thanks to Kaname-san and Tamaki-san's attack."
  410. "Now we can defeat her!"
  411. Sana: "But... me...?"
  412. Homura: "I think it won't work unless it's you."
  413. Sana: "...yeah..."
  414. "I need to finish her!"
  415. "Me alone!"
  416. Ai: "..."
  417. Sana: "Kuh..."
  418. "----Yahhh!"
  419. [she attacks Ai, and Ai appears to turn back to normal]
  420. Ai: "..."
  421. Sana: "Ai-chan... Ai-chan!"
  422. Ai: >|Sana_|
  423. Sana: "Yeah!"
  424. Ai: >|ThiStRUlyIs_faFarewEll|
  425. >|TthanKyou_for_givINg_ME_a_NaME|
  426. Sana: "Yeah, yeah..."
  427. Ai: >|gETaLOng_WIth_iIRoHasAN|
  428. Sana: "Yeah!"
  429. Iroha: "Ai-san..."
  430. "Before you disappear, can you tell me one thing?"
  431. Ai: >|YeSs|
  432. Iroha: "Do you know Tamaki Ui?"
  433. Ai: >|Aas aa *rumor*|
  434. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  435. Ai: >|I_kKNOw_TamaKIui...|
  436. Iroha: "Huh?"
  437. [Ai disappears and the labyrinth vanishes]
  438. Tsuruno: "Ah, Iroha-chan!"
  439. Yachiyo: "Thank goodness, I'm glad you got transferred."
  440. "Somehow, you made it out alright."
  441. Iroha: "..."
  442. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san?"
  443. Iroha: "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm kinda worn out..."
  444. (She knows Ui as a rumor...?"
  445. [she detects something]
  446. Iroha: "Ah, isn't that... a witch's response?"
  447. Felicia: "Hmmmmmmmmm!
  448. Iroha: "Felicia-chan!?"
  449. Felicia: "Iroha, this is bad! There's some kind of crazy one here!"
  450. Yachiyo: "A response this big..."
  451. "It's strange we didn't notice it before..."
  452. Iroha: "Where did it come from?"
  453. Sana: "From Ai-chan's barrier..."
  454. Yachiyo: "Ai? You mean the rumor's barrier?"
  455. [we see a witch in the background, and...]
  456. Alina: "I didn't think you'd make it out alive."
  457. Sana: "Alina...san..."
  458. Alina: "Alina's fun seems to be over..."
  459. "And that rumor's barrier... that was a great place to hide a witch..."
  460. "What a bummer..."
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