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  1. <size=30><color=#E57AFF>Welcome To Comet Servers!</color></size>
  3. <size=25><color=#ff6600><link=>Click here for Discord!</link></color></size>
  5. <size=20><color=#E57AFF>Server #2 Info:</color> <color=#94FF7A>(Roleplay)</color></size>
  6. FF is on, this doesn't mean you can go around killing people for no reason, do not kill on sight (KOS).
  7. This server has mods. Stalky106, adds stalking like in SCP:CB. 173Rework, the more people looking at 173 the faster it moves. RemoteKeycard, no need to hold your keycard out! No096Punish, 096 wont take damage while raged. FFRoundEnd, FF turns on when the round ends. :)
  9. <size=25><color=#E57AFF>Server #2 Rules:</color> <color=#94FF7A>(Roleplay)</color></size>
  10. <color=#E57AFF>[0.0]</color> Use your common sense. All of the rules are up to the discretion of the server staff except for what is written. Some rules may be situational. Don't be a shitter or try to avoid punishment.
  12. <color=#E57AFF>[1.0]</color> Teaming is allowed, and even encouraged.
  13. <color=#E57AFF>[1.1]</color>SCPs are allowed to KOS and can choose to team or not team.
  15. <color=#E57AFF>[2.0]</color> Do not grief your teammates. This is defined as:
  16.          Intentionally closing doors on teammates if there's no imminent threat.
  17.          Closing airlocks on teammates as you're entering. You may close them on your team if you're inside.
  18.          Giving away your own teammate's positions before you're on the opposite team, either by death or escaping.
  19.          Slowing or harming your teammates as SCP-079.
  20.          Freeing people that a teammate has disarmed.
  21.          Locking teammates in rooms.
  22.          Stealing items from teammates.
  23.          Changing the setting on 914.
  24. <color=#E57AFF>[2.1]</color> You may free somebody who a teammate has disarmed if the captor is no longer near them, or if an SCP has shown up.
  25. <color=#E57AFF>[2.2]</color> If a group of players is being chased by an SCP, it is up to whoever is in last to close doors on them. If they're unwilling, whoever is ahead of them takes charge.
  26. <color=#E57AFF>[2.3]</color> Warn your teammates when you're locking a door if people are still inside.
  27. <color=#E57AFF>[2.4]</color> If you're being led out of the facility and are brought to the Escape, you must escape.
  29. <color=#E57AFF>[3.0]</color> Delaying the round intentionally will get you slain. Examples of this are:
  30.          Staying in the Warhead room for minutes on end.
  31.          Not leaving the surface area for no reason.
  33. <color=#E57AFF>[4.0]</color> Mic-spamming is <size=5>not</size> allowed.
  34. <color=#E57AFF>[4.1]</color> Playing music is allowed, as long as you aren't being obnoxious with it.
  35. <color=#E57AFF>[4.2]</color> If you're asked to stop by anyone, stop doing it.
  37. <color=#E57AFF>[5.0]</color> Shooting Class-D or Scientists which are disarmed is prohibited.
  38. <color=#E57AFF>[5.1]</color> Do not shoot someone that is in the process of being disarmed.
  39. <color=#E57AFF>[5.2]</color> If they're disobeying or running from their captor, it is up to their captor if you may kill them.
  41. <color=#E57AFF>[6.0]</color> Exploits are forbidden and you will be punished if you use them. If it was clearly not intended, then it's an exploit.
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