Old Demon Anon (WIP)

Jan 7th, 2017
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  1. >"Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?"
  2. >You are pinkie, resident party planner
  3. >You were enjoying your lunch, when your friend Sunset pointed out the form of anon, sitting on his own at a table in the corner of the cafateria
  4. >You frowned at the sight, poor nonny, he's always sitting alone, and you've wanted to try and talk to him, but you always get nervous around him, and your not sure why, he seems nice, he never bothers anyone, and he's always polite whenever you've heard him speak
  5. >Yet there he sits, in the dark and alone, it almost breaks your heart to see him like that, you can make out a smile on his face, as if remembering a fond childhood memory, then it was gone again, a dull look replacing the happy one he wore moments before
  7. >You were gonna do it, you were gonna talk to nonny!
  8. >You stood up, and wordlessly left your table, lunch tray in hand you began your walk over to his table
  9. >Halfway there and your feeling nervous again, dammit not now, nonny needs a friend, and you will be that friend
  10. >You get to the table, and flash the biggest smile you could make
  11. >"Hi Nonny, can I sit here?"
  13. >Take the form of Anon
  14. >Slighty above avarage Teenager, at least to everyone else that is
  15. >Your final form is actaully that of a 9th teir demon lord, one that almost had the whole of equestria in the palm of his blood soaked claws
  16. >Oh how you remember the good old days, weeks spent doing nothing but spread death and terror, months spent waging wars against your own kind and the various nations of equestria
  17. >Even the dragon kingdom felt your wrath, an entire decade decicated to nothing but the utter destruction of their Kingdom, they never truly recovered, becoming little more than a nation of savages and hoarders
  18. >Nothing could stand against your might, the terror created upon even mentioning your name, the triggering of the autists as your hordes burned everything in sight
  19. >Ah it was glorious, you were the strongest you had ever been, everything bowed before your might, your power, and it all came crashing down
  21. >You were brought low by forces of power, of magic far beyond what you could ever defend against
  22. >You burned, in a hell that you couldn't even imagine for your greatest foe
  23. >And she smiled, as your form burned away, reduced to ashes as your very soul was torn apart by the Elements of Harmony
  24. >Her grin burned itself into your memory, the bloodlust in her eyes as you, her greatest enemy, screamed and begged for mercy, the end, anything that would spare him from the pain he felt at that very moment
  25. >The very rage and hate she harbored for you corrupting the Elements into a Weapon, a tool of True Torment and Suffering
  26. >You'll remember her for the rest of your eternal life, her pure white coat, that mane that shined bright with many colors, and of course you remember her little sister too
  28. >If there was one being that was spared your wrath, it was little lulu
  29. >She was the one being in all of equestria and the seven hells that would actually talk to you
  30. >It was quite odd the first time you met
  31. >You had planned to kill her sister in the night, being a powerful alicorn you knew she would be a threat eventually (boi how right were you!)
  32. >You was sneaking through the halls of the castle, when you bumped into a little filly, or what appeared to be a little filly, it was actually little lulu, barely 300 years old, she still had the mindset of a filly, and apparently Celestia had been doing a very good job of cutting her off from the outside world, hell she didn't even know who you were, so you explained to her what you did, how you pillaged and slaughtered, how you burned everything that ponies held dear
  33. >And she laughed at your stories of death and destruction, and for some reason, your smile grew everytime she laughed, so you stayed there, a Demon Lord and a Alicorn Filly, camped out in the hall, swaping stories, of your wars, and her stories of the dreamscape, it was something you had never done before, and you loved every moment of it
  34. >You left before her sister woke up, and every year, on that same day, you'd visit her, and swap new stories, maybe even exchange presents you had gotten for each other, you do still wonder if she kept the armor you had forged for her, she was a little to young to use it when you gave it to her, but you hope she's still got it, and is putting it to good use
  36. >Drifting out of your thoughts for a second, you run your hand along the amulet around your neck, it was of the moon, little lulu's moon, in the middle, was a sapphire, one she enchanted herself to allow you to have dreams, it was with you when you woke up in this world, your thankful you had it, the one thing that you had to hold onto when everything changed, when you lost your power, when your body was ripped apart and reformed, when you woke up in a world much different from the one you left behind
  38. >You leave your memories behind as the pink ball of fun know as pinkie walks over to your table, the one you sat at alone, and stood in front of it, looking at you with a huge smile
  39. >"Hi Nonny, can I sit here?"
  40. >Back in your prime you could of killed her in seconds, you would of wanted to
  41. >Now however, your more than happy to have a chat with the Pink blur of suger
  42. "Sure Ponks, what's up"
  44. >She puts her tray on the table and sits down, still smiling at you, its kinda unerving
  45. >"Oh not much nonny, just the usual stuff, parties, friends, cakes, the good stuff"
  46. >You let out a small chuckle and place some fries into your mouth, still looking at the pink haired girl as if to say: what else you want
  47. >She let's out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of her head as she does, this strikes you as quite odd, as pinkie is usually the one making other people feel uneasy
  48. >You take a break from munching your fries to ask her a question
  49. "So Pinks, how are you and cheese doing?"
  51. >Pinkie looks at you, a look of confusion and beneath that, pain spreading across her face
  52. >"Uh nonny, me and cheese aren't together anymore, we split up last month, after something happened..."
  53. >You raise your brow at this, while you weren't a gossipmonger you usually had an idea of all the 'Important' stuff happening at this school
  54. >Moreover, why would they have split up, last time you saw them together they seemed to be doing great
  55. "Oh I'm sorry to hear it ponks, I didn't know, what happened?"
  56. >She sighs and looks across the hall, you look to where she's looking and spot Cheese, who is currently sucking face with Trixie
  57. >Wait... Wat?
  59. >Trixie! That fucking autist! Really cheese? You swapped Pink stuff for blu tack?
  60. >You look back to pinkie and you almost recoil when you see the expression on her face
  61. >You see the fires of hell itself burning behind those pools of pink, and it scares you
  62. >Before you make a move to leave, (hey even Demon Lords fear the power of the Ponk) you notice that she's also crying
  63. "Hey, hey your okay, calm down, talk too me here pinks"
  64. >She releases the death grip she had on the table and looks to you, tears now flowing freely down her face
  65. >"he cheated on me nonny, with her! Why? Was I not good enough for him? What did I do wrong?"
  66. >She's completely broken down now, shit this is your fault, if you hadn't of asked... Fuck
  67. >People all over the cafatera start to look to the two of you, well pinkie mostly, her friends look over at you and so does cheese's table, this is bad
  68. >Quickly abandoning your lunch you stand up and walk around to pinkie and help her out of her seat
  69. "Shhh its alright pinkie, Nonny is here"
  70. >god you called yourself nonny, you have no self worth do you?
  71. >Quickly speeding out of the cafatera with pinkie wraped up in your arms as she cries onto your shirt
  72. >You walk past Cheese and Trixie on the way out and you give Cheese the evils as you do, fucking cunt will pay for this
  74. >Now in the halls, you walk with pinkie, letting her go to town on your shirt, its tear soaked already so no harm no foul
  75. >After a few minutes of just walking around the empty halls she sniffles and looks up to you, a sad smile on her face
  76. >"Thanks nonny, I'm sorry I went off like that, it... It just hurts you know?"
  77. >You give her a nod and a warm smile and continue walking, leading her towards your locker
  78. "Its no problem pinks, I can't believe that Cheese did that to you, douchebag, you were too good for him anyway"
  79. >Making it to your locker you stop and drop off your bag filled with books, and some other shit before shutting it up and turning to pinkie, who for some reason is blushing now, and looking a lot happier
  80. >"Y... You really mean that nonny?"
  81. >You give her a grin and put your arm around her waist
  82. "Of course I do, anyone would be lucky to have you, speaking of, would the lovely madam pinkie like to accompany me to sugercube corner for donuts and milkshakes?"
  83. >She blushes even more and let's out a cute gigglesnort, while she wraps her arm around you
  84. >"Oh why madam pinkie would love to accompany the handsome lord Anon for donuts and milkshakes"
  85. >You chuckle and proced to walk outside into the parking lot, you unlock your car and help pinkie into her seat before jumping into your own seat and gunning it off to sugercube corner, no one was gonna miss the two of you, and if any of the teachers wondered where you went off to you'd deal with it
  87. >On the drive up you put the radio on to a station that pinkie would like and let your mind drift off as you drive, you wouldn't crash, you've been driving since cars became a thing about 120 years ago or something like that
  88. >Your thoughts go back to your adventures in this world, when you awoke in this world there wasn't cars, or phones, or any of that stuff, it reminded you of equestria actually in a way, they waged war the same, just without the magic so that was a big adjustment
  89. >You remember a few of your favourite wars over the millenia, some of the more recent ones were the US civil war, plenty of fun to be had there
  90. >Oh we can't forget World war one and two, those were your favourite, you actually made some friends during those wars, by the time vietnam came along you had finally grown tired of the fighting, of the senseless killing and war
  91. >That's when you stopped fighting, kinda funny how america lost every war after that but meh
  92. >Returning your focus to driving you pull up at sugercube corner and kill the engine before getting out and going around to open pinkies door
  94. >After you and Pinkie had gotten your orders and a table you both sat back and began enjoying your choices
  95. >Pinkie seemed a lot happier now, and that made you feel a little bit happier too, which is quite odd considering she's an element of harmony and her sitting just in front of you should of caused you to burst into flames by now
  96. >Finishing your donut you wait patiently for Pinkie to finish hers, which takes a while cause she ordered a whole box
  97. >Once she's finished you decide to see how she's feeling
  98. "So Pinks, you feeling better now?"
  99. >She smiles and gives an enigetic nod, god why did you get her a box of them
  100. >"Yeah I feel a lot better, again I'm really sorry for losing it like that, its just... Cheese was the first guy I ever dated, and I guess its really hard for me to let go you know?"
  101. >You nod your understanding and put on a comforting smile to lighten the mood
  102. "Hey its fine Ponk, its not your fault, people get emotional, its how life works"
  103. >She smiles back and lays her hand across the table, reaching for yours
  104. >"Nonny, I know we've only hung out together a few time before, but you've been really nice to me when you didn't need too be, just... Thanks"
  105. >You place your hand in hers and give it a little squeeze
  106. "Your welcome Pink stuff, and I just had an idea for something fun we could do"
  107. >Pinkies smile grows larger at the mention of something fun
  108. >"Oooo what is it?"
  109. >You give a grin and lean back in your seat
  110. "Oh just a small art project I just though of"
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