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  1. Map<Id,cxsrec__cxsCandidate__c> candidateMap = new Map<Id,cxsrec__cxsCandidate__c> ([SELECT Id FROM cxsrec__cxsCandidate__c WHERE cxsrec__E_mail_address__c LIKE '%anontest%' AND Id IN (SELECT cxsrec__Candidate__c FROM cxsrec__cxsHard_criterium__c) LIMIT 100]);
  2. msAnonymizer.AnonymizeCandidatesQueueable job = new msAnonymizer.AnonymizeCandidatesQueueable(candidateMap.keySet());
  3. if(!candidateMap.values().isEmpty()) {
  4.     System.enqueueJob(job);  
  5. }
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