Mar 28th, 2015
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  1. >you're in an office chair, leaning back, a bit of drool running down your chin
  2. >snorting a little, you shake yourself awake
  3. >shit, did you fall asleep
  4. >you panic, looking for your computer
  5. >it's gone and so is your cubicle
  6. >in a flash of panic, you leap from the chair onto your legs
  7. >and promptly fall over
  8. >why was balance so hard?
  9. >you stand up again
  10. >on four legs
  11. >wait a fucking second
  12. >you rush around the front of the desk
  13. >a small plaqe marks this as the office of "Ms. Harshwinny"
  14. >guess you're a pony now
  15. >Twilight finally got around to closing that deal
  16. >you take a look through your desk, finding nothing but papers, paperweights and other dull office supplies
  17. >until you reach the third from the left
  18. >inside, you find a vibrator, clearly very, very used
  19. >guess she likes to get a bit frisky in her spare time
  20. >a polite knock on the door shocks you out of your daydream
  21. "I, uh, come in."
  22. >you say, trying to sound professional
  23. >in walks
  24. >a surfer dude
  25. >thank god, you expected some autist fedora tipper
  26. >now that you really think about it, there probably aren't that many guys like that on /mlp/
  27. >just a dank meme, like dashie or
  28. >god you're thankful you disn't end up with some autist
  29. >snapping back to reality, the guy is waving a hand in front of your face
  30. >"Ear—Equestria to Harshwhinny, do you copy."
  31. "I, sorry, just got a little lost in thought... I called you in today..."
  32. >god damnit, don't fuck up
  33. >"Because..."
  34. "Ah yes, I brought you in, because... Well, I don't tell many this, so I'm going to be blunt with you."
  35. >that sounds like Harshwhinny
  36. "I'm lonely, and I want someone to pound me till I moan."
  38. >the surfer guy is a bit shocked, ovbiously not expecting this
  39. >"I, uh, sorry man, Just wasn't expecting that..."
  40. "It's ok, dude, I wasn't expecting this either."
  41. >you cross around the desk and begin unbuttoning his pants
  42. >you get the top button open, and low and behold
  43. >a zipper
  45. >you fiddle with it for a little, before giving up and looking to him
  46. "Could you please get this infuriating thing open so we can commence?"
  47. >"Wh—sure, sure."
  48. >he pulls it down and you take down his boxers
  49. >plaid
  50. >disgusting
  51. >his cock sits there limply, a matter you hope to resolve
  52. >Twilight said the deal was fucking, may as well get right to it
  53. >you put the tip of your snout on his member, and he shudders a little
  54. >thankfully, he starts to puff up, growing in size
  55. >you wern't going to have the awkward problem of giving a blowie to a floppy dick
  56. >you start slow, looking directly up into his eyes as you take him down
  57. >you work his dick methodically, sliding his cock from one side of your mouth to the other
  58. >his had is resting on your head now, guiding you along
  59. >guess he likes it
  60. >you take him a little deeper, and he moans a little
  61. >he starts pushing a little harder, forcing you deeper and deeper onto his dick
  62. >not that you mind, Harshwhinny's snout seems to go on forever, and you've got more than half his dick in your mouth
  63. >you haven't gagged once
  64. >you pull off for a second, looking straight up at him
  65. >what sounds like something Harshwhinny would say...
  66. "Am I satisfactory in sucking you off?"
  67. >"Uh, yeah? I guess?"
  68. "Good."
  69. >you return to his cock, forcing about three fourths down your throat
  70. >again, haven't gagged yet
  71. >he's panting a little louder now, and lets out a little groan
  72. >you realize this is an office building
  73. "Anon, you have to be quieter. If my boss walks in on this, it would not be pretty. Keep it to yourself."
  74. >he nods
  75. >did Harshwhinny even have a boss?
  76. >fuck it, probably, and if you didn't, he'd be none the wiser
  78. >you decide to take him down fully now, end of your snout bumping into his groin
  79. >he lets out a stifled moan
  80. >he's getting close, you can feel it
  81. >however, you don't pick up speed at all, just continue
  82. >he starts to twitch a little in your mouth
  83. >he's just on the edge, but there isn't enough force to send him over
  84. >pretending not to notice, you continue on your merry way
  85. >suddenly, the hand resting on your head forces you down, and he fills your mouth with cum
  86. >couldn't take the wait
  87. >you probably wouldn't have either
  88. >you show him what you've collected, and pose a question to him
  89. "Spit or Swallow?"
  90. >"I... Swallow?" He says, a bit of uncertainty in his voice
  91. >you gulp down what he gave you, then open your mouth to show him
  92. "Alright, now that I've pleasured you, you get to pleasure me."
  93. >you're getting good at this Anon
  94. >you stand up, and use the office chair to climb onto the desk
  95. >you spread yourself, and ask him to enter
  96. "Alright, ready."
  97. >he grabs you by the ass, and pushes himself into your vagina
  98. >Harshwinny is surprisingly tight, it's a squeeze, but the dick fits
  99. >Surfanon is once again, stifling a moan.
  100. >hands on your ass, he begins thrusting in silence, the only sounds in the room your labored breaths, and a small slapping as he pushes in and out
  101. >he keeps going, with seemingly endless stamina, pumping at a consistant rate
  102. >you're dripping juices all over the desk, and the whole room just smells like sex
  103. >you feel yourself tensing up
  104. >oh god, are you really
  105. >your whole body spasms, throwing you into ecstasy
  106. >your spine tingles, and a warm fuzzy feeling floods your body
  107. >but he doesn't stop pushing
  108. >in and out he pounds, not stopping for a second
  109. >it's all you can take not to burst into a shivering mess of pleasure
  110. >suddenly, you feel him twitch too
  111. >he lets loose, filling you with cum
  112. >clearly your small pony body was not meant to accomadate both his cock, and all the cum he just pushed into you
  114. >it drips out onto the office desk, as you roll back, eyes lolling into your head
  115. >quickly, you snap out of it, a knock at the door startling you
  116. >"Ms. Harshwhinny? Is everything alright in there?"
  117. >you fly into a panic, and de-mount from the man
  118. >he quickly starts putting his clothes on
  119. >running around to the back of the desk, you see a calendar lying open
  120. >paging through it to today, you see that this appointment was only to take ten minutes
  121. >shit
  122. >you look down, next on the list, and see...
  123. >Amethyst Star
  124. >who in fuck's name was that?
  125. >the door slides open, and a purple pony pokes her head in
  126. >you jump over to the door, and try to jeep it shut
  127. >"Ms. Harshwhinny? I think your door is stuck!"
  128. >the pony hits it with slihtly more force, and sends you flying
  129. >"Oh! There we go! Helloooh my sweet Celestia."
  130. >she says before trying to pull out of the room
  131. >you grab her by the hair, and quickly pull her into the room
  132. >mustering as much as of an intimidating voice as you can, you growl out
  133. "You won't mention a word of this. To anyone. Got it, Star?"
  134. >"Yy-yyes Ms. Harshwhinny, I—I, I wwon't tell a soul. I swear!"
  135. "Good. Now I'm going to be a minute, so would you mind waiting outside for a second."
  136. >"uhuh."
  137. "Alright. I'll call you when I'm ready."
  138. >You push Amethyst put of the room, and say to the man looking fearfully down at you
  139. "We need to get this room not smelling like a whorehouse. Sorry I couldn't go for longer, time flies."
  140. >"It's ok."
  141. >you were really getting into this holy shit
  142. >and my god, ponies got scared of you
  143. >you calmly looked through the drawers again, finding a canister of "Spritezzeze"
  144. >you seeiously want to murder whoever's in charge of pun making here
  145. >you pop open the can and toss it to him
  146. >he just stares at it for a second
  147. "Well? Get spritzing."
  148. >you look around a little more, and find some towels
  149. >you gingerly wipe his goo and your juices off of the desk
  150. >and your privates
  152. >the room now looks and smells marginally better than it was
  153. >there's a slight stain on the desk where he leaked out of you, but it's not too noticeable
  154. "Thank-you for coming Anonymous, I look forward to conducting business with you again."
  155. >you walk over to the door and hold it open for him
  156. >he's slightly fazed, as if he had no idea what just happened
  157. >he walks out of the door, shaking his head and muttering something you can't make out
  158. >you peer around and see Star sitting on the floor, playing with her hooves
  159. "Ms. Star?"
  160. >"Oh! Y-yes, I just came in to sa..."
  161. >the voice fades and your vision fades as well, until you see black
  163. >you're in your office chair, drool leaking down your chin
  164. >your computer is open to an excel document, plotting profits for this quarter
  165. >you do a double take, remembering what just happened
  166. >looking down, you see you are in fact, human again
  167. >you let out a sigh of relif, before you notice the time
  168. >3:47
  169. >shit
  170. >the document's due at 4:30
  171. >and you're less than half done
  173. >oh boy
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