G2A Many GEOs


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  1. make -C seabios-dir all
  2. make[6]: Entering directory '/home/SOURCES/xen/xen.git/tools/firmware/seabios-dir-remote'
  3.   Compile checking out/src/stacks.o
  4. src/stacks.c: Assembler messages:
  5. src/stacks.c:567: Error: found `(', expected: `)'
  6. src/stacks.c:567: Error: junk `(%ebp))' after expression
  7. src/stacks.c:568: Warning: indirect call without `*'
  8. Makefile:133: recipe for target 'out/src/stacks.o' failed
  9. make[6]: *** [out/src/stacks.o] Error 1
  10. make[6]: Leaving directory '/home/SOURCES/xen/xen.git/tools/firmware/seabios-dir-remote'
  11. /home/SOURCES/xen/xen.git/tools/firmware/../../tools/Rules.mk:218: recipe for target 'subdir-all-seabios-dir' failed
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