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  1. Age: 19
  2. Steam ID: 76561198071574538
  3. Profile:
  4. Timezone/Region: UTC +11 Australia
  5. I was apart of the old Verizon and Invision servers, I had never been banned or done anything to lose trust from anyone in the community. I as a person can handle stressful situations that come with being a staff member and are also able to make decisions based of the information that is given to me. I am always trying to learn skills to improve me as a person and as a staff member. When this community was in trouble I was always trying my best to help in anyway possible, even when I was away. I don’t pick any favourites when it comes to staff and players and will punish even the staff if they break any rules on the server or within the community. I will always try to put as much effort into the community when its needed and will always be here to assist when needed. In terms of activity on the server I am always putting as much time as I can into the server, but I do study as a pilot and that always comes first.
  7. I understand the procedures of hiring staff and dealing with support cases and always do my best to choose the right outcome. I have never been banned on any of these servers and have never been issued points for anything. In saying that if I do anything wrong I am always accepting the punishments that follow and understand that my staff rank will be taken away and I could be removed from the community. As a person I personally do not accept any kind of cyber bulling or anything to do with racism. I am tough when it comes to that and will punish anyone who says anything to do with that. I also do not like getting pushed around/abused and will deal with it in a professional manner. I also may bring it up to another staff member if I am involved in any sort of case and will never handle anything that has to do with reporting me as it is unprofessional. I have written documents that show what I look for in staff and show the expectations that come with being a staff member. I can deal with all sorts of cases whether it’s about technical issues when joining the server, whitelisting, player report and any other issues within the community. I do have skills in creating and developing servers, but I don’t wish to be expected to use them although if help is needed I am happy to give some assistance. As a person I believe I am a very trustworthy, kind, strict, independent and honest person. The privacy of other players is a massive and will never leak any information to anyone about anything that shouldn’t be told. I will always follow the rules and will always ask for help when needed. I only apply because I want to help and never ask for any personal gain.
  8. Thanks for reading this and any kind of response I will accept. 😊
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