Fizzling Magma 9 (AiE; Fizzle's POV)

Aug 18th, 2013
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  1. >We landed safely
  2. >Anon and Rarity were arguing for a minute beforehand but somehow the airship barely bumped the ground
  3. >Rarity really is a lot better at landing than she is as before-landing-landing
  4. >She and Spike helped me move my stuff into Anon's house
  5. >Or as Anon kept saying 'our house'
  6. >He said 'our' a buncha times
  7. >Kept making my chest feel all tingly and happy
  8. >Like when he's nearby or touches me
  9. >Especially when he calls me his best dragon
  10. >That really...yea...
  11. >My cheeks get all red and my heart beats all fast and...
  12. >I try and say something but I can't
  13. >The word gets stuck in my throat
  14. >I swallow and then I feel better
  15. >Cept my eyes get all teary
  16. >Whatever its not a big deal
  17. >Anon says we'll worry about where to put my stuff later
  18. >Right now is waffle time!
  19. >Still not sure what those are but Anon seems to like them
  20. >So sure I'll like them too
  21. >We say goodbye to Rarity and Spike
  22. >Anon says he's gonna change real quick
  23. >I hang out outside
  24. >It's really nice out
  25. >Been nighttime for a bit
  26. >A lot cooler than the volcano
  27. >The wind blows and I shiver some
  28. >Anon comes back out and asks if I want a jacket or something
  29. >I say no cause I'm not cold, just not used to the weather
  30. >He shrugs and we start to the waffle place
  31. >Really looking forward to this
  32. >We walk together and Anon is chatting about getting a hot tub
  33. >He says its no magma pool but it'll be a lot safer
  34. >All I do is smile, I really like when he talks about stuff
  35. >He has a nice voice too
  36. >And really cute eyes
  37. >Wait "cute"? Come on Fizzle, he said stop with the no homo stuff
  38. >Not become a full blown faggot
  39. >He still wants a dragon, not a fairy
  40. >Straighten up and stop blushing so much
  41. >Walk right next to him like the badass dragon you are
  42. >Puff your chest out
  43. >Yea, there you go!
  44. >Badass Dragon!
  45. >With his badass friend!
  46. >....I'd....really like to hold his hand
  47. >Would seem like a good thing to do on a night like this
  48. >Maybe on the way back?
  49. >I'll try then
  50. >Anon points ahead
  51. >It's the waffle place
  52. >Wow, there are a lot of ponies there
  53. >A lot of...couple ponies
  54. >Mares and stallions, mares and mares and even stallions and stallions
  55. > Anon..?
  56. >Did Anon take me on a date?
  57. >Are
  58. >No, that's silly, he never said 'Fizzle, lets go on a date because I really like you'
  59. >But is Anon the type to be that forward?
  60. >Maybe he wants me to not think its a date because if I knew I'd....start clicking my claws and blushing and
  61. doing what I'm doing right now
  62. >Calm down, Fizzle, calm down
  63. >Some of the ponies are looking at you now
  64. >Anon is asking if I'm alright
  65. >Of course I'm alright I'm with you
  66. >...that's what I wanna say...
  67. >Instead of...
  68. "Y-y-yea, I'm just p-p-peachy!"
  69. >Peachy!? What the blueberryfuck!?
  71. >Calm down, Fizzle!
  72. >Anon pats me on the back
  73. >I can't stop myself from trembling when he touches me
  74. >His hand feels so nice...
  75. >He says to pick a table for us and he'll get the waffles
  76. >He said 'us'
  77. > <3
  78. >Practically float to a table
  79. >One outside because its more roma....roomy
  80. >We're a lot bigger than ponies so we need more room
  81. >That's the only reason
  82. >The night sky and cool air are just bonuses
  83. >Click my claws on the table
  84. >Waiting for Anon now
  85. >Some ponies at another table nearby
  86. >One is blue and white with an hourglass on her butt, the other pink and purple
  87. >I think I met the second one before when I was drinking cider with Anon
  88. >They're looking at me
  89. >The blue and white one waves and smiles
  90. >I wave back
  91. >Her friend looks me up and down and winks
  92. >I cock my head a little, not sure what she's doing
  93. >They both giggle and the blue one tosses a cherry at the purple one
  94. >Ponies are really happy
  95. >So much nicer than dragons
  96. >Smile a little when I realize this is home now
  97. >Anon comes out of the shop with plates filled with...something
  98. >He puts one in front of me and takes his seat
  99. >It's this...golden circle thing with two balls of white..something on it and I think chocolate sauce and a
  100. cherry
  101. >Not sure how to proceed
  102. >Anon says to try it
  103. >I can't say no to him
  104. >I lean in and take a big bite
  105. >Itssocold!!
  106. >Try to chew but the white stuff is all over my face and its freezing!
  107. >I think its up my nose!
  108. >OhnoImgoingtosneeze!
  109. >White stuff and chocolate sauce go everywhere
  110. >And my fire breath hits the table
  111. >I blink a few times and sniff
  112. >Did that just happen?
  113. >No no...I imagined it!
  114. >No way I would do something that embarrassing on this not-date date
  115. >Anon is wiping his face with a napkin
  116. >The tablecloth is scorched
  117. >Our food is soup
  118. >A few of the nearby ponies are laughing
  119. >Laughing at me
  120. >It...did happen
  121. >Oh god I need to get out of here!
  122. >I can't believe I did that Anon is going to be so mad he's going to send me back and I--
  123. >Wait Anon is...
  124. >...laughing too?
  125. >He says it's his fault and he should have warned me about ice cream
  126. >He holds a spoon up and says using it helps
  127. >I look down and see a clean spoon right next to my plate
  128. >Oh...
  129. >Umm...
  130. "Oops? S-s-sorry?"
  131. >I tilt my head down and smile weakly
  132. >He's still chuckling and says not to worry about it
  133. >He collects our messed up plates and says he'll be back with new ones
  134. >My heart is pounding as he leaves
  135. >I still can't believe that happened
  136. >I'm sitting there stunned
  137. >The blue pony from earlier throws me a napkin and says to clean my face before he gets back
  138. >That snaps me out of it a little
  139. >I thank her and wipe up what hasn't melted
  140. >She smiles and says good luck
  141. >I wonder what she means
  142. >Before I can ask she leaves with the purple pony with fruit on her butt
  143. >I'm waiting again, thinking about what happened
  144. >Why did I panic?
  145. >I nearly flew away right then and there
  146. >I need to stop thinking Anon is mean and angryface like Garble
  147. >He's not, he's nice and understanding and smiles a lot and wears really nice clothes and has strong arms and--
  148. >I swallow hard and squeeze my legs together
  149. >When did nighttime get so warm out?
  150. >Anon comes back with just one plate
  151. >This time he puts it in the middle of the table and hands me a spoon
  152. >He says he only had enough bits leftover for one so we're gonna have to share
  153. >Share?
  154. >My cheeks are hurting I'm smiling so big
  155. >He takes a little with his spoon and starts eating
  156. >I copy what he does, starting from my side
  157. >It's really good!
  158. >Much better than when you try to eat it all at once
  159. >The waffle is all crunchy and warm but the ice cream is all cold and creamy
  160. >And everything is all sugary and great
  161. >Leave it to ponies to make something like this
  162. >He tells me between bites its vanilla ice cream with chocolate over a waffle
  163. >He says something about how they're called Belgium where he's from but here they're just big waffles
  164. >I smile, eat and listen
  165. >I love when he talks to me about stuff
  166. >Even if I have no idea what he's talking about
  167. >He has a really nice voice, its strong but gentle at the same time
  168. >My cheeks are a little red
  169. >He stops and asks if I don't like it
  170. >Oh shoot I only had like one bite then I zoned out
  171. "N-no It's delicious!"
  172. >I stammer and take more
  173. >It's even better a little melty
  174. >Like creamy diamonds with crunchy sandstone or something
  175. >Hard to imagine it as gems
  176. >Gems have nothing on waffles and ice cream
  177. >Hard to chew when your face is stuck in happy mode
  178. >Good thing ice cream doesn't need a lot of chewing
  179. >We finish up
  180. >Anon even let me have the cherry!
  181. >We keep talking for a bit
  182. >Anon mentions he wants a cup of coffee before we leave so he goes back inside
  183. >I think I can get used to eating non-gem food
  184. >Spike can help me find gems when I need to
  185. >And I can fly Anon to the griffin lands when he wants meat
  186. >We could even cook it at home if he wants
  187. >Or get more of that beer stuff
  188. >This is gonna work so great!
  189. >We're gonna be so awesome!
  190. >Anon and Fizzle, together forever
  191. >I close my eyes and sigh
  192. >My chest is doing that tingly thing again
  193. >My head feels like it has cider in it
  194. >I don't want the night to be over
  195. >I wanna sit here and eat waffles and listen to Anon talk forever
  196. >Why can't that be a job?
  197. >I'd be really good at it
  198. >Speaking of, I'm gonna need to find one
  199. >What the heck can a dragon do in a pony village that has everything?
  200. >Well, Anon does chores for them, maybe I could help
  201. >Yea...yea! Anon can pick stuff up and put them down and bend over a lot and I can bring him cold drinks and
  202. treats and....
  203. >Stare when he takes his shirt off because its hot out and....
  204. >Squeeze my legs together tighter
  205. >Dammit Fizzle, why'd you have to go and think that?
  206. >Anon is back with a to-go cup and says we can walk home now if I want
  207. >I swallow hard and realize I can't stand up right away and ask for a few more minutes
  208. >Anon shrugs and sits down
  209. >Awkward silence go away!
  210. " you think...when you get another job I can help? S-s-so I'm not being a freeloader I mean! I know you don't really need it!"
  211. >Anon says sure and sips his coffee
  212. >Why do I get so nervous when I ask him stuff?
  213. >Stop worrying so much
  214. >But then again, being nervous has a small perk
  215. >I can stand up again
  216. >I tell Anon we can go now if he wants
  217. >He smiles and nods
  218. >A couple of the other ponies wave at us
  219. >He waves back and I do too
  220. "Are ponies always so...c-cute and happy?"
  221. >Anon tells me they're like this all the time
  222. "R-really? I shoulda...moved here sooner, heh heh"
  223. >Anon says I'll get used to it
  224. >Its barely been a few hours and I already have
  225. >No wonder Spike likes this place so much
  226. >Anon motions toward the road and I follow
  227. >We start to walk back
  228. >Anon is sipping his drink talking about our future hot tub
  229. >It sounds really awesome, I can't wait to help him build it
  230. >A stronger wind blows and I rub my arms and tremble a little
  231. >So much for holding Anon's hand
  232. >I'm even colder after the ice cream
  233. >Try and think about the hot tub Fizzle
  234. >It'll be warm and nice and you can.....oh...
  235. >Anon put his coat on my shoulders
  236. >He said the coffee is keeping him warm enough and I looked like I'm freezing
  237. >I was
  238. >He could tell I was cold
  239. >I smile really wide
  240. >I pull his coat around me and say thank you
  241. >It comes out like a little squeak and I blush
  242. >He smiles and rubs my back and says no worries
  243. >He always knows what to say and do
  244. >Everything is so...perfect
  245. >I can't believe I was worried about being...err...
  246. >Ya know
  247. >...that thing with two dudes...
  248. >We get to his house, Anon says he'll have to get a set keys for me in the morning
  249. "Wh-hy, ponies are so nice you don't think they'"
  250. >Anon chuckles and says no
  251. >But ponies love to invite themselves in and be friendly
  252. >Sometimes a little too much too often and he likes some privacy
  253. >Even if they're adorable about invading your space
  254. >I nod
  255. >I hope he never feels that way about me though
  256. >I'm not intrusive and annoying, am I?
  257. >W-was Anon telling me that because he wanted to tell me that without hurting my feelings?!
  258. >I pull his coat tighter around myself
  259. >No Fizzle, he's not like that, he just meant ponies
  260. >Not you
  261. >Not his best dragon
  262. >R-right?
  263. >The second we're inside, Anon gives me a kiss
  264. >It wasn't a romantic kiss
  265. >Just a peck on the lips
  266. >It still surprised me and I freeze up
  267. >His lips taste like his drink I think
  268. >Like...chocolate and something roasted with milk and...sugar and....
  269. >Perfect flavored
  270. >He said he had a lot of fun today
  271. >Blink
  272. >Oh yeah yeah yeah right! We went out!
  273. "Y-yeah, me too! R-roomie!"
  274. >He nods and says roomie back
  275. >I'm smiling again, all that worry gone
  276. >For now anyway
  277. >He says he's pretty tired and is gonna head to bed
  278. "M-me too! Yea, long day, mhm"
  279. >I'm really not that tired I just don't know what to do with myself without him
  280. >Besides
  281. >Maybe if I cuddle with Anon I'll get tired
  282. >He nods and goes to the bathroom to wash up
  283. >I head to his room
  284. >My chest of gems is against the wall and his bed is all made and nice
  285. >Still a few burn marks from the last time we...
  286. >*ahem*
  287. >Have to squeeze my legs together again
  288. >I don't want Anon to think I want to do that
  289. >I mean...I do... but he looked tired
  290. >He can decide
  291. >I don't wanna get in his bed before him so I kinda stand there
  292. >Fidgeting
  293. >Looking around
  294. >Maybe I can sit on the edge of the bed?
  295. >Yea that's OK right?
  296. >I sit on the very edge of the bed
  297. >My tail refusing to lay itself on his blankets
  298. >Not till he comes in and gets in first
  299. >Wait, what if he doesn't wanna sleep in the same room?
  300. >What if he comes out with pillows and a blanket and tells me the couch is comfortable
  301. >I'm sure its comfy he wouldn't make me sleep somewhere horrible
  302. >But any bed is horrible without Anon there
  303. >I don't wanna sleep alone anymore
  304. >Anon comes out of the bathroom
  305. >He's wearing just his boxers
  306. >My hands go right to my lap
  307. >Anon asks if its too cold in here
  308. >My head cocks to the side confused
  309. >It's warm in here, really nice and cozy
  310. >He points out I've got his jacket on still
  311. >I didn't wanna take it off it smelt really nice and was like you were always hugging me
  312. "Oh...Oh yea oops! Guess I forgot about's a g-great jacket! Kept me all warm and toasty!
  313. >Anon nods and takes it from me, says Rarity made it
  314. >I watch him go hang it up
  315. "S-so where am I...sleeping?"
  316. >The question hurts to ask
  317. >But I don't want to make a mistake and--
  318. >Anon says he doesn't care what side I take, that he sleeps on his stomach
  319. >Sides?
  320. >Wait he thought I meant
  321. >What side of the bed
  322. >The same bed he sleeps in
  323. >We're sleeping together!
  324. >I'm all smiles again
  325. >I shouldn't doubt Anon, he'd never make his best dragon sleep alone
  326. >Never in a million years, no sir!
  327. >No more caves and hoard guarding for me!
  328. >Anon curses under his breath
  329. >He dropped something
  330. >He's bending over to pick it up
  331. >In his boxers
  332. >They're loose but not too loose
  333. >Just enough for my imagination get me...thinking about...
  334. >Ffffffff
  335. >Press down harder on my lap
  336. >Anon turns back to the bed
  337. >Says he's gonna go to sleep and if I wanna wash up--
  338. >I say yes and bolt into the bathroom holding my lap still
  339. >Closethedoor
  340. >OK OK OK
  341. >It's ok he's seen it before what are you worried about?
  342. >He's too tired he doesn't have time to do that
  343. >Just...just...quickly
  344. >In here
  345. >Turn the water on so he can't hear what you're doing
  346. >Don't moan either he'll think you're a freak
  347. >But don't take too long he's gonna fall asleep and no cuddles
  348. >QuicklyQuicklyQuickly
  349. >Come oooooon
  350. >Think about when Anon bent over and picked up---
  351. >Phew...
  352. >Ok...
  353. >Crisis averted...
  354. >Clean up
  355. >Flush
  356. >Deep breath
  357. >OK, turn the water off, lets go to bed!
  358. >Wash your hands first
  359. >And splash some water on your face in case he's still wandering around almost-naked
  360. >Anon really needs to keep clothes on if he expect me to be able to snuggle properly
  361. >This is his fault for being so sexy in his boxer shorts
  362. >Don't think about that
  363. >Everything is calm now
  364. >We can do this
  365. >Just get under the covers and don't think of anything sexy
  366. >Leave the bathroom
  367. >Room is dark but dragons can see awesome in the dark
  368. >We live in caves, ya know?
  369. >Anon is already breathing slow and on his stomach
  370. >He's asleep
  371. >Stupid Fizzle, you missed cuddletime!
  372. >I guess...I guess I can lay next to him
  373. >Get into the bed as quietly as possible
  374. >Lay on my back, wings tucked in, tail between my legs
  375. >Staring at the ceiling
  376. >Not sure if I can...cuddle with sleeping Anon
  377. >He might not like being woken up
  378. >Just lay here till you fall asleep
  379. >There's a clock ticking somewhere
  380. >Count the ticks
  381. >That'll...
  382. >Anon rolled over
  383. >He's curled up against me
  384. >Ohgodmyheartcan'ttakethis
  385. >Take a deep breath and...
  386. >He's nuzzling my shoulder
  387. >Mumbling something
  388. >I manage to get my arm around him
  389. >He pulls me closer, wrapping his arm around my chest
  390. >Everywhere his bare body is touching feels like electricity
  391. >My heart is pounding out of my chest
  392. >My breathing is all funny
  393. >I'm living in Anon's house and he's cuddling me while he sleeps
  394. >This is out first night...really together...
  395. >Pull him a little closer
  396. >He mumbles something else and gives me another squeeze
  397. >I wanna tell him something
  398. >It should be easier to say it while he's sleeping, right?
  399. >Just lean over and say 'Anon, I...'
  400. >...
  401. >...
  402. >...
  403. >M-maybe tomorrow...
  404. >Anon is still cuddling and squeezing me like a big pillow
  405. >It's actually making me sleepy too
  406. >I sleepily nudge his head with my muzzle
  407. >Why is it so hard for me to just tell him?
  408. >It's just three little words...
  409. >It shouldn't be so difficult
  410. >Even if he doesn't...feel that way back he wouldn't be mean to me..
  411. >He's your best friend in the entire world
  412. >You couldn't ruin that if you tried
  413. >R-right?
  414. >Give Anon a small kiss on the forehead
  415. >He squeezes me
  416. >You've got a good thing, Fizzle
  417. >Don't go...messing it being a faggot...
  418. >Maybe let him...say it first
  419. >Yea...that's a good idea
  420. >You can wait till then
  421. >And he's an awesome best bro forever, he wouldn't hide something like that!
  422. >We can wait till then
  423. >It'll be great too because then you'll say it back and all the ponies will be all happy for you and you can
  425. tell that pink one to make a party and---
  426. >Calm down, Fizzle...
  427. >It'll be alright
  428. >Sigh happily and finally settle down
  429. >Close my eyes and drift off to sleep
  430. >In Anon's big comfy bed
  431. >in Anon's big comfy arms...
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