​Uniforms and the Benefits

Mar 4th, 2020
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  1. The term “uniforms” is a word used to describe the collection of standard clothing that people who belong to an organization wear while carrying out the activities of the organization. Commonly, police, schools, armed forces and emergency service providers are those who wear uniforms. When different individuals in an organization wear their uniforms, they all look the same and becomes easier to identify them with organization they work for unlike when each person wears whatever he/she wants.
  2. The sense of uniformity and solidarity is built amongst people who wear same uniforms, and this has been since Royal Empire time. Likewise, common organizations such as the armed forces are known to use uniforms because it is a distinct way for them to be distinguished in the midst of multitude, and it also makes it easy for the public to know what their responsibility in the society is.
  3. Without undermining the relevance of uniforms in organizations such as schools and police force, let us go further to discuss why many organizations have chosen to use uniforms. Uniforms are a major part of an organization for the following reasons;
  4. The industry’s requirement(s)
  5. There are some industries whose services are customer based, good example is a restaurant. It is important for the workers of such organization to appear enthusiastic about satisfying their customers with unity amongst team members. The uniforms worn by the workforce allows customers to be sure of who they’re approaching with complete confidence.
  6. Growth
  7. Workers on uniforms tend to not just care for themselves but for their colleagues as well, and in like manner, they tend to see their co-workers’ growth as their own growth as well. The advantage of uniforms goes beyond what is seen because it stimulates individual and group growth on a high level.
  8. Identity confidence
  9. It is quite difficult to achieve the ‘mentality of belonging’ or identity confidence amongst an organization’s workforce but the use of uniforms makes this accomplishes this easily. ‘Identity confidence’ here refers to the workers of an organization getting the assertion that they are an integral part of the organization they work for. Of course, humans always want to know that they are important and recognized anywhere they find themselves, uniforms help us to achieve this amongst workers.
  10. Honour
  11. A lot of people love jobs that require them putting on uniforms because it makes the general public accord them a level of respect they wouldn’t have gotten if they were dressed like every other person in the society. An example is the police officer’s uniform, it does not just help you know who to approach in case of a danger in a place, it also make you give him a kind of honour you wouldn’t give a random man or woman. A uniformed man or woman is more respected anywhere because everyone can easily identify the organization he/she represents, they may not know the organization’s colour, but uniforms, be it school uniforms or working uniforms carry a badge or logo on an obvious part of the uniform which helps you point out the organization’s identity.
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