Mami's Sidestory

Sep 25th, 2017
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  1. ===================================
  2. Part One: The Ever Reliable Mami-san
  3. ===================================
  5. Mami: Kamihama City... A city where something has happened. At any rate, I went there but what exactly am I supposed to investigate first? Should I look for Witches? Should I look for magical girls? Furthermore, what exactly went wrong in this city...?
  6. I should get to know the city first, huh.
  8. If I really get to know this city, I might be able to get an understanding of how this Kamihama City has changed. Now then, first I should go to the city's...
  10. --!!
  11. My soul gem is reacting! Is there a Witch nearby...!? For me to come across a Witch as soon as I arrived, there must really be something abnormal about this city...! It's such a powerful wave of magical energy. It might be close.
  12. --!!
  13. I found it...This is the Witch's barrier!
  14. Where's the Witch...?
  16. ???: Kyaaaaaah!!
  17. Mami: A scream!? Is someone already fighting it!?
  18. ???: Uryaaah! Toaaaah!
  19. Familiar: _(#!@#! shara-!
  20. ???: Wha!? Whoa...!
  21. Familiar: _(#!@#! shara-!
  22. ???: ---!! (This isn't good... I'm done for...!)
  23. Mami: Watch out!
  24. Familiar: _(#!@#! shara-!
  25. ???: You, are... a magical girl...?
  26. Mami: That was a close one. I'm glad I made it in time. Are you okay?
  27. ???: Ah...y, yeah...! Um...! Thank you very much! Um, I...!
  28. Mami: Save the introductions for later! Right now, let's defeat the familiars together!
  29. ???: Eh? ..Ah, um...! Y, Yes!
  30. Familiar: _(#!@#! shara-!
  31. Mami: Not only are there many of them...
  32. Familiar: _(#!@#! shara-!
  33. Mami: They're strong for familiars!
  34. ???: Um! ...Ah, um... "Person who saved me"! Don't push yourself!
  35. Mami: Thank you. But you don't need to worry. Please stand back.
  36. ???: Huh...
  37. Mami: Here I go. Tiro Finale!
  40. Mami: ...Tiro Finale!
  41. Familiar: !&($!*#&!?
  42. ???: ...Huh? Did, Did you do it...?
  43. Mami: Yes, I defeated the familiars.
  44. ???: Oh, it's gone back to normal...
  45. Mami: That was close.
  46. ???: Ah...yes...Um... thank you very much for...saving me.
  47. Mami: You're welcome. Are you okay?
  48. ???: Ah...! Yeah! Thanks to you! Ah...! Um... I'm Yayoi Kanoko!
  49. Mami: Nice to meet you. I'm Tomoe Mami.
  50. ???: Are you also...a Kamihama magical girl?
  51. Mami: No, I'm not. I'm usually in Mitakihara. Anyway, those familiars were pretty strong.
  52. Kanoko: Well...Kamihama's are strong, so...
  53. Mami: Is that so... (Just like I thought, something's strange about this city...)
  54. Kanoko:'s been a while since the last time I've gone hunting for I guess you could say I kind of, uh, had a rough time...
  55. Mami: Then you knew that it might be a difficult fight.
  56. Kanoko: ...Eh? Ahhh...well...
  57. Mami: That's...not something I can agree with. This is something that poses a risk to your life, you know. You shouldn't do it half-heartedly.
  58. Kanoko: ...You're absolutely right. I'm so sorry...
  59. Mami: If you understand, that's good enough but a magical girl that's too reckless with her own life will soon become food for Witches.
  60. Kanoko: It's not like I was... reckless with my own life...
  61. Mami: Yes, I know. But if you fight too recklessly... the same thing will end up happening again, so please be careful.
  62. Kanoko: ...It's not like I could help it.
  63. Mami: Huh?
  64. Kanoko: You...and other magical girls too... might be satisfied with just hunting witches but...
  65. Mami: ---!?
  66. Kanoko: But I...there's even more important things I want to do with my time...! ...! ...Ah, ...s, Sorry... It's nothing...
  67. Mami: ....
  68. I see, this girl...She's actually a very earnest girl. It's not as though she wanted to become a magical girl. But rather, she had to become one. She's conflicted between the things she really wants to do and the things she has to do. Her desires and her duties are conflicting, aren't they? Because she's earnest, she tries to hide that fact. She keeps how she truly feels hidden, and tries to do the right thing.
  69. ...Kanoko-san?
  70. Kanoko: ...? Yes...
  71. Mami: I'm sorry. I said too much.
  72. Kanoko: N, No...! That's not the... It was clearly my fault...for saying something weird like that out of the blue...I'm really... sorry.
  73. Mami: No, I said too much. That's why I'd like to know. Will you tell me? What you really want to do.
  74. Kanoko: ...... ..... But.
  75. Mami: It's okay. There's no one here but us. That's why it'll be our secret. Okay?
  76. Kanoko: ....I...have a dream. My dream is to become a fashion designer...
  77. Mami: Is that so? That's a wonderful dream.
  80. Mami: After that, I heard a lot about her dream. The amount of passion she had for her dream was almost blinding.
  81. Kanoko: This is it! The book of designs I've drawn!
  82. Mami: This is... original.
  83. Kanoko: ---!! Thank you so much! You mean it's an avant-garde design...right!?
  84. Mami: I especially think this outfit with the hand sticking out of the back is very original.
  85. Kanoko: That's a shimeji! [1]
  86. Mami: Shimeji? You mean, the mushroom?
  87. Kanoko: Of course! The mushroom!
  88. Mami: It really is original.
  89. Kanoko: Thank you very much! But, I'm still learning so...I'll try not to get too carried away!
  90. Mami: Yes, good luck with your studies. .....Good luck with your studies!
  91. Kanoko: Yes! I'll do my best!
  92. Mami: But make sure you don't push yourself too hard by fighting witches on your own. Make sure you don't get too reckless by yourself when your soul gem has built up a lot of taint. Please remember that you aren't alone.
  93. Kanoko: ...Yes, understood. I won't do anything reckless like I did today. Also...sorry that you had to come save me... and protect me from familiars...even though I'm supposed to be a magical girl myself...
  94. Mami: Magical girls are girls too. It's a no-brainer. Besides, I'm also a magical girl so you shouldn't worry so much about how you act around other magical girls, don't you think?
  95. Kanoko: Aha...yes, thank you very much... Oh, that's right! Then let me take you up on that offer and ask you a favor!
  96. Mami: ? What is it?
  97. Kanoko: This might be a bit rude but...the key to being a good magical girl...or actually...the technique? Anyway! Could you please give me some advice!
  98. Mami: That's a very tough question.
  99. Kanoko: Please!
  100. Mami: Hmmm. First, I guess analyze. Look into things like the Witch's characteristics. Keep them recorded in a notebook and organize the information, things like that.
  101. Kanoko: I see...
  102. Mami: All that's left is...magical training!
  103. Kanoko: Training! ...really?
  104. Mami: Yes, understand your own magic. In order to use your magic to its fullest potential, in any case train, in any case practice! It might seem like a long path but that's actually the best shortcut, I think.
  105. Kanoko: I see...! I learned a lot! This is the first time I've met someone as strong as you!
  106. Mami: It's not like I've done anything special. I just keep training myself bit by bit, little by little.
  107. Kanoko: I just steadily take one step at a time... I think that's the best thing too.
  108. Mami: Ah! But there is one shortcut!
  109. Kanoko: Eh! P, Please teach me!
  110. Mami: Ufufufu, that is...
  112. Mami: Ah! But there is one shortcut!
  113. Kanoko: Eh! P, Please teach me!
  114. Mami: Ufufufu, that is... [2]
  115. naming your own moves!
  116. Kanoko: Naming my moves...? Oh...!
  118. Mami: Tiro Finale!
  120. Kanoko: Like earlier...
  121. Mami: Oh, you remember?
  122. Kanoko: Tiro... Finale...?
  123. Mami: Yeah! I'm impressed you remembered, since that was when we were in the heat of battle.
  124. Kanoko: It was a phrase that kind of stays in your ear!
  125. Mami: I think that starting with the style is important! Name your finishing move and try using it in a battle! Just naming your moves should be enough to kind of give you courage! It might come down to your feelings, but that's very important. If you can keep a strong heart, then even if a Witch appears in front of you, you won't give up. Yes, I'm certain you'll be able to feel that way!
  126. Kanoko: I see...
  127. Mami: How was that?
  128. Kanoko: Tiro Finale...
  129. Mami: ?
  130. Kanoko: Tiro Finale...!
  131. Mami: ...?
  132. Kanoko: Tiro Finale!!
  133. Mami: ?
  134. Kanoko: That's suuuper stylish! It's charming! It's the best!
  135. Mami: Wow! Really!? I'm so happy!
  136. Kanoko: Please! Give! My moves! A name too!
  137. Mami: What kind of magic do you use?
  138. Kanoko: Sewing!
  139. Mami: Sewing?
  140. Kanoko: Using a thread I do this to one enemy and another...or more like I sew two enemies together!
  141. Mami: Sew together... Oh! Fashion designer?
  142. Kanoko: Yes! That's it!
  143. Mami: That's what you meant. ...Hm....Let me think... Sewing... Fashion designer...
  144. Kanoko: Yes! What do you think!? Do you have a good ide...
  145. Mami: ...Let me see. But, just as I thought...
  146. Kanoko: ...? "But, just as you thought"...?
  147. Mami: ...You should come up with something that important yourself.
  148. Kanoko: Eh... N, No way...!
  149. Mami: But it's kind of like your own signature, you know?
  150. Kanoko: That's...true, but...
  151. Mami: Besides...above all, you're a creator.
  152. Kanoko: ...! Creator...!
  153. Mami: Why don't you try putting all of your own interests and sense into the names of your own moves?
  154. Kanoko: Yes...! I'll think about it! I'll try putting it all together!
  156. Mami: ...So? Did you think of something?
  157. Kanoko: ...Um... just a bit longer... There's got to be something more flashy...
  158. ---!! It came to me! It just struck me!!
  159. Mami: Really...! Really? I'm so happy for you! If it's okay with you... will you tell me what kind of name you came up with?
  160. Kanoko: Yes! Of course! It is...
  161. Mami: It is?
  162. Kanoko: "Yayoi Collection"... that's it!!
  163. Mami: Yayoi... Collection...
  164. Kanoko: Yes!
  165. Mami: ...J, Just like I thought...your sense is really original...
  166. Kanoko: Thank you very much! An avant-garde name of a move...right!?
  167. Mami: Y, Yes... exactly.
  168. Kanoko: I'll make sure to scream this when I fight Witches from now on!
  169. Mami: Yes, please scream that.
  170. Kanoko: I'll scream, Bisshiiiiii!!
  171. Mami: Please scream it!
  172. Kanoko: Ahaha!
  173. Mami: Anyway...we've come up with a name for your finishing move so...I think I'll be heading back to Mitakihara now.
  174. Kanoko: Ah...! Yes! Thank you very much!
  175. Mami: Don't mention it. Good luck with your fashion studies.
  176. Kanoko: Yes! Anyway, see you later!
  177. Mami: Yes, maybe again someday.
  179. That magical girl has dreams for the future and she's chasing after them
  180. But magical girls always have their lives on the line.
  182. Regardless, I always want to cheer for those girls. I'm more or less a veteran, so I need to do my best too.
  183. So that even one more magical girl can become happy.
  184. ===============================
  185. Part Two: Let's Become Friends!
  186. ===============================
  188. Mami: The city of Kamihama, where something unusual is happening. I traveled there again today and the first thing I did was drink tea.
  189. Yes, that smells good. I wonder what tea leaves this place is using? It's delicious. It's so soothing.
  190. I must not get too impatient. First, I need to calm down. If I calm myself, I might be able to see something different again.
  192. ???: Like I thought! That's suuuuuuuuper cute! That necklace is the best!
  193. Girl A: What, really? I got this from my boyfriend~
  194. ???: You're sooo lucky! Your boyfriend has good taste! Almost too good! Not only is he handsome, but his tastes are godly on top of that? That's amazing!
  195. Girl A: Rika, your boyfriend is cool too! I'm actually jealous!
  196. ???: Huh? Boyfriend? Nah, actually that's...well...anyway, thanks.
  198. Mami: ...They're too loud. Tea should be sipped more quietly than...
  200. ???: Wait, I forgot! I had a promise with someone! Sorry! I gotta go!
  201. Girl A: Yeah, I got it. See you tomorrow~
  202. ???: Yeah, bye-by~e
  204. Mami: ...... With this I can finally take my time and drink my tea.
  206. ???: ---!! Um! Excuse me!
  207. Mami: -----!? Me?
  208. ???: Yeah, you! You're a... magical girl, right?
  209. Mami: Wha... What!?
  210. ???: I saw you fighting the other day! You saved another magical girl, right?
  211. Mami: oh... Back then.
  212. ???: I'm also a magical girl! Back then, I was also after the Witch...and I just happened to see you know? You're really nice! Saving other people like that!
  213. Mami: I'm honestly happy to hear you say that.
  214. ???: ...So about that...Please become friends with me!
  215. Mami: ...Huh?
  216. ???: Friends! No?
  217. Mami: I, I'm perfectly fine with that but
  218. ???: How old are youu? Middle school?
  219. Mami: I'm a third year in middle school.
  220. ???: Seriously!? We're the same! That's another reason why we should be friends!
  221. Mami: Sure, if you insist.
  222. ???: ...Ah! Wait a sec, someone's calling me. Hello? I'm already at the restaurant... Heaaah!? What do you mean, something came up...!? Are you canceling on me at the last minute~!? ...Sheesh...Okay, okay, I got it. Mmm, I'll forgive you if you buy me one ice cream. Nmm, yeah, yeah, got it-
  223. Mami: ............
  224. ???: ...Well, I guess in one way it's good timing, huh. ...Hey, are you free after this? You wanna go hang out together right now?
  225. Mami: After this...Right now?
  228. Rika: ...Now! Let's shopping!
  229. Mami: O, Oh yeaaah-
  230. I got caught up in her invitation and ended up coming here!
  231. Why did you invite me? Even though we just met today...
  232. Rika: There's no deep meaning behind it or anything. I just wanted to hang out with you!
  233. Mami: !
  234. She really, simply just wanted to become friends with me.
  235. Rika: Hm... Where should we start? We should start with clothes first, huh? Let's look at clothes!
  236. Mami: Yes, let's do that.
  237. Rika: Yay-!
  238. Hey! Look at this, look at this! No waaay! That's suuuuuper cute~! ---!? That one over there'd be pretty awesome too! Mami-chan, what do you think!?
  239. Mami: Yes, I think it's very cute.
  240. Rika: Right? It'd look good!
  241. Mami: Yes, it'd definitely look good on you.
  242. Rika: No, that's not right.
  243. Mami: ?
  244. Rika: Mami-chan, it'd totally look good on you!
  245. Mami: ........ Thanks, I'm happy to hear it.
  247. Rika: Is there some other place you wanted to go to?
  248. Mami: Hm. Let's see...
  249. Rika: Then~...How about an arcade? Mami-chan, do you play games and stuff like that?
  250. Mami: Hmmmm, I don't at all.
  251. Rika: Then how about we try playing a game! Today!
  252. Mami: Do you like games?
  253. Rika: Games...Actually, as long as it's fun, I like anything! More like... anything's fun when you do it with your friends, right?
  254. Mami: Fufufu, yes, that's true.
  255. Rika: That's right, this busy, cramped feeling screams arcade~
  256. Mami: It's been a really long time since I've last been to one.
  257. Rika: What do you want to try? Want to try the crane game~...? Or a rhythm game~....? ...Or the kind where you shoot zombies!
  258. Mami: ...Then let's conquer it from one end to the other!
  259. Rika: Aha, you're into this! I'm in! Agreed!
  260. Mami: I don't play games that often but they really make me go all out.
  262. Rika: Eh...! Mami-chan, you're too good at this racing game...!
  263. Eh...! Mami-chan, you got a perfect on the rhythm game...!
  264. Eh...! Mami-chan, you got a plushie on your first try...!?
  265. Mami: Hm, I wonder if it's because I'm a magical girl?
  266. Rika: No way! I'm one too...! Is it really the first time you've played a game in a long time?
  267. Mami: That's........a se. cre. t.
  268. Rika: ...Wait, what's with that!?
  269. Mami: But it really might have been a long time, since I've played around like this...I've had my hands full ever since I became a magical girl, so...
  270. Rika: Mami-chan, has it been that long since you became a magical girl?
  271. Mami: Well, for the most part... yes.
  272. Rika: Mami-chan, you might be a veteran magical girl but... You still need to enjoy your youth first and foremost as a girl! Your cuteness will go to waste, you know?
  273. Mami: ........... Yes.
  275. Rika: Was it fun?
  276. Mami: Yes, it was really fun. It might be a good idea to just let loose like this once in a while.
  277. Rika: Fufu, right?
  278. Mami: .........
  279. Rika: ...? What's wrong?
  280. Mami: No, it's nothing. Just...whenever I come to an arcade, it reminds me a little of someone.
  281. Rika: Reminds you of someone? Oh--...Like an ex?
  282. Mami: Fufu, no, it's not like that.
  283. Rika: Aha, so I was wrong. So? What kind of person is it really?
  284. Mami: .......
  287. Kyouko: Mami! Let's fight together!
  290. Mami: ...The first friend I made. The first magical girl I made, to be exact.
  291. Rika: Is that so... What happened to that person?
  292. Mami: ....
  293. Rika: Wait... um... could it be...!
  294. Mami: No, she's still alive and well. But we no longer have... the same close relationship we used to have...
  295. She's so close...and yet she's so far away...
  296. Rika: That's what it was...
  297. Mami: Magical girls need to stand up to their own fate, head-on. As a friend, I supported her. I think that's why her heart parted from mine and things turned out this way. I wonder if only I had more power, if only I were stronger, then maybe we could have stayed together forever and keep fighting together...I think about things like that.
  298. Rika: That's not it.
  299. Mami: Huh?
  300. Rika: I don't know the details but... it's probably...just a slight misunderstanding, don't you think?
  301. That day I first saw you Mami-chan...
  302. And today too... When we spent the whole day together...
  303. I thought to myself that Mami-chan really is a strong and kind person.
  304. Mami: .......
  305. Rika: That's why things like Mami-chan not being strong enough can't be the reason why you're no longer friends with that person.
  306. Mami: I wonder, is that true...
  307. Rika: Yeah, it's gotta be! I guarantee it! Besides, right now you have other friends too, don't you?
  308. Mami: ...........
  310. Madoka: Mami-san! Leave your back to me!
  311. Sayaka: I took down the Witch! Mami-san!
  312. Homura: Tomoe-san! I'll do my best...!
  314. Mami: Yes, I do have companions...I have friends.
  315. Rika: Is that so. What are they like?
  316. Mami: They're all really good kids. They're all my adorable kouhai. That's why I need to do my best as their senpai but today I feel like I was able to be myself. Rika-san, thank you.
  317. Rika: Heh!? Nah... even if you thank me all formally like that...It's kinda embarasssing. Fufu.
  318. Mami: Fufu.
  321. Rika: Thanks for today! It was suuuuper fun!
  322. Mami: I also want to thank you. It was really fun. At first it felt kind of forced but I'm glad you brought me out here. I feel like I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long time, just like I did back then.
  323. Rika: Really? That's good! Try having fun like this once in a while and try not to build up too much stress, okay? It's true we have jobs as magical girls but...after all, magical girls aren't alone.
  324. Mami: ....Yes, you're right. Exactly.
  325. Rika: Yeah. ...That's right! Could you give me your email address?
  326. Mami: Sure, here you go. This is...mine.
  327. Rika: Thank you! I'll call you up when I do a group date, okay?
  328. Mami: Group date!? I don't think I'll go to a group date.
  329. Rika: Ueeeeh? Your guard is hard~...Fufu. Let me know when you come to Kamihama, let's hang out again somewhere.
  330. Mami: Yes, I'll make sure to contact you.
  331. Rika: Okay! See you later!
  332. Mami: Yes, see you again. It really was fun.
  333. Rika: ...Oh!
  334. Mami: ?
  335. Rika: When you get a boyfriend, let me know! Let's do a double date!
  336. Mami: ---!? Boyfriend!?
  337. Rika: That's your homework, until the next time we meet, okay? Make sure you get a boyfriend!
  338. Mami: That's...I wonder?
  339. Rika: I'm looking forward to it. Anyway! For real this time, see you later!
  340. Mami: Fufufu, yes, see you again someday. Someday, for sure.
  342. ===============================
  343. Part Three: When You Take Another Good Look
  344. ===============================
  345. Mami: There's a lot of them today too.
  346. Familiar: )(!*@$)(!4!! Shara-!
  347. Mami: Just as I thought...these familiars are much stronger than the ones in Mitakihara!
  348. Familiar: )(!*@$)(!4!! Shara-!
  349. Mami: Still, you've got a ways to go! This is the end!
  350. Familiar: !$*()!@$??
  351. Mami: Tiro Finale!
  352. Familiar: )(!*@$)(!4!! Shara-!?
  353. Mami: Whew... it's over. As usual, the familiars in this city are strong.
  354. ???: You there.
  355. Mami: Eh?
  356. ???: Please forgive me for suddenly calling out to you like this. This is the first time we've met. My name is Tokiwa Nanaka.
  357. Mami: Pleased to meet you. I'm Tomoe Mami.
  358. Nanaka: ...Then, just as I thought, it really is you.
  359. Mami: Me? Is there something you need from me?
  360. Nanaka: Yes. I've heard the rumors.
  361. Mami: Rumors?
  362. Nanaka: This city has so many bizarre rumors that it's hard to grasp what really is the truth and what isn't, but this time it seems they were right. This might be a rude question, but are you a magical girl?
  363. Mami: ---!? Then, you too?
  364. Nanaka: Yes.
  365. Mami: So? What exactly did you want from me?
  366. Nanaka: I heard the rumors about you and I thought that I must meet this person.
  367. Mami: A rumor about me?
  368. Nanaka: Yes. The strongest magical girl has come here from Mitakihara.
  369. Mami: --!? That kind of rumor is...?
  370. Nanaka: Yes, furthermore, that magical girl is a real monster who hasn't been to the Adjuster's even once.
  371. Mami: A monster... That's a pretty rude thing to call me.
  372. Nanaka: I'm so sorry. But that's how the rumor goes.
  373. Mami: So? What business do you have with me?
  374. Nanaka: I will get straight to the point. Will you team up with me?
  375. Mami: Team up?
  376. Nanaka: Yes. I'd like to fight together with you.
  377. Mami: What do you mean by that?
  378. Nanaka: I'm in an alliance with other magical girls. Our goal is to combine our powers and fight back against Witches. If we gather our powers as magical girls, even defeating witches will become easy. I would love for someone as strong as yourself to become one of us.
  379. Mami: I see. That's a good idea. But I'm sorry, I already have allies. Friends that fight together with me in Mitakihara. That's why I can't make any promises without giving it some thought. Besides, I don't really come out to Kamihama City that often and I don't think I could be of much help if I join your alliance.
  380. Nanaka: Is that so... So it wouldn't be possible. In that case, as an alternative could you... fight me?
  382. Nanaka: could you... fight me? [2]
  383. Mami: --!? ...What do you mean by that?
  384. Nanaka: That's...
  385. Akira: Nanaka! Oh, is that person the famous...!?
  386. Nanaka: Akira-san... I told you that you didn't have to come.
  387. Akira: Well, I mean... I was curious too. I heard that rumor that she's the magical girl that's cut one-hundred people down!
  388. Mami: Cut one-hundred people down!?
  389. Nanaka: But from what I saw of her fighting earlier, her weapons were rifles.
  390. Akira: Then, she shot one-hundred people? Either way, that's amazing...!
  391. Mami: The rumor's a lot bigger than I expected!
  392. Akira: ...Oh, I'm Shinobu Akira! Ah...For starters... I'm not a boy, okay? Anyway... Hundred-Person-Shooter Magical-Girl-san! I also happen to be a karate practitioner! Please let me fight you one-on-one, pretty please! Ossu!
  393. Nanaka: I'd also like to be your opponent. Please let me fight you. After all, I won't encounter someone like the strongest magical girl everyday.
  394. Akira: Right! For the sake of our alliance too... we need to experience a lot of different things!
  395. Mami: I'm not the strongest, and I didn't cut down one-hundred people either. Rumors are just rumors, you're overestimating me too much.
  396. Nanaka: But you certainly are strong. I know because I saw with my own eyes.
  397. Akira: Please!
  398. Mami: ...Guess it can't be helped. Alright.
  399. Akira: Awesome! Thank you so much!
  400. Nanaka: Thank you very much.
  401. Mami: But there's just one...just one condition.
  402. Akira: C, Condition...?
  403. Nanaka: A condition...
  404. Mami: Yes, condition. If you clear it, I'll fight with you two as you asked.
  405. Nanaka: ...It can't be helped. I agree.
  406. Akira: Yeah, me too. ....So...what's this condition...?
  407. Mami: The condition is...
  408. Nanaka: Is...?
  409. Mami: Is...
  410. Akira: I, Is...?
  411. Mami: Have tea with me.
  412. Nanaka: --!?
  413. Akira: ... Huh?
  414. Mami: Now, tea time starts here. Let's go to a cafe, shall we?
  415. Nanaka: Huh...
  417. Mami: Mmm, what a nice smell. Now then, what will the two of you order?
  418. Akira: Uh...
  419. Nanaka: Is this really your condition?
  420. Mami: Yes, that's right. If you want to fight me, my one condition is that you will have to enjoy having tea time with me.
  421. Akira: Tea time...W, Why...?
  422. Mami: Good question. Let's see here...don't you think that it's fun to have tea together with someone?
  423. Nanaka: ...Understood. In that case... waiter, I would also like a cup of black tea.
  424. Akira: Eh? Then I'll...I'll have the same thing as those two!
  425. Nanaka: You don't have to get the same drink as us, you know?
  426. Akira: No, it's not that... I want to drink it.
  427. Nanaka: Akira-san.
  428. Akira: Eheheh.
  429. Mami: Akira-san. I'm certain you're a very nice person.
  430. Akira: ...Eh? I don't really...know about that...
  431. Mami: I can sense your kindness from deep within your heart. You're the kind of person who can't leave someone who's in trouble.
  432. Akira: Is I'm happy to hear that, but... But I wonder if that's true? If there's someone who's counting on me... then I do feel like I want to save them, no matter what it takes. But that's...a no-brainer, isn't it?
  433. Nanaka: It's not a no-brainer, I guarantee it. Akira-san, you're a very kind magical girl.
  434. Akira: Eh... what's gotten into you all of a sudden!? Wha...! ...This is embarrassing...
  435. Nanaka: I'm not just saying that to flatter you. That's an observable fact based on analysis.
  436. Akira: R, Really... Oh, then I have one "observable fact" to share!
  437. Nanaka: ?
  438. Akira: Nanaka is a strategical genius!
  439. Mami: Oh, really?
  440. Akira: That's right! In our alliance, Nanaka's always the one who comes up with the strategy! With the strategies she comes up with... she always guides us to victory
  441. Mami: Really, that's amazing.
  442. Nanaka: I'm just doing my best so that we'll win.
  443. Akira: But thanks to that, you're saving everyone. When it comes to saving people...Nanaka, you're one rank higher than me.
  444. Nanaka: ...I've never thought of it like that before.
  445. Akira: Heheh
  446. Mami: You girls...make a good team.
  447. Nanaka: Do you think so?
  448. Akira: Really? I think we make a pretty odd team but...
  449. Mami: That's not true at all. I think you're very compatible. You see, I was all alone until recently. Right now I have friends but I really admire the kind of partnership like the one you two have. That's why, honestly, I'm jealous.
  450. Nanaka: ...I didn't expect that you would say something like that.
  451. Akira: ...It's kind of...a bit flattering.
  452. Mami: It's a very wonderful relationship..
  454. I wonder... what about me, Kaname-san and the girls?
  456. Madoka: Mami-san! Let's go exterminate Witches!
  457. Sayaka: We're counting on you to provide covering fire! Mami-san!
  458. Homura: Tomoe-san! T, Thank you very much!
  460. Mami: Is there still some wall between my heart and Kaname-san and the others? If there is, it's probably because I'm forcing myself to play the role of their senior. Because I'm always striving to become a reliable senior for them. But... if it's just a little bit. Maybe just for a little bit. I wonder if it'd be alright if I show them my weak side? After all, we're companions. We're, friends...
  462. Madoka: That's right! Mami-san! When you're in trouble, please lean on us!
  464. Mami: Yeah. After all...I'm not alone anymore, right?
  467. Mami: That was a wonderful team time. It really was fun. Thanks you two.
  468. Nanaka: No need to thank us.
  469. Akira: Yeah! We had fun too! Actually, I feel like we were the ones talking the most...
  470. Mami: Ufufu. Now then, shall we fight?
  471. Akira: Fight? ...Oh, now that you mention it...! Hmmm... For now, maybe we it for another day?
  472. Nanaka: ...!
  473. Akira: I now know that you're my best friend Nanaka. And I feel like that's enough for today. Right now, I'm only grateful to her for making me realize that, or something...
  474. Nanaka: That's... me too...It was a nice opportunity for me to recognize Akira-san's kindness and her strength once again. But that and this are two separate....
  475. Mami: You two are wonderful friends and you both trust once another. I don't think that forming an alliance on a whim is the best thing to do.
  476. Nanaka: ...There is...some truth to that.
  477. Mami: I'm willing to work with you. If you count on me, I'll come running even from Mitakihara.
  478. Akira: Eh!?
  479. Mami: Just like you, Akira-san.
  480. Akira: Eh... Eheheh.
  481. Mami: If you'd like to fight me, I'll even fight you as much as you want. I couldn't become your ally on the spot like that before, but now that I've gotten to know you two better, I'm willing to work with you.
  482. Nanaka: You, is that why you had tea with us...?
  483. Mami: Ufufu.
  484. Nanaka: So it was your plan all along. I'm impressed. I look forward to our cooperative relationship.
  485. Akira: Awesome! The strongest magical girl says she's going to cooperate with us!
  486. Mami: When I come back to Kamihama, let's have tea again.
  487. Akira: Yeah!
  488. Nanaka: ...Yes, by all means.
  489. Mami: Then I should get going. I need to return to Mitakihara soon.
  490. Nanaka: Is that so. Until we meet again, I'll devote myself to my studies. Then when you come back, let's have a bout.
  491. Akira: Yeah, me too! We're counting on you!
  492. Mami: Yes, anyway I'll see you again.
  493. Nanaka: Yes.
  494. Akira: Let's meet again sometime!
  495. Mami: Kamihama City. A city of unrest where something abnormal is taking place. But the magical girls there are all ordinary girls. I'm certain, they'll even become friends with me.
  497. Mami: Fufufu. When I get back to Mitakihara, I need to tell Kaname-san and the others. About them...
  498. =============================================
  499. [1] = A kind of edible mushroom. Kanoko thinks this would look good on the backs of girls everywhere.
  500. [2] = Not a typo or me copypasting twice. The dialogue repeats.
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