Aug 22nd, 2012
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  1. >Nibutani joins the club, she and Yuuta start playful flirting
  2. >while Rikka and her servant are acting out their delusions, Nibu and Yuuta are getting closer, Rikka is completely oblivious
  3. >one day Rikka overhears them talking after club activities
  4. >"Is it okay, Yuuta? How about Takanashi?"
  5. >"Don't worry, she's just a friend! I swear I didn't want to hang out with her in the first place! It's really embarrassing, she's still like that..."
  6. >"Honestly, I am worried for her. She will never find a boyfriend if she keeps living like that."
  7. >"Well, it's not our problem. So let's not think about it, okay?"
  8. >Rikka sees them kiss, then have sex
  9. >Nibu notices her peeking, smirks and moans: "Dark Flame Master, you're the best!"
  10. >Rikka goes home, heartbroken, gets rids of all of her Wicked Eye stuff and decides that it's time for her to become a normal girl
  13. >Rikka comes to school without any bandages or eyerpatch
  14. >Nibutani breaks up with MC after seeing that Rikka is no longer chuuni
  15. >One year later
  16. >Yuuta tries to get back with Rikka to reform the club
  17. >She ignores him completely saying how it's all just kids stuff
  18. >The servant follows Rikka down that path as she is disillusioned by her master telling her it's just child's play
  19. >Yuuta loses all his new friends and casts himself in self-isolation
  20. >Final shot is of Pillow-senpai still taking naps alone in the club room
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