The Invaders In My Room S1 - Season Finale

May 14th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend
Yoon Soo Lee - Ms.X [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Sex friend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [N/A] (RH) [N/A] [N/A]
[N/A] (Douche) Manager [N/A]
Min Sung (Blue) [N/A] XGF's Toy

Chapter - 28 Thanks to Lumagon

In the street

MC scratches is head waiting for someone.

MC: {It's already this late.. She's still not here.}

A yellow sport car stops in front of him, Kim Na Young gets out of her car and greets him.

XGF: Get in. Let's talk.

XGF's Car

The car is on the road, MC looks at XGF.

MC: Hmm, where are we going?

XGF: I've booked a hotel nearby.

MC: Hotel? Why are we heading toward a hotel?

XGF: You wanted to hear my story for free? You will finish what you couldn't do that day. That's my condition.

MC looks dispirited, XGF don't like what she sees and stops the car.

XGF: If you don't want to do it. You can leave and don't contact me ever again.

MC: {Yes.. It's always been like this.. I know that I've no choice but to play her little game. She always wants to have the lead..}

He frowns thinking about what to do, XGF seems pleased by his expression.

MC: Alright. Let's go.


Hotel Room

FMC is arguing with douche.

FMC: It doesn't work! I don't want to write at all!

Douche: What're you shouting for, is it what a professional writer must say?!
Isn't it you who talked big the other day about being professional? No, take responsibility!

She freaks out and slams her laptop against the desk.

FMC: I'm human, not a fucking typewriter!
I'm a person with feelings! How can I.. how do I write a novel in this state!

He slaps her.

Douche: Stop acting like a child Ms.X! This is the real world!
(TN: 28 chapter and she still doesn't have a proper name.)

She falls on her desk because of the violence of the blow.

Douche: Think about it yourself! If you want to leave this place early, you better don't screw me again!
The more you do this, the longer you will stay here!

He takes the laptop and checks its condition.

Douche: Fuck! It's broken!

FMC's bedroom (Hotel)

FMC notices something on her bed.

FMC: {It's my phone and the magnetic key that can open the door from inside..}
{My chance to escape.. It's now!}

Hotel room

There are a lot of noise in the room, a bottle of champagne is open on a table.

XGF: Ha-ah! Ha-ang! Ha! Ha-ang! Haim! Ha!

XGF is riding MC, she moves her hips up and down with all her might.

XGF: Good! It's so good, I love it!

She gazes at him with a flushed face.

XGF: As expected.. with you.. and me..

She gives him a deep kiss then stop moving her ass with MC's dick still inside her.

XGF: Hey, it's your turn now.
Like the old times.. stir me up like you used to do in our old days!

MC's on the top this time and he pounds her as hard as he can, she moans louder than before.

XGF: Ha! Haim!

She enjoys it a lot, her pussy is dripping wet.

XGF: Ha! Ha'ang! Good! It's so much better! Go on, touch my boobs!

He fondles her breast with both hands. She screams of pleasure when he finally presses them between his fingers.

XGF: Ha-ang! Ha-ang! Haim!

A bit later she's back on the top of MC.

XGF: I can't stop this! I want more! I'll keep doing it!

She grabs his penis and puts it in her pussy / anus. MC enjoys the tightness of her hole.

MC: Ugh!

She begins to ride him again.

XGF: Ha! Yes! Ha'ang!

XGF: {Marvelous! Soon.. I think that my mind will collapse at any minute!}

She keeps moving her ass.

XGF: {It's Woo Hyun so of course! He always make me feel so good!}

She suddenly thinks of Min Sung (Blue) while she's still fucking and moaning with MC.

XGF: {He was not bad either. No, rather than good it was an unusual taste! Of course it was far worse than now..}
{But what if I had to choose who to marry? Of course, it's Min Sung side who win! It's too sad to leave one of them!}
{Then I can keep the both with me! If I don't need either, I'll just throw them off!}

Together: Haaaaaaaaang!


They finish dressing, MC turns his head and looks at XGF.

MC: Now.. It's time to talk.. That's the reason behind my presence here.*

She looks in his direction and smiles.

XGF: You're such in hurry.. I'll tell you when I'm all dressed.

MC turns his head looking away.

MC: {The reason why I want to hear her story is to finally free myself from this trauma.}
{Because of that incident, I can't have a girlfriend again. If I resolve this, I can finally resume the course of my life..}

MC finally realizes something.

MC: {Wait what? Why I'm thinking like this?}

He begins to remember all the time he spent with FMC then he cries. XGF appears beside him.

XGF: What are you doing Woo Hyun?

He turns his head leaving the room.

MC: Oh, I'm crying.. I'm leaving!

XGF straightens her back proud of herself.

XGF: What ~ Are you so happy to see me again that you cry?
Okay, so will we be back together again? I've been thinking a lot about you lately.. What do you think?*

She looks at him.

XGF: Did you cry.. Because you remember when we were together?

He clenches both of his fists. He turns his head and looks angrily at her.

MC: You really think you're such a nice girl, humph!

He finally leaves the room, XGF is surprised by the turn of events.

XGF: Hey, What's that?!
Wait! Hey, wait! Ahh Woo Hyun!..

She runs after him.

XGF: Wait, why are you so angry?

In the hallway

XGF and MC stop walking because they hear someone shouting.



MC is shocked by the scene happening in front of him.

MC: You, what're you doing here?

FMC looks at the person calling her with Douche still grabbing her arm. She is surprised to see MC, the four of them look at each other.

FMC: Woo, Woo Hyun?!

<End of Season 1>

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