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  1. -President will appoint an urban renewal czar, hopes to establish an Urban Renovation and Maintenance Agency work with drug czar to coordinate drug task force training/policy
  2. -CCC will extend loans to farmers who through an increase in their surplus will sell commodities to government reserves
  3. -Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Food Stamp Program, as well as community-based charities and food banks, will see a temporary distribution of extra surplus to fight the food deserts associated with urban decay
  4. -Urban renewal policy will focus on coordinating with community organizers, small business owners on providing/renovating basic local infrastructure through an URMA corporation with mixed public/private ownership. URMA will also work with local governments on streamlining regulations against local investments, particularly for groceries. "Buy American, hire union" incentives for state corporation, small business tax breaks, lowered interest rates
  5. -One-time subsidies to local organizations/funding to inner city schools to create after school programs for at-risk youth, improve arts and athletics department
  6. -Prison reform being discussed as a tool for the drug crisis
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