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  1. ER      FUND    TICKER
  2. 0.05%   Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund (Admiral Shares)   VSMAX
  3. 0.07%   Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund (Admiral Shares)   VTMGX
  4. 0.20%   Columbia Large Cap Index Fund (Class Z) NINDX
  5. 0.22%   Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund (Investor Shares)   VEXMX
  6. 0.47%   Vanguard International Growth Fund  VWIGX
  7. 0.65%   Delaware Diversified Income Fund (Class I)  DPFFX
  8. 0.89%   Oppenheimer International Growth Fund (Class Y) OIGYX
  9. 0.93%   MainStay Total Return Bond Fund (Class R1)  MTMRX
  10. 0.97%   MFS Massachusetts Investors Trust (Class R2)    MIRTX
  11. 0.99%   MFS Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund (Class R2)    MIRGX
  12. 1.00%   NYL Guaranteed Interest Account N/A
  13. 1.09%   Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund (Class R) DDFRX
  14. 1.16%   Principal Mid Cap Fund (Class R3)   PMBMX
  15. 1.19%   MFS Mid Cap Value Fund (Class R3)   MVCHX
  16. 1.23%   MFS Lifetime Retirement Income Fund (Class R2)  MLLGX
  17. 1.29%   MFS Lifetime 2020 Fund (Class R2)   MFLGX
  18. 1.32%   Virtus Ceredex Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund (Class A)   SAMVX
  19. 1.40%   MFS Lifetime 2030 Fund (Class R2)   MLTGX
  20. 1.47%   MFS Lifetime 2040 Fund (Class R2)   MLFGX
  21. 1.68%   MFS Lifetime 2050 Fund (Class R2)   MFFNX
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