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  3. Premise:
  5. A fictional anthro society is split into three classes. With the split of these classes, there is also a split in the industrial
  6. city. The city has three layers. The top is resided by the wealthy, the government, and the militia/police forces. The middle carries
  7. the homes of the working class - the middle. The bottom is inhabited by the poor and the feranthros, who are seen as nothing but
  8. slaves and scum.
  10. The feranthros are tired of the way they are treated and rise against the upper class, sometimes terrorizing the working
  11. class. The militia is stationed in the upper and middle city, and have to deal with the feranthros daily, but it seems their methods
  12. of protest and riots are becoming more violent regardless of the militia's push. They aren't just getting more violent...they're
  13. getting stranger as well. The feranthros have a lengthy history and a strong pride in it. Even in the midst of evolution, their
  14. legacy seems to live on. In the conditions they live in, society would've thought they would eventually die out, but they don't.
  15. What do they cling to?
  19. Sergeant Aiden Schar
  20. Male
  21. Dog
  22. 27
  23. The main protagonist of the story. Aiden is a hard-working officer of the force. He tries to keep his composure and fit in to the
  24. upper class, but always seems to fall short thanks to his tendency to submit to empathy. He is very curious about the feranthros
  25. despite his violent encounters with them. He is often assigned to the middle city, where he receives the bulk of their anger.
  27. Inspector Chrisa Massey
  28. Female
  29. Dog
  30. 26
  31. A cynical upper-class has-been that now spends most of her enlistment in the middle city, cleaning up the mess and delving in the
  32. vicious activities of the lower class. She absolutely hates her job and oftentimes her life. She doesn't find joy in much of
  33. anything, except for her wasteful dreams of going back to life in the upper city.
  35. Yuseta
  36. Female
  37. Feranthro Fox
  38. 12
  39. An intelligent younger member of the feranthros who is strangely reverred by them. She is the center of their interest and perhaps
  40. even their leader in a way. But what makes this fox so respected among the bottom class?
  44. The feranthros have taken it upon themselves to attack the heart of the upper class - their seemingly endless supply of a drug
  45. known as Astoga. This drug has turned the anthros to their superior evolved form in the first place and has separated them from
  46. the primal feranthros.
  48. The anthros are addicted to this drug, and in reality it keeps them in their evolved form. Without the administration of the drug,
  49. an anthro would mentally dissolve and transform into a feranthro.
  51. Feranthros follow their common traditions, which involve things like black magic and rituals. They believe a stronger, divine being
  52. is held within all of them, but the source of them are bestowed from the bloodline of the Hyuros. This bloodline is considered royal,
  53. and Yuseta is believed to be the remaining of the bloodline, which is why she is revered.
  55. The feranthros try to bring out the god in them by the use of the Astoga they claim they want to destroy. They have actually attained
  56. some under the noses of the upper class and have transformed it to another drug they use to turn themselves into terrifying monsters.
  57. They focus on a long-lived prophecy that the "Advocate" will "purge the waverers". The Advocate is a fabled beast whose soul is
  58. apparently passed down the Hyuros bloodline, another reason for Yuseta to be worshiped.
  62. Aiden was an adopted child who grew up around the military lifestyle. He used to be one of the feranthros, but was used as an
  63. experiment by the feranthros to test the Link. The feranthros have gained their powers, including the Link (being coterminous to others'
  64. consciousness), through a sick mass of flesh called the Advocate, formed from the Hyuro bloodline and the corpses of those that
  65. have passed.
  67. Aiden gets headaches and cannot sleep well because the feranthros are testing the Link and trying to control his mind and
  68. communicate with him. Regardless if he takes the medicine or not, he will hear the voices. Not taking the medicine allows the
  69. feranthros to go deeper into his mind and even see what he sees.
  73. Prologue:
  75. Sergeant Aiden wakes up, feeling shitty. He had only slept for a couple hours. The others in his division are still sleeping away.
  76. He is currently in a barracks stationed in the upper city. In another couple hours he is contacted by the chief, who informs him
  77. that he will be receiving an assignment to the middle city again and that he must leave next morning. He is given leisure time from
  78. now until then. The players can let him do whatever until tomorrow. Aiden must take a drug every morning - the astoga.
  80. Next morning he goes on a convoy and is shipped off to the middle city. On the entry control point, there has been an incident with
  81. another ferantho attack. It's obvious an explosion went off. There's rubble and shit everywhere. Chrisa is also here. The player
  82. can let Aiden talk to her and look around.
  84. After it's cleaned up, Aiden is moved forth and we enter the middle city - not as pretty as the upper city, but humble and mostly
  85. peaceful with work going on everywhere. He is taken to the barracks and he sets up home. The player must report immediately to the
  86. chief in charge of the forces in this section. It's apparent by the chief's welcoming words that Aiden has already been here once.
  88. He is instructed to go to support to get him updated on the roster and to receive a clearance card. He acquires this and spends
  89. the rest of the day patrolling. Nothing happens and he goes to the barracks for the night, meeting Chrisa again. He also finds a
  90. mysterious flash drive on his pillow which he puts into a laptop and finds a txt file with only the words "The Advocate will clean
  91. away the impurity," as well as an address. He also finds an image file with a drawing of the Hyuro Symbol.
  93. Aiden wakes up the next day to receive a special assignment, to escort a Feranthro slave to newer ground. The slave has been having
  94. violent outbursts with the people he worked with, so he's going somewhere else. In the transport convoy, the slave clearly shows
  95. signs of instability. Aiden questions his sanity and the slave snaps at him angrily that he is fine.
  97. The destination is a factory. There will be fewer people, so the slave should fare well in this area. As Aiden exits he finds Yuseta
  98. staring in the distance, but she disappears if he follows her.
  100. Aiden can choose to go to the address at this time or he could have done so earlier. At the shack there is a mangled corpse of an
  101. Anthro who has died during a transformation process, thus he looks somewhat like a monster.
  103. Part I: Reciprocity
  105. The next day, Aiden is getting a check-up on his scratches to make sure there's no infection. He is fine and is let go.
  107. The readers can choose once again what Aiden can do before his shift starts.
  109. Aiden needs to get Weathers, but he is missing again. Aiden calls out to him and finds him in the restroom in a stall.
  110. He asks Weathers what is going on and Weathers sounds at great unease. He very reluctantly shows Aiden a large symbol cut
  111. onto his stomach after asking Aiden to not tell anyone.
  113. Aiden and Weathers head out to patrol. He finds Militia feeling up a female feranthro. The readers can intervene and if they
  114. do so, the Militia will curtly dismiss you and say they are searching for people involved in an exchange.
  116. Aiden goes back to patrolling and finds Massey roughing up a feranthro. Aiden can intervene or leave it alone. If he intervenes,
  117. Massey will become annoyed.
  119. He goes into the alley the feranthro came from and finds a small shrine and the Hyuro Bloodline symbol drawn everywhere. Massey tells
  120. him he is being called to patrol another area of the city and warns him that there may be suspicious people about doing exchanges.
  122. Aiden goes to this area and finds it is the site of a small protest. One of the feranthros point to Aiden and goes up to him. He
  123. claims Aiden "has a beast in him too." He is shoved off and the feranthros somehow become calm and leave.
  125. The next day, Weathers goes missing. Aiden winds up getting stuck with another person for his patrol.
  126. Aiden does another patrol and catches feranthros doing an exchange. Aiden chases either the feranthro or anthro,
  127. ultimately putting a stop to the exchange. He almost gets information about what's going on until a masked character (Jai) kills
  128. the anthro/feranthro with a gun and escapes.
  130. That night, Yuseta visits Aiden while he's sleeping in his barracks. She tells him he will help them figure out how to unleash the
  131. beasts inside them and grant them his knowledge to destroying the devil drug. She leaves him in confusion.
  133. The next day while having breakfast, Aiden finds out that hundreds of feranthro are gathered outside the base. The attraction to the
  134. Link is even stronger than before. Aiden can stop this and disperse the feranthros by taking the drug.
  136. Aiden finds three gentlemen who come in. They are stopped by someone asking for a permit and they
  137. show it to him, stating the Chief is expecting them. The guard asks them not to go past the checkpoint again to which they laugh.
  139. Later, Aiden gets a message from the Chief telling him to go someplace. The three gentlemen have generated this message while having
  140. the Chief at gunpoint. They tell the Chief he will lead them outside the base or they will kill him.
  142. If Aiden goes to this place, he will be ambushed and knocked out by feranthros after one rips his chip out.
  144. If Aiden realizes the three men went to the Chief and could have made the message, he intervenes in the Chief's
  145. office, they overpower Aiden, and kill the Chief. They initiate a "plan b" and take Aiden into the basement levels, where
  146. there is a tunnel.
  148. Part II: Divulgence
  150. Aiden is taken to the lower city where the tribal feranthros reside. They're all attracted to him because of the strength of his aura,
  151. connected to the Link. Eventually he is brought over to Yuseta, where some exposition begins.
  153. Yuseta calls him Caelus. The reader can ask her questions. She knows a lot of the prophecies and the Link. She is the latest of kin of
  154. the Hyuro bloodline, after all.
  156. The Link can be caught by almost anyone, some more affected than others. Aiden's brain had matured enough to a point where it started
  157. taking a real effect. The only way someone doesn't get horribly affected by the Link is if they keep taking the Astoga drug.
  159. Massey and Weathers have been hit hard by the Link, obviously, and have actually wound up inheriting some of the powers. This is the
  160. same for certain others, including feranthros you've helped.
  162. Yuseta explains Aiden's essence must be offered to the Advocate so that the Link can be used by all feranthros and that they can realize
  163. the true power within themselves. She gives Aiden a shot and it's revealed that there are indeed anthros that are helping the feranthros
  164. with exchanges and that there's been some evil science going on. She says the shot will change him back to his "proper" form, a feranthro body.
  166. He is sent to a prison where he undergoes his painful transformation for the remainder of the day. He passes out though. The next morning,
  167. he is fully transformed and horrified. He is ordered to come out and get used to his new body. Aiden can take this opportunity to
  168. explore, although his moves are monitored by others with the Link. With his new body, Aiden takes up the alias of Caelus and the
  169. power of the Link is even greater.
  171. Aiden will eventually meet Yahl, who actually has a syringe with Astoga. This can weaken the Link, causing the feranthros actively using it to
  172. become confused and even a bit disabled. Yahl wants him to do this also because he cannot be seen talking to him. Yahl takes him to his house.
  174. Yahl reveals that he is in fact, Aiden's father. He missed him dearly, but he wishes he hadn't returned. He explains Yuseta will extract the
  175. Link's power directly through his brain and insert it into the Advocate, which Yahl explains is a hideous mass which the Hyuro created themselves.
  177. Prophecies were once interpreted that a member of the Hyuro would be granted the gift of the Link, but instead, a random newborn, Aiden, received
  178. it. Yahl did not want Aiden to be subject to a ritual, so he asked Jai, the former planeseer, to take him away and to the anthros. Jai got to the
  179. Middle City and dropped puppy Aiden off to be found and adopted.
  181. Yahl tells Aiden that Yuseta is trying to contaminate the anthros' Astoga supplies with her own concoction that she gave Aiden. This is her first
  182. step in the "unity" process.
  184. Yahl informs Aiden that the drug is about to wear off and that the Link will be restored. Aiden must step outside and away from Yahl so that others
  185. don't see him with him. Yahl helps Aiden hone his skills with the Link before then. Aiden has to deliver a message to Massey about Yuseta's plans.
  187. Aiden does so, but Yahl realizes he is getting the message as well and tells Aiden to stop. It's too late, though, and feranthros start to attack
  188. the home with Aiden and Yahl inside. Aiden and Yahl escape through the flooring and weave under the bridges. Aiden eventually develops a killer
  189. headache though, and passes out.
  191. We now enter Massey (or Weathers if the reader chooses), who receives the message. She goes to alert authorities, but her claims don't seem valid since they speak from visions. The
  192. authorities are wary anyway and say they'll request an increase in security.
  194. Massey decides it's not good enough. The readers can choose how they can get back to the Upper City. Although the main suggested method is to pretend
  195. you're an escort for a trucker with Astoga shipments.
  197. She heads toward the Astoga storage and hitches a ride, feigning the escort thing. She arrives at the Upper City and to the factory. She searches
  198. around the industry for suspicious persons. She eventually encounters a saboteur who knows what she is up to. She is attacked but defeats him. The
  199. saboteur says Yuseta will tear down all anthro civilization.
  201. On a nearby tv, the news lady is kicked off and a rather evil-looking individual announces the police chief is being held hostage. They ask for Yuseta
  202. to be escorted to meet the leader of the anthros.
  204. Meanwhile, Aiden is taken to the top of the Advocate and is thrown into its mouth. He is engulfed by it, Yahl watching in horror while being
  205. held by some feranthros. Aiden dissolves, although his mind, essence, and spirit are transferred into a strange pod. Yahl breaks free and
  206. jumps into the Advocate as well. He manages to acquire this pod and is rejected by the Advocate. He runs away from the army of feranthros and
  207. catches up with Jai, who holds them off.
  209. Part III: Exodus
  211. Massey plans to stop this because of the vision of the beasts and knows Yuseta will transform.
  213. Meanwhile, Jai is trying to infiltrate the lower city. He will attempt to stop Aiden from getting actively drained. If it already happened, which it has, he
  214. could get Aiden out still and at least prevent the entire feranthro population from transforming.
  216. Jai gets through some feranthros and finds Yahl imprisoned and beat up badly. Jai frees him and together they get to Aiden and detach him from the Advocate,
  217. but Aiden is acting like a vegetable. Jai explains his mind can be restored, but it won't fully recover until he is old, much to Yahl's frustration.
  219. Jai still needs Aiden. Aiden still has some hidden power the feranthros are unaware of, and he must find out how to unlock it. For now, he can either
  220. attempt to take Aiden to the Upper city hospital to find instruments that could quicken his recovery and unleash his true potential. He also has the
  221. option to use a special drug to strengthen Aiden's link power and turn him into a beast, which could heal his brain a lot quicker. Jai however has no
  222. idea if beast forms have any self-control or if they can revert back.
  224. Jai says he must also try to destroy the Advocate once and for all and end the Hyuro's existence and the Link. He must find some heavy weaponry to
  225. break through its shell. He'll only be able to get some in an Upper City armory.
  227. Back to Massey. She fights her way to the Sanctum, where Yuseta will meet President Slaven. Massey manages to break in, but it's too late. After a discussion
  228. with the President that plays out in the middle of Massey's infiltration. The President has Yuseta at gunpoint, but she destroys their guns with the Link's
  229. power and transforms herself. Massey manages to get the president out of the room while Yuseta annihilates the soldiers.
  231. Massey defends the president while they make their escape. The militia is going full force on Yuseta, who is going full King Kong on the building. Yuseta
  232. demands her cohorts find the president and kill him. Meanwhile, Jai and Yahl have to make a decision. If Aiden does not transform, Jai will so that he
  233. can fight Yuseta.
  235. Massey continues to escort the president when he explains that Mel and him have undergone secret experiments with a teleportation device. They go to
  236. that since the Sanctum is crumbling around them. They make it through and end up at Mel's. Mel is ecstatic that it worked out. They arm the
  237. president and take Mel's prototype laser cannon.
  241. Aiden will fight the beasts destroying the city, giving the others plenty of time to do what they need to. Jai gets bombs to blow up the Advocate. While,
  242. Aiden fights, Mel and the others recognize him by his messed up jaw and eyes. Massey arms the laser and takes out some beasts. The beasts attack the
  243. building and it starts to crumble.
  245. A militia chopper dives in just in time to save Massey and the gang. They hop in and continue to shoot up monsters. Meanwhile, Jai heads back down to
  246. destroy the Advocate, but an army of feranthros attack. Jai pushes through and successfully blows it up, sacrificing himself. The Advocate begins to die
  247. and all the remaining creatures devolve to their original forms, including Yuseta. She panics and retreats to the lower city while devolving. Aiden
  248. chases her.
  252. Jai and Yahl take Aiden to the hospital where they restore him with a concocted drug. Aiden's powers regenerate and he develops psychokinesis. He and Yahl
  253. stick together while Jai transforms himself. Yahl tells Aiden they have to find the explosives to use on the Advocate.
  254. Aiden can choose to reunite with Massey and the gang by utilizing the Link.
  256. They head to the armory and get some while fighting off feranthros and crazed anthros. Bombs are attained, but a beast starts to attack the armory. They
  257. manage to fight it off with combined effort and escape, making their way to the lower city where they plant the bombs and damage the Advocate gravely.
  258. The beasts devolve back to their original forms, including Yuseta, who makes her way to the lower city in anguish of the Advocate's fate.
  260. ***END BRANCH***
  262. The chopper, Aiden, and Yuseta are all at the site of the Advocate, which writhes in agony. Yuseta laments over it and offers herself up. Suddenly it
  263. engulfs her and begins to grow rapidly, embracing pretty much the entire lower city. Aiden is lost in his memories of his younger days with Mel. It is
  264. in this instance where Aiden remembers Mel reading up on ancient rituals including ones about the Link. Mel reads that with enough power, the carrier
  265. can overtake anything, including the functions of an entire being.
  267. Aiden wakes up, engulfed in the mass's disgusting innards. It's spreading very rapidly and will devour the entire island if he doesn't do something.
  268. Yuseta reveals herself in the mass, trying to convince Aiden to let it happen. With the mass spreading, the inside slowly becomes a little more roomy,
  269. and Aiden can see Mel unconscious and wrapped up. He must make the decision now. By taking over the Advocate, he can literally destroy himself AND it
  270. if he wanted to, or he can take over the Advocate and live on AS the Advocate for the rest of his life.
  272. Either way, he releases everyone by becoming it and shrinking it back to its original size.
  274. The world is save.
  276. In the epilogue, the president was greatly concerned over what he saw in the lower city and initiates a program to give aid to the feranthros and increase
  277. their quality of living. Massey/Weathers is awarded a medal for their valor. The Link is destroyed and feranthros are once again docile and flourishing
  278. in society, being given more rights and higher job opportunities.
  280. END
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