EE2 Ascensions summary

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  1. Trigger: An event that occurs as a result of something else.
  2. Reaction: A trigger that you react to, *that happens when it's not your turn* (usually).
  3. Activation: The trigger required to get the basic Effect plus any Effect Upgrades.
  5. F - Form, I - Inertia, L - Life, E - Entropy, C - Force
  7. ===========
  9. ===========
  10. Basic activation: If you take a large amount of damage at once, Abeyance activates.
  11.     F:Basilisk, F:Doppelganger, I:Fortress-5a, F:Sphinx-5a
  12. Basic effect: Instantly heal whatever damage you took. At the start of your
  13.               next turn, take that damage plus some extra as pure damage,
  14.               split between your armors and HP.
  16. Upgrades:
  17.     F:Basilisk: Once a round when Abeyance activates, inflict earth damage
  18.                 and Calcifying to nearby enemies.
  19.     F:Doppelganger: If you have 3+ totems when Abeyance activates, swap
  20.                     positions with furthest visible totem.
  21.     F:Sphinx-5a: Abeyance damage cannot kill you.
  23. Triggers:
  24.     I:Fortress-5a: When using Shields Up, give Abeyance to nearby allies. Instead
  25.                    of them receiving Abeyance damage, you receive it. Abeyance
  26.                    damage goes down as Inertia goes up.
  28. ============
  30. ============
  31. Basic activation: Granted skill. 1 AP, no cooldown, activate Adaptation when used.
  32.     F:Cerberus, E:Demilich, I:Gladiator, F:Gryphon, F:Key, F:Sphinx
  33. Basic effect: Transfer some of your higher armor to your lower armor. Also, receive
  34.               small stacking buff to your attributes (10 stacks max).
  36. Upgrades:
  37.     F:Cerberus: When you activate Adaptation, your summons also activate it.
  38.     E:Demilich: Bonus max armors per stack. Also replaces your [Paucity] triggers.
  39.     I:Gladiator-5: Bonus dodge and critical chance per stack.
  40.     F:Gryphon: Bonus accuracy and damage per stack. Also activates Adaptation
  41.                for allied heroes when you activate it.
  42.     F:Key: Bonus elemental resistances per stack.
  43.     F:Sphinx: Bonus initiative, movement, and Constitution per stack.
  45. Triggers:
  46.     I:Gladiator-4: Use Adaptation automatically upon certain events:
  47.         If offhand is empty, when using basic attack or [Celestial] reaction.
  48.         If dual-wielding, when using [Centurion] reaction.
  49.         If using melee two-hand, when using [Violent Strike].
  50.         If using shield, when using [Ward] while not your turn.
  52. ============
  54. ============
  55. Basic activation: Start of your turn. Also, granted skill. 2 AP, 2 cooldown,
  56.                   specifically targetting ally with effect.
  57.     I:Casque, I:Fortress-5b, L:Hope-5a, L:Nymph
  58. Basic effect: Transfer 1 Battered and Harried from nearby allies to self,
  59.               healing health for each transfered stack.
  61. Upgrades:
  62.     I:Casque: Transferring 3+ stacks grants a second 1-turn Shields Up skill.
  63.               Transferring 4+ stacks activates Ward.
  64.     I:Fortress-5b: Transferring 3+ stacks refunds 1 SP next time you spend Source.
  65.     L:Goddess-5a: Transferring 4+ stacks activates [Purity].
  66.                   Also, while [Purity] is active, stacks automatically purged.
  67.     L:Hope-5a: Grants your [Celestial]'s heal on affected allies.
  68.     L:Nymph: For allies, heals portion of missing HP and grant bonus elemental resists.
  70. ============
  72. ============                  
  73. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  74. Basic effect: For 1 AP, heal a portion of your target's max HP.
  76. Upgrades:
  77.     I:Champion-5b: Performs a [Violent Strike] at target location.
  78.     I:Gladiator: If offhand free, activates [Adaptation] when performing
  79.                  Celestial or basic attack.
  80.     L:Hope-5a: Ally-targeted Celestial removes 1 Battered and Harried.
  81.     L:Pegasus: Grants bonus movement and constitution for one turn.
  83. Triggers:
  84.     I:Champion-4b: Activates when enemies receive Vulnerable III.
  85.     I:Champion-5b: Activates when you see an ally perform a [Predator] reaction.
  86.     L:Goddess-5b: Activates when an ally activates [Ward].
  87.     L:Hope: Activates when visible ally loses [Prosperity] (once per round).
  88.     L:Hope-5a: [Benevolence] triggers Celestial healing when removing stacks.
  89.     L:Pegasus: Activates when an ally activates [Purity] or [Paucity].
  90.     L:Rabbit: Activates when an effect removes Battered or Harried from ally.
  92. ============
  94. ============      
  95. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  96. Basic effect: For 1 AP, perform basic attack on target in melee weapon range,
  97.               or 5m for ranged weapons.
  99. Upgrades:
  100.     I:Arena-5a: Instead of attacking, perform 3m Whirlwind.
  101.     I:Centurion-4: If [Defiance] is active, inflict 1 Battered and Harried.
  102.     I:Gladiator-4: If dual-wielding, activate [Adaptation].
  103.     L:Hope-5b: Inflicts Taunt for 1 turn.
  105. Triggers:
  106.     I:Arena-5c: Once per round when visible enemy damages you, inflict Challenge
  107.                 and perform Centurion with bonus damage if in range.
  108.     I:Centurion-5: Activates when your [Ward] is triggered by an enemy.
  109.     I:Gladiator-3: Activates when an enemy misses you.
  110.     I:Guardsman: Activate when nearby enemy performs attack/spell directly
  111.                  targetting an ally.
  112.     L:Hope-5b: When an ally activates [Abeyance], [Paucity] or [Purity] due to
  113.                an enemy, activate [Violent Strike], teleport to the enemy, and
  114.                attempt to activate [Centurion] on them.
  116. ============
  117. !DEFIANCE
  118. ============      
  119. Basic activation: Either being flanked, or being flanked at start of your turn.
  120.     I:Centurion, F:Dragon, I:Fortress, L:Stag, C:Wrath
  121. Basic effect: None.
  123. Upgrades:
  124.     I:Centurion: Causes [Centurion] to also apply 1 Battered and Harried.
  125.     F:Dragon: Bonus damage and fire resist. Also causes [Paucity] to use Dragon's
  126.               Breath on nearest enemy and grant you and your summons bonus damage for
  127.               1 turn.
  128.     I:Fortress: +2 max AP. +1 AP from prepared. +1 if 7+ stacks of Battered+Harried,
  129.                 or +2 instead if 12+ stacks.
  130.     L:Stag: Bonus dodge and all resists.
  131.     C:Wrath: Causes [Violent Strike] to also Battle Stomp.
  133. ============
  135. ============      
  136. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  137. Basic effect: For 1 AP, deal "Affiliation type" damage in small AOE to target.
  138.               Casting an elemental spell updates your "Affiliation type" to
  139.               that type, and performing a 1 AP reaction rotates your type:
  140.               Earth => Fire => Air => Water => Earth...
  141. Upgrades:
  142.     C:Kraken: Elementalist reactions gain +1m radius and no longer damage allies.
  143.               Also, inflict damage-over-time debuffs matching the Affiliation type.
  144.     L:Splendor-5a: If [Prosperity] is active and you complete a cycle, cast Splendor
  145.                    on target, dealing Affiliation-type Damage to enemies in 13m.
  147. Triggers:
  148.     C:Arcanist: Ally inflicts a status matching Affiliation Type on seen enemy:
  149.                 Earth = Ataxia, Fire = Subjugated, Air = Weakened, Water = Vulnerable
  150.     L:Enchantress: Ally inflicts a status matching Affiliation Type on seen enemy:
  151.                    Earth = Slowed, Fire = Terrified, Air = Dazzled, Water = Squelched
  152.     C:Kraken: Ally targets seen point/enemy with non-elemental skill matching
  153.               Affiliation: Earth = Huntsman, Fire = Warfare, Air = Scoundrel,
  154.               Water = Necromancer.
  155.     L:Splendor-5a: Ally targets seen point/enemy with Affiliation-matched element.
  157. ============
  159. ============      
  160. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  161. Basic effect: For 1 AP, apply Bane for 2 turns. Deals physical damage at
  162.               start of target's turn, on expiry deals bonus damage for
  163.               every stack of Battered or Harried inflicted over duration.
  165. Upgrades:
  166.     E:BloodApe: Spawns totem next to target.
  167.     F:Ritual-5b: Nearby totems attack target.
  169. Triggers:
  170.     E:BloodApe: Activates upon enemy killing one of your summons/totems.
  171.     E:Death-4b: Activates upon seen enemy restoring HP/armor to their ally.
  172.     E:Imp: Activates upon ally applying [Wither] to enemy.
  173.     F:Ritual-5b: Activates upon performing free "ritual reaction" (some SI skills).
  175. ============
  176. !PAUCITY
  177. ============      
  178. Basic activation: Once per round when falling to low health.
  179.     E:BloodApe, E:Death-4a, E:Decay-4a, C:Kraken-5b, E:Wolf
  180. Basic effect: Receive lifesteal.
  182. Upgrades:
  183.     E:BloodApe: Bonus accuracy, damage, and initiative. Also activates for summons.
  184.     E:Death-4a: While active, [Vitality Void] deals extra damage per Entropy.
  185.     E:Decay-4a: While active, [Wither]ed reduces enemy Power per entropy.
  186.     F:Dragon: If activated while having [Defiance], cast Dragon's Breath at nearest
  187.               visible enemy, and grant you and your summons bonus damage.
  188.     C:Hatchet: While active, [Violent Strike] now applies up to Terrified 3.
  189.     C:Kraken-5b: While active, once per enemy per round, Battered/Harried applies
  190.                  [Wither] for 1 turn.
  191.     E:Supplicant: While active, Accursed Vessel detonation applies 2-turn [Wither].
  192.     C:Wrath-5b: When activated, activate [Violent Strike].
  194. Triggers:
  195.     E:BloodApe: Activates when 3+ allies (including summons/totems) die in one round.
  196.     E:Death-4a: Activates for 2 turns when a non-totem enemy dies.
  197.     E:Decay-4a: Activates for 2 turns when applying Vulnerable 3 or Terrified 3 to enemies.
  198.     E:Wolf: Activates when reaching Battered or Harried 8+.
  200. ============
  201. !PREDATOR
  202. ============      
  203. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  204. Basic effect: For 1 AP, performs basic attack on enemy in weapon range.
  205.               If melee weapon is used, 100% critical chance. If dagger, sneak after.
  207. Upgrades:
  208.     C:Conqueror-4: +2 AP when an enemy dies during reaction.
  209.     C:Conqueror-5b: Bonus lifesteal per Force, and activate [Prosperity].
  210.     C:Manticore: One free Predator reaction per round.
  212. Triggers:
  213.     C:Archer: Activates when an ally performs [Violent Strike] on an enemy.
  214.     I:Conqueror-4: Activates if enemy afflicted with Subjugated 3, Squelched 3, or
  215.                    Terrified 3.
  216.     C:Falcon: Activates once per round when an enemy reaches Battered or Harried 9+.
  217.     C:Manticore: Activates when an enemy receives Ataxia.
  219. ============
  220. !PRESENCE
  221. ============      
  222. Basic activation: None, always active.
  223. Basic effect: Passively apply various effects to allies affected by your Leadership.
  225. Upgrades:
  226.     I:Casque: Bonus armors regeneration per Leadership.
  227.     F:Dragon: Bonus damage, accuracy, and fire resist per Leadership.
  228.     L:Pegasus: Bonus movement per Leadership.
  230. ============
  232. ============        
  233. Basic activation: Active while at high health.
  234.     F:Chalice, C:Conqueror-5b, L:Huntress, F:Ritual, L:Splendor-5b, F:Wealth
  235. Basic effect: None.
  237. Upgrades:
  238.     F:Chalice: Mend Metal, Restoration and Soothing Cold receive +1 turn duration and
  239.                grant bonus elemental resists.
  240.     C:Conqueror-5b: Bonus Power and Finesse.
  241.     L:Huntress: Farseer, Peace of Mind and Haste receive +1 turn duration and grant bonus
  242.                 accuracy and critical chance.
  243.     F:Ritual: Bonus Power.
  244.     L:Splendor-5a: While active, completing a full [Elementalist] cycle deals 13m radius
  245.                    damage around target enemy, in the type of the last element of your cycle.
  246.     L:Splendor-5b: Grants Empowered Ignition (2AP, 1-turn cooldown).
  247.     F:Wealth: When applying Aerosphere, Armor of Frost, Fortify or Heart of Steel,
  248.               if any three of those are on your target, receive Empowered Forced Exchange
  249.               until end of turn (no SP cost).
  251. Triggers:
  252.     C:Conqueror-5b: Activates upon using a [Predator] reaction.
  253.     F:Ritual: Activates upon casting Cannibalize.
  255. ============
  256. !PURITY
  257. ============        
  258. Basic activation: Activates when brought to low health.
  259.     L:Goddess-5a, L:Hind, L:Stag
  260. Basic effect: Upon activation, heal missing HP/armor. Receive aura that restores
  261.               health/armor to self and allies every turn. 6-turn cooldown.
  263. Upgrades:
  264.     L:Goddess-5a: +1 AP recovery, and prevent Battered/Harried gain from [Benevolence].
  265.     L:Hind: If Purity is active when using [Benevolence]'s Mercy, grant your Purity to ally.
  266.     L:Nymph: Affects nearby enemies with Subjugated II.
  267.     L:Splendor-4a: -1 Purity cooldown, and activating grants Blinding Radiance.
  268.     L:Stag: +2 Perserverance.
  270. Triggers:
  271.     L:Goddess-5a: Activates when [Benevolence] moves 4+ stacks of Battered of Harried.
  272.     L:Stag: Instead of activating, if Purity is on cooldown, reduce cooldown by 1 turn.
  274. ============
  276. ============        
  277. Basic activation: Low chance to receive buff when hitting enemy on your turn.
  278.     C:Hatchet, C:Scorpion, C:Wrath-5a, C:Wrath-5b,
  279. Basic effect: While buff is active, next enemy hit causes additional damage in small AOE.
  281. Upgrades:
  282.     C:Archer-3: Applies Bleeding/Scorched/Poisoned to enemies standing in Blood/Fire/Poison.
  283.     I:Gladiator: If wielding melee 2-handed weapon, activate [Adaptation].
  284.     C:Hatchet: If [Paucity] is active, apply up to Terrified 3.
  285.     C:Kraken: Applies Acid, Suffocating and Wet.
  286.     C:Scorpion: To main target, applies 1 Battered and Harried.
  287.     C:Tiger-3: Applies Bleeding, or if already Bleeding, applies a second stack (Hemorrhage).
  288.     C:Tiger-4: Become invisible until end of turn and sneak.
  289.     C:Wrath-5a: Activate [Vitality Void].
  290.     C:Wrath-4: Once per round, while [Defiance] is active, also perform Battle Stomp.
  292. Triggers:
  293.     I:Champion-5b: Activates when using [Celestial] reaction.
  294.     L:Hope-5b: When an ally activates [Abeyance], [Paucity] or [Purity] due to
  295.                an enemy, activate [Violent Strike], teleport to the enemy, and
  296.                attempt to activate [Centurion] on them.
  297.     I:Rhinoceros: Activates when [Ward] triggered by nearby enemy.
  298.     C:Scorpion: Activates when you deal damage higher than 20% of enemy's health.
  299.     C:Wrath-5b: Can be activated when not your turn. Activates at end of your turn.
  300.                 Activates when [Paucity] activates.
  302. ============
  304. ============        
  305. Basic activation: Whenever you spend a Source Point in combat.
  306.     E:Death-5a, E:Hyena, E:Vulture
  307. Basic effect: When activated, deal damage to nearby enemies based on your max health,
  308.               split between them, then heal off of the damage dealt.
  310. Upgrades:
  311.     E:Death-4a: While [Paucity] is active, deal bonus additional max-health-based damage
  312.                 per Entropy.
  313.     E:Death-5a: +1m radius. Applies [Wither]ed.
  314.     E:Hyena: Applies up to Terrified 2.
  315.     E:Vulture: Improve health gain from damage.
  317. Triggers:
  318.     E:Death-5a: Activates when a non-summon character dies while in combat with you.
  319.     C:Wrath-5a: Activates when you perform [Violent Strike].
  321. ============
  323. ============        
  324. Basic activation: None, always active.
  325. Basic effect: When an enemy dies, receive your Voracity effects. If victim was a summon,
  326.               Voracity is 20% effective.
  328. Upgrades:
  329.     F:Basilisk: Repair a percent of your max Physical Armor.
  330.     E:Death: Heal a percent of your max health and armors.
  331.     E:Extinction: Heal a percent of your summons' health.
  332.     I:Gladiator: Heal a percent of your max vitality.
  333.     E:Hyena: Repair a percent of your armors, and receive bonus Constitution.
  334.     C:Kraken-2: Heal a percent of your max vitality.
  335.     C:Kraken-3: Repair a percent of your max Physical Armor.
  336.     C:Kraken-4: Repair a percent of your max Magic Armor.
  337.     C:Manticore-1: Heal a percent of your max vitality.
  338.     C:Manticore-2: Repair a percent of your max Physical Armor.
  339.     E:Vulture-1: Heal a percent of your max vitality.
  340.     E:Vulture-4: Heal a percent of your max vitality.
  342. ============
  343. !WARD
  344. ============        
  345. Basic activation: Receiving large amounts of damage (based on max health).
  346.     I:Arena-5b, L:Beetle, I:Champion-4a, I:Champion-5a, I:Crab, L:Goddess,
  347.     I:Hippopotamus, I:Rhinoceros
  348. Basic effect: Bonus resistances for 2 turns.
  350. Upgrades:
  351.     I:Arena-5b: Once per round, gain 1-turn Empowered Bouncing Shield (2 AP).
  352.     L:Beetle: +2 Retribution.
  353.     I:Centurion: When activated by enemy, activate [Centurion].
  354.     I:Champion-4a: Bonus Physical and Piercing resists.
  355.     I:Champion-5a: When activating, apply Encouraged to self and nearby allies and
  356.                    remove 1 Battered and Harried from them. Can be used twice
  357.                    for free per round, but 1 AP cost after that.
  358.     I:Crab: +2 Perserverance.
  359.     I:Gladiator: If wielding shield and Ward triggers when not your turn, activate
  360.                  [Adaptation].
  361.     I:Goddess: Bonus per-Life gain to all resistances.
  362.     I:Hippopotamus: Heals health and removes 1 stack of Battered or Harried,
  363.                     whichever is higher.
  364.     I:Rhinoceros: When activated by nearby enemy, use [Violent Strike] on them.
  366. Triggers:
  367.     I:Casque: Activates when receiving 4+ stacks of Battered or Harried from [Benevolence].
  368.     L:Goddess: Activates when becoming Blessed.
  370. ============
  371. !WITHER
  372. ============      
  373. Basic activation: None, automatically triggered through various reactions.
  374. Basic effect: Reduce's enemy's Power for a duration and applies Battered and Harried.
  376. Upgrades:
  377.     E:Death-5a: Reduces enemy's Wits.
  378.     E:Decay-4a: If [Paucity] is active, additional Power reduction.
  379.     E:Decay-5a: Applies Corroding in 2m AOE. Reduces enemy's Constitution.
  380.     E:Supplicant-3: Reduce's enemy's Movement.
  382. Triggers:
  383.     E:Death-5a: Applied from [Vitality Void].
  384.     E:Fly: Applied when inflicting a Tier 3 status.
  385.     C:Kraken-5b: If [Paucity] is active, applied one per enemy per round when applying
  386.                  Battered or Harried.
  387.     E:Supplicant-3: Applied when inflicting Subjugated or Terrified.
  388.     E:Supplicant-4: If [Paucity] is active, applies on Accursed Vessel's detonation.
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