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  1. It was difficult to maintain their feelings for each other. Sometimes they wanted to kiss when they held each other tightly and nuzzle their noses against each other’s. Sephy was in love with Lulu and love was something that would never change for a long time. Lulu was just starting to feel these feelings when he spent more and more time with his best friend. It didn’t take much for either of them to blush around each other at their cuter moments.
  3. Lulu was getting a bit older and discovering what love really was. There was one thing he wanted more than anything and wanted Sephy to hold him forever. Sephy always tried to be gentle with his best friend.
  5. “Sephy, I want you to hold me again.” Lulu frowned as he poked his friend’s shoulder. “You don’t hold me as often as you used to.” He giggled when Sephy’s cheeks filled with a bright crimson red. “You know I like it when you hold me in your arms.” Lulu’s pout was something Sephy just couldn’t resist.
  7. Sephy wrapped his arms around Lulu’s back and held him. It wasn’t long before he was scooping Lulu into his arms and carrying him to the couch. Lulu was giggling and snuggling close to his best friend, with his cheeks the same color as Sephy’s.
  9. Lulu blushed even more when Sephy pressed a long firm kiss against his red cheek. There was a gentle smile on his face while he held him even tighter in his embrace. Sephy whispered something in Lulu’s ear that made them both blush so much more.
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