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  1. This answer is missing LGPE information. If you're not okay with this, then just tell me, and I'll convert my answer to a comment.
  2. RBY: rival (as champion)
  3. GSC: Red
  4. RS: Steven
  5. FRLG: rival (after Sevii Islands)
  6. E: Wallace
  7. DP: Cynthia
  8. Pt: Cynthia (after Stark Mountain)
  9. HGSS: Red
  10. BW: tie, Alder and Cynthia
  11. BW2: Benga
  12. XY: Diantha (Black Writ)
  13. ORAS: Steven
  14. SM: Red
  15. USM: Giovanni
  16. [source][1]
  17. [source][2]
  20.   [1]:
  21.   [2]:
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