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  1. 1. Once the Ottoman's took over Istanbul, they controlled the Black Sea, Dardenelles, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Caspian Sea, and therefore were a threat to Western Europe, as well as a constant figure in European diplomacy. (Points : 1)
  2.        True
  3.        False
  5. 2. What is one difference between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid Empire? (Points : 1)
  6.       The Ottoman Empire was based on political organization and the Safavid Empire was based on religious order.
  7.       The Ottoman Empire arose out of the decline of the Mongol Empire and the Safavid Empire arose out of the out of the decline of the Ottoman Empire.
  8.       The Ottoman Empire arose during the 1300s and the Safavid Empire didn't arise until the 1500s.
  9.       The Ottoman Empire controlled Eqypt and most of North Africa and the Safavid Empire controlled most of western Asia.
  11. 3. A weakness of all of the Muslim Empire, including the Ottomans, the Mughals, and the Safavids, was that they all were focused on land acquisition and did not develop their navies in order to control the seas. (Points : 1)
  12.        True
  13.        False
  15. 4. Who finally conquered the Ming dynasty? (Points : 1)
  16.       Manchu
  17.       Mongols
  18.       Quing
  19.       Twing
  21. 5. What Japanese samurai won control over most of Japan and united it by a policy of central government and conciliation? (Points : 1)
  22.       Ashikaga
  23.       Tokugawa
  24.       Nobunaga
  25.       Daimyo
  27. 6. Coming by boat, these Mongols attempted to gain control of the Japanese. However, the Mongols were met with waves of Japanese fighters. (Points : 1)
  28.        True
  29.        False
  31. 7. What Japanese art form meaning "pictures of the floating world" was created using woodblock prints and greatly impacted Western art, particularly impressionists in Europe and America? (Points : 1)
  32.       haiku
  33.       ukiyo-e
  34.       Noh
  35.       kabuki
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