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  1. Translated Part
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  5.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 1
  6.  Le Petit Nicolas
  7.  Sempe-Goscinny
  8.  Denoël editions, I960
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  10.  Page 2
  12.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 2
  13.  1.  A memory we will cherish
  14.  This morning we all arrived at school very happy, because we will
  15.  take a picture of the class that will give us a memory we will cherish
  16.  all our lives, as we said the mistress.  She told us to come as well
  17.  neat and well groomed.
  18.  With lots of pomade on his head as I entered the courtyard of
  19.  recreation.  All my friends were already there and the lady was being scolded
  20.  Geoffroy, who came dressed in Martian.  Geoffrey has a rich daddy to him
  21.  buys all the toys he wants.  Geoffroy said he wanted the mistress
  22.  absolutely be photographed on Mars, and that otherwise he would leave.
  23.  The photographer was there, too, with his camera and the teacher told him he
  24.  had to act quickly, otherwise we would miss our course in arithmetic.  Agnan, which is the
  25.  first class and the teacher's pet, said it would be a shame
  26.  not have arithmetic, because he liked it and he had done all his
  27.  problems.  Odo, a friend who is very strong, wanted to give a punch on
  28.  Agnan nose, but has Agnan goggles and we can not strike him as often
  29.  we would like.  The lady started screaming that we were unbearable and
  30.  that if it continued there would be no photos and we would go to class.  The photographer,
  31.  then said: "Come, come, come, calm, calm.  I know how it is
  32.  talking to children, everything will go fine.  "
  33.  The photographer decided that we had put in three rows, the
  34.  front row sitting on the floor, the second standing around the teacher who would
  35.  sitting on a chair and the third, standing on boxes.  He really
  36.  good ideas, the photographer.
  37.  Boxes and we went looking for them in the basement of the school.  We had a good laugh,
  38.  because there was not much light in the basement and Rufus was a
  39.  old bag over his head and shouted: "Wow!  I am the ghost.  And then we saw the arrival of
  40.  mistress.  She did not look happy, so we quickly left with the
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  42.  Page 3
  44.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 3
  45.  boxes.  The only one who stayed, it Rufus.  With his bag, he did not see what is
  46.  going on and he kept screaming: "Wow!  I am the ghost, and it is the centerpiece
  47.  removed the bag.  It was awfully surprised, Rufus.
  48.  Back in court, the lady dropped the ear of Rufus and has
  49.  struck his forehead with his hand.  "But you're all black," she said.  It was true,
  50.  by the horns in the cellar, we had a little soiled.  The mistress was not
  51.  happy, but the photographer told him that it was not serious, it was time to
  52.  wash while he had boxes and chair for the photo.  Apart
  53.  Agnan, the only face was clean, it was Geoff, because he had his head in
  54.  Martian's helmet, which resembles a jar.  "You see," said Geoffrey with the
  55.  mistress, they came all dressed like me, there would be no stories.  "
  56.  I saw that the lady had a mind to pull the ears of Geoffrey, but there
  57.  had no effect on the jar.  It combines a stunning, this costume Martian!
  58.  We came back after we had washed and combed.  It was a little
  59.  wet, but the photographer said it did not matter, as the photograph it does
  60.  would not.
  61.  "Well, we told the photographer, you want to please your mistress?  "
  62.  We said yes, because we really like the lady she is
  63.  awfully nice when we do not put angry.  "So said the photo-
  64.  graph, you will wisely take your seats for the photo.  The largest on
  65.  funds, means standing, sitting small.  "We went there and
  66.  photographer was trying to explain to the lady that got any children
  67.  when we were patient, but the lady could not listen to the end.  She had
  68.  separate us, because we all wanted to be on boxes.
  69.  "There is one big here, that's me!  "Cried Odo and he uttered those
  70.  wanted to climb on the crates.  As Geoffrey insisted, Eudes gave him a
  71.  blow on the jar and it went very badly.  We had to make several for
  72.  remove the jar Geoffroy who had jammed.
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  74.  Page 4
  76.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 4
  77.  The lady said she gave us a final warning, after this
  78.  is arithmetic, then we said we had to keep quiet and we
  79.  begun to settle.  Geoffroy approached the photographer: "What is your
  80.  device?  "He asked.  The photographer smiled and said: "It is a box which will
  81.  out a small bird, man.  - It's your old gear, "said Geoffrey, my dad
  82.  he gave me one with para-sun, short focal length lens, telephoto lens, and, of course,
  83.  screens ...  The photographer seemed surprised, he stopped smiling and he told
  84.  Geoffrey returned to his place.  "Do you have at least one cell
  85.  Photoelectric?  "Asked Geoffrey.  "For the last time back in your place!  "
  86.  yelled the photographer who, suddenly, looked very nervous.
  87.  It was installed.  Me, I was sitting on the floor, next to Alceste.  Alceste is
  88.  my friend who is very big and eats all the time.  He was biting
  89.  in a jam sandwich and the photographer told her to stop eating, but
  90.  Alceste said that although he was fed.  "Drop that sandwich!  "Shouted the
  91.  lady who was sitting just behind Alceste.  That was so surprised, Alceste, he
  92.  dropped the bread on his shirt.  "It's won," said Alcestis, trying
  93.  to scrape off the jam with his bread.  The lady said there was only one
  94.  thing to do was to Alceste in the last row so we do not see the
  95.  stain on his shirt.  "Odo said the lady, leave your seat to your
  96.  comrade.  - This is not my friend, said Odo, he will not have my place and
  97.  it has to do is back for the picture, like that we will not see the spot, or his
  98.  fat face.  "The teacher got angry and she was given as punishment to the Eudes
  99.  conjugation of the verb: "I must not refuse to cede my place to a friend who
  100.  spilled on his shirt a jam sandwich.  "Odo said nothing, it is des-
  101.  cendu of his body and he came to the front row, while going to Alceste
  102.  last row.  It was a little confusion, especially when Odo crossed and Alceste
  103.  gave him a punch on the nose.  Alceste wanted to give a kick to
  104.  Eudes Eudes dodged but it is very agile, and it Agnan who received the foot,
  105.  Fortunately, where he has no glasses.  That did not prevent Agnan to
  106.  start crying and screaming that he could not see, that nobody loved him and he Vou-
  107.  milk die.  The lady was comforted, was blowing, and repainting was punished Alceste, it must
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  109.  Page 5
  111.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 5
  112.  write a hundred times: "I can not beat a fellow that I do not want noise and
  113.  who wears glasses.  "It's good," said Agnan.  So the teacher gave
  114.  lines do, too.  Agnan, he was so surprised he did not even
  115.  cried.  The mistress began to distribute oddly, punishment had been
  116.  all lots of lines to and finally, the lady told us: "Now
  117.  you will decide to keep you quiet.  If you are very nice, I'll raise
  118.  all punishments.  So, how are you to pose, make a pretty smile and
  119.  sir we will take a beautiful photograph!  "As we did not want
  120.  to hurt the teacher, and they obeyed.  We all smiled and picked the pose.
  121.  But for the memories that we cherish all our lives, we've failed, because
  122.  we realized that the photographer was not there.  He had left without saying anything.
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  124.  Page 6
  126.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 6
  127.  2.  Cowboys
  128.  I invited friends to come home this afternoon to play cowboy
  129.  boys.  They arrived with all their belongings.  Rufus had put the range of agent
  130.  Police offered him by his dad with the cap, handcuffs, revolver, the
  131.  white stick and whistle; Eudes was old hat for his Boy Scout
  132.  big brother and a belt with lots of wood and two cartridges in cases
  133.  where there were terrible guns with sticks made in the same kind
  134.  bones than the powder that Dad bought Mom after they have played in
  135.  Because of roast meat was overcooked but mom said it was because Dad was
  136.  late.  Alceste was Indian, he had an ax wood and feathers on
  137.  head, he looked like a big chicken Geoffroy, who likes to dress up and who
  138.  a rich daddy who gives him everything he wants, completely dressed in cowboy
  139.  boy with a sheep pants, a leather vest, a plaid shirt, a large
  140.  hats, caps revolvers and spurs with peaks terrible.  Me
  141.  I had a black mask that I was given for Mardi Gras, my gun and arrows
  142.  a red handkerchief around his neck which is an old scarf to my mom.  It was
  143.  cool!
  144.  It was in the garden and Mom told us she would call for us
  145.  taste.  "Well, I said, then here, I am the young man and I have a white horse
  146.  and you, you are bandits, but in the end I win.  The others, they
  147.  disagreed, that's what's annoying when playing alone, we do
  148.  not fun and when you're not alone, others are doing a lot of fights.  "
  149.  Why is it that this would not be me the young man, "said Odo, and then
  150.  why I should not have a white horse, too?  - With a head like
  151.  yours, you can not be the young man, "said Alcestis.  "You, the Indian, shut up or I'll
  152.  gives a kick in the rump!  "Said Odo who is very strong and loves
  153.  give good punches on the nose of friends and hit it on the rump
  154.  surprised me, but it's true that Alceste was like a big chicken.  "In any case,
  155.  me, "said Rufus, I'll be the sheriff.  - The sheriff?  Geoffroy said.  Where have you seen
  156.  a sheriff with a cap, you make me laugh!  "That just does not like to Rufus, whose father
  157. ________________________________________
  158.  Page 7
  160.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 7
  161.  a police officer.  "My dad, he said, he wears a cap and he makes fun person!
  162.  - It would be fun if everyone dressed like that in Texas, "said Geoffroy and
  163.  Rufus gave him a slap, then, Geoffrey has released a revolver from the holster and he said: "You
  164.  regret, Joe!  "Rufus and gave him another slap and Geoffrey fell sitting
  165.  the ground by Pan!  with his revolver, then Rufus relied on hands
  166.  belly, and he made lots of faces and he fell, saying, "You got me coyote
  167.  but I will be avenged!  "
  168.  I galloped into the yard, giving me pats on the rump for
  169.  move faster and Eudes approached me.  "Get off that horse, he said.  The
  170.  white horse, it's me who did!  - No sir, I said, here I am at home and
  171.  white horse, it was I who, Eudes and gave me a punch on the nose.
  172.  Rufus gave a great blow whistle.  "You're a horse thief, he
  173.  said Odo, and Kansas City, horse thieves, they are hung!  Then, Alceste is
  174.  came running and he said: "Minute!  You can not hang him, the Sheriff is me!  -
  175.  Since when poultry?  "Asked Rufus.  Alceste, who nevertheless do not
  176.  fight, took his ax and with wooden stick, knock!  He gave a blow on the head
  177.  Rufus was not expecting that.  Fortunately, the head of the Rufus there was
  178.  kepi.  "My cap!  You broke my cap! "He cried Rufus and he started to run after
  179.  Alceste, while I galloped back around the garden.  "Hey, guys," said
  180.  Eudes, stop!  I have an idea.  We will be good and Alceste Tribe and
  181.  he tries to capture us and then he took a prisoner, but we are coming and we
  182.  the prisoner and then delivers Alceste is defeated!  "We had it all for this idea
  183.  which was really nice, but Alceste disagreed.  "Why is it that
  184.  I would do an Indian?  "He said Alceste.  "Because you have feathers on the head, idiot!  has
  185.  Geoffroy responded, and then if it does not please you, you do not play well, it's true that, in the end
  186.  you bother to us!  - Well, since that's how I do not play, "said Alcestis
  187.  and went to sulk in a corner and eat a little chocolate bread he had in
  188.  his pocket.  "He must play," said Odo is the only Indian that we have
  189.  Besides, if he does not play, I pen!  "Alceste said good, he was willing, but
  190.  provided it is a good Indian at the end.  "Okay, okay," said Geoffrey, what you
  191.  can be annoying, anyway!  - And the prisoner, who will?  I asked.  -
  192. ________________________________________
  193.  Page 8
  195.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 8
  196.  Well, it will Geoffroy said Eudes, we will attach to the tree with a clothesline.  -
  197.  It will not, right?  Geoffrey asked, why me?  I can not be
  198.  prisoner I'm the best dressed of all!  - So what?  Eudes said, it is
  199.  not because I have a white horse that I refuse to play!  - The white horse is me
  200.  who have!  "I said.  Eudes became angry, he said that the white horse was him and that if it
  201.  I did not give me another blow on the nose.  "Try!  "I
  202.  said, and he succeeded.  "Do not move, Oklahoma Kid!  Shouted Geoffrey, and he fired shots
  203.  revolver everywhere Rufus He gave the whistle and said, "Yeah, I'm
  204.  sheriff, yeah, I arrest you all!  "Alceste and gave him an ax on
  205.  cap, saying he was a prisoner and Rufus was angry because his whistle
  206.  roulette had fallen in the grass, I cried and I told here I was Eudes
  207.  my home and I did not want to see it, everyone cried, it was great, we
  208.  laughed well, terrible.
  209.  And then Dad came out of the house.  The air not happy.  "Well children,
  210.  What's that noise, you do not have fun nicely?  -
  211.  It is because of Geoffrey, sir, he will not be a prisoner!  "Said Odo.  "
  212.  You want my hand on her face?  "Asked Geoffrey, and they began to
  213.  fight, but Dad has separated.  "Come, children, he said, I'll show you
  214.  play it right.  The prisoner will be me!  "We we were awfully glad!  It
  215.  my dad is great!  We attached to the tree with Dad the clothesline and
  216.  we barely had finished, we saw Mr. Blédurt jump over the
  217.  garden hedge.
  218.  Mr. Blédurt is our neighbor who likes to tease Dad.  "Me too
  219.  I want to play, I'll be the Red Bull skin up!  - Get out of here Blédurt So you did
  220.  not come!  "Mr. Blédurt it was great before he started with Dad
  221.  folded arms and said: "That pale face retains its language!  "Dad was doing
  222.  Funny efforts to detach from the tree and Mr. Blédurt started dancing
  223.  around the tree and shouting.  We might have liked to stay and see Daddy
  224.  Mr. Blédurt fun and make the puppets, but it was not possible because
  225.  Mom called us for tea and after we went to my room to play
  226. ________________________________________
  227.  Page 9
  229.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 9
  230.  an electric train.  What I did not know is that Dad loved playing so much
  231.  cowboys.  When we went down in the evening, Mr. Blédurt had left
  232.  time but Dad was always attached to the tree screaming and making faces.
  233.  It's great fun to know all alone like that!
  234. ________________________________________
  235.  Page 10
  237.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 10
  238.  3.  Broth
  239.  Today, at school, the teacher has failed.  We were in the yard,
  240.  ranks, entering the classroom, when the supervisor told us: "Your mistress is
  241.  sick today.  "
  242.  And then, Mr. Dubon, supervisor, led us in class.  The
  243.  supervisor, it is called the broth when it is not, of course.  It's called
  244.  like that, because he says all the time: "Look into my eyes," and the
  245.  broth there are eyes.  Me neither I did not realize right away is the
  246.  great that I have explained.  The broth has a big mustache and he often punishes,
  247.  with him, do not laugh.  That's why we were annoyed that we come on-
  248.  sure, but, fortunately, when arriving in class, he said: "I can not
  249.  stay with you, I have to work with Mr. Director, then, look at me
  250.  in the eye and promise me to be wise.  "All our lots of eyes looked in
  251.  his and it was promised.  Moreover, we are always so wise.
  252.  But he seemed to distrust the broth, then he asked who was the
  253.  best student in class.  "It's me sir!  "Agnan said, proudly.  And it's true
  254.  Agnan is the first class, it is also the darling of the lady and we
  255.  we do not like it too, but you can not whack it as often as
  256.  would, because of his glasses.  "Well," said Bouillon, you will come to sit
  257.  instead of the mistress and you watch your comrades.  I come back from time to
  258.  time to see how things go.  Review your lessons.  "Agnan while
  259.  happy, went to sit in the office of the mistress and the broth is gone.  "Well, has
  260.  Agnan said, we must have arithmetic, take your books, we will make a
  261.  problem.  - You're not a little crazy?  "Asked Clotaire.  "Clotaire, shut up!  "Has
  262.  shouted Agnan who really seemed to take to the teacher.  "Come tell me
  263.  here, if you're a man!  "Said Clotaire and the classroom door opened and we saw
  264.  Bouillon enter any content.  "Ah!  he said.  I stayed behind the door
  265.  listen.  You over there, look into my eyes!  "Clotaire looked, but what he
  266.  Having had no air to make him so happy.  "You're going to conjugate the verb: I
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  268.  Page 11
  270.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 11
  271.  must not be rude to a fellow who is responsible and who watch me
  272.  wants me to do arithmetic problems.  "Having said that, the broth is
  273.  out, but he promised he would return.
  274.  Joachim volunteered to watch the supervisor at the door, we were all
  275.  agree, except Agnan shouting: "Joachim, for you!  Joachim drew the language
  276.  Agnan, he sat at the door and he started to look through the keyhole.
  277.  "There is nobody, Joachim?  "Asked Clotaire.  Joachim said he saw
  278.  nothing.  Then Clotaire got up and he said he was going to eat his book
  279.  Agnan of arithmetic, which was really a funny idea, but it did not please
  280.  Agnan who shouted "No!  I have glasses!  - You'll eat them too!  "Said Clotaire,
  281.  who insisted qu'Agnan eat something.  But Geoffroy said he did
  282.  should not waste time with nonsense, we'd better play ball.  "
  283.  And the problems, then?  "Asked Agnan, who did not look happy, but we
  284.  we did not pay attention and we started to make passes and Yup
  285.  nice foil between the benches.  When I grow up I'll buy a class,
  286.  just to play it.  And then we heard a scream and saw Joachim, sitting by
  287.  earth and stood nose with your hands.  It was the broth that had just opened the
  288.  Joachim door and could not have seen it coming.  "What you got?  "Asked
  289.  Bouillon, astonished, but Joachim did not respond, it was ouch, ouch, and it
  290.  all, then the broth was taken in his arms and took him outside.  We were
  291.  picked up the ball and we went back to our seats.
  292.  When the broth came back with Joachim, who had a swollen nose, we
  293.  said he was getting enough and that if it continued, we would see what
  294.  would.  "Why do not you take example on your fellow Agnan?  he
  295.  requested, it is wise to him.  And the broth is gone.  Joachim was asked what he
  296.  had happened and he told us he was sleeping dint of looking through the hole
  297.  the lock.
  298.  "A farmer goes to the fair, said Agnan in a basket, he is twenty-eight eggs
  299.  five hundred francs a dozen ...  - It's your fault, the blow of the nose, "said Joachim.  "
  300.  Yeah!  said Clotaire, we'll make him eat his arithmetic book, with the farmer,
  301. ________________________________________
  302.  Page 12
  304.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 12
  305.  eggs and glasses!  "Agnan then started crying.  He told us that we
  306.  were wicked and he would tell his parents and they would make us all
  307.  Bouillon has returned and opened the door.  We were all sitting in our seats and we do
  308.  Bouillon said nothing and looked Agnan crying all alone sitting in the office of
  309.  mistress.  "So what, he said Bouillon, who you dispel it now?
  310.  You'll drive me crazy!  Every time I come, there's another one that makes the clown!
  311.  Look me in the eye, all!  If I come back again and I see
  312.  something wrong, I sévirai!  "And he left again.  We, we said
  313.  that this was no time to make the horns, because the supervisor when he
  314.  not happy, he gives funny punishments.  We did not move, we heard
  315.  Agnan only sniff and chew Alceste, a friend who eats all the time.  And
  316.  Then we heard a little noise on the side of the door.  We saw the door knob
  317.  going very slowly and then the door began to open little by little,
  318.  grating.  All we see and not breathing often even stopped Alceste
  319.  chewing.  And all of a sudden there was one who shouted: "It's the broth!  The door
  320.  opened and the broth is entered, all red.  "Who said that?  "He asked.  "It
  321.  Nicolas!  "Said Agnan.  "It's not true, dirty liar!  And that was true it was not
  322.  true, whoever said it was Rufus.  "It's you!  It's you!  It's you!  "Screamed and Agnan
  323.  he started to cry.  "You'll be holding!  "Bouillon said.  So I started
  324.  to cry, I said it was not fair and that I would quit school and that I
  325.  well sorry.  "That's not it, sir, is that Agnan said Bouillon!  "Screamed
  326.  Rufus.  "It is not I who said the broth!  "Shouted Agnan.  "You said the broth, I
  327.  've heard the broth, perfectly, the broth!  - Well, it goes like this, "said
  328.  Bouillon, you will all the dirt!  "Why me?  asked Alceste.  I
  329.  Bouillon said no, me!  "I do not want to hear what ridiculous nickname, you
  330.  understood?  "Shouted the broth, which seemed awfully upset.  "I will not come in
  331.  restraint!  "Shouted Agnan and he rolled on the floor crying and he had hiccups and
  332.  it became all red and then blue.  In class, nearly everyone was shouting
  333.  or crying, I thought the broth was also trying it when the Director is
  334.  entered.  "What does the Bouil ...  Mr. Dubon?  "He asked the Director.  "
  335.  I do not know, Mr. Director, said the broth, there is one that rolls
  336.  by land, another bleeding from the nose when I open the door, screaming the rest, I
  337. ________________________________________
  338.  Page 13
  340.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 13
  341.  never seen it!  Never "Bouillon going hand in her hair and
  342.  mustache moving in every direction.
  343.  The next day the lady came back, but the broth has failed.
  344. ________________________________________
  345.  Page 14
  347.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 14
  348.  4.  Football
  349.  Alcestis gave us an appointment at a bunch of friends from the class for this
  350.  afternoon in the empty lot not far from home.  Alceste is my friend, it is
  351.  Basically, he loves good food, and if he gave us an appointment, because his
  352.  Dad gave him a brand new soccer ball and we play a game
  353.  terrible.  It is nice, Alcestis.
  354.  We found ourselves on the ground at three o'clock in the afternoon
  355.  we were eighteen.  He had to decide how to form teams for there to be
  356.  same number of players on each side.
  357.  For the referee, it was easy.  We chose Agnan.  Agnan is the first
  358.  class, we do not like it too, but as he wears glasses can not
  359.  whack it, which an arbitrator is a good combination.  And then, no
  360.  team did not want to Agnan because it is not very good for the sport and he cries too
  361.  easily.  Where we discussed is when Agnan asked to be given a
  362.  whistle.  The only one who had one, it was Rufus, whose father is a police officer.
  363.  "I can not lend my whistle," said Rufus, is a memory
  364.  family.  "There was nothing to do.  Finally, we decided qu'Agnan would prevent
  365.  Rufus Rufus and whistles instead of Agnan.
  366.  "Well?  We're playing or what?  I begin to feel peckish!  "Shouted Alceste.
  367.  But where it got complicated, it was as if Agnan referee, it was
  368.  more than seventeen players, that made him one too for sharing.  So, it was found
  369.  the trick: there's one that would linesman and waving a little flag,
  370.  Whenever the ball leaves the field.  It Maixent was chosen.  One
  371.  linesman, that's not much to watch all the land but Maixent
  372.  runs very fast, it has very long legs and skinny, with big knees
  373.  dirty.  Maixent, he would not know he wanted to play ball, him, and then we
  374.  said he had no flag.  He nevertheless agreed to linesman
  375. ________________________________________
  376.  Page 15
  378.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 15
  379.  for the first half.  For the flag, he waved his handkerchief, which was not
  380.  own, but of course he did not know coming out of his home that his handkerchief was
  381.  serve as a flag.
  382.  "Well, here we go?  "Shouted Alceste.
  383.  After it was easier, it was only sixteen players.
  384.  He was a captain for each team.  But everyone wanted to be
  385.  captain.  Everyone except Alceste, who wanted to be goalie, because he does not
  386.  run.  We are agreed, it is well, Alceste, as goalkeeper and is very broad and
  387.  covers well the goal.  That still left fifteen captains and it was in
  388.  too many.
  389.  "I am the strongest," cried Odo, I must be captain and I will give a shot
  390.  punched on the nose of one who disagrees!
  391.  - Captain's me, I'm the best dressed!  "Shouted Geoffrey, and Eudes
  392.  gave him a punch on the nose.
  393.  It was true that Geoffrey was well dressed, her dad, who is very rich, it
  394.  had bought a complete outfit of a football player, with a red shirt,
  395.  white and blue.
  396.  "If I'm not the master, Rufus screamed, I call my dad and it puts you
  397.  all in jail!  "
  398.  Me, I had the idea to draw lots with a coin.  With two
  399.  coins, because the first got lost in the grass and we did
  400.  never found.  The room was Joachim who had paid and he was not happy
  401.  for her loss, he began to seek, and yet he promised that Geoffroy
  402.  his father would send him a check for the refund.  Finally, the two
  403.  Captains were chosen: Geoffrey and me.
  404.  "Say, I do not want to be late for tea, shouted Alceste.  We play?  "
  405. ________________________________________
  406.  Page 16
  408.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 16
  409.  After it took the form teams.  For all, it went pretty well, except for
  410.  Eudes.  Geoff and I, we wanted Eudes, because when he runs with the ball,
  411.  nobody stops him.  He did not play very well, but it's scary.  Joachim was very con-
  412.  tent because he had found his coin, so we asked him for the
  413.  Eudes draw lots, and it has lost the room again.  Joachim was delivered to the
  414.  look, really angry this time, and that's the short straw that Geoffrey won
  415.  Eudes.  Geoffrey was appointed as a goalkeeper, he said that nobody would dare
  416.  approach the cage, let alone put the ball inside.  Odo is upset
  417.  easily.  Alceste ate cookies, sitting between the stones that marked his
  418.  goal.  It did not look happy.  "So it's coming, yes?  "He shouted.
  419.  It was placed on the ground.  As it was only seven on each side, to
  420.  Apart from the goalkeepers, it was not easy.  In each team began to
  421.  discuss.  There were plenty who wanted to be forward-center.  Joachim wanted to be
  422.  rear-right, but that was because the coin had fallen into this corner and
  423.  he wanted to continue the search while playing.
  424.  In the team that Geoffrey has arranged very quickly because Eudes gave
  425.  lots of punches and players have put in their place without protest and
  426.  rubbing his nose.  Because he hits hard, Odo!
  427.  In my team, we could not agree, until
  428.  Eudes said he would give us some punch on the nose also to us:
  429.  Then, it was placed.
  430.  Agnan said Rufus, "Whistle!  "And Rufus, who was playing in my team, booing
  431.  kickoff.  Geoff was not happy.  He said: "It's smart!  We have the sun
  432.  in the eyes!  There is no reason that my team plays on the wrong side of the field!
  433.  "
  434.  Me, I told him that if the sun does not please him, he had only to close
  435.  eyes, he would play maybe even better that way.  So we
  436.  beaten.  Rufus began to blow his whistle.
  437. ________________________________________
  438.  Page 17
  440.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 17
  441.  "I have not ordered the whistle screamed Agnan, the referee's me!  "It has
  442.  not pleased that Rufus said he did not need permission to Agnan to whistle
  443.  he hissed when he would feel like c, but not all the same.  And he began to whistle Tra
  444.  like crazy.  "You are evil, voi what you are!  "Shouted Agnan, which began
  445.  cry.
  446.  "Hey, guys!  "Alceste said in his order.
  447.  But nobody listened.  Me, I continued to fight with Geoffrey, I
  448.  had torn, beautiful red shirt, white and blue, and said: "Bah, bah, bah!
  449.  Never mind!  My pap he'll buy lots more!  And I must Ualt of
  450.  kicked in the ankles.  Rufi Agnan ran after shouting: "I have
  451.  I telescope glasses!  Joachim, it sounds busy pe he sought his
  452.  currency, but do not always VAIT third.  Eudes, who had remained quietly ment
  453.  in its purpose, has had enough and began to distribute fisticuffs on
  454.  nose: were closest to him, that is to say about his team's irc.  All
  455.  world screaming, running.  C really fun, it was great!
  456.  "Stop, guys!  "Shouted Alceste again.
  457.  Eudes was so angry.  "You were anxious to
  458.  play, he told Alceste, eh!  Well, we play.  If you have something to say
  459.  wait halftime!  "
  460.  "The half-time for what?  asked Alceste.  I just noticed that
  461.  we do not have the ball, I forgot it at home!  "
  462.  We had an inspector
  463.  The lady came into class all nervous.  "Mr. Inspector is in
  464.  school, she told us, I count on you to be wise and make good
  465.  printing.  "We were promised we would be well, moreover, the teacher is wrong
  466.  worry, we're almost always wise.  "I would point out," said
  467.  mistress, it's a new inspector, the former was already familiar to you, but he
  468. ________________________________________
  469.  Page 18
  471.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 18
  472.  retired ...  And then the lady gave us lots and lots of
  473.  recommendations, we were forbidden to speak without being questioned, laughter without his
  474.  leave, she asked us not to drop the ball like
  475.  last time the inspector came and he found himself on the floor, she
  476.  Alceste asked to stop eating when the inspector is there and she told
  477.  Clotaire, which is the last of the class, not to get noticed.  Sometimes I
  478.  wonder if the teacher does not take us for puppets.  But, as
  479.  like him, the mistress, he promised everything she wanted.  The teacher
  480.  looked to see if the class and we were very clean and she said that
  481.  class was cleaner than some of us.  And then she asked Agnan
  482.  which is the first class and the pet to put the ink in the ink,
  483.  if the inspector would have us do a dictation.  Agnan took the large bottle
  484.  ink and it would begin to pour into the inkwells of the first bench, where are
  485.  Cyril and Joachim seated when someone shouted: "Here the inspector!  "Agnan was
  486.  so afraid that he spilled ink all over the bench.  It was a joke
  487.  the inspector was not there and the lady was very angry.  "I've seen, Clotaire,
  488.  she said.  You are the author of this stupid joke.  Go to post!  "Clotaire
  489.  started crying, he said that if he went to the stake, it would be noticed and
  490.  the inspector was going to ask lots of questions, and he knew nothing and was about to
  491.  to cry and it was not a joke, he saw the inspector pass
  492.  in the courtyard with the director and as was true, the lady said, well, it
  493.  going to this time.  What was annoying is that the first bench was all
  494.  full of ink, the lady said when he had to go the bench in last place, there
  495.  where we would not see him.  We got to work and it was a strange case because
  496.  need to move all the benches and we had fun though and came with the Inspector
  497.  the director.
  498.  We did not have to get up, because we were all standing, and everyone had
  499.  looks very surprised.  "These are small, they ...  they are somewhat allayed, "said the director.
  500.  "I see, said the inspector, sit down, my children.  "We all sat, and,
  501.  as we had returned to their bench to change it up, Cyril and Joachim
  502.  turned their backs on the board.  The inspector looked at the lady and asked her
  503. ________________________________________
  504.  Page 19
  506.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 19
  507.  if these two students were always placed like that.  The lady, she made the head
  508.  Clotaire when asked, but she did not cry.  "A small incident ...  "She
  509.  said.  The inspector did not look very happy, he had bushy eyebrows, close
  510.  eyes.  "We must have some authority, he said.  Come, my children, put her to the bench
  511.  place.  "We all stood up and the inspector started shouting:" Not all at once: you
  512.  only two!  "Cyril and Joachim returned the bench and sat down.
  513.  The inspector gave a smile and he supported his hands on the bench.  "Well, he said,
  514.  were you doing before I came?  - We changed the bench space, "said
  515.  Cyril.  "Do not speak over the bench!  cried the inspector, who seemed to be nervous.
  516.  And first, why do you change the bench space?  - Because of the ink, "said
  517.  Joachim.  "The ink?  "Asked the inspector and he looked at his hands that were
  518.  all blue.  The inspector gave a deep sigh and wiped his fingers with a
  519.  handkerchief.
  520.  Us, we saw that the inspector, the teacher and the director did not seem
  521.  laughing.  It was decided to be pretty wise.
  522.  "You have, I see few problems with discipline," said the inspector to
  523.  mistress, he must use a little basic psychology, "and then he turned
  524.  towards us with a big smile and he has alienated his eyebrows of his eyes.  "My
  525.  children, I want to be your friend.  Do not be afraid of me, I know you
  526.  like fun, and I also love a good laugh.  Besides, look, you know
  527.  the story of two deaf: deaf said to the other: you go fishing?  and the other says:
  528.  no, I'm going fishing.  Then the first says: oh good, I thought you were going to
  529.  fishing.  "It's unfortunate that we have defended the mistress of her without laughing
  530.  permission, because we had a terrible time to remember.  I'm going to tell the story
  531.  Dad tonight, it'll do laugh, I'm sure he does not know.  The inspector,
  532.  who did not need anyone's permission, laughed a lot, but as he saw
  533.  nobody said anything in class, he gave up his eyebrows, he coughed
  534.  and he said: "Well, enough laughing at work.  - We were studying fables, said
  535.  the mistress, The Raven and the Fox.  - Perfect, perfect, said the inspector, well,
  536.  continue.  "The teacher pretended to look at random from the class, and
  537. ________________________________________
  538.  Page 20
  540.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 20
  541.  Then she showed Agnan finger: "You Agnan, we recite the fable.  But
  542.  Inspector raised his hand.  "May I?  "He said to the mistress, and then he
  543.  Clotaire shown.  "You there, in the end, I recite this tale.  "Clotaire has
  544.  opened his mouth and he started to cry.  "But what did he?  "Asked
  545.  Inspector.  The teacher said he was sorry Clotaire, he was very shy,
  546.  then, is that Rufus was interviewed.  Rufus is a buddy and his dad, he is an agent
  547.  police.  Rufus said he did not know the story by heart, but he knew
  548.  about what it was and he began to explain that it was the story of a
  549.  raven holding in its beak a Roquefort.
  550.  "A blue cheese?  "Asked the inspector, who looked increasingly
  551.  surprised.  "But no, said Alceste was a pie.  - Not at all, "said Rufus, the
  552.  Camembert, raven he could not keep it in its beak, it runs and then it
  553.  not feel good!  - It smells bad, but it's nice to eat, replied Alceste.
  554.  And then it means nothing, the soap that smells good, but it's very bad to eat,
  555.  I tried once.  - Bah!  said Rufus, you're stupid and I'll tell my dad
  556.  give lots of tickets to your daddy!  And they fought.
  557.  Everyone was up and screaming, crying except Clotaire still in its
  558.  Agnan corner who went to the table and recited The Raven and the Fox.  The
  559.  mistress, the inspector and the director shouted "Enough!  .  We all laughed a lot.
  560.  When it stopped and everyone sat down, pulled out his inspectors
  561.  handkerchief and wiped his face, he put the ink everywhere and it is unfortunate
  562.  we had no right to laugh, because it will hold back until recess and it
  563.  will not be easy.
  564.  The inspector approached the lady and he shook hands.  "You
  565.  have my sympathy, Miss.  Not like today, I did
  566.  overview of how our profession is a vocation.  Go!  Courage!  Bravo!  And he
  567.  went very quickly with the director.
  568.  We are like him, our teacher, but she was awfully unfair.  It
  569.  with us it has been welcomed, and it has put us all the dirt!
  570. ________________________________________
  571.  Page 21
  573.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 21
  574.  5.  Rex
  575.  On leaving school I attended a small dog.  He seemed lost, the little dog
  576.  he was all alone and it made me much trouble.  I thought the dog would
  577.  glad to find a friend and I struggled to catch up.  Like the little dog
  578.  did not seem to have really wanted to come with me, he must be wary, I told him
  579.  offered half of my chocolate bun and the dog ate the bun
  580.  chocolate and started to wag his tail in all directions and I called him
  581.  Rex like a thriller I saw last Thursday.
  582.  After the bun, that Rex has eaten almost as quickly as would have done
  583.  Alceste, a friend who eats all the time, Rex followed me all happy.  I thought
  584.  it would be a nice surprise for dad and mom when I would arrive with
  585.  Rex in the house.  And I would learn to do tricks with Rex, he would keep the house,
  586.  and also, it would help me find the bandits, like the movie last Thursday.
  587.  Well, I'm sure you will not believe me when I arrived at the
  588.  home, Mom was not so happy to see Rex, she was not happy
  589.  at all.  I must say it's a bit of Rex's fault.  We entered the
  590.  living room and mom came, she kissed me and asked me if everything was fine
  591.  spent in school, if I had not done anything stupid and then she saw Rex and she started
  592.  shouting: "Where did you find this animal?  "Me, I started to explain that it was a
  593.  poor little lost dog that would help me stop a lot of bandits, but Rex, instead
  594.  to keep quiet, jumped on a chair and began to bite in the
  595.  cushion.  And it was the chair where dad has no right to sit, unless there
  596.  invited!
  597.  Mom continued to scream, she said she had forbidden me to bring back
  598.  animals at home (that's right, mom forbade me the time I brought a
  599.  mouse), it was dangerous, that this dog could be rabid, he was going
  600.  bite everyone and we all would become enraged and she fetched a broom
  601. ________________________________________
  602.  Page 22
  604.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 22
  605.  to put this animal out and it gave me a minute to leave the dog
  606.  the house.
  607.  I had trouble deciding Rex release the cushion of the chair, and again it has
  608.  kept one end in the teeth, I do not understand that he likes it, Rex.  And I'm
  609.  out in the garden, with Rex in his arms.  I had wanted to cry, then, is
  610.  what I did.  I do not know if Rex was sad too, he was too busy spitting
  611.  bits of wool cushion.
  612.  Dad came and found us both sitting at the door, me
  613.  crying, Rex spitting.  "Well, he said Dad, what is
  614.  happening here?  Then I explained to my dad that mom did not want Rex and Rex
  615.  was my friend and I were the only friend of Rex and he would help me find a lot of
  616.  bandits and tricks that I would learn and that he was very unhappy and
  617.  I delivered a blow to cry while Rex scratched an ear with
  618.  hind leg and it's awfully hard to do, we tried once at school and
  619.  the only one who succeeded was Maixent which has very long legs.
  620.  Dad, he stroked my head and then he told me that Mom was right, that
  621.  it was dangerous to bring the dogs home, they may be sick
  622.  they start to bite you and then after, bang!  everyone starts drooling and
  623.  to be mad and that later I would learn in school, Pasteur invented a
  624.  drug, is a benefactor of humanity and can be cured, but it is very
  625.  evil.  Me, I said to dad that Rex was not sick, he liked to eat and
  626.  it was awfully clever.  Dad then looked at Rex and he scratched his head,
  627.  as I am to myself sometimes.  "It is true that he looks healthy, this little
  628.  dog, "said Dad and Rex began to lick his hand.  It made him strangely happy
  629.  candy.  "He's cute," he said Dad, and then he turned the other hand and said: "The
  630.  paw, gives paw, come, the paw, give!  "Rex and gave him the paw and
  631.  Then he licked her hand and then he scratched his ear, he was really busy, Rex.
  632.  Dad, he laughed and then said, "Well, wait for me here, I'll try to fix it
  633.  with your mother, "and he entered the house.  It is nice daddy!  While Dad
  634.  arranged it with Mom, I amused myself with Rex, who started making the beautiful
  635. ________________________________________
  636.  Page 23
  638.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 23
  639.  and then as I had nothing to feed him, he began to scratch his
  640.  ear, it is terrible, Rex!
  641.  When Dad left the house, he did not look so happy.  He
  642.  sitting next to me he scratched his head and he told me that Mom did not want the
  643.  dog in the house, especially after the coup of the chair.  I was about to cry,
  644.  but I had an idea.  "If mom does not want Rex in the house, I said, we
  645.  could keep it in the garden.  "Dad, he thought for a moment and then said that
  646.  was a good idea, as Rex in the garden would not damage and it was
  647.  build him a niche immediately.  I kissed my daddy.
  648.  We went to look for boards in the attic and dad appporté
  649.  tools.  Rex, he began to eat begonias, but it is less serious than
  650.  for the chair of the show, because we have more seats than begonias.
  651.  Dad, he began to sort the boards.  "You'll see, he said, it will make him
  652.  a great niche, a true palace.  - And then I said, we'll teach him to make
  653.  lots of turns and it will keep the house!  - Yes, Dad said, we will prepare to drive
  654.  intruders, Blédurt example.  "Mr. Blédurt is our neighbor, and her dad, they
  655.  like to tease each other.  We had fun though, Rex, me and Dad!  It has a
  656.  little spoiled when Dad yelled, because of the hammer that was given on
  657.  finger and mom is out of the house.  "What are you doing?  "Asked
  658.  Mom.  So me, I explained that we had decided, Dad and I keep
  659.  Rex in the garden, where there were no chairs and that he manufactured a dad
  660.  niche and he would learn to bite Mr. Rex Blédurt, to enrage.
  661.  Dad, he did not say much, he was sucking his finger and looked mom.  Mom
  662.  was not happy at all.  She said she did not want to fool with it and
  663.  look at me a little of what this animal has made my begonias!  Rex raised his head and he
  664.  Mom came over, wagging his tail and then he made the beautiful.  Maman
  665.  and then she looked down and stroked the head of Rex and Rex has licked
  666.  one hand and rang the door of the garden.
  667. ________________________________________
  668.  Page 24
  670.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 24
  671.  Dad went and open a gentleman entered.  He looked at Rex and he said: "Kiki
  672.  !  Finally there you are!  I seek you everywhere!  - But, sir, "asked papa,
  673.  do you want?  - What I want?  said the gentleman.  I wish my dog!  Kiki has
  674.  escaped while I was making him do his little walk and I was told that
  675.  had seen a boy take him here.  - It's not Kiki is Rex, I said.  And all
  676.  Together we will catch bandits like in the movie last Thursday and we will
  677.  prepare to make jokes Blédurt sir!  But Rex looked very happy
  678.  and he jumped into the arms of the gentleman.  "That proves to me that this dog is yours, has
  679.  asked Dad, it's a lost dog!  - And the necklace, replied the gentleman, you
  680.  did not see her necklace?  There is my name on it!  Jules Joseph Hardened, my
  681.  address, I really want to complain!  Come, my dear Kiki, but not!  "And
  682.  Mr. Rex is gone.
  683.  We stayed quite surprised, and then Mom started crying.  So, Dad, it
  684.  mother consoled him and promised that I will bring another dog, one of those days.
  685. ________________________________________
  686.  Page 25
  688.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 25
  689.  6.  Djodjo
  690.  We had a new classroom.  In the afternoon, the teacher came
  691.  with a little boy who had hair all red, freckles and
  692.  blue eyes as I lost the ball at recess yesterday, but has Maixent
  693.  cheated.  "My children," said the teacher, I present a new small
  694.  comrade.  He is a foreigner and his parents put him in the school so that learning
  695.  not to speak French.  I count on you to help me and be very gentle with him.  And
  696.  then the lady turned to her again and she told him: "Say your name
  697.  your classmates.  The new has not understood what he called the
  698.  mistress, he smiled and we saw he had a lot of terrible teeth.  "The
  699.  Lucky you, ditAlceste has a big friend, who eats all the time, with teeth
  700.  like that, he must bite funny songs!  "As the new did not say
  701.  nothing, the teacher told us his name was George McIntosh.  "Yes," said
  702.  Again, Dgeorges.  - Excuse me, miss, asked Maixent, it is called
  703.  George or Dgeorges?  "The teacher told us his name was George, but
  704.  in its language, it is pronounced Dgeorges.  "Well," said Maixent be called
  705.  Jojo.  - No, said Joachim must decide Djodjo.  - Shut up, Djoachim, "said
  706.  Maixent mistress and put them both at stake.
  707.  The teacher made him sit beside Djodjo Agnan.  Agnan seemed to
  708.  beware of once again, as it is the first class and the darling of the
  709.  mistress, he was always afraid of new, which may become the first and
  710.  scrunchies.  With us, Agnan knows he is quiet.
  711.  Djodjo sat, always making her smile full of teeth.  "It
  712.  pity that no one speaks his language, "said the teacher.  "Me, I have
  713.  rudimentary English, "said Agnan which, it must be said, speaks well.  But after
  714.  qu'Agnan was released to its basics Djodjo, Djodjo looked at him and then he started laughing
  715.  and he tapped his forehead with his finger.  Agnan was very upset, but Djodjo was right.
  716.  After it became known qu'Agnan told him things about his tailor who was rich and
  717. ________________________________________
  718.  Page 26
  720.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 26
  721.  the garden of his uncle who was taller than the hat of his aunt.  It's crazy,
  722.  Agnan!
  723.  Recess rang and we left, all but Joachim and Maixent
  724.  Clotaire, who were punished.  Clotaire is the last of the class and he did not know his
  725.  lesson.  When Clotaire is questioned, he never recreation.
  726.  In the yard, we started all around Djodjo.  He was asked many
  727.  questions, but he, all he did was show us a lot of teeth.  And then,
  728.  he began to speak, but we did not understand, it was "oinshouinshouin" and it
  729.  everything.  "What is said Geoffroy who goes much to the movies is that he speaks in
  730.  original version.  They really need subtitles.  - I might be translated, "said
  731.  Agnan who wanted to try his basics once again.  "Bah," said Rufus, thou art
  732.  crazy!  "That it has pleased him, the new one, he showed Agnan finger and said:" Aon!
  733.  Dinguedingue-crazy!  He was quite happy.  Agnan him, he left in tears, he
  734.  crying all the time, Agnan.  We began to find it awfully nice,
  735.  Djodjo, and I gave him a piece of my piece of chocolate from the recess.  "
  736.  What do we do as a sport in your country?  "Odo asked.  Djodjo, although
  737.  course, did not understand, he continued to say "crazy, crazy crazy, but Geoffroy
  738.  replied: "What a question, they play tennis at home!  - Species of horn,
  739.  Eudes screamed, I'm not talking to you!  - Species horn!  Dinguedingue!  "Shouted the
  740.  again that looked a lot of fun with us.  But Geoffroy had not
  741.  liked how it had responded Eudes.  "Who is a puppet?  "He asked and
  742.  was wrong because Odo is very strong and he likes to kick his fist on
  743.  the nose and it has not missed one for Geoff.  When he saw the punch,
  744.  Djodjo stopped to say "dinguedingue" and "crank case."  He looked Eudes
  745.  and he said: "Boxing?  very good!  And he put his fists to his face and he
  746.  started dancing all around Eudes like boxers on TV in
  747.  Clotaire, because we we did not and I would love for Dad
  748.  buys.  "What it takes?  "Odo asked.  "He wants to box
  749.  with you, wise guy!  "Said Geoffroy, who rubbed his nose.  Eudes said "good" and
  750.  he tried to box with Djodjo.  But oddly Djodjo was doing better
  751. ________________________________________
  752.  Page 27
  754.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 27
  755.  Eudes.  He gave her a bunch of shots and Eudes began to get angry: "If
  756.  do not let his nose up, how do you want me to fight?  "He screamed and
  757.  bing!  Djodjo gave a punch to Eudes who has sat down.  Eudes was
  758.  not angry.  "You're strong!  "He said, rising.  "Strong, crazy, kind puppet!
  759.  "Replied the new, awfully fast learner.  Recess ended and,
  760.  as usual, Alceste has complained that left him no time to finish
  761.  four rolls filled with butter that brings home.
  762.  In class, when we entered, the lady asked if Djodjo
  763.  had a good time, then Agnan rose and said: "Miss, they him
  764.  learn big words!  - It's not true, dirty liar!  "Shouted Clotaire, who was
  765.  not released for recess.  "Crazy, crank case, dirty liar," said Djodjo all
  766.  proud.
  767.  We can not say anything, because we saw that the lady was not
  768.  happy at all.  "You should be ashamed, she said, enjoying a comrade
  769.  know your language!  But I asked you to be nice, but we can not
  770.  not trust you!  You have behaved like little savages,
  771.  ill-bred!  - Crazy, crank case, dirty liar, wild, rude, "said
  772.  Djodjo, who looked increasingly happy to learn so many things.
  773.  The lady looked at him with round eyes.  "But ...  but, she said,
  774.  George, do not say things like that!  - Did you see, miss?
  775.  What did I tell you?  "Said Agnan.  "If you do not want to remain successful,
  776.  Agnan, screamed the mistress, I beg you to keep your thoughts to yourself!  "Agnan has
  777.  started crying.  "Ugly cockroach!  "Shouted someone, but the teacher did not know who
  778.  it was, otherwise I would have been punished, then Agnan has rolled on the floor screaming that
  779.  nobody loved him, that was awful and he was dying, and the teacher had
  780.  go out with him for him to pass water over the face and calm.
  781.  When the teacher returned with Agnan, she looked tired, but
  782.  fortunately, the bell rang the end of class.  Before leaving, the teacher has
  783. ________________________________________
  784.  Page 28
  786.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 28
  787.  look at the new and said: "I wonder what your parents will think.  -
  788.  Ugly cockroach, "said Djodjo giving hand.
  789.  The lady was wrong to worry, because the parents had Djodjo
  790.  think he had learned French at all he needed.
  791.  The proof is that Djodjo never returned to school.
  792. ________________________________________
  793.  Page 29
  795.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 29
  796.  7.  The nice bouquet
  797.  It is the anniversary of my mom and I decided to buy him a gift
  798.  like every year since last year, because before I was too small.
  799.  I took the sub was in my wallet and there were many,
  800.  Fortunately, because, by chance, Mom gave me money yesterday.  I knew
  801.  the gift I'd Mamma to the laugh to put in the blue vase
  802.  lounge, a terrible bunch, as big as any.
  803.  At school, I was oddly eager to finish the class to go
  804.  buy my gift.  Not to lose my money, I had my hand in my pocket
  805.  all the time even to play football at recess, but since I do not play
  806.  no goalkeeper, it did not matter.  The goalkeeper was Alceste, a
  807.  friend who is very big and loves to eat.  "What you have to run with
  808.  one hand?  "He asked.  When I told him it was because
  809.  I would buy flowers for my mom, he told me, he would have preferred some
  810.  something to eat, cake, candy or white pudding, but, as
  811.  gift was not for him I did not notice and I put a goal.  Was
  812.  won by 44 to 32.
  813.  When we left school, I was accompanied to the Alceste
  814.  florist by eating half of the bun chocolate that was left of the class
  815.  grammar.  We entered the store, I put all my money on
  816.  counter and I told the lady I wanted a very large bouquet of flowers for my
  817.  Mom, but not begonias, because there are lots in our garden and this
  818.  not bother to go buy elsewhere.  "We want something good
  819.  "Said Alceste and went poking her nose in the flowers that were in the shop window,
  820.  to see if it smelled good.  The lady counted my money and she said she
  821.  could not give me many, many flowers.  As I looked very
  822.  embarrassed, the lady looked at me, she thought for a moment, she told me that I was a
  823.  cute little boy, she gave me a pat on the head and then she told me
  824. ________________________________________
  825.  Page 30
  827.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 30
  828.  she would fix it.  The lady chose flowers to right and left and then
  829.  has lots of green leaves that, it has pleased Alceste, because he said that these
  830.  leaves were like the vegetables you put in the pot-au-feu.  The bouquet was
  831.  very nice and very big, the woman was wrapped in transparent paper
  832.  made a noise and she told me to be careful when wearing it.  Since I had my
  833.  Alcestis had finished bouquet and smell the flowers, I said thank you to the lady and we
  834.  went out.
  835.  I was very happy with my bouquet when we met Geoffrey,
  836.  Clotaire and Rufus, three buddies from school.  "Look Nicolas said Geoffrey, what
  837.  may look andouille with flowers!  - You have the vein that I have flowers, I
  838.  told him, otherwise you would get a slap!  - Give them to me, your flowers, Alceste said, I
  839.  am willing to take the blows while you Geoffroy.  "So I, I gave the bouquet
  840.  Alceste and Geoff gave me a slap.  We fought and I said he was
  841.  Later, when we stopped.  But I had to stay a little longer, because said Clotaire
  842.  "Look Alceste, now it was he who looked like a fool, with the flowers!  "
  843.  Then Alcestis gave him a blow on the head with the bouquet.  "My flowers!  I
  844.  screamed.  You'll break my flowers!  "It's true, too!  Alceste, he gave a lot of
  845.  Loved my bouquet and the flowers were flying from all sides because the paper
  846.  Clotaire had torn and shouted: "It does not hurt me, it does not hurt me!  "
  847.  When Alceste stopped, Clotaire's head was covered by leaves
  848.  green bouquet and it's true that it looked like an awfully pot-au-feu.  I, I
  849.  started to pick up my flowers and I told them, my friends, they were
  850.  wicked.  "Yes," said Rufus, it's not nice what you did to the flowers
  851.  by Nicolas!  - You, you did not get struck!  "Said Geoffrey and they started
  852.  to give blows.  Alceste, he, left his side, because the head of Clotaire
  853.  gave him hungry and he did not want to be late for dinner.
  854.  I am left with my flowers.  It lacked, there was more vegetables
  855.  or paper, but it was still a beautiful bouquet, and then later, I met
  856.  Eudes.
  857. ________________________________________
  858.  Page 31
  860.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 31
  861.  "You make a game of marbles?  "He asked me, Odo.  "I can not, I
  862.  I answered, I must go home to give these flowers to my mom.  But
  863.  Eudes said it was still early, and then me, I like to play
  864.  ball, I play very well, I aim and bang!  almost always, I win.  So I arranged the
  865.  flowers on the sidewalk and started to play with Eudes and it's nice to play
  866.  marbles with Eudes, because he often loses.  The trouble is that when he loses it
  867.  is not happy and he told me that I was cheating and I told him he was a liar,
  868.  then he pushed me and I fell sitting on the bouquet and it does not make them the
  869.  many flowers.  "I'll tell mom what you did to her flowers," I told him to
  870.  Eudes Eudes and was very upset.  So he helped me choose which flowers were
  871.  less crushed.  I like it Eudes is a good friend.
  872.  I went back to walk, my bouquet, it was not very big, but
  873.  flowers that remained, it was going, a flower was a little crushed, but the other two
  874.  were fine.  And then I saw Joachim arrived on his bike.  Joachim is a
  875.  school friend who has a bike.
  876.  So there, I have decided not to fight, because if I kept
  877.  compete with all the friends I met on the street soon, I do
  878.  remain more flowers to give to my mom.  And then, after all, it does
  879.  not look at my friends if I want to give flowers to my mom, my right and
  880.  then me, I think they are jealous, simply because my mom will be
  881.  very happy and it will give me a good serve and she will say I am very
  882.  nice and then what do they all have to tease me?
  883.  "Hi, Nicolas!  "He said, Joachim.  "What is wrong with my bouquet?  I cried
  884.  Joachim.  An-socket yourself!  Joachim stopped his bike, he looked at me with
  885.  round eyes and asked, "What bouquet?  - This one!  "I said and I
  886.  I sent him flowers to FIG.  I think not ^ Joachim did not expect to receive
  887.  flowers on the figure, in any case, it has not rained at all.  He threw the flowers
  888.  in the street and they fell on the roof of a car that was going on and they are
  889.  parts with the car.  "My flowers!  I screamed.  The flowers of my Mom!  - Do not worry,
  890.  Joachim said, I take the bike and I catch the car!  He is kind, Joachim, but he
  891. ________________________________________
  892.  Page 32
  894.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 32
  895.  do not pedal fast, especially when it rises, and yet he trains for the Tour de
  896.  France he will do when he grows up.  Joachim came back telling me that he had
  897.  unable to catch the car, she had dropped into a neck.  But I brought a flower
  898.  which had fallen from the roof of the car.  No luck, it was one that was crushed.
  899.  Joachim went very quickly, it comes down to his house, and I am
  900.  came home with my flower all crumpled.  I like a big ball
  901.  in the throat.  Like when I bring my notebook to class at home with
  902.  zeros in it.
  903.  I opened the door and I told mom, "Happy birthday, Mum and I
  904.  I started to cry.  Mom looked at the flower, it looked a little surprised, and
  905.  then she took me in her arms, she kissed me lots and lots of times, she
  906.  said she had never received such a beautiful bouquet and she put the flower in the
  907.  vase blue room.
  908.  You say what you want, but my mom, she is great!
  909. ________________________________________
  910.  Page 33
  912.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 33
  913.  8.  Books
  914.  This afternoon, at school, we did not laugh, because the director came
  915.  class we distribute books.  It did not look happy, the director, when he
  916.  came with our books under his arm.  "I've been in education since the
  917.  years, he said, the director, and I've never seen a class also dissipated.  The
  918.  comments made on your books by your mistress are authentic.  I will
  919.  begin distributing the books.  And Clotaire began to cry.  Clotaire is the
  920.  bottom of the class and every month, in his book, the teacher writes numerous
  921.  things and dad and mom to Clotaire are not happy and deprive
  922.  dessert and television.  They are so used, Clotaire told me that once
  923.  per month, his mother does not desert and his dad will watch television in the
  924.  neighbors.
  925.  On my notebook with me was: "Student turbulent, often distracted.  Could
  926.  do better.  "Odo was:" Student dissipated.  Fights with his classmates.  Could
  927.  better.  For Rufus, was: "Persist in class playing with a whistle,
  928.  repeatedly confiscated.  Could do better.  "The only one who could not do better,
  929.  Agnan it.  Agnan is the first class and the teacher's pet.  The
  930.  Director has read the book Agnan: "Student applied intelligent.  Happen.  The
  931.  Director told us that we should follow the example of Agnan, we were small
  932.  scoundrels, we would end up in prison and it would surely with difficulty
  933.  our fathers and our mothers had to have other plans for us.  And then
  934.  left.
  935.  We were left very annoyed because the books, our fathers are the
  936.  sign and it is not always very funny.  So when the bell rang the end of
  937.  class, instead of running all at the door, we shove, push us and
  938.  we cast our binders head as we usually do, we are
  939.  out slowly, saying nothing.  Even the lady looked sad.  We, we do it
  940.  wants not to the teacher.  It must be said that this month was a bit done and the horns
  941.  Geoffrey then should not have reversed his ink by Joachim, who was on earth
  942. ________________________________________
  943.  Page 34
  945.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 34
  946.  dropped by a lot of tricks because Eudes gave him a shot
  947.  fist on the nose when it was Rufus who had pulled the hair Eudes.
  948.  In the street, we walked not rapidly, dragging their feet.  Before the
  949.  pastry was expected that Alcestis had entered buy six chocolate buns
  950.  he started eating right away.  "I must make provisions, we
  951.  Alceste said, because tonight, for dessert ...  "And then he heaved a deep sigh,
  952.  while chewing.  It must be said that the book Alceste, it was: "If this student
  953.  put as much energy at work and feed himself, he would be the first class, because
  954.  he could do better.  "
  955.  One who seemed the least bothered, it was Odo.  "I, he said, I do not
  956.  fear.  My dad, he tells me nothing, I look straight in the eye and then him, he signs
  957.  the book and then voila!  He has a vein, Odo.  When we arrived at the corner, it was
  958.  separated.  Clotaire left crying, eating and Alceste, whistling while Rufus
  959.  down his whistle.
  960.  I am left alone with Eudes.  "If you're afraid to go home is
  961.  Easy, said Odo.  You come home and you stay the night at home.  "It is a
  962.  Eudes boyfriend.  We started together and told me how he Eudes
  963.  looked at his dad in the eye.  But the more we approached the house Eudes
  964.  Odo spoke less.  When one has found the front door of the house, not Eudes
  965.  said nothing.  We stayed there for a while and then I said to Odo "So, we enter?
  966.  "Odo scratched his head and then he said:" Wait for me a little while.  I
  967.  come back and get you.  And then Eudes came home.  He had left the door
  968.  ajar, so I heard a slap, a loud voice saying: "In bed without
  969.  dessert, sweet bum "and Eudes crying.  I think in terms of eye
  970.  his father, Eudes did not have a good look.
  971.  What was annoying is that now I had to go home.
  972.  I started walking, being careful not to set foot on
  973.  lines between the stones, it was easy because I was not going fast.  Dad, I knew
  974.  what I say.  It seems to me that he was always first in his class and his
  975. ________________________________________
  976.  Page 35
  978.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 35
  979.  his dad was very proud of my dad to me and he brought the school a lot of
  980.  honor rolls and cross and he would show me, but he has
  981.  lost in the move when he got married.  And Dad would tell me that I
  982.  happen anywhere, I'd poor and people would say it is Nicolas, this
  983.  who had poor grades in school, and they point the finger at me and I
  984.  'd laugh.  After, Dad would tell me he was bleeding to four veins for me
  985.  give a good education and I am armed for life and that I was
  986.  ungrateful and I do not even suffer the pain that I was doing to my poor
  987.  parents and I will not have dessert and that is the cinema, we await the
  988.  next book.
  989.  He will tell me everything, my dad, like last month and the month before,
  990.  but me, I've had enough.  I'll tell him I am very unhappy, and since it
  991.  like that, well I'll leave home and go very far and I regret it
  992.  much and I will not go back in a lot of years and I have a lot of money
  993.  and dad is ashamed of me that I will say anything and people will not dare
  994.  show me the finger for fun with my money and I'll take the mom and dad
  995.  cinema and everyone will say: "Look, it's Nicolas who has lots of money and
  996.  Cinema is he who pays his dad and his mom, even if they were not very
  997.  nice to him "and the movies, I'll take also the teacher and the director of
  998.  school and I found myself in front of me.
  999.  Thinking about all this and telling me stories of owls, I forgot
  1000.  my notebook and I walked very fast.  I had a big lump in my throat and I
  1001.  told myself that maybe it was better to leave immediately and return only in
  1002.  lots of years but it was getting dark and mom does not like me to be
  1003.  outside when it's late.  So I entered.
  1004.  In the living room, Dad was talking with Mom.  There were lots of
  1005.  papers on the table before him and he did not look happy.  "It's unbelievable," said
  1006.  Dad to see what is spent in this house, you'd think I'm a multi-
  1007.  millionaire!  Look at these bills!  The butcher's bill!  That of the grocer!
  1008.  Oh, of course, money is I who must find it!  "Mom was not happy either
  1009. ________________________________________
  1010.  Page 36
  1012.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 36
  1013.  more and she told Dad that he had no idea of the cost of living and that one day he
  1014.  should go shopping with her and she would return with his mother and he
  1015.  should not discuss this in front of the child.  Me, so I gave the book to Dad.
  1016.  Dad, he opened the book, he signed and gave it to me saying: "The child has nothing to
  1017.  do with it.  All I ask is that you explain why the Leg
  1018.  costs that price!  - Monte play in your bedroom, Nicolas, "said Mom.  "That's
  1019.  that's it, "said Dad.
  1020.  I got into my room, I lay on the bed and I started
  1021.  crying.
  1022.  It is true that, if my dad and my mom loved me, they would deal a little
  1023.  Me!
  1024. ________________________________________
  1025.  Page 37
  1027.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 37
  1028.  9.  Louisette
  1029.  I was not happy when mum told me that her friends would
  1030.  have tea with her little girl.  Me, I do not like girls.  It's stupid, it knows
  1031.  not play anything but the doll and the market and it cries all the time.
  1032.  Of course, I also cry sometimes, but for serious things, like
  1033.  both the living room where the vase broke and Dad scolded me and it was not fair
  1034.  because I had not done on purpose and then the vase was very ugly and I know
  1035.  my dad does not like me playing ball in the house but outside it was raining.
  1036.  "You will be very nice with Louisette, mom told me, is a charming
  1037.  little girl and I want you to show him that you are very high.  "
  1038.  When Mom wants to show that I am well educated, she dressed with
  1039.  blue suit and white shirt and I look like a joke.  I told my mom that
  1040.  I would rather go with friends to the movies to see a movie cowboy, but
  1041.  Mom made me her eyes as if she did not want to laugh.
  1042.  "And I beg you not to be brutal with this girl, otherwise you will
  1043.  matter to me, "said mom, okay?  At four hours, friends mom came
  1044.  with her granddaughter.  Mom's friend kissed me, she said, like everyone
  1045.  world, I was a big boy, she also told me: "That Louisette.  "Louisette
  1046.  and I, we looked at.  She had yellow hair, with plaits, eyes
  1047.  blue, a nose and a red dress.  It has given the finger, very quickly.  Mom served
  1048.  tea, and that was fine, because when there are people for tea, there are
  1049.  chocolate cakes and we can resume twice.  During the tasting, Louisette
  1050.  me and nothing was said.  We ate and we did not look.  When it has finished
  1051.  Mom said, "Now children, go have fun.  Nicolas, takes Loui-
  1052.  sette into your room and show him your beautiful toys.  "Mom she said that with a
  1053.  big smile, but at the same time it made me eyes, those with which it is
  1054.  best not to laugh.  Louisette me and we went to my room and there, I do
  1055.  did not know what to say.  Louisette who said it, she said: "You look like a monkey.  "
  1056. ________________________________________
  1057.  Page 38
  1059.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 38
  1060.  It does not please me, too, so I told him: "And you're a girl!  "And she
  1061.  slapped.  I had wanted me to cry, but I restrained myself,
  1062.  because Mom wanted me to be very high, so I pulled one of the mats
  1063.  Louisette and she gave me a kick to the ankle.  There he still took
  1064.  I make "ouch, ouch" because it hurt.  I was going to give him a slap,
  1065.  Louisette when conversation has changed, she said: "So these toys, you me
  1066.  watches?  "I was going to say it was boy toys, when she saw my bear
  1067.  Teddy, the one I once shaved half with a razor Dad.  I had
  1068.  shaved only half, because the razor dad did not survive.  "You
  1069.  cheeks with dolls?  "She asked Louisette, and then she started laughing.  Going
  1070.  shoot him a mat and Louisette raised his hand to put me on the figure, when the
  1071.  door opened and both our mothers came.  "Then the children said
  1072.  Mom, you're having fun right?  - Oh, yes ma'am!  "Said Louisette with eyes
  1073.  wide open and then she moves her eyes and quickly kissed her mom
  1074.  saying: "Adorable, she is adorable!  It's a real chick!  "And Louisette
  1075.  worked hard on your eyes.  "Watch your beautiful picture books to Louisette"
  1076.  I told my mom and another mom said we were two little chicks and
  1077.  they are parties.
  1078.  Me, I pulled out my closet of books and I have given Louisette, but
  1079.  has not looked at it and threw them on the ground, even one where there are lots
  1080.  Indians and that is terrible: "It does not interest me your books, she said, Louisette,
  1081.  you do not have something more fun?  "And then she looked in the closet and
  1082.  saw my airplane, the owl, one that has an elastic band, which is red and flies.  "
  1083.  Leave it, I said, it's not for girls, it's my plane!  "And I tried
  1084.  resume, but Louisette departed.  "I'm the guest, she said, I have the right
  1085.  play with all your toys, and if you do not agree, I call my mom and see
  1086.  that's right!  "I do not know what to do, I do not want her to break it, my
  1087.  plane, but I did not feel she calls her mom, because that would make
  1088.  stories.  While I was there, thinking, Louisette rotates the propeller
  1089.  the elastic back and then she dropped the plane.  She dropped by my window
  1090.  room that was open, and the flight departed.  "Look what you did, I screamed.
  1091. ________________________________________
  1092.  Page 39
  1094.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 39
  1095.  My plane is lost!  "And I started to cry.  "It is not lost, your plane,
  1096.  beta, Louisette said, look, he fell in the garden, one has only to go
  1097.  search.  "
  1098.  We descended into the living room and I asked Mom if we
  1099.  could play out in the garden and Mom said it was too cold, but
  1100.  Louisette was the shot of the eyelids and she said she wanted to see the pretty flowers.
  1101.  Then my mom said she was a cute chick and she said well we
  1102.  cover to exit.  It will take me to learn, for the eye, it looks to walk
  1103.  oddly, that thing!
  1104.  In the garden, I picked up the plane, which was not, fortunately, and
  1105.  Louisette said, "What do we do?  - I do not know me, I said, you wanted
  1106.  see the flowers, watch them, there's a lot there.  But she said it Louisette
  1107.  laughed at my flowers and they were lousy.  I had wanted to slap him on
  1108.  the nose, Louisette, but I did not dare, because the living room window overlooks
  1109.  garden, and in the living room there were the moms.  "I have no toys here, except the ball
  1110.  Football in the garage.  "Louisette told me it was a good idea.  It is
  1111.  went for the ball and I was very annoyed, I was afraid that my friends
  1112.  are playing with a girl.  "You put yourself into the trees, said Louisette, and you
  1113.  trying to stop the ball.  "
  1114.  There, she made me laugh, Louisette, and then she has gained momentum and, boom!  a shoot
  1115.  terrible!  The ball, I could not stop it, she broke the glass window of the garage.
  1116.  Moms are out of the house running.  My mom saw the window
  1117.  the garage and she understood immediately.  "Nicolas!  she said, instead of playing
  1118.  rough play, you better t'occu-per of your guests, especially when they are
  1119.  Louisette nice that!  "Me, I looked Louisette, it was later in the garden
  1120.  now feel the begonias.
  1121.  The night I was deprived of dessert, but it does not matter, it is nice,
  1122.  Louisette, and when we get bigger, we will marry.
  1123. ________________________________________
  1124.  Page 40
  1126.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 40
  1127.  She has a terrible shot!
  1128.  Was repeated for the Minister
  1129.  It made us all take to the court and the director came to us
  1130.  talk.  "My dear children, he told us, I am very pleased to announce that
  1131.  during his stay in our city Excellency will give us
  1132.  the honor to visit this school.  You know, maybe not that Mr.
  1133.  Minister is an alumnus of the school.  It is an example for you, an example
  1134.  proves that by working well you can aspire to the highest destiny.  I
  1135.  insist that the Minister receives an unforgettable welcome here and I look
  1136.  you to help me in this goal.  And the director sent to Clotaire and Joachim
  1137.  stake because they were fighting.
  1138.  After the director has met all the teachers and supervisors about him
  1139.  and he told them he had terrible ideas to receive the minister.  To
  1140.  First, we would all sing La Marseillaise and then later, three small
  1141.  advancing with flowers and they give flowers to the minister.  It is true that
  1142.  has nice ideas and the director would be a good surprise to the Minister
  1143.  receiving flowers, it surely does not expect it.  Our teacher has seemed restless,
  1144.  I wonder why.  I found the nerve, in recent times, the mistress.
  1145.  The director said that we would start rehearsal immediately and there was
  1146.  was roughly satisfied, because we did not go to class.  Miss
  1147.  Vanderblergue, which is a singing teacher, made us sing the Marseillaise.  It
  1148.  Apparently it was not too successful, however, it was a funny noise.  It's true
  1149.  that we, we were a little ahead of the great.  Them, they were the day of
  1150.  glory has arrived and we, we were already in the second bloody banner
  1151.  is raised, but Rufus does not know the words and that was "lalala" and Alceste
  1152.  that does not sing because he was eating a croissant.  Miss
  1153.  Vanderblergue made sweeping gestures with his arms to silence us, but
  1154.  Instead of scolding children alike that were late, she scolded us that we had
  1155.  gained and what is not fair.  Perhaps what angered miss
  1156. ________________________________________
  1157.  Page 41
  1159.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 41
  1160.  Vanderblergue is that Rufus sings, closing his eyes, he had not seen
  1161.  had to stop and he continued to "lalala".  Our teacher talked to
  1162.  Director and miss Vanderblergue and then the director told us that only
  1163.  great sing, would seem small.  We tried and it worked very well
  1164.  market, but there was less noise and the director told it was not Alceste
  1165.  the penalty for making faces like pretending to sing to him and Alceste
  1166.  said he did not pretend to sing, he chewed and the director
  1167.  heaved a deep sigh.  "Well, the director said, after the Marseillaise, we will do
  1168.  three small forward.  "The manager looked at us and then he chose Eudes Agnan
  1169.  which is the first class and the teacher's pet, and myself.  "Damage
  1170.  that this is not for girls, said the director, they could dress in blue, white
  1171.  and red, and then what happens sometimes, they put a bow in her hair is
  1172.  the best effect.  "If I put a bow in her hair, it's going to smoke," said
  1173.  Eudes.  The director has turned his head quickly and stared with one eye while Eudes
  1174.  large and one small, because of the eyebrow that he had put on.  "What you
  1175.  you say?  "Asked the director, then our teacher said quickly:" Nothing
  1176.  sir, he coughed.  - No, miss, said Agnan, I
  1177.  Naturally, he said ...  "But the teacher did not let him finish, she said she did it
  1178.  had not asked for anything.  "Exactly, dirty blues," said Odo, you did not get struck.  "
  1179.  Agnan started to cry and say that nobody loved him and he was very
  1180.  unhappy and he felt ill and that he would talk to his dad and we were going
  1181.  see what we would see and the lady told Odo not to talk without having the
  1182.  permission and the director has spent hand over his face as if to wipe it
  1183.  asked the teacher if this little conversation was over and he could
  1184.  continue, the teacher became very red and it suited him very well, it is
  1185.  almost as pretty as mom, but here it's more dad turns red.  "
  1186.  Well, said the director, the three children will advance to the Minister and
  1187.  will bring her flowers.  I need something that looks like bunches of
  1188.  flowers for the rehearsal.  The Bouillon, who is the supervisor, said: "I have an idea
  1189.  sir, I'll be right back "and he ran away and it is
  1190.  back with three feather dusters.  The director looked a little surprised and then said that
  1191.  Yes, after all, to repeat, it would do.  Bouillon gave us a
  1192. ________________________________________
  1193.  Page 42
  1195.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 42
  1196.  duster to everyone, Odo, and Agnan to me.  "Well," said the director, now
  1197.  children, we will assume that I am Sir, then you, you
  1198.  you go and you give me the feather dusters.  "We do as he said,
  1199.  director, and he was given the feather dusters.  The director stood in the dusters
  1200.  arm, when suddenly he got angry.  He looked at Geoffrey and told him: "You there-
  1201.  down!  I saw you laugh.  I would like you to tell us what is so
  1202.  funny, so we can all benefit.  - That's what you said, sir,
  1203.  Geoffroy said, the idea of nodes in the hair of Nicolas, Eudes
  1204.  and the darling of Agnan dirty, that's what made me laugh!  - Want a punch
  1205.  on the nose?  "Odo asked.  "Yeah," I said, and Geoff gave me a slap.  We
  1206.  began to fight and the other guys have gotten too, except that Agnan
  1207.  rolled on the ground, shouting that he was not a dirty pet and no one
  1208.  loved him and that his dad would complain to the minister.  The manager waved his feather dusters
  1209.  and shouted: "Stop!  But stop!  "Everyone was running around, miss
  1210.  Vanderblergue fainted, it was terrible.
  1211.  The next day when the minister came, it went well, but we are
  1212.  has not seen, because we had put in the laundry, and even if the minister
  1213.  wanted to see us he could not because the door was locked.
  1214.  It has some funny ideas, the director!
  1215. ________________________________________
  1216.  Page 43
  1218.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 43
  1219.  10.
  1220.  I smoke
  1221.  I was in the garden and I did nothing when it came to me and Alceste
  1222.  asked what I was doing and I replied: "Nothing.  "
  1223.  So Alceste said, "Come with me, I have something to show you, we will
  1224.  laugh.  "Me, I immediately followed Alceste, it plays well both.  Alceste, I
  1225.  do not know if I told you, it's a friend who is very big and eats all the
  1226.  time.  But there he was not eating, he had his hand in the pocket and while
  1227.  we walked in the street, he looked behind him as if to see if we can not
  1228.  not follow.  "What you want to show me, Alceste?  "I asked.  "No
  1229.  yet, "he said.
  1230.  Finally, when we turned the corner, Alceste has emerged from his pocket a large
  1231.  cigar.  "Look, he said, and it is real, not chocolate!  "That he was not
  1232.  chocolate, it did not need to tell me if the cigar was made of chocolate, Alceste
  1233.  I do not have the show, he would have eaten.
  1234.  I was a little disappointed, Alceste told me they were going to laugh.  "And what
  1235.  we gonna do with that cigar?  "I asked.  "This way!  replied Alceste
  1236.  we shall smoke, of course!  "I was not so sure that's a good idea
  1237.  smoking a cigar, and then, I have a feeling it would not please my mom and
  1238.  Dad, but Alceste asked if my dad and my mom forbade me
  1239.  cigar smoking.  I thought, and here I must say that dad and mom forbade me to
  1240.  draw pictures on the walls of my room, talking at the table when there are
  1241.  without my guests asked, to fill the tub to play with my
  1242.  boat, eating cake before dinner, to slam the doors, put me
  1243.  fingers in the nose and say bad words, but, smoking a cigar, that, Dad and
  1244.  Mom does not have defended myself.
  1245.  "See, I told Alceste.  Anyway, so we had no stories, we
  1246.  we will hide somewhere where we can smoke in peace.  "Me, I
  1247.  suggested that we go in the vacant lot not far from home.  Dad, there
  1248. ________________________________________
  1249.  Page 44
  1251.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 44
  1252.  never will.  Alceste said it was a good idea and we were already proceeding with the
  1253.  fence to enter the open field, when Alceste has hit the front.  "You
  1254.  have a light?  "He asked, I told him no.  "Well then, said Alcestis
  1255.  how do you go to smoke, this cigar?  "I suggested we ask the fire
  1256.  a man in the street, I've seen it done to my dad and it's great fun, because
  1257.  the other gentleman that always tries to light his lighter and the wind can not
  1258.  not, then he gives his cigarette and Dad Dad supports his cigarette against that of
  1259.  Mr. and Mr. cigarette is all crumpled and the man is not
  1260.  so happy.  But Alceste told me that I had fallen on his head and never
  1261.  gentleman would not give us the fire because it was too small.  Damage, it
  1262.  would have amused crumpling a cigarette from a gentleman with our big cigar.  "And
  1263.  if it was going to buy matches at a tobacconist?  "I said.  "You got
  1264.  sub?  "Asked Alceste.  I said that I could contribute and at the end of
  1265.  year, at school, to buy a present to the mistress.  Alceste was angry, he said
  1266.  him that he put the cigar, it was fair that I pay the matches.  "You have paid the
  1267.  cigar?  "I asked.  "No," said Alcestis, I found it in the drawer of the desk
  1268.  my dad, and as my dad does not smoke cigars, it's not going to deprive him and he
  1269.  will never see that the cigar is gone.  - If you do not pay the cigar, there is no
  1270.  Because I pay the matches, "I said.  Finally, I agreed to buy
  1271.  matches, provided that Alceste come with me into the office of tobacco, I
  1272.  a little scared to go alone.
  1273.  We went into the tobacco shop and the lady asked us: "
  1274.  What you want, my rabbits?  - Matches "I said.  "It is our
  1275.  dads, "said Alcestis, but that it was not smart, because the lady was distrusted
  1276.  and she said that we should not play with matches, she did not want
  1277.  we sell and we were little rascals.  I liked better before,
  1278.  Alceste and me when we were rabbits.
  1279.  We left the office of tobacco and we were very annoyed.  It
  1280.  difficult to smoke cigars when you're small!  "I have a cousin who is a Boy Scout,
  1281.  Alceste said.  It seems that he has learned to make fire by rubbing sticks.
  1282. ________________________________________
  1283.  Page 45
  1285.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 45
  1286.  If we were Boy Scouts, we would know how to smoke a cigar.  "I did not know
  1287.  not being taught these things, in the Boy Scouts, but we should not believe everything
  1288.  that tells Alceste.  Me, I've never seen Boy Scout cigar smoking.
  1289.  "I'm tired of your cigar, I said to Alceste, I'm going home.  - Yes, said
  1290.  Alceste, in fact I'm getting hungry and I do not want to be late for
  1291.  taste, there's absolutely amazed.  And all of a sudden we saw the floor, on the sidewalk, a box
  1292.  match!  Quickly, we picked it up and we saw that there were a match inside.
  1293.  Alceste was so nervous that he forgot his baba.  And forget Alceste
  1294.  a baba, he must be awfully nervous!  "Come quickly into the wasteland!  "Has
  1295.  Alceste shouted.
  1296.  We ran and we had the fence, where it lacks a
  1297.  board.  It is nice wave field, we often go to play.  There are
  1298.  all there: grass, mud, cobblestones, old crates, boxes
  1299.  canned, cats, and especially, especially, a car!  It's an old car, of course, she
  1300.  has no wheels, no engine, no doors, but we're having fun in there,
  1301.  VROM is made, VROM and it also plays to the bus, ding, ding, end section, complete.
  1302.  It's terrible!
  1303.  "We will smoke in the car," said Alcestis.  We entered and,
  1304.  when we sat down, the springs in the chairs have made a funny
  1305.  noise, like grandpa's chair, in itself, that even does not want to settle
  1306.  because it reminds him grandpa.
  1307.  Alceste has bitten the tip of the cigar and he spat.  He said he had seen
  1308.  that in a movie villains.  And then, there has been careful not to spoil
  1309.  the match and everything went well.  Alceste, such as cigars he had, it was he who
  1310.  began, sucked by a lot of noise and there was lots of smoke.  The
  1311.  first time, it surprised him, Alceste, it has been coughing and it gave me a cigar.  I
  1312.  sucked, too, and I must say that I have not found it so good and it made me
  1313.  cough, too.  "You do not know, told me Alceste, look!  Smoke through the nose!  And
  1314.  Alcestis took the cigar and he tried to pass the smoke through his nose, and that, that
  1315. ________________________________________
  1316.  Page 46
  1318.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 46
  1319.  has roughly cough.  I've tried my turn and I have done better, but
  1320.  Smoke stung my eyes.  We laughed well.
  1321.  We were there to pass the cigar, when Alceste said: "It makes me all
  1322.  thing, I've had enough.  He was green, Alceste, and then, suddenly, it was
  1323.  awfully sick.  The cigar, he was thrown for me, my head was turned to me and I
  1324.  a bit like crying.  "I go home my mom," said Alceste and left in
  1325.  holding his stomach.  I think he will not eat tonight baba.
  1326.  I'm back home, too.  It was not very strong.  Dad sat
  1327.  in the lounge, smoking his pipe, Mom was knitting and I have been sick.  Mom was
  1328.  very worried, she asked me what I had, I told him it was smoke, but
  1329.  I could not continue to explain the scope of the cigar, because I have been
  1330.  ill.  "You see, Mom said to Dad, I've always said that this pipe stank!  "
  1331.  And at home, since I smoked a cigar, Dad no longer has the right to smoke a pipe.
  1332. ________________________________________
  1333.  Page 47
  1335.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 47
  1336.  11.
  1337.  Tom Thumb
  1338.  The lady told us that the school principal was leaving, he took
  1339.  retirement.  To celebrate, terrible things are prepared, at school, we will do
  1340.  as for the prize: the moms and dads come, we will
  1341.  chairs in the large class of seating for the director and teachers
  1342.  garlands and a platform for representation.  The comedy, as
  1343.  usual, it will be us, students.
  1344.  Each class is up to something.  The children go to the gym
  1345.  they are all over each other and whoever is the highest, he waved a small
  1346.  flag and everyone applauds.  They did it last year for the
  1347.  distribution of prizes and it was very nice, even if in the end it was just missed for the
  1348.  flag, because they have fallen before the shake.  The class above ours
  1349.  going to dance.  Fis are all dressed as peasants, with hooves.  They will get in
  1350.  round, will type on the dais with hooves, but instead of waving a flag, they
  1351.  waving handkerchiefs, shouting "youp one!  "They too have done this year
  1352.  last was worse than the gym, but they have not fallen.  There
  1353.  a class that will sing Frere Jacques and a former student who will recite a
  1354.  compliment and say that's because the director gave him good
  1355.  advice he became a man and secretary to the mayor.
  1356.  We gonna be great!  The lady told us we were going to play
  1357.  a play!  A piece like in theaters and television Clotaire,
  1358.  because daddy would not even buy one.
  1359.  The piece is called Tom Thumb and Puss in Boots, and today in class
  1360.  we are the first rehearsal, the teacher should tell us what roles we will
  1361.  play.  Geoffrey, at random, came dressed as a cowboy, his dad is very rich and
  1362.  he buys a lot of things, but the teacher did not really enjoy the
  1363.  Geoffroy disguise.  "I've already warned, Geoffrey, she told him that I do
  1364.  not see you come to school dressed.  Besides, there are no cowboys in this
  1365. ________________________________________
  1366.  Page 48
  1368.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 48
  1369.  room.  - No cowboys?  asked Geoffrey, and you call it a play?  Okay
  1370.  not be ugly!  "And the mistress has been picketed.
  1371.  The history part is very complicated and I do not quite understand
  1372.  when the teacher has told us.  I know there's Tom Thumb who seeks his
  1373.  he met the brothers and Puss in Boots and there is the Marquis de Carabas and an ogre who wants
  1374.  eat the brothers of Tom Thumb and Puss In Boots helps the Tom Thumb and the Ogre is
  1375.  overcome and it becomes nice and I think in the end it does not eat the Little Brothers
  1376.  Thumb and everyone is happy and they eat anything.
  1377.  "Come," said the teacher, who will play the role of Tom Thumb?  - Me
  1378.  miss, said Agnan.  This is the main role and I am the first class!  "
  1379.  It is true qu'Agnan the first class is also a favorite and a bad
  1380.  friend who cries all the time and wears glasses and can not be him
  1381.  beaten up because of them.  "You got a head to play the Tom Thumb, like me
  1382.  making lace!  "Said Odo, a friend and Agnan started crying and
  1383.  Eudes mistress has picketed beside Geoffroy.
  1384.  "It takes me an ogre, now," said the lady, an ogre who wants to
  1385.  eating Tom Thumb!  "Me, I suggested that the ogre is Alceste, because it is very
  1386.  big and eats all the time.  But Alceste disagreed, he looked Agnan
  1387.  and he said: "I do not eat it myself!  "This is the first time I see him air
  1388.  disgusted, Alceste is true that the idea of eating Agnan, not so much
  1389.  appetizing.  Agnan was annoyed that we do not want to eat it.  "If you do not drop it
  1390.  you said, shouted Agnan I complain to my parents and I'll return to
  1391.  School!  - Silence!  shouted the teacher.  Alceste, you will make the crowd of villagers and then
  1392.  also, you will be the prompter, to help your classmates during the performance.  "
  1393.  The idea of blowing with friends, like when they are at the table, it was fun,
  1394.  Alceste, he took a biscuit in his pocket, is placed in the mouth and said: "
  1395.  D'ac!  - What a way to express themselves, screamed the mistress, do you mean
  1396.  correctly!  - D'ac, miss, "corrected Alceste and pushed a mistress
  1397.  sigh, she looks tired these days.
  1398. ________________________________________
  1399.  Page 49
  1401.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 49
  1402.  For Puss in Boots, the first lady had chosen Maixent.  She told him
  1403.  he had a nice suit, a sword, whiskers and a tail.  Maixent was
  1404.  agreement for the beautiful costumes, mustaches, and especially the sword, but he did
  1405.  know anything about the tail.  "I'll look like a monkey," he said.  "What Ben said Joachim
  1406.  thou shalt be natural!  "Maixent and gave him a kick, Joachim has made a
  1407.  slap mistress has put both the stake and she told me that Puss in Boots
  1408.  it would be me and if I did not like it was the same price, because it
  1409.  was getting tired of this gang of scoundrels and she complained
  1410.  many of our parents having to raise us and if it continues like this we
  1411.  end up in prison and she complained the guards.
  1412.  After choosing Rufus to the ogre and the Marquis de Carabas Clotaire, the
  1413.  teacher gave us sheets typewritten, where there was what we
  1414.  had to say.  The teacher saw that there were lots of actors picketed, then it
  1415.  They were told to return to help Alceste to the crowd of villagers.  Alceste was
  1416.  not happy, he wanted to make the crowd alone, but the teacher told him to shut up.  "
  1417.  Good, "said the teacher, it will start, read your roles.  Agnan is what you
  1418.  gonna do: you come here, you're desperate, it's the forest, you want your brothers and you
  1419.  to find Nicolas, Puss in Boots.  You guys, the crowd, you say, all
  1420.  whole: but this is the Tom Thumb and Puss In Boots!  Let's go.  "
  1421.  We got to the blackboard.  Me, I had a rule in my
  1422.  belt to pretend that it was the sword and began to read Agnan role.  "
  1423.  My brothers, he said, where are my poor brother!  - My brothers, yelled Alcestis, where
  1424.  my poor brother!  - But, Alceste, what are you doing?  "Asked the mistress.  "
  1425.  Ben whereof said Alceste, I am the blower, so I breath!  - Mademoiselle, a
  1426.  Agnan said, when Alceste breath, he sends me cookie crumbs on my glasses
  1427.  and I do not see anything!  I shall complain to my parents!  And removed his Agnan
  1428.  glasses to wipe them, then quickly Alceste has benefited and it gave him a slap.  "
  1429.  On the nose!  shouted Eudes, slap on the nose!  "Agnan started screaming and crying.  He said
  1430.  he was unhappy and wanted to kill him and he rolled on the floor.  Maixent
  1431.  Joachim and Geoffrey began to the crowd: "But Tom Thumb, they
  1432. ________________________________________
  1433.  Page 50
  1435.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 50
  1436.  said, and Puss in Boots!  "I was fighting with Rufus.  I had him as a ruler and
  1437.  pen.  Repetition walked pretty darn well, when suddenly, the teacher has
  1438.  shouted: "Enough!  To your places!  You will not play this piece during the party.  I do
  1439.  not want Headmaster way that!  "We all stayed mouth
  1440.  open.
  1441.  It was the first time we heard the mistress punish the director!
  1442. ________________________________________
  1443.  Page 51
  1445.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 51
  1446.  12.
  1447.  Cycling
  1448.  Dad would not buy a bike.  He always said that children are
  1449.  very careless and they want to do stunts and they break their bikes and
  1450.  they are evil.  Me, I told Dad that I would be careful and then I cried and
  1451.  Then I sulked and then I said that I was leaving the house, and, finally, Dad said
  1452.  I have a bike if I was among the top ten in the composition of arithmetic.
  1453.  That's why I was very happy yesterday while returning from school, because
  1454.  I was tenth in the composition.  Dad, when he knew he opened his eyes wide and
  1455.  said: "Gee, well, gosh," and kissed my mom and she said that Dad
  1456.  buy me at once a beautiful bike and it was great to have succeeded in my
  1457.  composition of arithmetic.  I must say I was lucky, because we were
  1458.  eleven to the composition, all other friends had the flu and
  1459.  eleventh was Clotaire is always the last but it is not serious because
  1460.  he already has a bike.
  1461.  Today, when I got home, I saw Mum and Dad
  1462.  waiting in the garden with big smiles on their mouths.
  1463.  "We have a surprise for our big boy!  "Said her mom and
  1464.  had eyes that were laughing, and Dad went into the garage and brought it, you do
  1465.  guess not: a bike!  A bike that glowed red and silver, with a lamp and a
  1466.  bell.  Terrible!  Me, I started running and then I kissed Mom, I
  1467.  Dad kissed and I kissed the bike.  "We must promise me to be careful," said
  1468.  Dad, and do not do stunts!  "I promised, when mom kissed me, she
  1469.  I said I was his big boy to her and she would prepare a cream
  1470.  chocolate for dessert and she came into the house.  My mum and dad
  1471.  are the coolest in the world!
  1472.  Dad, he stayed with me in the garden.  "You know, he told me that I was a
  1473.  Funny cycling champion and if I had not known your mother, I might be
  1474.  professional background?  "That I do not know.  I knew that Dad had been a cham-
  1475. ________________________________________
  1476.  Page 52
  1478.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 52
  1479.  pawn terrible football, rugby, swimming and boxing, but the bike was
  1480.  again.  "I'll show you," said dad, and he sat on my bike and he
  1481.  began to turn in the garden.  Of course, the bike was too small for dad and
  1482.  had trouble with his knees he went back to the figure, but he
  1483.  got by.
  1484.  "It shows the most grotesque that I have ever
  1485.  to attend since the last time I saw you!  "He who spoke was Mr.
  1486.  Blédurt, looking over the garden hedge.  Mr. Blédurt is our
  1487.  neighbor, who likes to tease Dad.  "Shut up, Dad told him, you know nothing
  1488.  the bike!  - What?  shouted Mr. Blédurt, knowledge, poor ignorant, I was
  1489.  Interregional amateur champion and professional background that I would if I had not
  1490.  met my wife!  "Dad laughed.  "Champion, you?  he said, Dad.  Do not make me
  1491.  not laugh, you know you barely fit on a tricycle!  "That it has not rained in Mr.
  1492.  Blédurt.  "You'll see," he said and he jumped over the hedge.  "Pass me the bike," he
  1493.  said Mr. Blédurt putting his hand on the handlebars, but Dad refused to let go
  1494.  cycling.  "You were not a sign, Blédurt said dad enters your lair!  - You
  1495.  lest I make thee ashamed before thy unhappy child?  "Asked Mr.
  1496.  Blédurt.  "Shut up, well, you make me the trouble, that's what you do to me!  "Dad said he
  1497.  ripped hands from the handlebars Mr. Blédurt and he started to turn
  1498.  in the garden.  "Grotesque!  "Said Mr. Blédurt," These words do not envy
  1499.  not reach me, "replied Dad.  Me, I ran behind him Dad and I
  1500.  asked if I could take a ride on my bike, but he did not listen, because
  1501.  that Mr. Blédurt began to laugh while watching daddy and daddy went wrong on
  1502.  begonias.  "What you have to giggle?  "Asked Dad.  "I can do
  1503.  a turn now?  "I said.  "I laugh because it amuses me laugh!  "Said Mr.
  1504.  Blédurt.  "This is my bike, after all," I said.  "You're a complete idiot, my
  1505.  Blédurt poor, "said Dad.  "Oh yeah?  "Asked Mr. Blédurt.  "Yes!  "Has
  1506.  Dad replied.  So, Mr. Blédurt approached Dad and he pushed Daddy
  1507.  who fell with my bike in the begonias.  "My bike!  "I screamed.  Dad was
  1508.  up and he pushed Mr. Blédurt who fell in turn, saying: "No, but
  1509.  try a little!  "
  1510. ________________________________________
  1511.  Page 53
  1513.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 53
  1514.  When they continued to push each other, Mr. Blédurt said: "I
  1515.  an idea, I make you a race against the clock around the block, we'll see
  1516.  which of us is the greatest!  - No way, said Dad, I forbid you
  1517.  get on the bike Nicolas!  Moreover, as big as you are, you'd break the bike.
  1518.  - Deflated!  "Said Mr. Blédurt.  "Deflated?  me?  yelled Dad, you'll see!  "
  1519.  Dad took the bike and went out on the sidewalk.  Mr. Blédurt and I have
  1520.  monitoring.  Me, I started getting tired and then I did not even sit on
  1521.  the bike!  "Well, Dad said, we each made a tour of the block and we
  1522.  stopwatch, the winner is declared champion.  This is indeed a formality,
  1523.  for me it's a foregone conclusion!  - I'm glad you recognize your defeat, "said
  1524.  said Mr. Blédurt.  "And me, what do I do?  "I asked.  Dad was
  1525.  returned to me in surprise, as if he had forgotten I was there.  "You?  he said
  1526.  Dad, you?  Well, thou shalt be the timekeeper.  Mr. Blédurt will give you his
  1527.  watch.  But Mr. Blédurt did not give his watch, because it
  1528.  said that children that broke everything, so Dad told him he was stingy and he
  1529.  gave his watch to him which is nice with a large needle that goes very fast but
  1530.  I would have preferred my bike.
  1531.  Dad and Mr. Blédurt drew lots and it is Mr. Blédurt
  1532.  the first party.  How true that is big enough, we saw almost no
  1533.  bike and people passing in the street turned around laughing for
  1534.  look, sir Blédurt.  He was not going very fast and then he turned the corner and he
  1535.  disappeared.  When we saw back in the other corner, Mr. Blédurt was red, it
  1536.  his tongue and he did a lot of zigzags.  "How much?  "He asked when it is
  1537.  arrived before me.  "Nine minutes and the big hand between five and six," I
  1538.  responded.  Dad started to laugh.  "Well my friend, he said, with you, the Tour de France
  1539.  it would last six months!  - Instead of you engage in infantile jokes, has
  1540.  replied Mr. Blédurt who had trouble breathing, try to do better!  "Dad
  1541.  took the bike and left.
  1542.  Mr. Blédurt who resumed his breath and I looked over the watch
  1543.  expected.  Me, I wanted Dad wins, of course, but the shows progressed and we
  1544. ________________________________________
  1545.  Page 54
  1547.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 54
  1548.  saw nine minutes and then after ten minutes.  "I won!  I am the champion!  "Has
  1549.  shouted Mr. Blédurt.
  1550.  At fifteen minutes, we saw Dad always come back.  "It's curious," said
  1551.  Mr. Blédurt, we should go see what happened.  And then we saw dad
  1552.  arrived.  He arrived on foot.  He had a torn pants, he had his handkerchief to his nose
  1553.  and he kept the bike in hand.  The bike had the handlebars sideways, the wheel all
  1554.  twisted and the broken lamp.  "I got into a trash can," said Dad.
  1555.  The next day I spoke to during recess Clotaire.  He said he was
  1556.  arrived at about the same thing with his first bike.
  1557.  "What you want, he said, Clotaire, dads, it's always the same, they
  1558.  are the horns, and, if not careful, they break the bikes and they are
  1559.  evil. "
  1560. ________________________________________
  1561.  Page 55
  1563.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 55
  1564.  13.
  1565.  I'm sick
  1566.  I felt great yesterday, the evidence, I ate lots of caramels,
  1567.  sweets, cakes, French fries and ice, and in the night, I wonder
  1568.  why like that, I was very sick.
  1569.  The doctor came this morning.  When he came into my room, I cried,
  1570.  but more from habit than anything else, because I know him well, the
  1571.  doctor, and he is rudely nice.  And I like when he puts his head on my
  1572.  chest, because he is bald and I see his head that shines right under my nose
  1573.  and it's fun.  The doctor did not stay long, he gave me a pat
  1574.  on the cheek and said to Mom: "Put him on a diet and most importantly, he is lying,
  1575.  it rests.  And he left.
  1576.  Mom told me: "You heard what the doctor said.  I hope you
  1577.  be very wise and very obedient.  "Me, I told mom she could be quiet.
  1578.  It's true, I love my mom and I always obeyed.  It is better, because
  1579.  that, otherwise it makes trouble.
  1580.  I took a book and started reading, it was great with images
  1581.  everywhere and it was about a little bear who was lost in the forest where there were
  1582.  hunters.  I like the best stories of cowboys, but Aunt Pulcherie at all
  1583.  my birthday, give me books full of little bears, little rabbits,
  1584.  kittens, all kinds of critters.  She must like it, Aunt Pulcherie.
  1585.  I was reading, where the big bad wolf would eat the little bear when
  1586.  Mom came followed by Alceste.  Alceste is my boyfriend, who is very big and
  1587.  who eats all the time.  "Look," Nicolas told me mom, your boyfriend Alceste
  1588.  came to visit you, is not it nice?  - Hello, Alceste, I said was
  1589.  nice being here.  "Mom began to tell me that we should not say"
  1590.  owl "all the time, when she saw the box under his arm Alceste.  "What
  1591.  have you got there, Alceste?  "She asked.  "Chocolates," said Alcestis.  Mom,
  1592.  then told that Alceste was very nice, but she did not want to give me
  1593. ________________________________________
  1594.  Page 56
  1596.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 56
  1597.  chocolates, because I was on a diet.  Alceste told Mom that he did not
  1598.  give me chocolates, he had brought to eat itself and if
  1599.  I wanted chocolate, I just had to go buy me, but not really.
  1600.  Mom looked Alceste, a little surprised, she sighed and then she came out in
  1601.  telling us to be wise.  Alceste sat beside my bed and he looked at me without
  1602.  say nothing, eating chocolates.  It made me feel oddly.  "Alceste, I
  1603.  words, you give me of your chocolates?  - You're not sick?  "Replied Alceste.  "
  1604.  Alceste, you're not cool, "I said.  Alceste said he should not say "
  1605.  owl "and he started two chocolates in the mouth, then we fought.
  1606.  Mom came running and she was not happy.  She has
  1607.  separated, she scolded us, and then she told Alceste leave.  Me, it prevent me
  1608.  bêtait to see from Alceste, although we had fun, both, but I realized that
  1609.  better not talk to mom, she really did not seem to laugh.
  1610.  Alceste shook my hand he told me soon and he left.  I like it, Alceste
  1611.  it's a boyfriend.
  1612.  Mom, when she looked at my bed, she began to cry.  It must be said that
  1613.  beating us, Alceste and I was crushed some chocolates on the sheets, there
  1614.  also had on my pajamas and my hair.  Mom told me I was
  1615.  unbearable and she changed the sheets, she took me to the bathroom, where she
  1616.  I scrubbed with a sponge and the cologne and it made me clean pajamas,
  1617.  blue stripes.  Afterwards, I slept mom and she told me not to bother her.  I
  1618.  I am left alone and went back to my book, the one with the little bear.  The ugly wolf
  1619.  he did not have the little bear, a hunter was lost because the wolf, but
  1620.  Now, it was a lion who wanted to eat the little bear and little bear, he saw
  1621.  not the lion, because he was eating honey.  All that, it gave me
  1622.  increasingly hungry.  I thought to call Mom, but I did not want me
  1623.  scold, she told me not to bother her, so I got up to see if
  1624.  there would not be something good in the cooler.
  1625.  There were lots of good things in the cooler.  We eat very well to
  1626.  home.  I took her in my arms a chicken leg, it's good cold, the cake
  1627. ________________________________________
  1628.  Page 57
  1630.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 57
  1631.  cream and a bottle of milk.  "Nicolas!  "I heard shouting behind me.  I was very
  1632.  I dropped everything and fear.  It was mom who had entered the kitchen and do
  1633.  probably not expecting to find me there.  I cried, just in case, because
  1634.  Mom looked angry as hell.  Then Mom said nothing, she took me
  1635.  in the bathroom, she rubbed the towel and cologne and she
  1636.  Pajama changed, because on the one I wore, milk and cream cake
  1637.  had splashes.  Mom put me red plaid pajamas and
  1638.  sent me down in a hurry because she had to clean the kitchen.
  1639.  Back in my bed, I did not want to take the book with the little bear
  1640.  everyone wanted to eat.  I had enough of this species bear me
  1641.  was getting into trouble.  But that does not amuse me to stay like that, nothing
  1642.  do, so I decided to draw.  I went to get everything I needed in
  1643.  Dad's office.  I did not take the beautiful sheets of white paper with
  1644.  Dad's name written in bright letters in the corner, because I would have
  1645.  scold, I preferred to take his papers where there were things written on one side and
  1646.  who used more safely.  I also took the old pen dad, who does
  1647.  risk nothing.
  1648.  Hurry, hurry, hurry, I returned to my room and I went to bed.  I
  1649.  started drawing great stuff: warships which fought
  1650.  with cannon fire against aircraft that exploded in the sky, castles
  1651.  with lots of people who attacked and lots of people who threw their
  1652.  things on their heads to prevent them from attacking.  I did not like noise
  1653.  for a while, Mom came to see what was happening.  She started to cry
  1654.  again.  It must be said that the pen Dad loses a bit of ink, that is why indeed
  1655.  that Dad no longer uses.  This is very useful to draw explosions, but I
  1656.  put myself in ink everywhere and also on the sheets and bedspread.  Mom was
  1657.  angry and it has not rained papers on which I drew, because it seems
  1658.  that what was written on the other side of the drawing, it was important things for
  1659.  Dad.
  1660. ________________________________________
  1661.  Page 58
  1663.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 58
  1664.  Mom made me get up, she changed the sheets on the bed, she took me in
  1665.  bathroom, she rubbed with a pumice stone, sponge and what remained to
  1666.  bottom of the bottle of cologne and she put an old shirt of Dad's
  1667.  instead of my pajamas, because of clean pajamas, I had none left.
  1668.  That evening the doctor came to put his head on my chest, I shot him the
  1669.  language, he gave me a slap on the cheek and told me I was healed and I
  1670.  could get up.
  1671.  But it really has no luck with the disease, at home,
  1672.  today.  The doctor found that Mom had a bad mine and told him to
  1673.  bedtime and put themselves in the diet.
  1674. ________________________________________
  1675.  Page 59
  1677.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 59
  1678.  14.
  1679.  We had a good laugh
  1680.  This afternoon, going to school, I met told me that Alceste: "If we
  1681.  did not go to school?  "But I told him it was wrong not to go to
  1682.  school, the mistress would not be happy, my dad told me he had
  1683.  work if we wanted to happen in life and become an aviator, it would grieve
  1684.  Mom and it was not nice to lie.  Alceste told me that this afternoon
  1685.  noon we had arithmetic, so I said "good" and we have not gone to school.
  1686.  Instead of going in the direction of the school, we ran away
  1687.  in the other direction.  Alceste, he began to blow and he could not follow me.  Must
  1688.  Alceste tell you it's a big who eats all the time, so of course it bothers him
  1689.  to run, especially me, I'm very hard on forty meters, which is the
  1690.  length of the school yard.  "Hurry up, Alceste," I said.  "I can not," I
  1691.  Alceste said he made lots of "pouf-pouf" and then it stopped.  So, I
  1692.  told him he better not stay there, because otherwise, our dads and our
  1693.  Moms might deprive us and dessert and then there was
  1694.  inspectors from the school and they would take us to prison and we would
  1695.  to eat bread and water.  When he heard this, Alcestis, it gave him a funny
  1696.  courage and began to run so fast that I could not catch him.
  1697.  We stopped far, far beyond the grocery store who is Mr. Compani
  1698.  very nice and in which mom bought strawberry jam which is great because
  1699.  there are no glitches, it's not like apricots.  "Here it is quiet," said
  1700.  Alceste said, and he pulled out biscuits from his pocket and began to eat,
  1701.  because, he said, running immediately after breakfast, it gave him
  1702.  hunger.
  1703.  "You had a good idea, Alceste, I said, when I think of friends who
  1704.  are in school doing the arithmetic, I want to laugh!  - Me too, "
  1705.  Alceste said and we laughed.  When we had finished laughing, I asked Alceste
  1706.  what we would do.  "I do not know, I said Alceste, we could go to the movies.  "
  1707. ________________________________________
  1708.  Page 60
  1710.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 60
  1711.  That too was an awfully good idea, but there was no sub.  In our
  1712.  pockets were found in the string of beads, two rubber bands and crumbs.  The
  1713.  crumbs we did not keep them because they were in the pocket of Alceste and
  1714.  ate them.  "Pshaw, I say, it does nothing, even without movies, other
  1715.  would love to be with us!  - Yeah, said Alceste, after all, I did not
  1716.  really want to go to the Revenge of the Sheriff.  - Yeah, I said, this is a film
  1717.  cowboy.  And we went to the cinema to watch the images.  There was
  1718.  a cartoon too.
  1719.  "If we went to the square, I said, it could be a ball of paper and we
  1720.  could train.  "Alceste replied that it was not stupid, but that square
  1721.  there was the goalkeeper and if he saw us, we ask why it is not
  1722.  at school and it would take us to jail and that we would blow the bread and
  1723.  water.  Just thinking about it, it gave her hunger Alceste and he pulled out a sandwich
  1724.  cheese of his satchel.  We kept walking down the street and ended when Alceste
  1725.  his sandwich, he said: "The other, at school, they do not laugh!  - Yes, I
  1726.  said, and then, anyway, it's too late to go, we would be punished.  "
  1727.  We looked at the windows.  Alceste explained to me that the deli and then
  1728.  was making faces in front of the perfume where there is ice, but it is
  1729.  parties, because we realized that people in the store and looked at us
  1730.  they seemed surprised.  In the case of the watch we have seen time and was
  1731.  still very early.  "Great, I said, we still have time to laugh before returning to
  1732.  home.  "As we were tired of walking, Alcestis offered me to go into the
  1733.  vacant lot there, and no one can sit on the floor.  It is very good,
  1734.  the wasteland, and we started having fun by throwing stones against the boxes
  1735.  cans.  And then we had enough rocks, so we sat down and Alceste
  1736.  started eating a ham sandwich, the last of his satchel.  "At school,
  1737.  he said, Alceste, they must be open to problems.  - No, I said earlier
  1738.  it is, it must be the playground.  - Pooh, you find it fun, the playground?  "He told me
  1739.  asked Alceste.  "Pooh!  "I told him and then I started to cry.  It
  1740.  true that, in the end it was not fun to be there, all alone, and can do nothing and
  1741. ________________________________________
  1742.  Page 61
  1744.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 61
  1745.  being forced to hide and I had reason to want to go to school, even with
  1746.  problems, and if I had not met Alceste, I'd be at recess now
  1747.  and I would play with marbles and cops and robbers and I'm terrible at marbles.  "
  1748.  What makes you cry like that?  "He asked Alceste.  "It's your
  1749.  fault if I can not play cops and robbers, "I said.  Alceste, it does
  1750.  it has not rained.  "I did not ask you to follow me, he said, and then if you had
  1751.  refused to come, well, I would have gone to school, all that, it's your fault!  - Really?  "
  1752.  I told Alceste, as stated in Mr. Blédurt dad who is a neighbor who likes
  1753.  tease Dad .. "Yes," replied Alceste, as Mr. Blédurt meets dad, and
  1754.  we fought like dad with Mr. Blédurt.
  1755.  When we had finished fighting, it started raining.  We
  1756.  ran away from the vacant lot, because there was no where to go for not
  1757.  be wet and my mom told me she does not want me to stay in the rain
  1758.  me, I almost never disobey my mother.
  1759.  Alceste and I we went to put against the window of the watchmaker.  It rained
  1760.  very strong and we were all alone in the street, it was not very funny.  We waited
  1761.  like that time to go home.
  1762.  When I arrived home, Mom told me I was everything and that Palot
  1763.  I looked tired and if I wanted, tomorrow I might not go to school, but
  1764.  I refused and my mom was very surprised.
  1765.  Is that tomorrow, when Alceste and I will tell them it was as well
  1766.  laugh, friends from school, they will be awfully jealous!
  1767. ________________________________________
  1768.  Page 62
  1770.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 62
  1771.  15.
  1772.  I frequent Agnan
  1773.  I wanted to go out and play with my friends, but Mom told me that
  1774.  no, it was no question that she did not like little boys
  1775.  I attended, we were doing stupid things all the time together and I was
  1776.  Agnan invited to tea at which he is very nice, well bred and that I'd better
  1777.  to emulate him.
  1778.  Me, I did not really want to go home Agnan taste, or to take
  1779.  example from him.  Agnan is the first class, the teacher's pet, he
  1780.  is not good comrade, but it does not hit too much on him, because he wears
  1781.  glasses.  I would rather go swimming with Alceste, Geoffroy, Odo and others
  1782.  but there was nothing to do, Mom did not seem to laugh, and, anyway, me
  1783.  always obey my mom, especially when she did not seem to laugh.
  1784.  Mom made me bathe, comb, she told me to put the blue suit
  1785.  Navy, who has creased trousers, white shirt and silk tie
  1786.  peas.  I was dressed as for the wedding of my cousin Elvira, a time "when I was
  1787.  ill after the meal.
  1788.  "Do not look like that, Mom told me, you're okay with Agnan fun!  "
  1789.  and then we left.  I was most afraid to meet with friends.  They
  1790.  would be made fun of me if they saw me dressed like that!
  1791.  This is the mother of Agnan who opened the door.  "Because he's cute!  "
  1792.  she said, she kissed me and then she called Agnan "Agnan!  Come quickly!  Ton
  1793.  Nicolas boyfriend is here!  "Agnan came, he too was strangely dressed, he had
  1794.  velvet breeches, white socks and black sandals funny
  1795.  shining lot.  It looked like two horns, him and me.
  1796.  Agnan did not look so happy to see me, he gave me his hand and
  1797.  it was very soft.  "I entrust you," said Mom, I hope it will not do too much
  1798.  nonsense, I'll come back for six hours.  "The mom said she was Agnan
  1799. ________________________________________
  1800.  Page 63
  1802.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 63
  1803.  sure we'd have fun and that I would be very wise.  Mom is a party, after
  1804.  looking at me as if she was a little worried.
  1805.  We've tasted.  It was good, there was chocolate, jam,
  1806.  cakes, biscuits, and we do not put your elbows on the table.  After the
  1807.  Agnan Mom told us to go and play nicely in the bed Agnan.
  1808.  In his room, Agnan began by telling me that I should not
  1809.  whack it, because he wore glasses and he would begin to cry and that its
  1810.  Mom would put me in jail.  I replied that I had wanted him
  1811.  beaten up, but I would not do it because I promised my mom
  1812.  to be wise.  That seemed to please him Agnan and he said we were going to play.  He
  1813.  started going out a lot of books, geography, science, arithmetic and
  1814.  I suggested that we read and that we get the trouble
  1815.  time.  He told me there were problems with owls leaky faucets
  1816.  in a bathtub uncorked and emptied at the same time it fills up.
  1817.  It was a good idea and asked if I could see Agnan the bathtub
  1818.  might be fun.  Agnan looked at me, he removed his glasses, wiped them,
  1819.  thought for a bit and then he told me to follow him.
  1820.  In the bathroom there was a large bathtub and told that Agnan
  1821.  could fill it out and play with small boats.  Agnan said he had never
  1822.  thought it, but it was not a bad idea.  The bath was filled
  1823.  quickly to the edge, it must be said that we had one bite.  But there was Agnan
  1824.  very annoyed, because he had no boats to play.  He explained that he had
  1825.  very few toys that were mostly books.  Fortunately, I do know
  1826.  paper boats and we took the leaves of the book of arithmetic.  Of course, it was
  1827.  tried to pay attention to qu'Agnan can pick after the pages in his
  1828.  book, because it's very naughty to hurt a book, a tree or a beast.
  1829.  It was fun.  Agnan made waves by turning the arm into the water.
  1830.  It's a pity he did not identify the sleeve of his shirt and did not
  1831.  removing the wristwatch he had for his last composition of history where it has
  1832. ________________________________________
  1833.  Page 64
  1835.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 64
  1836.  first and who was now four twenty ET mark is not moving.  After
  1837.  a time, I do not know how much, this shows that no longer worked, it has
  1838.  had enough, and then there was water everywhere and it would not make too much mess,
  1839.  especially since it made the ground of mud and sandals were less Agnan
  1840.  brilliantly before.
  1841.  We returned to the room Agnan and there he showed me the
  1842.  map.  It's a big metal ball, which was painted on the seas and
  1843.  land.  Agnan told me it was to learn geography and where
  1844.  were the countries.  That I knew, there is a world map like this in school and
  1845.  teacher showed us how it works.  Agnan told me they could unscrew
  1846.  the map and then it looked like a big ball.  I think that's me
  1847.  I had the idea to play with, it was not a very good idea.  We had fun throwing themselves
  1848.  the globe, but Agnan had removed his glasses to avoid risking the
  1849.  break, and without his glasses, it is not clear, then he missed the globe who
  1850.  went knocking on the side of Australia against the mirror broke.  Agnan that
  1851.  had handed his glasses to see what had happened, was very upset.  Were given
  1852.  the globe in its place and it was decided to be careful, otherwise our moms
  1853.  might not be too happy.
  1854.  We tried other things to do and Agnan told me to study
  1855.  science, his father offered him a chemistry set.  He showed me and it is very
  1856.  owl.  It's a big box full of tubes, bottles funny round,
  1857.  small bottles filled with things of all colors, there was also a stove
  1858.  alcohol.  Agnan told me that with all that, we could make experiments very-ins
  1859.  structive.
  1860.  Agnan began to make small powders and liquids in tubes and
  1861.  it changed color, it turned red or blue, and from time to time, there were
  1862.  a small white smoke.  It was oddly informative!  I told Agnan we de-
  1863.  Vrioni try other experiments more informative and yet it has been agreed.  We
  1864.  have taken the biggest bottles and we put in all small
  1865.  powders and liquids all, after we took the alcohol stove and it was heated
  1866. ________________________________________
  1867.  Page 65
  1869.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 65
  1870.  bottle.  Initially, it was not bad: it began to foam and
  1871.  then after a very black smoke.  The trouble is that the smoke does not feel good and
  1872.  dirtied it everywhere.  We had to stop the experiment when the bottle exploded.
  1873.  Agnan started screaming that he did more, but fortunately it was
  1874.  simply because his glasses were all black.  While the
  1875.  wiped myself I opened the window because the smoke made us cough.  On
  1876.  carpet, the foam was making funny noises, like boiling water, the walls were
  1877.  all black and we are not clean.
  1878.  And then mom came Agnan.  For a little while, it did
  1879.  said nothing, she opened her eyes and mouth and then she started screaming, she removed
  1880.  glasses of Agnan and she gave him a slap, after she took us by the hand
  1881.  to take us into the bathroom to wash.  When she saw the room
  1882.  bathroom, it has not rained so much, the mother of Agnan.
  1883.  Agnan him, it was hard to his glasses, because he did not want to receive
  1884.  another slap.  So, mom is part of Agnan running telling me that she
  1885.  would call my mom to come and pick me up right away and
  1886.  she had never seen such a thing and it was absolutely incredible.
  1887.  Mom picked me up very quickly and I was glad, because I
  1888.  began to not have fun in the house Agnan, especially with his mom
  1889.  looked awfully nervous.  Mom brought me home telling me all the
  1890.  time I could be proud of me and for dessert tonight, I should have
  1891.  not.  I must say it was fair enough, because with Agnan was still done
  1892.  a lot of nonsense.  In short, Mom was right, as always: I
  1893.  had fun with Agnan.  Me, I'd be back to see, but now it
  1894.  Apparently it's the mom who does not want Agnan that I frequent.
  1895.  I would still like that moms get to know what they
  1896.  want, we do not know who attend!
  1897. ________________________________________
  1898.  Page 66
  1900.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 66
  1901.  16.
  1902.  Mr. Bordenave do not like the sun
  1903.  Me, I do not understand Mr. Bordenave when he says he does not
  1904.  Beautiful weather.  That's true, the rain is not nice.  Of course, we can have fun
  1905.  also when it rains.  We can walk in the gutter, you can look up and open
  1906.  mouth to swallow lots of water drops and at home is good, because it
  1907.  hot and playing with the electric train and Mom is chocolate with
  1908.  cakes.  But when it rains, there is no recess at school, because it leaves us
  1909.  not descend into the courtyard.  That's why I do not understand sir
  1910.  Bordenave, since it also takes advantage of good weather, he's watching us to
  1911.  recess.
  1912.  Today, for example, it was very beautiful, with lots of sunshine and we had
  1913.  Recess a terrible, especially that for three days it had rained all the time and we
  1914.  had to stay in class.  We arrived in court in a row, as for every
  1915.  Recess and Mr. Bordenave told us, "Break," and started laughing.  "We
  1916.  playing cops and robbers!  "Cried Rufus, whose father is a police officer.  "You
  1917.  bother to us, "said Odo, we play football.  And they fought.  Odo is very strong
  1918.  and he likes to kick his fist on the nose of friends, and as Rufus
  1919.  it's a boyfriend, he gave him a punch on the nose.  Rufus was not expecting it,
  1920.  then he fell and hit his Alceste on who was eating a sandwich
  1921.  with jam and sandwich is dropped and started screaming Alceste.  Mr.
  1922.  Bordenave came running, he separated Eudes and Rufus and he put the stake.
  1923.  "And my sandwich, asked Alceste, who will make me?  - You want to go to
  1924.  stake as well?  "Replied Monsieur Bordenave.  "No, I want my sandwich
  1925.  jam, "said Alcestis.  Mr. Bordenave became very red, and he com-
  1926.  began to blow through your nose, like when he gets angry, but he could not
  1927.  continue to talk with Alceste, because Maixent and Joachim were being
  1928.  beat.  "Give me my ball, you cheated!  "Joachim cried and pulled the tie
  1929.  Maixent Maixent and gave him blows.  "What is happening here?  "Asked
  1930.  Mr. Bordenave.  "Joachim does not like losing, that's why he cries, if you
  1931. ________________________________________
  1932.  Page 67
  1934.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 67
  1935.  like, I can give him a punch on the nose, "said Odo, who had
  1936.  approached to see.  Mr. Bordenave Odo looked in surprise: "I'm
  1937.  you were at stake?  "He said.  "Oh, yeah, it's true," said Odo, and is
  1938.  returned to the stake, while Maixent became very red, because Joachim
  1939.  let go of the tie, and Mr. Bordenave sent them both to the
  1940.  picket join the others.
  1941.  "And my jam sandwich?  "Asked Alceste, who was eating a
  1942.  jam sandwich.  "But you're trying to eat one!  "Said Mr.
  1943.  Bordenave.  "That's no reason, screamed Alceste, I bring sandwiches for the four
  1944.  Cool stuff and I want to eat four sandwiches!  "Monsieur Bordenave did not have
  1945.  Time to get angry, because he received the ball on his head, pof!  "Who did this?  "Screamed
  1946.  Mr. Bordenave, holding his forehead.  "Nicolas is, sir, I saw it!  "Said
  1947.  Agnan.  Agnan is the first class and the teacher's pet, we are
  1948.  do not like it too, is a nasty cockroach, but he wears glasses and can not
  1949.  whack it as often as we would have wanted.  "Ugly cockroach, I screamed, if you had
  1950.  no glasses, I'll send you one!  "Agnan started crying, saying he was
  1951.  very unhappy and he would kill himself and then he rolled on the floor.  Mr.
  1952.  Bordenave asked if that was true it was I who threw the ball and I
  1953.  I said yes, we played ball in the hunter and I missed Clotaire, and
  1954.  it was not my fault because I did not want to drive Mr.
  1955.  Bordenave.  "I do not want you to play these games brutal!  I confiscated the ball
  1956.  !  And you're going to post!  "He said, Mr. Bordenave.  I told him I was
  1957.  awfully unfair.  Agnan him, he made me "bisque, bisque, rage" and he looked all
  1958.  happy and he left with his book.  Agnan not playing during recess, he takes
  1959.  a book and he returns her lessons.  It's crazy, Agnan!
  1960.  "So, what we do for the jam sandwich?  asked
  1961.  Alceste.  I'm on my third sandwich recess will end, and I will
  1962.  miss a sandwich, I warn you!  "Monsieur Bordenave going to start
  1963.  answer him, but he could not and that's unfortunate, because it looked interesting
  1964.  what he had to say to Alceste.  He could not answer because qu'Agnan was on the ground and
  1965. ________________________________________
  1966.  Page 68
  1968.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 68
  1969.  he shouted terrible.  "What now?  "Asked Mr. Bordenave.  "It
  1970.  Geoffrey!  He pushed me!  My glasses!  I die!  "Said he spoke as Agnan
  1971.  in a movie I saw where there were people in a submarine that could
  1972.  not go back and people fled, but the submarine was ruined.  "But no,
  1973.  Sir, this is not Geoffroy, Agnan fell alone, it makes no sense, "said
  1974.  Eudes said.  "What are you meddling?  asked Geoffrey, you have not been struck, it's me
  1975.  who pushed him and then?  "Monsieur Bordenave began shouting back to Eudes
  1976.  at stake and he said to Geoffrey to join him.  And then he picked up that Agnan
  1977.  bleeding from the nose and crying and it took him to the infirmary, which followed Alceste
  1978.  spoke of his jam sandwich.
  1979.  Us, we decided to play football.  What was annoying is that
  1980.  already played great football in the yard, and with the great, there is no consensus
  1981.  always very good and they fight often.  And there in the yard, with both balls and
  1982.  Both sides of football to be mixed, it did not miss.  "Leave the ball, dirty
  1983.  brat said a large Rufus, she is ours!  - It's not true!  "Rufus shouted, and
  1984.  it was true that it was not true, and a great set a goal with the ball and the small
  1985.  large slapped Rufus and Rufus gave a kick in the leg large.  The
  1986.  battles with the great, it always happens like that, them, they give us
  1987.  and slaps us we give them a kick in the legs.  There, we gave
  1988.  full and everyone was fighting and it was a funny noise.  And despite the noise, we
  1989.  heard the cry of Mr. Borde-nave returning from the infirmary with Agnan and
  1990.  Alceste.  "Look," said Agnan, they are no longer at stake!  "Monsieur Bordenave
  1991.  seemed really angry and he came running towards us, but it did not happen,
  1992.  because he slipped on the jam sandwich of Alceste and he fell.  "Bravo,
  1993.  Alceste said, it earned him walk over to my jam sandwich!  "
  1994.  Mr. Bordenave got up and rubbed his pants and he started full
  1995.  jam on hand.  We had to fight again and it was a Recess
  1996.  awfully nice, but Mr. Bordenave looked at his watch and he went
  1997.  limping bell.  Recess was over.
  1998. ________________________________________
  1999.  Page 69
  2001.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 69
  2002.  While they began in a row, the broth has come.  The broth is a
  2003.  another supervisor, called like that because he always says: "Look at me
  2004.  in the eye, and as in the broth there are eyes, it is called the broth.  This
  2005.  are major who found it.
  2006.  "So my friend Bordenave," said Bouillon, it was not too bad
  2007.  past?  - As usual, replied Monsieur Bordenave, what you want,
  2008.  I pray for rain, and when I get up in the morning and I see he is doing
  2009.  beautiful, I'm desperate!  "
  2010.  No, really, I do not understand Mr. Bordenave, when he says
  2011.  he does not like the sun!
  2012. ________________________________________
  2013.  Page 70
  2015.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 70
  2016.  17.
  2017.  I leave the house
  2018.  I left home!  I was playing in the living room and I was
  2019.  wise, and then, simply because I spilled a bottle of ink on the carpet
  2020.  nine, mom came and she scolded me.  So I started to cry and I said
  2021.  said I'd go and that I regret very much, and Mom said, "With all
  2022.  it is getting late, I must go do my shopping, "and she left.
  2023.  I got into my room to take what I need to
  2024.  leaving home.  I took my bag and I put in the little red car
  2025.  Eulogy aunt gave me, the locomotive of train spring, with the car
  2026.  goods, the only remains for me, other cars were broken and a piece
  2027.  chocolate that had kept the taste.  I took my wallet, you never know, I can
  2028.  in need, and I left.
  2029.  It's a vein that Mom was not there, she would surely defended
  2030.  leaving home.  Once in the street, I started running.  Mom and Dad
  2031.  will have much trouble, I'll come back later when they are very old,
  2032.  as well, and I'm rich, I'll have a great airplane, great car and a carpet
  2033.  me where I can spill the ink and they will be awfully glad to see me.
  2034.  That way, running, I arrived at the house of Alceste Alceste is
  2035.  my boyfriend, who is very big and eats all the time, I told you maybe
  2036.  already mentioned.  Alceste was sitting outside the door of his house, he was being
  2037.  eating gingerbread.  "Where are you?  "I asked, biting good Alceste
  2038.  blow in the gingerbread.  I explained that I left my home and I told him
  2039.  asked if he would not come with me.  "When you come back in a lot of year-
  2040.  born, I said, we will be very rich, with planes and cars and our dads
  2041.  and our moms will be so happy to see us, they scold us
  2042.  again.  But Alceste did not want to come.  "You're not crazy, he told me
  2043.  said, my mother made sauerkraut tonight with bacon and sausage, I can
  2044. ________________________________________
  2045.  Page 71
  2047.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 71
  2048.  not leave.  "So I said goodbye to Alceste and he waved his hand was
  2049.  free, the other was busy pushing the gingerbread in her mouth.
  2050.  I turned the corner and I stopped a bit, because Alceste
  2051.  gave me hungry and I ate my piece of chocolate, it will give me strength
  2052.  for the trip.  I wanted to go far, far away, where mom and dad to me
  2053.  not find in China or in Arcachon where we spent the holidays this year
  2054.  Yup last and far from home, there is the sea and oysters.
  2055.  But to go very far, you had to buy a car or airplane.  I
  2056.  sitting on the curb and I broke my piggy bank and I counted my pennies.  Car
  2057.  and for the plane, it must be said that there were not enough, so I went into a
  2058.  pastry and I bought myself a chocolate eclair that was really good.
  2059.  When I finished the flash, I decided to continue on foot, it will take more
  2060.  long, but since I did not go home or to go to school, I have all the
  2061.  time.  I had not thought about the school and I told myself that tomorrow,
  2062.  teacher in class would say: "The poor Nicolas left all alone, all alone and very
  2063.  further, it will be very rich, with a car and a plane, "and everyone would talk about
  2064.  and I would be worried about me and Alceste regret not accompanying me.
  2065.  It will be awfully nice.
  2066.  I kept walking, but I was getting tired, and then, things were
  2067.  not very fast, we must say that I do not have big legs, it's not like
  2068.  Maixent my friend, but I can not ask her to lend me Maixent
  2069.  jambes.Ça, it gave me an idea: I could ask a friend to lend me
  2070.  his bike.  I passed just before the house of Clotaire.  Clotaire has a nice
  2071.  cycling, while yellow and shining well.  What is annoying is that Clotaire dislike
  2072.  lend things.
  2073.  I rang the doorbell of the house and it Clotaire himself who came
  2074.  open.  "Look, he said, Nicolas!  What do you want?  - Your bike, "I said, then
  2075.  Clotaire shut the door.  I rang again, and did not open as Clotaire I
  2076.  left finger on the doorbell button.  In the house I heard the mother
  2077. ________________________________________
  2078.  Page 72
  2080.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 72
  2081.  Clotaire crying, "Clotaire!  Will open this door!  And opened the door Clotaire
  2082.  but it did not look so happy to see me still there.  "It takes me your bike,
  2083.  Clotaire I told him.  I left home and my dad and my mom will have
  2084.  punishment and come back in a lot of years and I am very rich with a car and
  2085.  a plane.  "Clotaire told me that I should come see my return when I am
  2086.  very rich, then he will sell me his bike.  It does not really suited me, told me that
  2087.  Clotaire, but I thought that I had found in, for money, I could
  2088.  Clotaire buy the bike.  Clotaire likes the money.
  2089.  I wondered how to find some money.  Work, I do
  2090.  could not, it was Thursday.  So I thought I could sell the toys that I had
  2091.  in my satchel: Eulogy aunt's car and the locomotive with wagon
  2092.  goods, which is the only remains for me because other cars are broken.
  2093.  On the other side of the street I saw a toy store, I told myself, now, this
  2094.  might interest my car and train.
  2095.  I entered the store and a very nice gentleman gave me a great
  2096.  smile and he said: "You want to buy something, my little man?  Of
  2097.  ball?  A ball?  "I told him I did not buy anything at all, I wanted
  2098.  selling toys and I opened the bag and I put the car and the train on the ground before
  2099.  the counter.  The gentleman looked nice, he looked, he seemed surprised and said
  2100.  "But, my dear, I do not buy toys I sell.  Then I asked him where
  2101.  he found the toys he sold, I was interested.  "But, but, but, he said,
  2102.  the gentleman, I do not find them, I buy them.  - So, buy me mine, "I
  2103.  said the gentleman.  "But, but, but, he is again, the man, you do
  2104.  not understand, I buy them, but not yours, yours I sell, I buy them
  2105.  factories, and you ...  That is to say ...  He stopped and then said: "You will understand
  2106.  later, when you grow up.  "But he did not know the gentleman is that
  2107.  when I grow up I will not need money because I am very rich, with
  2108.  a car and a plane.  I started to cry.  The man was very annoyed, then
  2109.  he looked behind the counter and gave me a small car and then he told me
  2110.  leave because he was late, he had to close the store and that customers
  2111. ________________________________________
  2112.  Page 73
  2114.  Le Petit Nicolas - Page 73
  2115.  as I was tiring after a workday.  I left the store
  2116.  with the train and two cars, I was glad indeed.  It is true that he was
  2117.  Later, it was getting dark and there was nobody in the streets, I
  2118.  started running.  When I got home, mom scolded me because I was
  2119.  late for dinner.
  2120.  Because that's how it is promised tomorrow I leave the house.  And Dad
  2121.  Mom will have much trouble and I will not go back in a lot of years, I
  2122.  I'm rich and a car and a plane!
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