Normal Norman - The Afterparty(unf)

Jun 23rd, 2013
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  1. set after the events of EqG, in a parallel timeline to the adventures of Normal Norman Thank you multiverse God
  3. >Be Norman
  4. >Shit sure is boring without purple around
  5. >its almost like the hallways are dead, kind of missing purples idiotic comments amongst the crowd
  6. >I'm sure she would have not survived the bashing critique after the dance she performed during the Fall Formal
  7. >God, what a great display of her undergarments
  8. >and brad doing the same shit
  9. >I truly had no need to witness that
  10. >damn, as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda miss her
  11. >to be honest I really miss getting my ass kicked virtually in a fighting game
  12. >no one even knows where she went
  13. >Pink says there's another one in this world, in another town
  14. >what the fuck Pink?
  15. >why would purple leave without even saying her goodbyes? Not even to the girls
  16. >Or Brad.
  17. >not even to me!
  18. "Keeping it bradical, eh Norman?"
  19. >Says Brad as he goes past me.
  20. >I opened my locker releasing a disheartened sigh
  21. >I hate this motherfucker more than I should
  23. >How the Fall Formal of 2013 ended up being a massive disaster is beyond my knowledge
  24. >All I know is that it was a horrible little joke fate decided to pull on me
  25. >a much worse idea to even think of attending
  26. >It all started when Sunset Shimmer set a trap for Purple, in order to get a cheap piece of metal
  27. >That bitch locked me in a closet once!
  28. >she really wanted that worthless toy.
  29. >It turns out, it wasn't so worthless
  30. >She went diabolical on my ass as it transformed her into Sunset-Fucking-SATAN!
  31. >couldn't sleep for a whole week because of it
  32. >Purp and the girls turned Sailor Moon with ears and tails and shit totally stomping her to tears with a god damn rainbow beam of friendship
  33. >no one's really payed attention to Sunset since then
  34. >she must have gotten in serious shit, and a lot of community service from the looks of it
  35. >I feel bad for the idiot now
  36. >why is the chick with the mint-green hair smiling at me so desperately?
  38. >anyway
  39. >Its somewhat curious the way everything just turned a bit more normal now that there is no more horse girl in school
  40. >luckily, my status as [spoi;er]Canterlot High's number one public enemy is still unharmed
  41. >although thanks to Purple I belong to a social circle
  42. >I even made a few new friends on my own
  43. "I hope you enjoy your current status as Canterlot High's number one plev "
  44. >like green for example, If you can call that a friend
  45. "yeah, fuck you too Green"
  46. >I pat his back and attach a paper note on his back that reads "I'M BEING A HUGE FAGGOT, AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME"
  47. >a little scheme I had prepared in for such an occasion, along with a little trick I learned from purple
  48. >fucking Green, I hope he's enjoying his invisible sign as I am
  49. "Later racist"
  50. >He sure likes to be regarded as high and mighty all the time, but maybe he truly appreciates me within deep inside
  51. >probably not
  52. "The great and powerful TRIXIE demands a rematch. We have a score to settle!" a light blue hand smacks my locker shut
  54. >speaking of high and mighty
  55. "I thought we settled the score last night. I did give you a good ride remember?"
  56. >even Light blue who happens to be a big pain in the ass, could well be as good a friend
  57. >"shuuuusshh!!!"she hissed, "No one must know any of this!"
  58. >now that I come to think of it, green would get along really well with her
  59. "Yep, same time same place. Be ready for some extreme rape"
  60. >or maybe just hate each others guts to death
  61. >either way, it would be something fun to see
  62. "You disgusting asshole! I have no need to hear your sadistic fetishes for this whore"
  63. >my locker neighbor began to rant
  64. >I have to be more cautious with my choice of words
  65. >"How dare you imply the most superior and beautiful Trixie would ever touch a peasant of such likes!!"
  66. >Here's my window
  67. >time to get moving
  68. >gotta speed it up if I want to take the back row
  69. >had to make my way to physics class pronto
  70. >only got a few more seconds before my seat gets taken
  71. >Every nerve in my back was swept cold with shivers, I swear someone's watching me
  72. >"guten morgen... NORMAN!"
  73. >pink beige said with an expression in her face that only the devil could possibly manage to make
  74. >Appearing out of fucking nowhere. Right next to me
  75. >Standing there, leaning against the lockers
  77. >fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKFUCKFUCK!!
  78. >I ran like I had never run before
  79. >I barely made it out alive and into the the classroom
  80. >away from that monster's grasp
  81. >The bell rings just before I take my seat and the last person shuts the door leaving the hallways hollow
  82. >can't believe I've assimilated this environment
  83. >a shitload of experiences in the process
  84. >all this reminicing reminded me of something
  85. >In two more months we'll be having the Annual Winter Ball
  86. >third week of November to be precise
  87. >yet another great opportunity to get the Nazi pedophile rapist in more trouble
  88. >Or maybe "THE" chance for me to make it with the girl of my dreams
  89. >this time, I'm gonna ask the Aryan Beauty to go with me
  90. >and now that purple isn't around, things might just go smooth enough
  91. >It just can't go wrong
  92. >I'm completely confident
  95. >be mysterious silohouette
  96. >be looking down an empty hallway adorned with metal boxes and doors runing across
  97. >what ring of Tartarus am I trapped in?
  98. >inception.ave
  100. >Be Norman
  101. >third period
  102. >five more to go
  103. >although its Monday, I'm feeling like its a freaking Friday
  104. >I was planing on hitting Sugar Cu -Pink's Shop- today, maybe get something and hang out
  105. >I'm going to ask Pink to help me plan this out
  106. >She may not be the Purple kind of mastermind genius, but she sure is a mastermind
  107. >Involving Pink in this sort of business will have its risks
  108. >but I'm %100 willing to take them as long as I can get the Aryan Beauty for a romantic night out
  109. >and what would be more perfect than a date in cold November night
  110. >watching the white of the falling snow match her perfect face
  111. >the blue of her eyes illuminating me with all their glory
  112. >She'll be wearing her best dress and-
  113. "Mr.Normal, would you mind explaining what this little symbol stands for?"
  114. >oh yeah right, I'm still in 3rd period
  115. "Okay, I'll make this easy for you"
  116. >professor Neigh offered while supporting his weigh on the edge of the desk with his right arm
  117. >"what do we measure in waves in order to find its frequency?"
  118. >shit,
  119. >a shrug and a "eerhm" were my only answers
  120. >He responded to my gesture with one just as explicit
  121. >a sigh came through my ears as he facepalmed with the his left
  122. >"your attention span seem to be shorter than the wavelength of this wave, Norman"
  123. >half the class chuckled as they stood in ridicule
  124. >"you know what? how about you make yourself useful while you clear your mind. Go to the teacher's lounge and get me a cup of coffee would ya?"
  125. >whatever
  126. >I wanted to stretch out anyways
  128. >Be Professor Bill Neigh
  129. "Okay, now that the day dreamer's gone, lets get some Science done!"
  130. "ehh, that rhymed"
  131. >that Kid did much better when the Twilight girl was around
  132. "anyone remember what lambda stands for in the frequency formula?"
  133. >She was my brightest student after all
  134. >well they can only do so much
  136. >Be Norman again
  137. >I've got to think this thoroughly
  138. >This WILL BE a crucial moment in my life, and my happiness and the Aryan Beauty's depends on it.
  139. >There's plenty of time to plan out my conquest, but I'd prefer to have it set up as soon as possible.
  140. >The best thing to do right now is to be patient
  141. >Can't rush things, I have to wait to ask Pink for Help
  142. >GOD! I cant wait
  143. >This coffee smells really nice by the way
  144. >I bet Bill's going to give me extra homework for all of this
  145. >I've had it worse
  146. >as long as I don't bump into the homicidal Nazi freak by "accident" I should be fine
  147. >Just gotta be careful wher-
  148. >holyshitwtfdontkillmeplz
  149. >The cup fell down, spreading the hot coffee on the hallway floor surface
  150. >something tugged me by my jacket fighting against the movement of my feet, dragging me towards it
  151. >I shouldn't have brought that monster into my train of thought
  152. >Why did I summon her?
  153. >everything was dark and all I knew was:
  154. >A. I was going to die
  155. >or
  156. >B. I was going to be tortured to death by my worse enemy.
  157. >The next thing I know is: I'm being held against a wall inside a janitor's closet
  158. "Where's Sunset Shimmer!?"
  160. >Whatthefuckiswrongwithyou.gif
  161. "what?"
  162. >To my surprise and good fortune, this person was no Nazi manhunter.
  163. >The voice I heard was that of a man.
  164. >I could tell despite the fact that he was yelling at me in a whispering yet demanding tone
  165. >I was confused but somewhat relieved to know this
  166. "Where is She!!"
  167. >he half yelled again, pulling my shirt with his hands demanding an answer
  168. >This jackass was playing a god damn prank or something.
  169. >I'm beginning to think it could be Brad or maybe Green trying to get revenge on me for the invisinote from earlier
  170. >also, that was a very lame impersonation of Christian Bale
  171. "ha ha, really funny, 'I am the night'"
  172. >I said in the most comprehensively mocking way I could
  173. " 'The hero Gotham Needs,' okay I get it. Now get off of me will ya?!"
  174. >I was pissed now and I wasn't going to take any more shit from this fucker
  175. >My hands released the grip of his fists in a swipe
  176. >In that instant I remember the bell would soon ring
  177. >And the stupid cup of coffee Professor Neigh had told me to fetch him now lying spilled across the hallway floor
  178. >All because of this asshole
  179. >I put my hand on the doorknob ignoring him
  180. >Then once again, I was pulled to the floor from the neck of my Jacket
  181. "I don't know what game you think I'm playing, but I'll have you know I am not playing"
  182. >he was a persistent one
  183. >I got up, now capable of seeing a bit with the light that seeped from underneath the door
  184. >I have had just about enough with this prick
  185. >It was time to go back to the fucking lounge to get another fucking cup of coffee, of course after I give him a piece of my mind
  187. >hollyshit
  188. >okay he's not playing
  189. >I felt the grip of his hand constricting my neck,
  190. >my back against the wall once more, and my right wrist apprehended by his left
  191. "I don't want to hurt you. I know she is here, just tell me where Sunset Shimmer is already"
  192. >for a second I actually thought I was going to die
  193. "I don't know!!"
  194. "besides, why would anyone care?, She's the most hated person in the school along with me"
  195. "I mean, c'mon. Her face is illustrated next to the word 'Evil' in the School's encyclopedia "
  196. >My answer wouldn't have sounded so forced if he hadn't used his Rambo fashioned interrogation methods
  197. >I was finnaly released with much more ease than the first time
  198. "it can't be"
  199. >the prankster said in disbelief
  200. "Sunset's a good friend and a kind Pony. She would never hurt anypony, much less gain enemies"
  201. >Why the fuck is he talking like that?
  202. >wait a fucking second
  204. "Sunset's a good friend and a kind horse. She would never hurt any_one, much less gain enemies"
  205. >What is he talking about? Sunset Shimmer is an absolute bitch
  206. >And why the fuck is he talking like that?
  207. >wait a fucking second
  208. >did he say?...
  209. [yougethepoint]
  210. >I noticed "batman" turning around, in response to the question I had thought out loud
  211. >There was only one person I remember who spoke like straight out of a cartoon
  212. >or rather, from:
  213. "the magic colorworld"
  214. >I could only see his eyes were open wide in awe of my knowledge
  215. >he opened the door letting in all the hallway light
  216. >my pupils had not yet adjusted to the assault
  217. "wait!"
  218. >a minor glance at him, was all I could afford to salvage from the strike of light
  219. >he fashioned a blue denim jacket with a hoody underneath it
  220. >on the left arm his jacket wielded patch that looked like a star or something
  221. >his face was hard to arrange in all the blur
  222. >although, I did see the color of hair and complexion, dark blue and grey respectively
  223. >seriously, I'm beginning to think this fucking ponyrealm has something to do with all the fucking color in school
  224. >It all happened in quarter of a second
  225. >the mystery man now had an identity.
  226. >sort of
  227. "hold on, where are you going!?"
  228. >he walked out in complete disregard of my call of attention
  229. >I had to do something about this while I still had the chance
  230. >shit, Norman, why do you even ask why bad things happen to you
  231. >I got up as quick as I could, I had to chase him
  233. >FUCK!!
  234. >the hallways began to fill up with people coming out of the classrooms, like flood gates flooding an empty canal
  235. >I couldn't loose that motherfucker
  236. >who knows what he'd do next just to get to Sunset Satan
  237. >Seriously though, Why do I always have to play hero?
  239. >I had to run up against the flow of people and get to the horse boy
  240. "fuck off, skinhead!"
  241. >excuse me
  242. "what the fuck is wrong with you?
  243. >sorry
  244. "don't touch me you, perv!"
  245. >I'm in a real hurry here
  246. >where was he?
  247. >all my efforts where becoming futile due to a sea of students obstructing my sight
  248. >I looked for the denim jacket or the a gray face with blue hair
  249. >something had to give
  250. >I had to find him, I had to stop him
  251. "punk-ass Nazi"
  252. >someone said as I was shoved hard against a row of lockers
  253. >I bounced off landing flat on my back against the floor
  254. >The guy and his buddies walked off laughing at me
  255. >and there I was, laying on the floor staring at the ceiling lights
  256. >what a prick
  257. "are you okay, Normie?"
  258. >fucking Brad
  259. "never been better, man"
  260. >the idiot stood there casting his shadow on my face
  261. "doesn't look like it"
  262. >I wonder if he was just playing along or really didn't catch my sarcasm
  263. >he finally helps me up,
  264. "I saw you rushing down the hallway. So,what's going on? Why the hurry?"
  265. >a crazy was out there and Brad wanted to have a chat
  266. >I had no time to tell this doofus what was going; on the other hand, I really had no chance of catching horse boy now
  267. >I sighed as I usually do to announce my surrender
  268. "It's kind of a long story. I'm not sure I have time to tell you though"
  270. >Be Brad
  271. "So, you're telling me, that some random guy in a denim jacket and a hoody dragged you into a janitors closet, when you went to get a cup of coffee for Mr. Neigh. This guy impersonated Christian Bale's version of Batman to cover his voice as he inquired for Sunset Shimmer's whereabouts?"
  272. >I asked to make sure I got everything sorted out
  273. "and he strangled me!"
  274. >wow
  275. "Are you sure you're okay, Normie? I can take you to the nurse if you're not feeling right."
  276. >He usually wasn't this jumpy about random people
  277. >The caffeine from the coffee must have kicked him hard.
  278. >He shouldn't be drinking coffee if he hasn't built a resistance to it
  279. "I'm fine. Okay? I am so freaking sure I saw a guy in a denim jacket, and I swear I was pulled inside a janitors closet!"
  280. >yeah, sure
  281. "okay buddy, lets get you back to class"
  282. >I said to ease him up
  283. >the caffeine really got to him
  284. >he had to get his mind off that random dude
  286. >Be Norman again
  287. >Brad still doesn't believe me
  288. >I take back what I said about him being right
  289. >in fact I take back the thanks I gave him!
  290. >he waves at me from across the room with a stupid smile on his god damn face
  291. >fuck you brad
  292. >That guy is out there doing God knows what, while I'm stuck here In 4th period
  293. >Literature
  294. >Professor Anon's 4th period Literature class
  295. >the teacher goes on about Odysseus and something about context in the translation
  296. >I can't pay attention to anything
  297. >shit
  298. >I can't do anything now.
  299. >Brad is probably right anyway
  300. >I can't do anything about that dude
  301. >The door window looked kind of broad from where I was seated
  302. >Why couldn't I just give it up
  303. >I was beating a dead horse
  305. >a blueish male figure dashed in front of the window
  306. >it matched perfectly to my mental image!
  307. >IT HAD TO BE HIM
  308. "Mr. Anon, I gotta go to the restroom. I'll be right back!
  309. >I took the pass from his desk and made my way out the door.
  310. "just don't drown in the toilet please"
  311. >The only one who knows what this guy is capable of is me and It was I the only one who could stop him.
  313. >Be Brad
  314. >What the hell is Norman doing?
  315. >I can't let him go out of class to chase after a ghost
  316. "Mr. Anon, I've got to go to the restroom too"
  317. >I said
  318. "you just went 12 minutes ago, Brad"
  319. >c'mon!
  320. "I really have to go!! I-I forgot to do my other business"
  321. >The class laughed at me
  322. "*sigh* Okay, whatever"
  323. >I sprinted out the door, looking for Normie
  324. >Damn it Norman, I'm really risking my ass way too much for you pal
  326. >Be teachAnon
  327. "have you ever heard of gay bath houses? they were quite popular in ancient Greece"
  328. >class loughs hysterically within context
  329. >Pinkie took it a bit to far
  331. >Be Goddamned Normal fucking Norman
  332. >and this motherfucker doesn't believe me!
  333. >Shouldn't have wasted time on him
  334. >I should have just kept looking for Mystery Horse boy
  335. >fuckeverything!!
  337. "Fine, if you're not gonna help, then don't get in the way"
  338. >my voice rang loud and upset with desperation
  339. >I had to make it clear to him
  340. >that guy wasn't playing and he took me well by surprise, I can't allow this guy to run around school abducting people, even if they're all jerks to me.
  341. >But hurting them because he wants to meet some angry bitch from the horseworld.
  342. >God, I would hate myself if he ever layed a single finger on the Aryan Beauty
  343. >wait wait wait
  344. >She was from the horseworld too?
  345. >Sweet mother of Mercy!
  346. "hey hold on Norm! take it easy."
  347. >I suddenly snapped out of the realization
  348. "You need to take a deep breath and look around you, you've got to come to your senses. You need to focus on what you need to get done"
  349. >Brad was right, I had to slow down, and look at it in the most logic way possible
  350. >not very often did I thank him, but he deserved it
  351. "you're right Brad. I need to get it straight if I'm going to stop him"
  353. >Be Brad
  354. >I don't think he got my message
  355. >I've got to help him out of it
  357. >Be Norman
  358. >He's got to be somewhere around here
  359. >He couldn't have gone far I know it
  360. "What did you just say dweeb?"
  361. >an angry voice roared on the other side of the hallway
  362. >that wasn't who I was looking for, but I took notice of what was going on
  363. >it was a chick with white hair and a pale look
  364. >damn it, that bitch is one fucking thug
  365. >the punk-ish kind of thug
  366. >And she sure was mad
  367. >I heard a much more smaller voice answer afterwards
  368. "but Gilda we barely finished our own homework"
  369. >it was Orange's Sister!
  370. "yeah, it was really hard to figure out, and we couldn't even get dinner because of it!"
  371. >that was her Tangerine colored friend,
  372. "Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep all your fucking teeth!"
  373. >the obnoxious bitch snarled at the little chick
  374. "we're sorry Gilda, We did what we could, we really tried. Honestly"
  375. >I should have guessed Mini Aryan would be there too
  376. "three idiots are more than enough to get that damn essay done. Seriously, Just how stupid do you think I am?"
  377. >This bitch was getting on MY nerves now
  378. >but I had something else to do and I had to get back to it
  379. "I guess you're so stupid, you can't even do your own homework!"
  380. >something, or rather, someone was slammed against a locker making a loud noise
  381. "all you had to do was to keep your fuckin' trap shut"
  382. >what the fuck Norman
  383. >you and your little "hero" role
  384. >Its like I love to be knee deep in shit
  385. "she's right, you know?"
  386. >some other guy said disrupting the abusing sequence this Gilda was taking upon Tangerine
  387. >that was my line!
  388. >apparently someone was spying on her and decided to take action right before I made my entry
  389. >wait, wait was that?
  390. >Oh shit, here we go again
  393. >Shit just got cereal
  394. >The voice of a male person, yet again
  395. >My target was inbound
  396. >time to tackle this motherfucker to another dimension
  397. "leave those girls alone Gilda"
  398. >I turned around the corner to make my assault and apprehend "batman" once and for all
  399. >What the fuck?
  400. "what gives you the right to use other people as you please?"
  401. >Mother
  402. >Fucking
  403. >BRAD
  404. "fuck off pretty boy!"
  405. >The crazy bitch threatened the brave fool. she had no real ground to stand on.
  406. >her attention was off Tangerine and the other girls now, allowing her release from the locker she was pressed against
  407. >The girls fled with tremendous hurry, thanking Blue-head yonder the other side of the hallway
  408. >They ran right past me without even saying "hi"
  409. >I don't blame them, they had to endure all that trouble, although they are technically more troublesome
  410. >ironic
  411. "Normie!"
  412. >speaking of irony
  413. >The Punk girl turns around to look at who her challenger was hollering at
  414. >finding your's truly standing a midst the empty hallway
  415. >seriously Brad
  416. >fuck you
  417. "heh, not a problem. I can take two dweebs at once"
  418. >Why does she have to say 'dweeb' so much? I don't even think it suits her persona
  419. "I'm not fighting you Gilda. You lost anyways"
  420. >Quite formidable in my opinion. I never thought he'd be the kind to stand up for others and avoid through reason
  421. >A faggot still
  422. "oh, but I wasn't asking for your permission, you little bitch"
  423. >she walks towards Brad as if she wasn't even upset at him, pulling something out of the inside of her aviator jacket
  424. >the sparkle that emanated from her hand fooling me to think that it was the rivets attached to the faux leather of her jacket
  425. >she turned around pointing at me with her right hand, with brass knuckles on it.
  426. "you're next"
  427. >what the hell is wrong with this bitch?
  429. >Be Brad
  430. >this chick is completely out of her mind
  431. >I really don't want to go up against her. What would the school say if they knew I hit a girl
  432. >She is outrageously aggressive, yes. But even then that is no excuse to harm a woman.
  433. >Besides I would never rape this chick
  434. >She's too angsty
  435. >wait, what the hell am I thinking?
  436. "listen, I don't wan't to hurt you"
  437. >she smirked with amusement and replied
  438. "Don't worry, I'm not the one gettin' hurt here dumbass"
  440. >Be Gilda
  441. >I'm so going to wreck this motherfucker
  442. >"(in a mocking tone) I don't want to hurt you" who the fuck does he think he is?
  443. >piece of shit
  444. 'pock'
  445. "oh, you just didn't fucking do that"
  446. >I turned around again when I felt something hit me
  447. >The fucking racist dweeb threw his god damned shoe at my head!
  448. >oh, I'll make him pay for that, in fact, I'm charging interest!
  450. >Be Norman
  451. >Fuck my Life
  452. >I threw my right shoe at this demented bitch and now she's charging a full frontal assault.
  453. >oh fuck
  454. >I just remembered
  455. >Green told me she's into boxing and that a reputation for being aggressive and actually living up to her word preceded her. Quite unbelievable for someone with a mouth so big. He says she mauled the shit out of a thug once for thinking she couldn't fight him.
  456. >and now I'm next
  457. >pleasenotintheface
  458. >I curled my arms and leg to protect my face and ribs. I just know she's going for either or.
  459. >I fucking hate being a hero
  460. >I hate this fucking school
  462. >nothing's happening, what's going on?
  463. >Ears only allowed me to hear a thud and someone grunting
  464. >I clear my arms for my eyes to make witness, slightly flinched due to the now failed threat.
  465. >On the floor lay Ms. Sunshine struggling to return to battle. Failing miserably of course.
  466. "let me go, you punk!"
  467. >holy shit, I just found what I was looking for!
  469. >immpecable timing
  470. >my ass was safe for now and I couldn't believe what was going on
  471. >The dark-denim-wearing figure, now with his hoodie on, sat on top of Gilda. Just as I would have expected of him. He had Gilda's face against the floor and her hands on her back locked by his right.
  472. >this guy is like a machine of domination and submission.
  473. >Brad jogged his way over to me not too worried about what had just happened. He then leans on my left shoulder with his right fore arm
  474. "this is Bradical"
  475. >the screeching of violins suddenly began to play in my head. I slowly turned my face to meet his, with eyes wide open in disgust. He just stared at me with a smile slapped to his face.
  476. >I had no comment
  477. >Without wasting any more time, I turn my attention to "Officer McGarret," who was way overdue for a good with me. And its not in my plans to suspend it any further.
  478. "okay pal, I know you want to find your buddy Shimmer and all, but I really need to have a word with you"
  479. >He slightly turned his head just enough to reveal the vermilion of his eye. Something I had not notice until now
  480. "It will have to be another time. I can't let this criminal roam around"
  481. >True, although what he stated resulted ironic, since it came from him.
  482. "that's exactly what I want to talk about"
  484. "well, you can talk about it in detention. That's if you have permission to talk during detention!"
  485. >A woman wearing thin glasses and looks of an important yet attractive person spoke behind us. Her hair said long age came to her, but her skin suggested otherwise.
  486. "Miss Mare, we had a..."
  487. >Brad attempted to make our way out of this
  488. "I've heard enough. You are all going to detention"
  489. >horse boy down there, sprung up from his duty to contain Gilda, only to protest
  490. "What is this nonsense?! Detention for what?"
  491. "What kind of authority are you to command me old-timer?" >Mrs.Mare only gasped covering her mouth with awe. An implied sign of displeasure
  492. "If anything, I hav...
  493. >I had to control his mouth before I could no longer control the damge. I don't want to spend my afternoons doing community service because of horse boy
  494. >I chuckled trying to hide the truth
  495. "My friend here is... uhhmm... new actually."
  496. >I show a smile as a sign of willingness to cooperate, while jamming mystery horse boy's mouth to prevent any further misunderstandings
  497. "just play along" >I whispered as fast as I could to let him know there was a plan
  498. >well, sort of
  499. "he doesn't know the staff yet and... is... uuhh... a bit... a bit..."
  500. "He's been having a really bad day miss mare and he just..."
  501. >freaking Brad. Way to improvise
  502. "I said that was enough. I don't care what your reasons were, or what excuse you have to give me. You're all going to detention"
  503. >awww shit
  504. "not you Miss Griffon. I'm taking you to the Vice Principle's office"
  505. >She turns to me with a face that said, "I'll murder you and toss the body in a ditch"
  506. "we can't afford to have you running around campus with a weapon"
  507. >and there we were.
  508. >on our way to a dull old room for our crimes against our fellow learners
  509. >this has got to be the most awesome Monday of my life
  510. >huray
  511. >Shit
  512. >I almost forgot about the plan for the Winter Ball!
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