Calculator change log

Dec 26th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Calculator change log:
  3. v0.11.2
  4. * Fix incorrect text for the options to meeting luanell and start givini ball before or after agree with jhenno in politc matters.
  5. * Fix an incorrect score gain for Elleani RP in the War section by Yarra dialouge in Gasm Fall [in the tooltips, bug only visual]
  7. v0.11.1
  8. * Change Tertia RP check for joining the harem after Eustrin Final Math to benefit the rp gain in that section.
  9. * Change an incorrect reply in Chapter 2 travel timer.
  11. v0.11.0
  12. * Add the incursion in the lustlord tower fortress and the second gathering.
  13. * Add the numeric tooltips to the first chapter 4 iteration and succession crisis.
  14. * Add a link in the bottom of the section to collaps the section itself.
  15. * Fix the missing hq magic +2 from complete the tower delving and demonic understanding research projects.
  16. * A couple of other fixes i forgot.
  18. v0.10.2:
  19. * Add Eustrin final contents
  20. * Add Aka second custom weapon quest.
  21. * Add Hilstara Quest.
  22. * Added Ivalan Acceptance in the Global Stats Section.
  23. * Integrate full report tooltip in the calculator main branch. [still chapter 1, 2 and 3]
  24. * Add tooltip for number imput with the min and max value allowed [if a max value exist]
  25. * Add a force script to force number imput stay in between min and mx values allowed
  26. * Add in recap box (right panel) the green text for the section a character achive the max rp status.
  28. v0.10.1:
  29. * Fix Simon Attack bonus score in simon route recap infobox
  30. * Fix wrong behaviour of sarai feedback dialogue during Yhilin Govern I
  32. v0.10.0:
  33. * add first chapter 5 investment cycle
  34. * restore the one-time check for prositute in stineford chapter 1 section
  35. * fixed tak'kan country score increase for slum remodeled (+5, was +1)
  36. * add 'ivala rp' in recap box, the score i think is legit (the score, the name can be an obfuscation)
  37. * few change "under the hood" code, if anyone had some weird behaviour of hilstara helm crafting or tak'kan/givini/stenai/ardford bonus for buy all the decoration let me know.
  39. v0.9.2:
  40. * fixed a problem for selecting early/hold troop in Synod Effect and Second Stenai Trip (Skipped) version.
  42. v0.9.1:
  43. * remove lower blue bar, resize the upper one.
  44. * add a button for each section to jump the relative infobox in the view.
  45. * add a option to change global font size, all the rest of the page elements should change accordingly.
  47. v0.9.0:
  48. * Add Return to Stineford Section
  49. * Try a prototype for show/hide feedback reply, rp changes and hidden stats changes.
  50. * Add the possibility to complete the "Ethnic Complaints" petition in simon route if social score is 4- but lexande training is done and all archive topics are readed.
  52. v0.8.5:
  53. * Gasm Fall Ivalan Temple Price Reduced to 300K (From 450K) if in the Synod passed Moderate Reform
  54. * Denmiel Archives Price Reduced to 150K (From 250K) if Full Mother Unlock is Flipped in the Synod
  55. * Removed Eustrin Smithing Guild Opportunity After the Synod (location unaviable)
  56. * Add the Possibility to Fuck Sarai in All Chapter Four iteration past the Synod (RP requirment)
  57. * Add Sabitha rp +2 for Starting magic construct research in fuck palace aftermath
  58. * Fixes Hilstara RP gain if [T Erosia] is off (before was under [T Zirantia] on)
  59. * Add a Missing Altina rp +3 for working with Wynn in Divine Claw's base poison Trap
  61. v0.8.4:
  62. * Fixed Waystation supplies option doesn't working properly
  63. * Added a Missing opportunity for Iris' paperworks quest in the second stenai visiti
  64. * Fixed a wrong labelel "Tower Front" for talking with the "glasses" fucklord harem memeber.
  66. v0.8.3:
  67. * Fixed Wrong Condition for show the ability to spend influence for handle the unpeople in the minor issue phase
  68. * Fixed the Airship militarization appear in successive iteration after be funded-
  69. * Fixed a Typo
  71. v0.8.2:
  72. * Add differential change for yhilin acceptance, arclent acceptance, wynn/simon angry, entity choesion, shining sword and abyssal gem.
  73. * The select box for coping ramasta's priestess before/after talking with the priest is conditional to have a religion score of 18 and 19.
  74. * Add the Elven investigation score in the elven forests result box for consistency with zirantia investigation and eustrin impact scores.
  75. * Minor Code Change and Cleanup
  77. v0.8.1:
  78. * Some Bugfix
  80. v0.8.0:
  81. * Fixed "Cut the Potion Hermite from mother influence" not prorely appear when the condition are meet.
  82. * Removed the retroattive disable for options in elven and zirantia section
  83. * Add missing dialogue with Balia in the lab courtyard if orc lab is funded and orc diversification research is done.
  84. * Fix Stop the Rape + Dominate varia RP gain Branch
  85. * Fix "stabilize the situation" in optonal choice in "Aram 3" if additional troops are deployed in "Aram 1" section
  86. * Add Orcent Givini teahouse BAr chat in Chapter 4 First iteration
  87. * Kalant can be send in the Order of Silence if you have done the investment in chapter 4
  88. * Fixed the threshold for unlock the "New Givini Ambassador Proposal" for Tyna (4+ not 5+)
  89. * Correct Effect of Magic Defense Weak in Erosia Prologue (not HqScore -1, but Confrontation -1)
  90. * In chapter 4 Pre Invasion Iteration potion and more shouldn't not appear if funded in previous iteration
  91. * Fixed Ardford Decoration Bonus Be Applied more the one Time
  93. v0.8.0:
  94. * Added thenours War Section
  95. * Fixed Yhilin Acceptance discrepancy in BoY aftermath
  97. v0.7.2:
  98. * fixed a parenthesis
  100. v0.7.1:
  101. * potion and more reapparing in post synod section fixed (i think, any feedback is welcome)
  102. * fixed Stinefor's Succubus Tower Quality be skipped in the army math
  103. * rearrange adrand bank calculation cost for taking in account the bonus for new magical standard option.
  104. * added a main army size/quality recap after allies section
  106. v0.7.0:
  107. * Add Post Synod Activity and Second Stenai Trip
  108. * Add Pre Invasion Iteration with all the Army Calculation [v0.42.3]
  109. * Add Sx Price for Hilstara Helm
  110. * Add the ability to Tell the Stineford Bastard Prostitute to move in the succubus tower in all chapter 4 iteration
  111. * Add Orri Restaurant Quest if possibile (Succubi Accepted and Ardford Ban Lifted in the Synod and Ardford Restaurant and Givini Teahouse investments done)
  112. * Fixed a bug in the flag for wynn-balia dialogue in the HQ Orc Lab
  113. * Add Premium Steel 2 investment requirement for custom weapons (if appropriate)
  114. * Add missing RP gain for Yarra, Qum and Nalili for Succubus National Trade if Funded in Chapter 4.
  116. v0.6.2:
  117. * Reset Section Button.
  118. * Fix incorrect behaviour show/hide for the "aka cure" in aka route
  119. * Fix in chapter four investement round three (components gathering) "provisional agreement with iron cudgel" don't disappear if funded in previous iteration
  120. * fix some error/typo in synod section
  121. * show the effect for sarai sacrifice appear only if the option will be taken
  123. v0.6.1:
  124. * Synod Full Update
  125. * Fix Label/text problem AFU ( reported
  126. * Add Orcent Bar Convo number in the last result box (the 'recap' one)
  127. * Minor Clean Up of the code
  128. * Stineford and Megail Deal Section: added the ability to hire multiple time the prostitute.
  129. * Stineford and Megail Deal Skipped Section: Add the ability to change any amount of ProN in Sx.
  130. * Yhilin First Investment Phase Section: Add the ability to invest in either chapter one or chapter two (Megail's gift Excluded)
  131. * Yarra Route: add the missing dialogue with the "Food Lady"
  132. * Ardford Summit Section: Fix a Bug don't make disappear the second opportunity to join the merchant guild if you do at the start of the section
  133. * Ardhoeim Succession Crisis: Fixed Economy score gain from Ghanth pressure score
  134. * Meeting the Anak section: Fixed a bug doesn't hide the ability to invest in the HQ armory if you do in the first investment phase
  135. * Erosia Prelude: make more consistence the Color of Ramasta Feedback text with the rest of the section
  136. * Erosia Prelude: Add the missing Elleani RP gain talking with her in the Tak'Kan section (Hall of Order)
  137. * Synod: Add the Missing Yarra Frustration +1 for the Talk with the maid in the Silvers Stump if the simon-trin-qum scene was unlocked in summit section
  138. * Synod: Add the Threshold for Religion and Yelarel Score in Mercantile/Succubus Order Influence section.
  140. v0.6.0:
  141. * add the synod.
  142. * Fix the "givini tunnels" bug
  144. v0.5.8:
  145. * Fixed a bug in the handling of worn whip/enchanted box in simon route.
  147. v0.5.7:
  148. * fixed an incorrect behaviour in the supply line petition of simon route section
  149. * fixed an incorrect behaviour in teahouse investment in meeting the anak section.
  151. v0.5.6:
  152. * added two seed orc (the elf-lover and and the save-stalls outskirt orc) in the succesive yhilin interaction.
  153. * block all wynn interation in her room if merchant quarter is destroyed
  154. * block megail outskirts dialogue if the outskirts is destroyed
  155. * remove unecessary empty line and unecessary scroll up or down for show/disappear line
  156. * add the possibility to do the dialogue with janine near the armor in the "-skipped" version too
  157. * add orcent bar convo variable in the result infobox under "global stats"
  158. * add the requisite "statue open" for sex shop and celebrations in second house of petition
  159. * add the possibility to set simon sp gain to "5" in chapter four (if you missed in the traning map in chapter 3)
  160. * add the 'ingredients gathering' section before the option to keep/seel the potion in stineford chapter 1 [only full version]
  161. * add in the devil's pass section "talk with trin in the outskirts" and "go to the hidden entrance and foil the coup"
  162. * change the position of qum automatic rp gain at the start of chapter two for fixing a incorrect behaviour (the RP gain was incorrect counted in the free roaming section)
  163. * add "succubus chat counter" in yarra route (you need 5+ for unlock the servant tunnel before the night of sixth day)
  164. * remove the double checkbox for the reverse bribe from merchant represantite related vinario deed buying and added a select box instead
  165. * add a select box for ProN change related of vinario deed buying (in the case someone change a few pron for fall under the 200K ProN threshold)
  166. * add orilise dialogue line feedback for the number of time you are 'tagged' in the denmiel focal point tree
  167. * add "clear the bank's clerk's copy" in govern yhilin II (before was automatic)
  168. * add "talk balia the dead orc recovered in ziarantia" the orc stats gain are added at the start of the section, not the rp gain, and talk with her isn't a requirement for ending the section.
  169. * fix an error in the condition unlocking the last trial
  170. * add talk with megail in the outskirts in yhilin govern III.V if skipped in yhilin govern III section (e.g. for outskits still destroyed in govern III)
  171. * block uyae dialogue in yhilin govern IV if relevant quarter is still destroyed (square/inn-merchant/wall-outskirt)
  172. * add green color to robin special project in 3AW investment section
  173. * fixed in ardoheim succession crisis section copying king's aide and bhakan guard copy don't reduce trin copies free slots
  174. * add order of silence score in ardoheim succession crisis result infobox
  175. * add missing elleani rp +3 in givini bank investment missing in meeting the anak and investment section
  176. * add mausolem talk with wynn in stenai trip after the deep tower maze (for recruit her before the scene in the HQ lab thus unlocking the simon-wynn-wendis bed scene)
  178. v0.5.5:
  179. * fix a bug with esthera box (worn whip) and save feature.
  181. v0.5.4:
  182. * add stenai trip
  183. * add deep tower maze
  184. * minor code cleanup
  186. v0.5.3:
  187. * fix an error showing givini trading networks if only chalice state trading networks was funding (bug only visual)
  188. * add megail rp -1 for each round of yhilini acceptance buyed for noble liaison
  189. * add the option to craft hilstara's helm (premium steel version) in chapter 4 if not alredy done before
  190. * remove vhala rp -1 if the party win a seed fight and lose another (only possible with stineford four seed target)
  191. * remove "forging ties" in the result box of war aftermath investment round
  192. * add missing arclent acceptance +5 from funding givini war monument
  193. * fix an error not counting the zirantia score +1 talking the first time with biyue in chapter 4
  194. * fix berttricia quest religion score increase (from +1 to +2)
  195. * add first talk with aka in the HQ courtyard (rp +2)
  196. * add "sphere talk" with esthera in fist section of chapter four (rp +2)
  197. * fix timeskip iris rp gain (from +5 to +10)
  198. * reworks luanell dialogues structure in ardoheim succession crisis section
  199. * add missing orilise talk during the ball in ardoheim succession crisis section (rp +2)
  200. * add dari appaerance choice and change the "join harem" rp requisit for the 'unpeople' form (from 80 to 85)
  201. * add detail for the fix vote in the hall of order vote in the erosia prelude section
  202. * add first sho/balia dialogue (balia rp +2)
  203. * rework rp managment for handle overcapped lynine/orilise in the stenai trip section (the rp change from the dialogue about the elf kingdom saved first are applied before the capping script)
  204. * minor code clean up
  206. v0.5.2:
  207. * add new game section "stenai trip", name not definitive.
  208. * implemented Arakhne's save-plugin (the html/css part SOON TM)
  209. * implement single country show/hide option
  210. * add mandatory event in stineford/megail deal section (booze, mine and demon quest)
  211. * add "talk to robin as yarra" in devil pass section
  212. * add figurine quest feedback line for skipped version
  213. * add a line for mountrain total votes gathered
  214. * add "fuck altina in camp after varia+impaler"
  215. * add "talk to the elf elder" checkbox in aka full version
  216. * add missing 'ProN' in the return mine line
  217. * add "try nalili stair and take the warining" checkbox in simon's route full version
  218. * fixed days prerequisite for talking to esthera about children (after meet nalili)
  219. * fixed wrong number of days added for supply line petition with lowest social threshold (social<=3 from 4 to 5)
  220. * fixed missing lexande traning for resolve noble snubbed petition
  221. * fixed physical traning for fighting supercharged nalili moved from unlocking the option to choosing the outcome
  222. * fixed a missing +1 esthera mood from childern dialogue
  223. * fixed prerequisite for esthera vault dialogue and nalili describe the harem dialogue
  224. * fixed some incorrect abs/nay in the summit section [denfense pact/unpeople motion/alliance pact]
  225. * add ProN conversion to ardford and summit section
  226. * fixed incorrect trigger for janine throne room dialogue
  227. * fixed incorrect behaviour of show/hide "hear megail past" checkbox
  228. * fixed incorrect trigger for altina - elf ally dialogue
  229. * fix some uncorrect behavior in show/hide option in zirantia section
  230. * add seed battle feedback line in 3 arclent war section
  231. * add "talk with mherin" line for mandatory dialogue in stineford 1 section of 3 arclent war
  232. * add ProN - Sx conversion in chapter four investement phase one and two
  233. * fix requisite for unlocking new hq bed scene
  234. * fix requisite for talking with the bertrice's quest succubus in helvanna
  236. v0.5.1:
  237. * fixed military and magic palace value become undefined if HQ defence research was select
  238. * add wynn-balia chat if wynn joined and orc lab is founded [rp +2 for both]
  239. * add +1 hospitality to the purchase of succubi statue in gasm fall
  240. * add missing stineford's weapons shop ProN retun
  242. v0.5.0:
  243. * add investement second round and anak talk
  244. * add erosia prelude conflict
  245. * add a "Expected Return" section for the next ProN return projection (real numbers can be different if SL make some change in the future builds)
  246. * add "Abyssal Gems" in the global stats section.
  247. * for consistency rename all "yhilin III.5" to "yhilin III.V"
  248. * fixed single noble campaign don't proper works.
  249. * fixed a crash if a single extension is aviable in the "unsuccubus extension" [the double one]
  250. * add andra scene in the miner's junction if yhilin final trigered
  251. * fixed orcent bar crawl dialogue don't proper show up if the condition are meet
  252. * add elleani talk requiremenent for givini bank investment
  253. * fix the missing trin rp +2 in warrior bar orcent talk
  254. * note i suppose the 0.36.0 will start in the HQ and thus allow to lock the 100+ rp girl before anything else.
  256. v0.4.1:
  257. * fix DK statue petition doesn't properly block if DF are insufficient
  258. * correct esutrin's guild return from 200K to 250K
  259. * remove orcent - uyae bar chat in the first investment round of chapter 4
  260. * correct takkan conuntry score increase for house rose warehouse gift, from +1 to +2
  261. * fix the missing megail rp +5 and elleani rp +3 for the givini bank investment
  262. * fix the possibility for min to support both ignas and kalant
  264. v0.4.0:
  265. * Add first round of chapter 4 investment, first two tower run and various activity in the old maps.
  266. * Add Ardoheim Crisis Section
  267. * Fixed some Bug in the Simon's Route daycont (wendis' dream and fight supercharged nalili)
  268. * Add color Feedback for Balia response based on books read during simon's route
  269. * Fixed a Crash if Yhilin Acceptance Requsite for square volunteer don't meet in the 'skipped' version
  270. * Fixed Wrongs behavior for hidden 'category' in the result box for 3AW and Aftermath investment section
  271. * Fixed a wrong check in carina's men status in the 3AW section
  272. * Add Robin Special Project feedback in the 3AW section
  273. * Many Code Improvment
  275. v0.3.1:
  276. * Massive English improvment, many thanks to DukeLeto7
  277. * add the missing flags for Aka's Custom Knife
  278. * (hopeful) find and fix altina flag status bug
  279. * fixed a wrong id in megail route full version
  280. * add Dari rp cap
  281. * add the possibility to take the 100K ProN from merchant guild representative before or after buying vinario deed
  282. * add color to the feedback on adamant mercenaries during BoY
  283. * add the price reduction for premium steel second investment during yhilin govern I if alredy done the first
  284. * blocked aka - altina storgan dialogue enterning in theltiar if altina isn't in the party
  285. * reworked the unlocking system for storgan learning possibility if minimun storgan score are needed
  286. * add a feedback for the twisten glen ruse
  287. * add color feedback to the orcent army report in yhilin govern IV
  288. * clarified optional orc conversation in gasm fall's orc tunnels
  289. * add orc summit score in at the top of IKD3 Bloody Spire
  291. v0.3.0:
  292. * core stats (social/economy/religion) and country scores had the differential increment like the RP change.
  293. * remove some input fields or placeholders if not options are selected
  294. * blocked some option if destryed city map aren't rebuilded (e.g. yarra-wynn dialogue in the court)
  295. * add the missing "cour destroyed" feedback if no iron cudgel/ari garda are hired at any point
  296. * fixed ambassador response bridge check during BoY aftermath
  297. * add the possibility to avoid talk with sarai of simon discovery in the orgasmic empire (in game dialogue option "focus on business")
  298. * the monster groups in the southern tunnel are 7, not 8. max number fixed.
  299. * add the "talk with the succubus armorer" in gasmfall war section.
  300. * block crafting hilstara helm in 'yhilin govern I' if alredy done during the reunion
  301. * minor code clean up.
  303. v0.2.2:
  304. * dropped join OoT requisite for open the research slot in the govern yhilin 4 iteration and add the missing research.
  305. * minor code cleanup
  307. v0.2.1:
  308. * fixed crash if unpeople recrutier in the order ground is removed in yhilin 3.5 iteration
  309. * minor code cleanup
  311. v0.2.0:
  312. * added third arclent war and the investment phase in the aftermath
  313. * trin copies variable works now
  314. * yarra route full version work as intended
  315. * add the possibility to ignore orc development with the -5 balia rp
  316. * some events gated beyond treshold are repeated for any yhilin govern iteration they are eligible, but event without any block are reported only the first time you can do it
  317. * the last slot of research (after eustrin) can be used only if robin had complete all the OoT trial, and the last trial cannot be done * if 'yhilin magic' research isn't done. this is implement in the tool
  318. * many improvment in the code.
  320. v0.1.0:
  321. * Initial Relese
  322. * Yarra's Route full version doesn't works.
  323. * Trin Copies variables works only in Aka's Route
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