Avernum Jump

Mar 10th, 2015
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  1. Avernum!
  3. The world of Avernum is one controlled by The Empire. Indeed the great Empire sits upon the throne of the world and calls all of the world as its' domain. Emperor Hawthorne III sits within the Capital and sets forth his laws and decrees. Many years ago The Empire found a system of caverns that went far below the surface, and found world filled with danger and death. They named this place Avernum. The Emperor decreed all entrances to Avernum closed off, and magical one-way portals to Avernum built. All Criminals and Convicts were to be sentenced to Avernum. Though this quickly became an excuse for those in political positions to get rid of people who annoyed them, or who didn't cater to their every whim. Within Avernum there lie Six "Great Cities", in truth little more than large towns, and The Castle. The "King", an elected figure, and the Governors of the Great Cities make up the Council, who make the laws of Avernum. But Avernum is still a place of danger, many monsters roam the tunnels, as do the Nephilim a race of humanoid cat-men who hold no love for the Humans, though this is due to their treatment by the Empire than any innate hostility, and the Slithzari(Sliths) a race of Lizardmen who no one had heard of before coming to Avernum, they are split between waring with these outsiders and trying to make peace with them. Many of the tunnels remain unexplored and unmapped. Will you find Treasure or Glory? Will you bring peace to the disunified factions of Avernum? Or will you perhaps, just perhaps, find a way to the Surface and lead Avernum to war?
  4. You have 1000 CP to spend as you see fit
  6. Roll 1d8 for Location or pay 100 CP to pick
  7. 1.Fort Avernum- The 'Entrance' to Avernum, where everyone passes through to enter the great Caverns. It is a small town with no Governor, and few people live here permanently. It exists mostly to help newcomers acclimate to their new home, and to stop any actual criminals tossed through from causing harm immediately upon coming here.
  8. 2.The Tower of Magi- It is the main home of the Wizards and Sorcerers of Avernum who split their time between helping keep Avernum running, and doing experiments to try and improve their knowledge of magic and the situation down here. It holds a dark secret as of late, one few are willing to speak of.
  9. 3.The Castle- The Capital of Avernum, or at least the lands the Humans claim within it. It is here that the King dwells and the Council meets to make decisions on the issues plaguing Avernum. To meet with the King requires a Token granted by one of the Governors.
  10. 4.The Abyss/Bargha- "The Avernum of Avernum", this is where the criminals of Avernum are sent off to, killers, thieves, and worse are all sent here to stay so they don't cause trouble for the normal citizens. Rumors of a Rebellion against the Empire having a seat here are all just rumors of course.
  11. 5.A Nephilim Fort- A fort and organized home of a clan of Nephilim. The clan leader and Shaman both reside here. It is likely near human settlements, to make for easy raids for food and supplies.
  12. 6-Portago- An island fortress that is near unassailable. It is from here that the Warlord of the Sliths commands his forces against these intruders. It is massive in scope, even larger than The Castle, and filled to the brim with Slith warriors and normal citizens, even children roam on the lower levels.
  13. 7-Off the Map- You begin off of the known maps of Avernum. Far from human held lands, and still completely wild. A place of extreme danger, but also perhaps extreme rewards as well. You might even find one of the Five Dragons of Avernum, though I hope for your sake they aren't hostile.
  14. 8-Free Pick- Pick whichever location you desire.
  17. Origins
  18. Drop-In-Free-You simply appeared one day in your chosen location, luckily no one seems to question it even if they don't know who you are.
  19. Warrior-100-You are a trained warrior, capable of fighting in close combat and taking enemy hits, or with a bow from afar and sniping your enemies.
  20. Mage-100-You wield the mystical arts of Magic, your powers are many and varied but mainly focus on hurting the enemy or "debuffing" them.
  21. Priest/Sage-100-You can turn your faith from whatever you believe in into power, your powers are many and varied but mainly focus around healing your allies and buffing them and yourself.
  23. Races
  24. Human-Free-You're a human, what do you expect? If you aren't already incredibly pale you will be due to the nature of Avernum
  25. Nephilim-100-A race of catlike people, your people have little mages or advanced smelting techniques, but you make up for it by being fast and agile and difficult to kill.
  26. Slithzari-200-A race of lizardmen, your people are primitive in many fashions but make up for it by being incredibly strong and hardy, even a Slith civilian is harder to put down than five normal men.
  28. All 100 point perks are Free for the Background they are attached to, others are discounted. All discounts are 50% off
  30. Drop in Perks
  31. 100-Friendly Face- For some reason people are more willing to deal with you in-spite of any natural prejudices they might have
  32. 300-Artifice- You have a gift for the creation of powerful magical items. As True Artifacts their magic won't ever run out, or at the very least won't run out for a very long time. What you can make is limited to your knowledge, your imagination, and your resources
  33. 600-Crystal Magic- The magic of the Vahnatai a hidden and enigmatic race, you can manipulate Crystals to use them for magic. It is a powerful art, capable of making anything from magical grenades, to Crystals that act as a focus for magic, to even enshrining a person's soul into a crystal, and more.
  35. Warrior Perks
  36. 100-Weapons Training- You are skilled with the Sword, The Spear, the Bow, and numerous other weapons naturally.
  37. 300-Death Blow- You have a naturally talent for seeing the weak points in your enemy, allowing you to do more damage to them should you hit those points.
  38. 600-Double Strike- All weapons you attack with allow you to hit the enemy twice for each single blow
  40. Mage Perks
  41. 100-Magic- You are capable of harnessing the power of Magic. It is an incredibly varied thing, though you only begin with knowledge of Combat Magic. Mostly used for hurting enemies and debuffing them, it can also be used to summon temporary allies. Often dealing different types of Elemental damage to try and hurt an enemy where it hurts most.
  42. 300-Barriers- You are skilled at the creation and dispelling of magically created barriers. They act much like a wall of energy, and while only a foot or two across they can be 20ft high, and can be planted right next to one another to make longer walls. Many great treasures in Avernum are hidden behind such barriers.
  43. 600-Natural Mage- You have a natural and intuitive understanding of Magic and the way it works. You can cast magic for less Mana cost, your spells are more powerful, and you learn magic easier. Moreover you find it easier to experiment and create new magical spells, and are less likely to suffer bad effects from such experimentation.
  45. Priest/Sage Perks
  46. 100-Faith- You can harness the power of your faith, a skill that can heal your allies from the brink of death, and at the greatest levels even return them from that sad fate. It can also make them stronger or protect them from harm, and even summon temporary allies. What little damage it can do is pure holy energies, powerful against the undead and Demons, but nothing special against most foes.
  47. 300-Act of Miracles- It would seem you have been blessed by some deity or another. You are luckier and less likely to find danger that you aren't looking for, and you will often find useful items along your way.
  48. 600-Beacon of Faith- You act as a beacon of whatever it is you believe it, and become Anathema to Demons and Undead. Your mere presence unnerves them, and your attacks harm them more. Even better your spells that 'buff' your allies in an area also debuff Demons and Undead in the same area. All of your Holy Spells become stronger.
  50. Unaligned Perks
  51. 300-Cave Lore- You have an innate knowledge of Caverns and Tunnels. You will rarely be lost or lose your direction when traveling below ground. You also find yourself better at finding hidden areas that might contain useful knowledge or treasure. You are also more adept at finding your way through dark places in general.
  53. Items-
  54. Boat- A regular rowboat, though surprisingly durable and capable of surviving rapids without harm, you will find it tied near the closest main water-way to you when you start. Oddly enough it's never lost, and it will show up again near the water if you lose it. 50CP
  56. Cash- Cold hard cash, roughly 500 coins. A decent amount and enough to armor a single person reasonably well, or it can be saved for other uses 50CP
  58. Map of Avernum- Exactly what it says on the tin, a map of the lands of Avernum, and unlike the map handed out to everyone who arrives here this has some more interesting areas marked out, such as the location of the Dragon Mortax, a friendly Dragon willing to share knowledge 100(Free for Drop-in)
  60. Steel Arms and Armor- Rare and expensive in Avernum you have managed to acquire a weapon of your choice made of Steel(or an equivalent quality bow) and a breastplate 100(Free for Warrior)
  62. Mystical Books- These books contain knowledge of magic and help you learn more powerful, or harder to learn, magics faster than before. 100(Free for Mage)
  64. Alchemical Supplies- A mortar and Pestle with notes of how to make simple healing potions, along with the supplies to make ten of them. 100(Free for Priest/Sage)
  66. G.I.F.T.S. Eggs- A pair of eggs filled with G.I.F.T.S.. You get a new pair every universe you jump to but only if you used the last pair. They can be used to seed the multiverse with G.I.F.T.S. 100CP
  68. Linda's Notes- The notes of Linda a powerful mage known for the Summoning of Demons. They greatly increases your ability to summon Demons into this world. Oddly enough they don't have much to say on Controlling the Demons you summoned. Note that the Demons are incredibly powerful, and summoning them without control will end badly. 200CP
  70. Blessed Athame- These daggers are very rare and razor sharp, they are renowned for their ability to break down Magical Seals and barriers with a cut. The magical enchantments also allow it to cut through almost anything 400CP
  72. Orb of Thralni- A legendary artifact that allows those who hold it to be capable of flight. It is small, capable of being held between two fingers, and light for its' size. It can lift the user and anyone they are in physical contact with into the air and allow them to fly upwards of 100ft for about 10 minutes. It can never run out of energies for this enchantment and can be used over and over again. 400CP
  74. X's Notes-X is one of the greatest Artificers to ever live, and he is capable of magical wonders like the word has never seen and might never see again. In your hands you hold a series of his Notes, allowing you to make some of his wonders and improve your own skill at Artifice along the way 600CP
  78. Companion options
  79. 100-Import one person with Background, 500 CP, and the freebies relevant to their Background. They Do benefit from Discounts
  80. 400-8 Companions with same rules as above
  81. 100-Take a G.I.F.T.S. as a companion, they are capable of skilled workings with their webbings, and are decent mages if trained correctly.
  84. Drawbacks-Max of 600 CP
  85. G.I.F.T.S. Attention- The G.I.F.T.S. find you even cuter than they find normal humans, they follow you everywhere even taking over towns you stay in for too long. You begin to find their constant chatter incredibly ratting on the nerves if you didn't already. +100CP
  87. Cold Blooded- You are as Cold Blooded as a Slith. You feel lazy in "cooler" temperatures, and without some method to warm up are near non-functional even at normal human Room Temperature. +100CP
  89. Mushroom Mambo- For some reason you can't stomach anything but Mushrooms, no meat or plants will stay in your stomach, not even the rare flour that can be found. You can only handle eating Mushrooms +100CP
  91. Amnesia- You wake up at your given location with no memories of who you are or how you got there. You know nothing of Avernum or The Empire or anything else, and most certainly nothing of your previous adventures. +200CP
  93. Money Troubles- For some reason you're always out of money, even when you just cashed in a big reward or sold a bunch of valuables you found. It's like the money magically disappears from your pockets, you'll usually have enough to afford the absolute essentials but not much else, so be careful how you spend your money +200CP
  95. The Empires Eye- Even down in Avernum The Empire has eyes, spies and assassins working to keep the Avernites in-line. Their eyes are looking directly at you now. For some reason they suspect you might drive Avernum into rebellion, or worse. They will try their hardest to impede you every step of the way, and if needed will send some of their best to hunt you down and kill you. Worse is that some higher ups are aware of this, and will refuse to help you so The Empires doesn't target them +300CP
  97. The Witch's Wrath- Oh shit boy, you pissed of Erkia one of the most powerful Mages to ever walk the world. This is the woman who has spent much of her life plotting her revenge against the entire Empire, and will one day in the future be pivotal in bringing it down and killing The Emperor, and you've made her hate you as much as she hates them. Prepare to be stalked at every turn as she turns people against you, and prepares magic to hunt you down. +300CP
  99. The First Expedition-Oh Shit, Jump-chan fucked up. You got sent a few decades too early, you are now part of the First Expedition. The Entirety of Avenrum is wild and untamed, filled with monsters and even Demons down in the depths. The original Expedition died down to the last man, can you change that? Should you succeed you might even get an extra reward. Worse you must do so without the aid of Demonslayer a powerful magical blade that rivals even the greatest of blades, and becomes truly powerful when facing Demons. +600CP
  102. Stay here-
  103. Go Home-
  104. Continue on-
  106. Note-GIFTS stands for Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spider. They go up to about your waist and are very friendly, but they like to chatter and rub up against humans who they find "cute". They tend to have the mentality of young children, and find things like a web filled with bugs to be a good gift
  112. Bonus:Should you save every member of The First Expedition you are rewarded with Demonslayer at its' full strength. While you can find the pieces and reforge it during your normal 10 years it will always be diminished in strength. Doing this will grant you the true blade in its' true Glory, and allow it to be fused with an existing weapon.
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