Mar 22nd, 2020
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  1. It’s Communism
  2. Socialism
  3. It’s coming
  4. To the heart of America
  5. In the form of a virus
  7. Shutdown
  8. Isolate
  9. For fear of losing
  10. Freedom
  11. It’s already started
  13. Televise
  14. Your own demise
  15. Watch out
  16. Keep your insurance at hand
  17. As the poor lie in the street
  19. Humanity
  20. Capitalism style
  21. Gold card Medicare
  22. Step on the little guy
  23. As you enter A&E
  25. -----------------------------
  27. (additional notes)
  29. The Coronavirus has been around
  30. for several years, various strains
  31. studied in a laboratory in Canada,
  32. and a laboratory in Wuhan, however,
  33. not in the capacity for biowarfare,
  34. it’s as if the common cold has various
  35. strains.
  37. China has tampered with the mutation
  38. of this strain.
  40. And in its self-reliance to utilize as
  41. a bio-engineered agent, once tampered
  42. with the components. Once that feat has
  43. succeeded, it has the unfortunate
  44. capabilities of cessation to crumple any
  45. country’s economy in due process and
  46. in a diligent timely matter.
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