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  1. [19:41] * @Naze leads the way though the dark along the lenght of the mesa the bawn is built under. eventually coming towards a hidden and secluded cleftin the rock just behind a large bolder there. a little natural bolt hole. There are many already there, Each having been told to meet here in secret by the old woman. She smiles at them all.
  2. [19:41] <@Naze> "Thank you for all for coming." she says softly
  3. [19:42] <Katarina> "Color me curious."
  4. [19:42] * Kody nods from where he's standing.  Blue jeans and a green t-shirt today.  standard gray jacket over that.  And the ever present guitar slung across his back by the strap against his body.
  5. [19:42] * SNB finds a spot to watch and play if appropriate.
  6. [19:43] * Kazumi was perched on the top of the rock, knees bent down, balancing on her feet. "You had my attention."
  7. [19:43] * Viktor comes to watch, nodding as well as he takes a place near Kody
  8. [19:44] * Magdalene walked in, oversized bag pulled over her shoulder. She looked around at everyone there with a curiously tilted head.
  9. [19:44] * @Senta-L eyes Naze curiously, until she see's who else is present, and now her curiousity is even more. She nods to Maggie, then to Liam, giving them both a chuff of greeting. Then arches a brow as she see's the audience.
  10. [19:44] * Nicole_Slivermoon walks in wth Talia and goes and sits
  11. [19:44] * Katarina finds a spot to sit, giving Senta a lazy grin.
  12. [19:45] * Tanith is waiting for Naze near Kazumi, a white mouse peeking out from under the curtain of his long hair.
  13. [19:46] * Talia finds a quiet spot to sit and hugs her knees
  14. [19:46] <@Naze> "We are here tonight, because there is a rite to be done." she takes a breath and blows it out. "Malachi will die soon.. but tell me.. what happens when a garou with still active rites dies?" she asks
  15. [19:47] * Magdalene raised a hand as if she were answering in class.
  16. [19:48] <Kazumi> "Must you always be an insufferable now-it-all, Ms. Granger." She asked of Maggie in her best Snape voice.
  17. [19:48] * @Senta-L sits back on her haunches, looking over at Maggie and the raised hand, tilting her head and looking back to Naze.
  18. [19:48] * @Naze chuckles and gestures to Maggie.
  19. [19:49] * Magdalene flushed a bit and gave a nervous grin to Kazumi before looking to Naze, lowering her hand. "The active rite deactivates?"
  20. [19:52] * Liam` moves with the others looking around
  21. [19:52] * @Naze nods "Just so.. now, some of you might know.. What rite are we all likely here to reenforce tonight then? One that is vital to our survial? Im sure mouse knows at least."
  22. [19:52] <Liam`> The right of the Caern
  23. [19:53] * Kody glances at Viktor briefly, before his attention fixes more on the Theurges.  And the Ragabash.  The mysty ones.  
  24. [19:53] * @Senta-L has never been to school before, she looks down at her paws, then to Maggie's hands, seeming distracted for a moment, then looks back up at Naze. Letting the homids talk.
  25. [19:56] <@Naze> "Close.. We are here to enact the rite of the Shouded Glen, the rite that first made the old man famous as a theurge. The one that even now helps keep our location closed almost only to those that have been invited here."
  26. [19:57] * Tanith reaches under his hair to pull the small white mouse spirit out from where it is watching. The tiniest totem bounds down his body by climbing his clothing with tiny pink feet then scrambles through the group to climb up Naze's body to her shoulder. "Mouse cares about hiding, about being unseen."
  27. [19:57] * Magdalene looked to Liam and then back to Naze, her focus on her alpha. Rite of the Shrouded Glen. She committed the name to memory.
  28. [19:57] * Katarina listens, her gaze fixed on Senta as she explains what the rite was.
  29. [19:58] * Liam` nods to Naze.. "That's a good rite to know
  30. [19:58] <Kazumi> "Well, Naze.... I can't perform Garou rites, but if you think you can mange this one, I'll do what I have done for Malachi, and give you the power you need to complete it. That way anything else the Garou add to it will be icing on the cake."
  31. [19:58] <Katarina> (Naze, not Senta.)
  32. [20:02] <@Naze> "I imagine that without the shrouded glen we would shine like a beacon in the umbra, not exactly a postion we would like to be in at the moment." she nods to Kazumi "I apprciate that Kazumi, but the rite requires many people working in concert, you'll have plenty of oppertunity to contribute. I will lead the rite, you all simply need to follow my lead, no prior experience required.
  33. [20:05] * @Senta-L tilts her head at Naze, cause this is a rite she actually does not know. She stands up now, ears perked, tail high. Completely focused on the Eldest Uktena.
  34. [20:05] * Kazumi waves a hand. "Just an offer, Naze. I know it takes a village." She chuckled.
  35. [20:07] <Magdalene> "What do we have to do?" Maggie asked, her head tilting at a curious angle.
  36. [20:08] <@Naze> "I am enlisting all of you to be my limbs for the rites to come tonight.. and friend mouse to help bind us all into one pack for just tonight. For some of you this will be a new experience." she smiles looking to kinfolk there as she holds out her hand to Tanith and mouse.
  37. [20:12] <@Naze> "Everyone should touch someone, and no Viktor not like that," she preempts with a smile "So that we are all linked somehow." she says as she takes tanith's hand.
  38. [20:13] * Magdalene smiled and reached for both Tanith's free hand and one of Kazumi's hand. Who said she couldn't touch two people?
  39. [20:13] * Liam` reaches out for who's ever close to touch to help complete the circle.. his gnosis begining to flow.m
  40. [20:13] * @Senta-L shifts up into homid and moves so she is holding the hand of two people closest.
  41. [20:13] * Senta-L is now known as Senta
  42. [20:14] * Kody reaches for Viktor on the one side, and.  Oh.  Senta on the other.
  43. [20:14] * Tanith holds hands with Naze as mouse climbs over their joined hands with little skittery feet, Holding Maggy's hand with the other. "Don't worry, I only read phonebooks over the mind link to my pack, I won't dump that on all of you" He has a teasing voice though, he may not be telling the truth.
  44. [20:14] * Talia scoots up and takes a hand, takingNicoles on the other
  45. [20:14] * Katarina moves over to her tribemates, taking hold of Kazumi's other hand, extending her remaining one to whoever's close.
  46. [20:15] * Kazumi slipped down off the rock, walking over to Maggie and taking her hand, and then giving Katarina her other.
  47. [20:15] * SNB plays with one hand and reaches out with his off hand. He touches Tanith on the shoulder.
  48. [20:15] * Nicole_Slivermoon smiles
  49. [20:18] * @Naze looks around and makes sure that eveyone is linked together "Is everyone ready?" she asks as mouse takes up residence in her slowly slivering hair now.
  50. [20:20] * Liam` offers a silent nod as he is focused on the rite
  51. [20:20] * Magdalene smiled to Tanith and Kazumi, then to everyone else, before her eyes landed back on Naze. She gave the woman a nod.
  52. [20:20] <Katarina> "Nevermore."
  53. [20:22] <@Naze> "Alright." <SS> "Friend mouse, please let all here tag along tonight so that we might make this place a safe bolthole in a hostile world." and then like the click of the door on their minds they can all hear the sudden murmer of other minds in the link. ::Is this thing on?:: Naze asks without moving her mouth
  54. [20:23] * Talia gasps....
  55. [20:23] <Liam`> :mind Link: yes yes it is
  56. [20:23] * Talia looks at Nicole wide eyed
  57. [20:23] <Katarina> <ML> :Yep, mate.:
  58. [20:24] * @Senta smiles a touch, looking to the kinfolk specifically as they experience the pack link for the first time.
  59. [20:25] * Tanith gets a slow wicked grin, his own voice cheerfully prattling away over the sudden link of their minds like it has been going on the whole time <ML> ::Wynn Hotel Buffet: 702 770 3340, Palce Station Hotel Buffet: 702 367 2424, Garden Court Buffet: 702 387 1896...::
  60. [20:25] * Tanith winks to Talia.
  61. [20:26] <Magdalene> <ML>::Yeah. All is good on my end.:: Maggie looked pleased as punch as she looked around at everyone as well.
  62. [20:26] * Nicole_Slivermoon blinks
  63. [20:27] * Kody concentrates, trying to make his mental 'voice' sound like Viktor.  "Cunts."
  64. [20:28] * Kazumi closed her eyes, tightly, concentrating on keeping her thoughts to herself, though she'd never been in a pack link before, and some things slipped out. "Rech yah gereh. She ma tai. She ma tai. Depet reshwet herew... herew.... "
  65. [20:29] * Katarina looks at Kazumi.
  66. [20:29] * Liam` glances at Victor
  67. [20:29] <@Naze> ::Oh good. Thank you Mouse. Everyone please leave him a treat at his little shrine when you can. He's very kind to lend us his gift tonight:: She takes out a very detailed map of the bawn and smooths it out before the crowd around her, the shrines, leylines, old airts, hidden defeneses, other rite sites, umbral landmarks, they're are all listed on here: its very busy.
  68. [20:31] * @Senta watches Naze for a moment, tilting her head in a very lupus way. Her attention on the Uktena more so than the map in front of her. Her eyes shift and she looks up at Viktor.
  69. [20:32] * Magdalene felt a momentary rush of confusion at the very detailed map as she looked at it. It was difficult for her eyes to lock on to just one facet of the thing. There were so many markers for so many things, to say nothing of the drawing of the land of the bawn itself. But things clicked into place for her the more she looked at the map.
  70. [20:33] * Kody is seeing this map for the first time.  He tries to memorize what he can see, from this distance.
  71. [20:34] * Talia a man going "just behave, do as you are told" then a flip and Strength rumbling...before she figures out how to cut it off
  72. [20:35] * @Naze takes a moment "I will be in the heart acting as rites master for this series of rites. But first we must built the array. I need the therurges to be arrayed as the first trigram at the middle points and in the umbra: Liam here, Magdalene here, Senta here." she points out each of the places she wants them. Im relying on you three to help channel and balance the energy array.
  73. [20:36] * Kazumi detached herself from holding hands with Maggie and Katarina, moving to where she suspected out outermost circle of people would be, the section for the also-rans, as it were.
  74. [20:37] * Liam` gives a nod as he begins heading towards the spot on the map he was told to go to
  75. [20:38] * @Senta steps closer after releasing Kody and whomever's hand and looks at her spot on the map. Then takes note of the other spots and where the heart is in relation. She lifts her head and looks in the direction she is suppose to move, then back to the map. Nodding her head once.
  76. [20:38] <@Naze> Viktor you will take the north edge of the bawn, Tanith the South,  Kody, Seriously take the east and west edges.
  77. [20:39] * Magdalene paid attention to where Naze pointed and then watched Liam head off. She looked back down a the map where she was supposed to go and then swiveled her head in the physical direction of where she would head. "Alright."
  78. [20:39] * Kody nods to Naze.  Gestures to SNB that he'll go west.
  79. [20:40] * SNB moves to the east edge.
  80. [20:40] * Katarina steps away, gaze locked on Naze, and will go where she's told.
  81. [20:40] <@Naze> "Kazumi you will represen the sun in the west. here." she points "Katerina, the moon in the East. here." she points to another spot
  82. [20:40] * Katarina nods, and goes to the spot gestured to by the Uktena theurge.
  83. [20:41] * Kazumi nods and moves to the west position. "I'm going to assume you don't want me to take that literally."
  84. [20:41] * Nicole_Slivermoon watches quietly
  85. [20:42] * Tanith moves to his position, wiggling his fingers to Kazumi as he goes.
  86. [20:43] * @Naze grins to Kazumi not yet. "Talia and Nicole, I need one of you to stand next to the fire on the inner bawn, for the inners sphere. The other should stand on the outer near the Observatory for the outer sphere.
  87. [20:43] * @Senta turns and goes to where her position is.
  88. [20:43] * Kody moves to the west end of the bawn
  89. [20:44] <Talia>  fire
  90. [20:46] * @Naze smiles ::Hopefully this will go according to plan. Please get into postion, and we'll start as soon as everyone is in place.::
  91. [20:46] * Talia hurries out
  92. [20:47] * Liam` shifts down to lupus to run faster and harder towards his spot
  93. [20:47] * Nicole_Slivermoon blinks watching Talia leave
  94. [20:47] * @Senta kinda jogs out to her postion. Once she arrives, she reaches out through the link. "Godi ready."
  95. [20:47] * Katarina gets into position, waiting.
  96. [20:48] <Kody> "Kody ready."  It rhymes.  He can't help himself.
  97. [20:48] * Nicole_Slivermoon goes to the Observatory
  98. [20:48] <Katarina> <ML> Ready.
  99. [20:48] <Talia> <ml>at the fire
  100. [20:48] <SNB> Red six ready.
  101. [20:48] * Magdalene hurried out to her position. <ML>"Ready!"
  102. [20:49] <Nicole_Slivermoon> <ml> ready
  103. [20:51] <Tanith> <ml> Ready
  104. [20:51] * @Naze takes her time but is still clearly excited and she arrives about the time that Viktor makes it to the North edge of the Bawn, murmuring a checklist in kurdish
  105. [20:54] <@Naze> ::Alright we begin." she says slipping over to the umbra Please, hold to your postions, those at the Edge if you're not in the umbra please make your way over.::
  106. [20:55] * Kody crosses to the Umbra, then.  
  107. [20:55] * @Senta closes her eyes, and just in case, shifts into Hispo before sliding through the gauntlet.
  108. [20:55] * Senta is now known as Senta-H
  109. [20:56] * Magdalene slipped into the umbra as well.
  110. [20:57] * Kazumi closed her eyes, slipping into the Umbra via her magic.
  111. [20:58] * SNB steps across to take his position
  112. [20:58] * Katarina crosses into the umbra at her position.
  113. [21:00] * Talia seems to be thinking about strength and how he rumbles when she slips and broadcasts....but hey, she is new at this....
  114. [21:00] * Liam` crosses over to the umbra.. as he looks around <ml> Here
  115. [21:02] <Katarina> <ML> Here.
  116. [21:05] <@Naze> The young woman claps her hands "Alright malachi.. here we go.." and she starts to mutter and chant in though the link in a combination of her native Kurdish and spirit speech, the droning chant sounds oddly enough more like an equation of a bored TA than an sprirt appeal or traditional rite.. Those looking though her senses via the link will see her with a long staff in the cearn heart
  117. [21:05] <@Naze> slowly drawing out their postions relative to eachother. As she chants and touches each spot those there each feel a faint pull in their chest as the lines connect them to the center. As she completes the drawing, the end result resembling a strange cross between a Bagua and a circuit diagram, She shifts up into crinos, howling out as energy surges up from the positions under everyone.
  118. [21:06] * Liam` shifts up to Crinos as the Energy surges to hold his Gnosis and channel it better as he feels the gnosis flowing through him
  119. [21:07] * SNB channels his Gnosis through the playing music.
  120. [21:09] * Magdalene shifted up as well. In a deep breath she channeled her gnosis as well, eyes closed.
  121. [21:10] * Kody shifts as well, eyes closing.  He sings softly, low and deep.   Almost a chant.  
  122. [21:11] * Katarina channels her gnosis after shifting into crinos.
  123. [21:12] * Kazumi didn't shift, though she did radiate a faint golden glow around her body that seemed a bit like sunlight streaming in, prepared to dump her gnosis when it was called for.
  124. [21:15] * Tanith channels his gnosis to add it to the ritual.
  125. [21:16] <@Naze> ::You all are doing great:: she says in her head  as she turns from the created array and has a seat, howling out for the spirit of the desert heat, the wind and the mirage.. the trick of the sky and sun, to keep them safe and hidden, in a rite of summoning..
  126. [21:17] * @Senta-H closes her eyes and lets the gnosis flow through her and around her and offers it back to the ritual. The runes in her fur glowing and a low, eerie howl coming from the lupus as she adds her voice to the chanting.
  127. [21:19] * Viktor shifts to Crinos, he woulkd deal with Kody later, as he channels gnosis into the ritual oddly enough with his stillness.
  128. [21:26] <@Naze> A being of dust and heat as it would almost seem that perhaps a part of Sirrocco himself appears to each of the theurges trying to control the links of the array. Swirling around each and the controlled upswell of energy <SS> We heard one call us at the center of the web.." the voice on the wind says like the sound of sand on rock..
  129. [21:27] * SNB tilts his head, always trying but never able to pick out the language of spirit speech
  130. [21:30] <@Naze> <SS> "Should we lend our power to obscure?' each of its 3 separate voices asks each of the theurges at the same time.
  131. [21:30] <Kazumi> "Resetyu, the south winds that blow across Egypt towards the setting sun," She said, addressing Sirrocco by another of its names.
  132. [21:30] * Katarina looks at Sirrocco, dipping her head in respect.
  133. [21:31] <Magdalene> <SS>"Yes," Maggie told her portion of Sirrocco.
  134. [21:33] * Liam` bows his head to his portion of Sirrocco.. "We need your help Honored Spirit"
  135. [21:33] <Liam`> <ss>
  136. [21:34] <Magdalene> <SS>"Please," Maggie added, suddenly remembering her manners, "great spirit."
  137. [21:34] * SNB continues to participate as needed. (Player's time for bed)
  138. [21:34] * Quits: SNB (
  139. [21:38] * @Senta-H chuffs at the spirit. <SS> "Great Spirit give aid now!" she commands, her voice deep and commanding.
  140. [21:39] <@Naze> <SS> "Hmph, Very welllll" Each of the the spirits swirl like a dust devil getting wide and wider until they too join the powerflow surrounding the 3 theurges, adding the the almost insane levels of energy that is only being managed by the competence of the 3 acting like a power grid..
  141. [21:42] * Kazumi nodded once to something, perhaps a whisper in her mind from the spirit, but she kept quiet.
  142. [21:45] * @Senta-H closes hes eyes and concentrates as the spirits add to the torrent of power, her runes glowing icy blue, her breath coming out in short, icy breaths. Taking the power and funneling it back towards the other theurges.
  143. [21:49] * Magdalene did the same as Senta; she took the power given to her by the spirit and funneled it back towards her fellow theurges.
  144. [21:49] * Liam` tightens his grip on the Gnosis flowing through him as he pushes more and more of his Gaian energy into the Web his eyes slowly becoming more and more white as the power is flowing through him towards the other theurges and Naze
  145. [21:54] * @Naze gives a deep sigh of relief as she moves onto the final part of the rite the part that brings it all together.. <G> "I CALL THE WINDS TO CARRY OUR SCENT AWAY!" she howls she takes a stance towards the South as the wind blows down from that direction making the dust swirl in the air and the grass of the inner bawn blow and the trees on the outer creek. <G>"I CALL THE EARTH TO OBSCURE
  146. [21:54] * @Naze THIS DEN FROM VIEW!" and the ground groans underneath them <G> "I CALL THE WATER TO WASH AWAY OUR TRAIL!" and the Pool beside her bubles and roars up in a gyser momentarly <G> "I CALL FIRE TO CLEANSE THE EVIDENCE OF OUR PASSING!" The fire in the bawn roaring up to great heights suddenly. <G> "AND I CALL UPON THE SPIRIT WITHIN US TO GUIDE US THOUGH PERIL, AND GIVE THE STRENGTH TO
  147. [21:54] * @Naze PROTECT THAT WHICH WE LOVE!"
  148. [21:56] * Katarina hangs out and helps however necessary.
  149. [21:59] * Talia stands her ground when the fire roars up....but ducks down making herself small
  150. [21:59] <@Naze> At this, the Gnosis of all participating in the rite is sucked out of you leaving you all with just 1 gnosis for the moment and the world goes still for a moment.
  151. [22:00] * Liam` brings both of his hands as they are glowing green with energy togather and down into the Earth as the Gnosis is sucked out almost pushing it into the earth and the rite as he holds his concentration just for a moment as he slips a flask from his pouch and takes a quick sip from the flask as the World goes still
  152. [22:00] * Quits: Katarina ( (Read error: Operation timed out)
  153. [22:02] <@Naze> The sensation of something like and air cannon going off and a soap bubble suddenly expanding from the center of the bawn and passing though each of you is almost tangible, but totally unseen.
  154. [22:03] * @Senta-H exhales hard as her gnosis is drained, making her drop back on her haunches and lower her head. Letting out hard, short icy breaths again.
  155. [22:04] <Kody> Well *that* is an unsettling sensation.   Kody staggers at the sudden loss of gnosis.   And shivers at the sensation of invisible what-the-heck-was-that that rolls through his body.
  156. [22:04] * @Naze gives a very tired howl of triumph ::Well.. that was draining..::
  157. [22:05] * Viktor closes his eyes a moment to regain his composure some after his gnosis is drained.
  158. [22:05] * Magdalene shuddered as her gnosis was taken from her, so much in one go that she felt weak at the knees and trembly all over. She remained upright, although shaky, and the sensation of a bubble expanding through her body didn't help matters.
  159. [22:05] <Magdalene> ::Will you be alright, Naze-rhya?::
  160. [22:05] <Kazumi> "An au unna ni Pet, en Ta; resu, meh mehta, meh amenta, meh abta; U-eh-kua em kshat-ten. Nuk eh-eb em maat-pv; un mit-a em nem. At-a em kshat-ten; arue-a em kshent-a; nuk un rekesh-eksh-eth; teseriu hra-sen er a. Nuk unv!" She says, raggedly, and sinks down onto her knees, having gone completely pale-white. "Naze, that's the understatement of the m
  161. [22:05] <Kazumi> onth...."
  162. [22:06] * Liam` drops down to one knee as his Gnosis is drained as he takes another pull from his flask as he shifts back to his breed form
  163. [22:09] * Tanith gives a soft huff "Haven't felt that all pulled at once in a while."
  164. [22:10] * @Senta-H slips back through the gauntlet and retains her hispo form, though the runes and her fangs and teeth to not glow as before. As the rite ends, she slowly starts walking back to the inner bawn, and towards her tribes shrine.
  165. [22:11] * Liam` makes it back to the other side of the gauntlet drained from the rite as he begins moving towards the Shrine of stag to recover..
  166. [22:11] * Kody steps back through to t he bawn, and bends at the waist, hands on his knees.  "... gonna need a drink."
  167. [22:11] * Magdalene shifted back to homid as well and headed towards Falcon's shrine to recover as well.
  168. [22:11] * Joins: Drake (
  169. [22:12] * Kazumi wouldn't come back from the Umbra until she had had some time to rest, gather a little power back, and probably throw up.
  170. [22:13] <@Naze> (( Congrats, we just made a Shrouded Glen w/ 72 gnosis +the Array bonus
  171. [22:17] * @Senta-H sleeps in the Fenrir shrine for a full 12 hours.
  172. [22:18] <@Senta-H> (Thanks for the scene, AT
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