A Machine for Humanboys (One-shot)

Aug 15th, 2016
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  1. "You're awake?" A familiar voice ebbed through my groggy mind. I couldn't quite place it. "You were looking at that slut again..." There was something wrong with the voice - I was sure the person was someone I knew, but there was some difference I could not place. I tried to turn myself to look for her, but I could not move. Why was that? "Soon you will only look at me..." I tried again. There was a tug on my wrist as I tried to turn.
  3. I was strapped down. Panic filled my foggy head as I trashed around. It was useless. I soon exhausted myself. As I lay panting, I began to realize that I was moving. Metal wheels squeaked as the spun below me. I was being pushed, feet first, along a barely-lit corridor. "W-who are you...?" My tongue failed to obey me, and the words came out as an indistinct mumble. I heard a muffled squeal, now clearly from above my head.
  5. I looked up to find a familiar face twisted into a horrifying grimace. "Ah... I shouldn't be surprised you don't remember me..." It was our usual mechanic. Her green eyes were drawn almost close, her cheeks pulled up and her teeth visibly biting into her own thumb. The bridge of her delicate nose was pulled up by her furrowed brows. She inhaled with a hiss. "Of course you don't, that slut comes around every day, but I only get to see you when the truck breaks..."
  7. We paused for a moment as she groaned and shuddered. A moment later she had composed herself and returned her hand to the hospital bed I was tied to. I caught enough of a glimpse to see the deep dents she had bit into it. I was finally lucid enough to see a door just ahead of us. "It doesn't matter anymore. I'm glad you're awake. I want you to see the machine before we start." The door banged as she pushed me through it.
  11. A sprawling mass of pipes filled the chamber. I could not begin to comprehend the structure - at most it reminded me of the chemical works outside of town. The machine whirred ominously. "It's so beautiful, isn't it? And do you know what's the best part?" She looked down at me, her face now drawn back into a frighteningly serene smile. "It's going to make you all~ mine!"
  13. "What?" I began to panic. "What do you mean?" Her eyes narrowed into an evil grin above my head as her sand-colored short braid brushed against my cheek. "It will make you forget that slut!" The happy chirp only made me more worried. "What? How? What are you going to do?" Her lips pressed onto my forehead for a soft kiss. "Don't worry, I'll explain everything in good time..."
  15. Suddenly something sharp jabbed into my neck. I tried to look up at her, but her hand held my head fast. "Shh... Don't move when there's a syringe inside you." A coldness spread through my body. I tried to struggle, but nothing happened. "I'm sorry about this, but I can't have you hurting yourself while I'm jacking you in. Don't worry, you'll feel all of it. I promise!" She walked to my side and bent over enough to look me in the eye.
  19. I tried my best to see where I was going with control over just my eyes. Finally she wheeled me alongside a chair in a nest of pipes and cables. "This is it! Just wait 'till you see all the functions I've got in this thing!" The girl unstrapped me and began to wrangle me into the chair. She huffed and puffed as she tried to lift me to no effect. Finally she sighed with resignation and tied cables onto my wrists. "This would have been more romantic if I could do it myself, but what can you do?"
  21. The whirring engine pulled me into the chair. My arms jerked up above my head as she clipped belts around my waist and thighs. "All right, now pay attention:" She pulled small hoses with injection needles out of the machine and in front of my eyes. "This one is a standard aphrodisiac, to begin with." She wiggled the blue one and gently inserted it into my neck. "And this one is a new one. This gives the feeling of calm and security you get from hugging someone you love." She pressed her forehead to mine as she slipped the red one into me.
  23. "Now this?" She pulled a pair of metal plates forward from my temples. "These things do the same thing as having a wire straight into your brain. It's a field thing. I don't want to fiddle with your brain beforehand, all right? It wouldn't feel real, you know?" She pushed it back, pulled a cable out of the stand with one hand, and pulled her hair back above her ear to reveal a metal ring in her skin. She teased her ring with plug, licking her lips, and slowly pushed it in.
  27. "Which one do you want to start with?" I did not manage to form a real word. "I'll do it the way I want, then." She flicked a switch on the machine and it began to hum. I felt the metal on my head grow warm, and a presence seemed to watch me from behind. The girl straddled me, wrapped her arm over my shoulder, and pressed her cheek to mine on the opposite side. "I can feel you..." The presence inched closer and closer, like a ghost creeping up on me.
  29. Suddenly there was a loud click. I felt something flow into my neck and a warmth spread all over my body. The terrifying presence slowly softened - it became almost comforting. The slender, bony body and frightful apparition I was sandwiched between turned into a loving embrace. "You're finally feeling it..." Her body hugged me tight. "This is how I feel about you. Do you think that bovine slut could come even close?"
  31. I was filled with calm, just as she had promised. I felt like I could spend an eternity hugged by her slender body and soul, just held tight with no care in the world. "I think it's time to go all the way..." She pulled away, hanging onto my neck with outstretched arms. "You remember the third one, right? Here we go!" She giggled as she leant forward to flick the last switch. A burning heat spread into my circulation and my pants grew tight.
  35. "Oh, it's digging into me...!" I could feel her weight suspended on my forced erection. I knew it was wrong, faked, but I couldn't help myself. I struggled to kiss her. It felt like a dream come true. The girl laughed as I clumsily sought her lips. "I've waited so long for this... I've always loved you!" I felt it too, a love both more pure and more burning than anything I had ever felt. I wanted her. I needed her.
  37. She climbed off me. The cable to her temple was pulled tight and the apparition hugging me flickered. I fought the paralyzation agent in a desperate attempt to touch her again. She giggled as she fumbled with my belt. "Don't worry, I'll be right back..." She pulled my trousers down enough to expose my erection. She grinned as she flicked at it with her finger. "I see you've forgotten all about those cowtits!"
  39. I was desperate for it. I moaned like an animal as she stood up. "Patience, now! You know how long you kept me waiting, so you'll have to deal with it yourself, for a change." She pulled her plaid skirt up to show me her plain white panties. "Tell me you love flat chests and dress shirts, and I'll put it in." I stared in confusion. "Tell me small, hidden breasts are better than lumps of fat on display like meat at the butcher's!"
  41. I moaned indistinctly. Suddenly I heard her voice from behind me. "Good boy!" Her apparition turned my head to the side and reached in for a kiss. It felt so real, even though my neck would not turn and my eyes only saw darkness. Then I felt a wet warmth replace the cool, dry air of the chamber. I snapped my eyes forward to see her real body perched upon me. Her white sleeves caressed my shoulders as she began to descend.
  45. I felt like I was entering heaven. My vision swam as her apparition flew around me to synchronize with her body. They both inched their way down my shaft, little by little, gasping for air as they went. Finally they were both impaled all the way on my penis. "This is your first time too, right? Nobody got to you first, right?" She was right. I had never imagined it feeling this good, though.
  47. Her apparition rose slowly until its lips were almost free of my glans. Then they both began to move in synch, but opposite phase. Her body moved up just as her apparition impaled itself on me. The paradoxical feeling filled my consciousness. I registered nothing else, not the whirring, not the humming, not the heat of the metal on my temples. I was only filled with pure pleasure. The chemicals coursing through my veins made being raped by her feel like I had loved and yearned for her all my life.
  49. A physical head rested on one shoulder and a spiritual on the other as both of them slowly pumped up and down on me. They began to converge, each cycle closer together than the last. I gasped for air, moaned, and screamed her name internally. "Say it!" Both voices echoed in my head. "Say it!" I had no choice. My mind surrendered to the physical and emotional pleasure she forced me to feel. "I love you!" I broke, and exploded, as she converged with herself.
  51. * * *
  53. "The milk for today!" The horned woman seemed excited to see me. "Were you sick? We had another driver for a couple of..." Her voice trailed off as my wife climbed out of the truck. "Oh, we were just on our honeymoon!" She grinned at the owner's confused, voluptuous daughter as she pulled the hose away and clicked it into the tank. I turned the pump on and she sauntered over to me. She wrapped her arm around my hip, eyes still locked with the other woman. "We had to ask for an extension, he just couldn't get enough of me!"
  55. The woman's face twitched. Finally she processed the news and began to beam. "I'm so happy for you! I thought I should set you up with my cousin!" She ran towards the house, giggling and yelling all the while. "Dear! Hey, dear! You'll never believe this! The milk guy finally got a girlfriend!" My wife looked at me in shock. The other woman's voice trailed off as she stormed inside. "And they're married! I wonder how long they've been to..." My wife continued to stare at me in disbelief until the pump clicked and turned itself off.
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