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  1. 18 / M / 5'11
  3. http://oi62.tinypic.com/m8h5xu.jpg
  5. ``You talkin' to me there, mate?  'Cuz if you keep it goin' like that, I'll shove those words right up your arse."
  7. Goes by "Ven" because he doesn't want to be mistaken for some kind of gothic, black nail-painting sack of sad.
  9. There isn't much to the guy, really.  He's lanky, tanned, and has some pretty nice arms.  His eyes are an odd shade of gray that makes them appear lilac colored.  What's most striking them is a red ring that surrounds his iris.  He's usually caught wearing just a stripped tank-top and some board shorts as he's always ready to grab his surfboard and hit the waves.  The biggest, nastiest ones are his favorites and he'll prioritize most things in order to be able to ride with one.
  11. He's always had longer hair for a male, and his sister, prior to a car accident that sent her to an early grave, always liked putting his long, shiny, blonde hair into high twintails on either side of his head.  He wears the twintails in her honor.  His hair has gotten him into a few tussles, thus is evident by various bruises here and there.  He's got a lot of scratches and bruises on him, actually, but it's anyone guess whether there from being tossed around by the waves or by taking hits.
  13. He's rather aloof, but friendly by most means as he's a big enforcers of the golden rule.  Since his sister died, he prefers to spend his time alone, breaking into private beaches and shredding all of their waves to bits before being removed.  He's usually more keen on letting his fists do the talking when disagreements come up.
  15. PS : Australian accent.
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