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  1. Easy:
  2. - For arbitrary line check whether it crosses a node, that is:
  3.   1. Compute which cells are crossed by line
  4.   2. For each cell ask a node whether the line crosses it (given pos, dir)
  5. - For arbitrary line check whether it crosses given AABB
  6. - Collission detection of AABB and node
  7. - Collission detection of AABB and another AABB
  8. - Object position and velocity update (with collission detection of AABB and node)
  10. Medium:
  11. - Path detection
  12. - Entity bone movement
  13. - Networking code
  14. - Coloured lights/windows (just render red, green and blue separately; might be slow)
  15. - API
  17. Hard:
  18. - User interface (movable forms, textboxes, comboboxes, scrollbars etc.)
  20. Complexity unknown:
  21. - Update lighting optimal way:
  22.         - When one light is added, only this one needs to be updates.
  23.         - When one light is removed, everything must be recomputed. (better methods may exist)
  24.   - Take care that some nodes may make light darker
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