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  1. mage="No_Essence_Frost"
  2. source=default
  3. spec=frost
  4. level=120
  5. race=dwarf
  6. role=spell
  7. position=ranged_back
  8. talents=1013033
  10. # Default consumables
  11. potion=rising_death
  12. flask=endless_fathoms
  13. food=fancy_darkmoon_feast
  14. augmentation=battle_scarred
  16. # This default action priority list is automatically created based on your character.
  17. # It is a attempt to provide you with a action list that is both simple and practicable,
  18. # while resulting in a meaningful and good simulation. It may not result in the absolutely highest possible dps.
  19. # Feel free to edit, adapt and improve it to your own needs.
  20. # SimulationCraft is always looking for updates and improvements to the default action lists.
  22. # Executed before combat begins. Accepts non-harmful actions only.
  23. actions.precombat=flask
  24. actions.precombat+=/food
  25. actions.precombat+=/augmentation
  26. actions.precombat+=/arcane_intellect
  27. actions.precombat+=/summon_water_elemental
  28. actions.precombat+=/snapshot_stats
  29. actions.precombat+=/mirror_image
  30. actions.precombat+=/potion
  31. actions.precombat+=/frostbolt
  33. # Executed every time the actor is available.
  34. actions=counterspell
  35. # If the mage has FoF after casting instant Flurry, we can delay the Ice Lance and use other high priority action, if available.
  36. actions+=/ice_lance,if=prev_gcd.1.flurry&!buff.fingers_of_frost.react
  37. actions+=/concentrated_flame
  38. actions+=/focused_azerite_beam
  39. actions+=/purifying_blast
  40. actions+=/guardian_of_azeroth
  41. actions+=/ripple_in_space
  42. actions+=/the_unbound_force
  43. actions+=/blood_of_the_enemy
  44. actions+=/worldvein_resonance
  45. actions+=/memory_of_lucid_dreams
  46. actions+=/call_action_list,name=cooldowns
  47. # The target threshold isn't exact. Between 3-5 targets, the differences between the ST and AoE action lists are rather small. However, Freezing Rain prefers using AoE action list sooner as it benefits greatly from the high priority Blizzard action.
  48. actions+=/call_action_list,name=aoe,if=active_enemies>3&talent.freezing_rain.enabled|active_enemies>4
  49. actions+=/call_action_list,name=single
  51. # With Freezing Rain, it's better to prioritize using Frozen Orb when both FO and Blizzard are off cooldown. Without Freezing Rain, the converse is true although the difference is miniscule until very high target counts.
  52. actions.aoe=frozen_orb
  53. actions.aoe+=/blizzard
  54. actions.aoe+=/comet_storm
  55. actions.aoe+=/ice_nova
  56. # Simplified Flurry conditions from the ST action list. Since the mage is generating far less Brain Freeze charges, the exact condition here isn't all that important.
  57. actions.aoe+=/flurry,if=prev_gcd.1.ebonbolt|buff.brain_freeze.react&(prev_gcd.1.frostbolt&(buff.icicles.stack<4|!talent.glacial_spike.enabled)|prev_gcd.1.glacial_spike)
  58. actions.aoe+=/ice_lance,if=buff.fingers_of_frost.react
  59. # The mage will generally be generating a lot of FoF charges when using the AoE action list. Trying to delay Ray of Frost until there are no FoF charges and no active Frozen Orbs would lead to it not being used at all.
  60. actions.aoe+=/ray_of_frost
  61. actions.aoe+=/ebonbolt
  62. actions.aoe+=/glacial_spike
  63. # Using Cone of Cold is mostly DPS neutral with the AoE target thresholds. It only becomes decent gain with roughly 7 or more targets.
  64. actions.aoe+=/cone_of_cold
  65. actions.aoe+=/use_item,name=tidestorm_codex,if=buff.icy_veins.down&buff.rune_of_power.down
  66. actions.aoe+=/frostbolt
  67. actions.aoe+=/call_action_list,name=movement
  68. actions.aoe+=/ice_lance
  70. actions.cooldowns=icy_veins
  71. actions.cooldowns+=/mirror_image
  72. # Rune of Power is always used with Frozen Orb. Any leftover charges at the end of the fight should be used, ideally if the boss doesn't die in the middle of the Rune buff.
  73. actions.cooldowns+=/rune_of_power,if=prev_gcd.1.frozen_orb|target.time_to_die>10+cast_time&target.time_to_die<20
  74. # On single target fights, the cooldown of Rune of Power is lower than the cooldown of Frozen Orb, this gives extra Rune of Power charges that should be used with active talents, if possible.
  75. actions.cooldowns+=/call_action_list,name=talent_rop,if=talent.rune_of_power.enabled&active_enemies=1&cooldown.rune_of_power.full_recharge_time<cooldown.frozen_orb.remains
  76. actions.cooldowns+=/potion,if=prev_gcd.1.icy_veins|target.time_to_die<30
  77. actions.cooldowns+=/use_items
  78. actions.cooldowns+=/blood_fury
  79. actions.cooldowns+=/berserking
  80. actions.cooldowns+=/lights_judgment
  81. actions.cooldowns+=/fireblood
  82. actions.cooldowns+=/ancestral_call
  84. actions.movement=blink_any,if=movement.distance>10
  85. actions.movement+=/ice_floes,if=buff.ice_floes.down
  87. # In some situations, you can shatter Ice Nova even after already casting Flurry and Ice Lance. Otherwise this action is used when the mage has FoF after casting Flurry, see above.
  88. actions.single=ice_nova,if=cooldown.ice_nova.ready&debuff.winters_chill.up
  89. # Without GS, Ebonbolt is always shattered. With GS, Ebonbolt is shattered if it would waste Brain Freeze charge (i.e. when the mage starts casting Ebonbolt with Brain Freeze active) or when below 4 Icicles (if Ebonbolt is cast when the mage has 4-5 Icicles, it's better to use the Brain Freeze from it on Glacial Spike).
  90. actions.single+=/flurry,if=talent.ebonbolt.enabled&prev_gcd.1.ebonbolt&(!talent.glacial_spike.enabled|buff.icicles.stack<4|buff.brain_freeze.react)
  91. # Glacial Spike is always shattered.
  92. actions.single+=/flurry,if=talent.glacial_spike.enabled&prev_gcd.1.glacial_spike&buff.brain_freeze.react
  93. # Without GS, the mage just tries to shatter as many Frostbolts as possible. With GS, the mage only shatters Frostbolt that would put them at 1-3 Icicle stacks. Difference between shattering Frostbolt with 1-3 Icicles and 1-4 Icicles is small, but 1-3 tends to be better in more situations (the higher GS damage is, the more it leans towards 1-3). Forcing shatter on Frostbolt is still a small gain, so is not caring about FoF. Ice Lance is too weak to warrant delaying Brain Freeze Flurry.
  94. actions.single+=/flurry,if=prev_gcd.1.frostbolt&buff.brain_freeze.react&(!talent.glacial_spike.enabled|buff.icicles.stack<4)
  95. actions.single+=/frozen_orb
  96. # With Freezing Rain and at least 2 targets, Blizzard needs to be used with higher priority to make sure you can fit both instant Blizzards into a single Freezing Rain. Starting with three targets, Blizzard leaves the low priority filler role and is used on cooldown (and just making sure not to waste Brain Freeze charges) with or without Freezing Rain.
  97. actions.single+=/blizzard,if=active_enemies>2|active_enemies>1&cast_time=0&buff.fingers_of_frost.react<2
  98. # Trying to pool charges of FoF for anything isn't worth it. Use them as they come.
  99. actions.single+=/ice_lance,if=buff.fingers_of_frost.react
  100. actions.single+=/comet_storm
  101. actions.single+=/ebonbolt
  102. # Ray of Frost is used after all Fingers of Frost charges have been used and there isn't active Frozen Orb that could generate more. This is only a small gain against multiple targets, as Ray of Frost isn't too impactful.
  103. actions.single+=/ray_of_frost,if=!action.frozen_orb.in_flight&ground_aoe.frozen_orb.remains=0
  104. # Blizzard is used as low priority filler against 2 targets. When using Freezing Rain, it's a medium gain to use the instant Blizzard even against a single target, especially with low mastery.
  105. actions.single+=/blizzard,if=cast_time=0|active_enemies>1
  106. # Glacial Spike is used when there's a Brain Freeze proc active (i.e. only when it can be shattered). This is a small to medium gain in most situations. Low mastery leans towards using it when available. When using Splitting Ice and having another target nearby, it's slightly better to use GS when available, as the second target doesn't benefit from shattering the main target.
  107. actions.single+=/glacial_spike,if=buff.brain_freeze.react|prev_gcd.1.ebonbolt|active_enemies>1&talent.splitting_ice.enabled
  108. actions.single+=/ice_nova
  109. actions.single+=/use_item,name=tidestorm_codex,if=buff.icy_veins.down&buff.rune_of_power.down
  110. actions.single+=/frostbolt
  111. actions.single+=/call_action_list,name=movement
  112. actions.single+=/ice_lance
  114. # With Glacial Spike, Rune of Power should be used right before the Glacial Spike combo (i.e. with 5 Icicles and a Brain Freeze). When Ebonbolt is off cooldown, Rune of Power can also be used just with 5 Icicles.
  115. actions.talent_rop=rune_of_power,if=talent.glacial_spike.enabled&buff.icicles.stack=5&(buff.brain_freeze.react|talent.ebonbolt.enabled&cooldown.ebonbolt.remains<cast_time)
  116. # Without Glacial Spike, Rune of Power should be used before any bigger cooldown (Ebonbolt, Comet Storm, Ray of Frost) or when Rune of Power is about to reach 2 charges.
  117. actions.talent_rop+=/rune_of_power,if=!talent.glacial_spike.enabled&(talent.ebonbolt.enabled&cooldown.ebonbolt.remains<cast_time|talent.comet_storm.enabled&cooldown.comet_storm.remains<cast_time|talent.ray_of_frost.enabled&cooldown.ray_of_frost.remains<cast_time|charges_fractional>1.9)
  119. head=grasping_crown_of_the_deep,id=159252,bonus_id=1587/4819/4775,azerite_powers=170/479/30/13
  120. neck=heart_of_azeroth,id=158075,bonus_id=4929/5814/4936/1566,azerite_level=48
  121. shoulders=brood_cleansers_amice,id=159254,bonus_id=1587/4819/4775,azerite_powers=170/196/31/13
  122. back=loa_exultants_shroud,id=165512,bonus_id=4800/1537
  123. chest=vestments_of_the_afterlife,id=165498,bonus_id=4824/1537/4775,azerite_powers=379/170/30/13
  124. wrists=lever_stabilizing_wristwraps,id=165508,bonus_id=4800/1537
  125. hands=firecallers_handwraps,id=165764,bonus_id=4800/1537
  126. waist=waistcord_of_flowing_silk,id=165504,bonus_id=4800/1537
  127. legs=wavecaller_leggings,id=165506,bonus_id=4800/1537
  128. feet=lightfeather_footpads,id=165502,bonus_id=4800/1537
  129. finger1=band_of_multisided_strikes,id=165565,bonus_id=4800/1537,enchant=pact_of_versatility
  130. finger2=seal_of_the_zandalari_empire,id=165567,bonus_id=4800/1537,enchant=pact_of_versatility
  131. trinket1=crest_of_paku,id=165581,bonus_id=4800/1537
  132. trinket2=incandescent_sliver,id=165571,bonus_id=4800/1537
  133. main_hand=deathspeaker_spire,id=165597,bonus_id=4800/1537,enchant=torrent_of_elements
  135. # Gear Summary
  136. # gear_ilvl=416.93
  137. # gear_stamina=9970
  138. # gear_intellect=7318
  139. # gear_crit_rating=736
  140. # gear_haste_rating=1093
  141. # gear_mastery_rating=770
  142. # gear_versatility_rating=795
  143. # gear_armor=1442
  144. # set_bonus=gift_of_the_loa_2pc=1
  146. copy=BotE
  147. azerite_essences=23:3:0
  149. copy=Worldvein
  150. azerite_essences=4:3:0
  152. copy=Focusing_Iris
  153. azerite_essences=5:3:0
  155. copy=Purificaftion_Protocol
  156. azerite_essences=6:3:0
  158. copy=Crucible_of_Flames
  159. azerite_essences=12:3:0
  161. copy=Condensed_Lifeforce
  162. azerite_essences=14:3:0
  164. copy=Ripple_in_Space
  165. azerite_essences=15:3:0
  167. copy=VoP
  168. azerite_essences=22:3:0
  170. copy=Lucid_Dreams
  171. azerite_essences=27:3:0
  173. copy=Unbound_Force
  174. azerite_essences=28:3:0
  176. copy=Conflict_and_Strife
  177. azerite_essences=32:3:0
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