Anon - My tsundere darling

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >"Hexferry please stay still"
  2. >The mothpony in your lap just grumbles and gives out a few annoyed moth squeaks as you try to get all the pine resin off of her mane
  3. "I could have cleaned it off fine by myself anyway..."
  4. >You sigh and shake your head while rubbing the removing agent into her hair
  5. >You are not sure if this is lighter fluid or nail polish remover or whatever but it seems to do the trick and according to the label should not damage hair at all
  6. >"It would take you forever so just bear with me"
  7. >Hexferry grumbles some more but settles down a bit
  8. >But then she starts to fiddle around more
  9. "Do I have to sit in your lap?"
  10. >You glance at the slightly blushing Hexferry
  11. >"Why, are you uncomfortable or something?"
  12. "T-thats not..."
  13. >You raise an eyebrow and stop running your hands trough Hexferrys blond mane
  14. >Hexferry notices you looking at her and she blushes even redder
  15. "I m-mean of course it feels uncomfortable, i-its not like it feels g-good or anything..."
  16. >"Yeah ok whatever"
  17. >You run your fingers trough Hexferrys mane a few more times
  18. >Hexferry just sits there silently, shifting her weight around a bit every now and then
  19. >You take one last look at her mane
  20. >It looks clean enough, but you can never be too sure
  21. >Just to be sure, you start to feel around Hexferrys mane and scalp, massaging her head with the tips of your fingers as you search for leftover resin from her crash landing
  22. >This earns a loud surprised squeak from Hexferry as she jumps a bit at your touch
  24. >Her wings shoot open, slapping you a bit on the face, and Hexferry turns to look at you while looking a bit unsure
  25. "W-what do you think you're doing!?"
  26. >"Just making sure I've got all of it out, why are you so jumpy anyway?"
  27. >You keep rubbing Hexferrys scalp tenderly while her ears shift around
  28. "I-m not being jum- a-ah jumpy... J-just st-oh stop..."
  29. >You retract your fingers from Hexferrys head and stare at Hexferry with wide eyes
  30. >"You...are you getting off to this?"
  31. >It seems that you struct a cord as Hexferry leaps off of your lap and quickly turns to face you with her ears drooping and antennae pointed towards you in a menacing way as she hides her nether region with her tail and her wings pull very tighly against her body
  32. >You raise your hands up in defence
  33. >"Umm, well I got all out so I guess Ill take my leave then?"
  34. "Yes, you should."
  35. >Sighing, you get up and start to make your door
  36. >As your hand touches the doorknob you hear Hexferry call out to you
  37. "Anon wait"
  38. >You turn around and see Hexferry looking like she is regretting something
  39. "T-thanks for the help, sorry about yelling at you..."
  40. >You give Hexferry a hearty smile
  41. >"Anything for you my tsundere darling"
  42. >You dodge a pillow Hexferry threw at you as you leave her house
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