Hasel Ying (2.5)

Oct 30th, 2016
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  1. Name: Hasel
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Pegasus
  4. Class: Hermit
  5. Age: 10
  6. Hits: 5/5
  7. Skills:
  8. -Pegasus Flight: Pegasi can fly, and get a +1 bonus to actively evade and dodge midair. Flight is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  10. -Innocent: passive; appear unimportant, uninteresting and generally like a forgettable bystander. Unless you are caught doing something illegal, you will at most be escorted outside, but more likely you'll just be ignored by guards and the like
  11. -Shapeshift: spell, recharge 3 after effect ends, spell; Alters your body to gain another racial for 3 turns.
  12. -Child of Gaia: passive; you gain a +1 bonus to rolls when fighting in natural environs (forests, natural caves, etc.)
  14. Special Talent: Outside combat, Shapeshift can be used to transform into any creature as big as or smaller than a manticore. Doing so gives +2 to intimidation.
  15. Trained Talent: Inoffensive: Shapeshift can be used, in any situation, to become a shadow which can meld with any other shadow. She cannot harm or be harmed in this state. While in this state, she can meld with another being's shadow and grab hold of it, reducing the DC to hit it by 1. This transformation can only be broken by a critfail.
  17. Items:
  18. Pillow-sack with only a few bars of candy inside it already
  19. Flash-light
  20. A Stuffed lion-doll buried at the bottom of the pillow-sack (Shi-shi, devourer of ponies looking to steal Hasel's candy)
  22. Gretel outfit: long green dress and wooden-clog shoes, brown-vest and a light-cream cloth on her head with the mane done up in a pair of pigtails.
  24. Appearance:
  25. Small filly pegasus with a off-white coat, and vibrant green mane. Slightly slanted eyes of magenta.
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