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  1. I mentioned the tale of east of the sun and west of the moon, and the peasent girl and the prince.
  2. And how the prince is cursed, his curse being that his love the girl, cant see his face as he is cursed to roam  as a
  3. bear during day  and at night he turns human, but she is not allowed to see his true face.
  4.  The prince tells her this and says "great unhapinness will befall both of them, if she is to see his face when he returns to being human in the night".
  5.  Days pass, the girl is happy with him and everything, but one day when they decide to go back to her home
  6. to visit her parents, the girls mother tells her, makes her worry by telling her  that she is sleeping with a
  7. troll maybe and she should light  a candle and see if he is a troll. So her mother put that  doubt in her head,
  8. not some demon, not some evil witch, her own mother simply.
  9. Not because she is evil, no, on the opposite, because she is her mother and cares for her, and wants her
  10. daughter to be safe. And yeah, i said, only then it is that she feels the need to see the face of the man, she is laying in bed
  11. with. And yeah, curiosity simply makes her want to see his face, so by doing that she activates the curse and bring great unhappiness to both of them...
  12. The result is for her, she lose her happines/love with the prince by being banished from the castle and the prince loses his love
  13. and has to marry some ugly princess he doesnt love because she coudlnt hold the promise of never seeing his face. As said he is bewitched by his stepmother with that curse. The girl wakes up back home, teleported , back, we dont hear how.Then, the girl goes on the quest  to find her love again the prince, as she must see him again...
  14. which is a pretty hard thing to do,as the prince lives east of the sun and west of the moon which is as i said, not on the earth!! yea this is short with out spoilers, could tell you the whole if you dont want to read it your self. Now what makes a human lose all his happines , knowingly even , and bring unhappiness to the person they love
  15. well, well, well.... but as you know it is a fairy  tale, and in a fairy tale every thing has more meaninings,
  16. now  the last part, from another perspective, maybe her love to the prince is only real when she has to fight the trouble of getting to the place that lays east of the sun west of the moon where the prince is,
  17. after seeing his real face she just cant forget him,she has to over come all the struggles to get there, which is hard, she takes a long nearly impossible journey
  18. to get back to the prince ! which of course requires  courage, its a long way...
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