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May 22nd, 2015
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  1. In the course of managing the domain, OKCoin always sought to keep a neutral stance regarding the contents of the site, working in collaboration with peers in the industry to present a fun, factual, and balanced introduction to Bitcoin. OKCoin made good on its prior obligations to Mr. Ver for managing the domain to the sum of $10,000 per month without any advertising for OKCoin. However, as Mr. Ver was incentivized to monetize the domain, OKCoin was under constant pressure to fill with advertisements in order to attempt to generate addition revenue for Mr. Ver. These pressures to our shock even included offers to redirect to our entities and for absorbent sums which we rejected in principle.
  2. I'm Damian, I was Product Manager (UX) at OKCoin at the time the company took over custody of I can confirm the OKCoin statement is delibrately misleading.
  3. The intention of the CEO, Star Xu, was to use to advertise OKCoin. I know this because he rejected my first wireframe and asked me to add 2 links to OKCoin, one on the homepage just below the navbar and another just a few hundred pixels down. I still have the wireframes. Xu's micromanagement of this project was among the reasons I left weeks later.
  4. There was no plan for quality content at any point. No plan to add value to the bitcoin ecosystem. There was only a plan to advertise OKCoin.
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