Renaissance Mod Features

Dec 24th, 2018
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  1. //===============================================================================
  2. // Renaissance Mod Features
  3. //===============================================================================
  5. // General Gameplay changes
  6. - All maps can be played in a single mod
  7. - Moving backwards does not penalize your movement speed
  8. - Zombie Chronicles hands for Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen
  9. - New viewhands for P.E.S. suit
  10. - New powerup and perk shaders
  11. - Revive range increased
  12. - Bonfire sale and Perk Drop powerups appear in the later rounds round 12+
  13. - WAW pap camo for all guns (blue/silver)
  14. - Players go down in 3 hits like BO3 (stacks with Jugg)
  15. - Fire sale added to all WAW maps
  16. - Additional powerups such as Bonfire Sale, Firesale, Zombie Blood, All Revive, Bonus Points and two custom ones
  17. - Added PAP spawn powerup into Verruckt and Shi No Numa that spawns pack a punch at a random location around the map, last for 2 minutes.
  18. - Zombie Blood player model is changed to the Nazi zombie model for all maps
  19. - Players cannot be hurt by barrier zombies while in Zombie Blood
  20. - Grabbing a powerup that is already active will stack to it's current time instead of resetting the timer
  21. - Fixed downed players being able to damage alive players
  22. - 1 second immunity to zombies after getting revived in both solo and coop
  23. - Dead Players can type to alive ones
  24. - Musical Easter Eggs can be re-activated 3 rounds after the song finishes playing (includes Nacht radio, Verruckt toliet, and SNN Telephone)
  25. - Included Meat powerup from BO2 grief
  26. - Meat powerup can be thrown at teammates and switching weapons will immediately drop it on the ground
  27. - Meat has no effect on players in zombie blood
  28. - All easter eggs except Ascension's can be completed with any amount of players
  29. - Zombie Chronicles round music
  30. - Player hit sounds from Zombie Chronicles
  31. - Indicator sound in Acension and Call of the Dead when players receive perk rewards
  32. - BO2 death hands
  33. - Decreased round intermission time from 10 to 9 seconds
  34. - Zombie Chronicles bleed out and last stand audio
  35. - Added BO4 style powerup buildup effect (now you don't have to worry about knifing a zombie and getting a nuke)
  36. - All Revive powerup has been added to larger maps, (Also revives players in Who's Who and gives them back their perks)
  37. - Players can give unwanted weapons to others by simply knifing the box for them to grab (Like BO4)
  38. - Instead of set having set locations powerup icons now move to the side like BO2
  39. - Meat powerup cannot be grabbed if the player has a deathmachine or wonderwaffe powerup vise versa
  40. - All characters have pain and grunt/exert sounds
  41. - Box locations now have the BO3 teddy on top
  42. - Mystery Box spawns are random in every level (Including maps with set spawn points such as Acension, & Der Riese)
  44. // Perk Changes
  45. - Total of 14 perks (varies per level)
  46. - Perk Jingles for Quick Revive, Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Stamina, and Mule Kick are changed to the Shadows of Evil ones
  47. - All perks have jingles
  48. - Players can all buy the same perk at once
  49. - Perk limit is set to 6
  50. - Thirdperson perk drink animation from BO2 instead of the radio animation
  51. - Updated perk models to BO3 ones minus Cherry and Who's Who
  52. - Black ops 3 perk bottles
  53. - Additional perks into each map which includes all BO1 DLC Perks, Whos Who, Electric Cherry, Vulture Aid , and Widows Wine
  54. - Mule Kick gives back your third weapon upon purchase after downing, (does not give back limited weapons such as Thundergun)
  55. - To save fx space cherry only has one burst effect for all explosions
  56. - Two perks exclusive to the perk bottle powerup, Bandolier Bandit and Timeslip
  57. - Bandolier Bandit, (Regenerates ammunition for players weapon, increases the amount of Lethal and Tactical grenades, excluded wonder weapons from the list)
  58. - Timeslip, (Increases powerup duration for a minute, spawned powerups stay for longer, increased cycle rate of box and pack a punch, Faster trap cooldown times)
  59. - Deadshot now has a head damage multiplier that goes up for each consistent headshot (it goes down slowly if you miss headshots)
  60. - You can now prone under perks to get 100 points (some locations may not yet you)
  61. - Quick Revive increases health regeneration time (Like BO4)
  62. - Collision sounds added when a player walks up to a perk
  63. - Electric Cherry reduces electric shell shock effects from George and electric zombies
  64. - PHD gives players a 75% damage reduction to explosive hellhounds, negates the screamers shell shock, and immunity to gas clouds.
  66. // Weapon Changes
  67. - Weapons from various Call of Duty games, and some from other games
  68. - All weapons are either re-balanced or tweaked
  69. - Weapons are changed to their real life magazine sizes (excludes HK21, Winchester 94, RPK, ETC)
  70. - Custom muzzleflash effects for each weapon class + upgraded versions
  71. - New shell models for guns
  72. - Additional thirdperson animations for weapons including WAW flamethrower, and BO2 Staff animations.
  73. - Most of the weapons and equipment have been updated to their newer counter parts (such as ZC Thundergun, Hacker, MWR Claymores)
  74. - Custom fire and reload sounds
  75. - Explosives, Gersch Device, Scavenger, and Upgraded shotguns cause zombies to disintegrate (Like in BO2)
  76. - Chalks and strings are changed to match the new weapons
  77. - World At War maps have COD WW2 weapons that replace their old gen counterparts
  78. - Buffed Winter's Howl
  79. - Fix Gpsawn error with the Baby Gun in Shangri La
  80. - Ray Gun Powerup in dead ops grants additional movement speed
  81. - Wall weapons in some maps can be obtained via the mystery box in other maps
  82. - Unique weapons to each map
  83. - Tweaked movement speed for weapon categories
  84. - Faster cooldown between burst shots (Like BO2)
  85. - Scavenger does infinite damage towards zombies
  86. - Replaced BAR w/ Bipod with the regular BAR, costs 1800
  87. - Trench gun is the standard shotgun for both WAW and BO1 maps
  88. - M1911 gibs zombies
  89. - Certain weapons have the ability to switch ammo types when pack a punched
  90. - Galva Knuckles will not affect the melee of the Ballistic Knife
  91. - Neckshots grant players 90 points for a kill
  92. - Rocket launchers now have back blast that can knockdown zombies behind the player when discharged
  93. - Expanding the last shot for the Upgraded M1 Garand causes nearby zombies heads to pop off
  94. - All weapons have sprint and dive animations
  95. - Reviving players that are in Who's Who with the ballistic knife gives them their perks back
  96. - Matroyshka Dolls deal infinite damage
  97. - Wonderwaffe DG-2 Chainlink Arc connects to a full horde now
  99. // Zombie/AI Changes
  100. - Changed eye glow to red (based on KF2 Rioter Glow and MOTD), also in blue for moon
  101. - Black Ops 3 AI zombie animations
  102. - New death animations for the zombies
  103. - Additional Walk, Run, and Sprint animations for the zombies (varies in each map)
  104. - Zombie variants are added and vary in each map, zombie types vary between higher health, teleporters, screamers, virals, suicide bombers, gas zombies, shielders, slashers, cloakers, and pukers
  105. - Hellhound rounds have been reworked and dogs have much less health but there are 4 times as many and increase with player counter
  106. - Flaming dogs cause damage to players when they explode (closer you are the more damage you take)
  107. - Added Fire Breathing Hellhound similar to COD OL (think of it like a hellhound panzer)
  108. - Cyberus/Armored Hellhound type that deals 50 damage instead of 25, more health, and moves slower
  109. - Additional boss enemies added into maps such as the Engineer, Cosmic Silverback, Panzer Soldat, and Scrake
  110. - Zombies use taunt animations when distracted by monkeys, or similar distractions rather than switching to an idle stance
  111. - Zombies spawn at a much faster rate during the rounds for faster paced gameplay
  112. - Added Chronicles zombie audio to cold war maps and original vox for WAW ones
  113. - WAW Nacht zombie sounds for Prototype/Nacht Der Untoten
  114. - All zombie variants are immune to the distractions (Monkeys, Upgraded Crossbow, Meat)
  115. - Additional meat chunk models for when zombies get obliterated
  116. - Headshot FX now includes brain chunks and blood spewing out
  117. - Hellhounds will now appear on some maps which didn't originaly have them
  118. - Secret boss zombie that appears on all maps except Moon
  120. //===============================================================================
  121. //Map Specific Changes
  122. //===============================================================================
  124. // Nacht Der Untoten
  125. - Included World at War intro sound when players first load ingame
  126. - Return of the Marines along with quotes to both Nacht and Verruckt
  127. - Adding 4 locations around the map that each cycle through all 10 perks including pack a punch
  128. - The perks randomize location every 2-5 minutes
  129. - Included Hellhound rounds
  130. - Included Suicider, Cloaker, Shielder, and Armored zombie variants
  131. - Original zombie sounds from WAW Nacht
  132. - Box is now above the ground with it's own stand model and can now move locations
  133. - Mystery box light effect has been added to show the location of the box
  134. - Added 3 new box locations to Nacht
  136. // Verruckt
  137. - Added intro sound for when players first start
  138. - Custom max ammo round, Lockdown Rounds (Players are teleported into a random area and have to hold off an endless horde of zombies for 2 minutes, 30 seconds are added each new lockdown round)
  139. -upon completion players are awarded max ammo
  140. -Hellhounds now appear during the lockdown round
  141. - Added Armored Zombie types
  142. - Return of Verruckt sprinters and deadlier zombies
  143. - Power switch handle is hidden, spawns in any room
  144. - Wonder Waffe DG-2 is obtainable via the mystery box (Like in BO3)
  146. // Shi No Numa
  147. - Added Panzer Soldat boss (immune to traps, DG-2, Cherry, Widows, and Flogger)
  148. - All perks on the map besides Cherry, Deadshot, and Quick revive randomize in the areas opened aswell at the huts
  149. - Suiciders and Gas zombies have a unique look to match the map theme
  150. - Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Screamer, & Teleporter zombies appear
  151. - Added event in the later rounds where mortars fall from the sky that can insta kill players
  152. - Hellhounds spawn alongside zombies in the later round
  153. - Takeo's model no longer has a moustache like on WAW (applies to Der Riese too)
  155. // Der Riese
  156. - Added Scrake boss (Killing Floor 2), immune to the DG-2, teleporters, and electric traps, also has massive HP and enrages once hes at half health.
  157. - Suicider, Cloaker, & Teleporter zombies appear
  158. - Engineers spawn in the later rounds
  159. - Additional powerups are included into the teleporter rotation
  160. - Fixed players getting stuck on geometry
  161. - There are now 3 power switches located around the map and when activated will turn on their respective areas
  163. // Kino Der Toten
  164. - Suicider, and viral zombies appear
  165. - AUG can be purchased on the wall under the turret for 1200 points
  166. - Engineers spawn in the later rounds
  167. - If a player is upgrading their weapon the teleporter will wait for them to take their gun
  168. - Turret model is changed from the Type 92 to the MG42 to match the German theme
  169. - Increased chance of powerup drops in the easter egg rooms
  170. - Extra drops added into the powerup cycle for the easter egg rooms
  172. // Five
  173. - Thief has two additional sprint animations
  174. - Engineers appear on round 12+
  175. - New viewhands for all characters
  176. - Hellhounds now appear every 5-7 Rounds
  177. - Dogs will now use the teleporters like zombies
  178. - Elevators are disabled during dog rounds
  179. - After the power is turned on Thief rounds randomize with dog rounds
  181. // Dead Ops Arcade
  182. - 3 hit down system
  183. - Slightly faster respawn time for downed players in coop
  184. - Powerups such as weapon drops, turrets, and others last slightly longer
  185. - Increased chance of entering the Room of Fate
  186. - Fates are always in the same order
  187. - Zombies health reduced slightly
  188. - Powerup models changed to their BO3 counterparts with few exceptions
  189. - Changed playermodels
  190. - Increased player movement speed
  191. - Added emotes at the end of the match
  192. - Powerups such as Heli, & Tank can spawn in earlier rounds
  193. - More variety to zombie animations
  194. - Ability to switch between first and third person with the melee key (can only be activated by host in coop)
  195. - Updated powerup models and sounds
  197. // Ascension
  198. - Cosmic Silverback Boss (Has immunity towards massive amounts of damage, ground slam attacks can knock down zombies)
  199. - Replaced turret model with RPD to match the Russian theme
  200. - Added back Double Tap
  201. - Hellhounds now appear past round 15 alongside zombies
  202. - Monkeys don't arrive until you purchase Jugg, Stamina, Speed, PHD, Or Quick Revive
  203. - Increased health for perk machines to 500
  204. - Monkeys deal more damage as you get closer to the machine
  205. - Decreased monkey health to 50
  206. - Decreased cooldown after using the lunar lander from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
  207. - Increased cooldown after calling the lunar lander from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
  208. - Increase amount of monkeys per pack from 3 to 4
  209. - Power ups can spawn from monkeys
  210. - Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Armored, Screamer, & Teleporter zombies appear
  211. - More monkeys spawn but has less health and deal less damage to perks
  212. - Completion of the Easter Egg rewards players with 90 second death machines and permanent perks
  213. - Changed reward for destroying the rocket from double points to a free perk bottle, and bonfire sale
  214. - increased duration of the centrifuge to 45 seconds
  215. - Decreased centrifuge cooldown time from 90 seconds to 50 seconds
  216. - Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit
  218. // Call of the Dead
  219. - Uses Round transition music from Voyage of Despair
  220. - George will spawn between rounds 5-7
  221. - Changed powerup model for Wonderwaffe to a more appropriate model
  222. - Decreased the delay between switching Pack-a-Punch locations from 100-120 seconds to 30-60 seconds
  223. - Completion of the Easter Egg also rewards players with permanent perks.
  224. - Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Screamer, & Teleporter zombies appear
  225. - Steps have been changed for Easter Egg, but are the same in Solo and Coop Now
  226. - Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit
  227. - Wunderwaffe powerup from sidequest stays on the map until picked up
  229. // Shangri La
  230. - Added new locations to include Widows Wine, Electric Cherry, and Whos Who
  231. - All perks randomize locations (minus revive)
  232. - Increased Pack A Punch duration time to 2 minutes before the water fall activates
  233. - Added Pack-a-Punch FX
  235. - Eclipse mode can be activated with any amount of players, simply hit all the buttons to activate
  236. - Easter Egg is completable with 1-4 players
  237. - Removed extra FX
  238. - Added Slasher, Suicider, & Armored zombies
  239. - Punji spikes now deal damage to zombies
  240. - Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit
  242. // Sidequest steps edited by Jbleezy
  243. - Stepping stones step: stones stay down until a new stone on the same side has been stepped on
  244. - Waterslide step: only 1 player now required
  245. - No longer recompletable in a match
  246. - Melee stones step: Increased melee range for stones
  247. - Mud pit step: radio is no longer required to be played in order to complete
  249. // Moon
  250. - Added Cyborg Bloat/Puker zombie that spawns on round 7
  251. - Hellhounds can be spawned as a negative effect from Q.E.D
  252. - Added dog rounds to Moon level
  253. - Because of the Hacker you cannot give other players your weapons from the box by knifing
  254. - Easter Egg is compatable with 1-4 players
  255. - You have to spawn as Richtofen in order to do the complete soul swap sequence
  256. - Removed Who's Who due to issues (NML and Moon related)
  257. - All powerups are included into the jump pad powerup cycle
  258. - Receiving Bay door closes during dog rounds
  259. - Players cannot use the teleporter on moon if the next round is a dog round
  260. - Moonman has a chance of sprinting in the later rounds
  261. - Reduced the ramp up time in No Mans Land to 90 seconds instead of 20 seconds
  262. - Powerups can spawn in No Mans Land
  263. - Galva Knuckles can be found near the AK-74u area near the teleporter
  264. - Zombie variants, (Gas, Juggernauts) appear in NML after teleporting from moon on round 7+
  266. //===============================================================================
  267. //Patch 1.1 Changelog
  268. //===============================================================================
  269. - Headshot dmg should be applied properly now for armored zombies (shoot to head to kill them quicker)
  270. - Headshots also deal more damage to engineers
  271. - Shrieker scream frequency reduced
  272. - Added gas effect for zombies being damaged by gas cloud
  273. - Fixed special zombies using special abilities even tho a player is in zombie blood
  274. - Invisible zombies should now properly cloak
  275. - Viral movement speed increased to 1.45
  276. - Electric Cherry reduces electric shell shock effects from George and electric zombies
  277. - PHD gives players a 75% damage reduction to explosive hellhounds, negates the screamers shell shock, and immunity to gas clouds.
  278. - Reverted easter egg steps for Call of the Dead back to the original steps (Solo and Coop)
  279. - Changed reward for destroying the rocket from double points to a free perk bottle, and bonfire sale
  280. - increased duration of the centrifuge to 45 seconds
  281. - Decreased centrifuge cooldown time from 90 seconds to 50 seconds
  282. - Increased health for perk machines to 500
  283. - Monkeys deal more damage as you get closer to the machine
  284. - Decreased monkey health to 50
  285. - Decreased cooldown after using the lunar lander from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
  286. - Increased cooldown after calling the lunar lander from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
  287. - Increased chance of powerup drops in the easter egg rooms in Kino
  288. - Extra drops added into the powerup cycle for the easter egg rooms for Kino
  289. - Reduced cost for power switches in Der Riese to 750 was 1000
  290. - The first hellhound round only has the regular dogs, explosive ones, and cerebus while newer variants are introduced the following dog round
  291. - Decreased the delay between switching Pack-a-Punch locations from 100-120 seconds to 30-60 seconds in Call of the Dead
  292. - Pap spawn powerup now drops after completing lock down round in verruckt
  293. - Rewarded players pap spawn after killing the last hellhound for the 3rd dog round and beyond (Shi No Numa)​​​​
  295. //===============================================================================
  296. //Patch 1.2 Changelog
  297. //===============================================================================
  298. - Decreased Scrake boss damage , also has a chance to spawn powerups
  299. - Cloaker zombie types now appear on Moon
  300. - Added a text for mystery box that explains you can share guns via knife
  301. - Updated bonfire sale powerup model to BO4 one (To prevent confusion between bonfire sale and pap spawn)
  302. - Gas zombie damage nerf by 3%
  303. - Screamer attack is less frequent and health has been reduced from 1000 to 750
  304. - Screamer stun last 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds
  305. - Reduced the amount of locations for the power handle in Verruckt
  306. - Lowered the amount of zombie variants by 5%
  307. - Scrake health reduced
  308. - Shielder health and damage reduced
  309. - Added achievable endings into each map
  310. - Removed blue eyed zombies feature from vulture aid (too much confusion)
  311. - Added HUD to indicate that you can change ammo types for guns that have them
  312. - Exo boss should be more common now
  313. - Added Death Machine powerup into Nacht and Shangri La (idk how I didn't do that in the first place)
  314. - Wonderwaffe powerup model in Call of the Dead should now show up as a lighting bolt
  316. //===============================================================================
  317. //Patch 1.3 Changelog
  318. //===============================================================================
  319. - Increase the range of money earn from the player only Bonus Points to range between 100-1200
  320. - Reduced engineer boss health
  321. - Cost to start challenges reduced to 3500 now
  322. - Knifing players who are in Who's Who (Including yourself) with the paped ballistic knife will give you back all your perks (Like WII BO1)
  323. - Deadshot Daquiri gives more points now for each headshot kill (think of the Buried sniper perma perk but not as op)
  324. - Powerups should be more frequent now
  325. - Added a shield powerup as a reward for completing all your challenges
  326. - Shield Powerup function: Grants the player 2 extra health points for the rest of the game (stacks with Jugg)
  327. - Added turret powerup into the drop cycle
  328. - Turret Powerup Function: Like the Q.E.D spawns a weapon that spins around decimating any zombies in the area (WATCH OUT FOR SPLASH DAMAGE)
  329. - PHD disables shellshock from Nova, Kamikazie and Hellhound explosions now
  330. - Fix the issue where Bandolier Bandit wouldn't regen ammo (now works on wonder weapons too)
  331. - Speed Cola now allows you to switch weapons and drink perks faster
  332. - Players can sprint indefinitely with Stamina Up now (Like BO4 Modifier)
  333. - Added Kamikazie variants to moon
  334. - Fixed issue where Widows Wine was not buyable on Five (Relocated now in the Pig Room)
  335. - Moved locations for Deadshot, Double Tap, and Who's Who in Ascension
  336. - Players are rewarded a free perk alongside bonfire sale if the pentagon thief is killed before he can steal anyone's weapons
  337. - Mustang and Sally can now cause nearby zombies to combust from the blast wave
  338. - New hellhound type Anfuhrer hund (Leader Dog), mixes all dog variants into one, appears in the later rounds 20+
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