MG roulette (shirohebi)

Jul 7th, 2016
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  1. Will was somewhat confused.
  3. He had arrived at the place down the street his friend Jake apparently intended to turn into a café to help out with setting up the place, at least that part was fine as Jake had the tools ready and everything.
  5. What he wasn't expecting when he got inside was meeting Jake's fiancée.
  7. He had heard about the roulette from all kinds of sources, how could he not? From the news on TV to people talking on the streets, he had got a pretty good idea of how the roulette functioned. Even then he was surprised with the women is friend seemed smitten with. But then who wouldn't be silenced be seeing a woman that was a eastern dragon watering plants with minor clouds?
  9. That being said, Kozui was a nice woman, he had to admit that the fact that she was Inhuman was a thing he kept coming back to in his mind. Still it didn't look she would cause problems so he put his thoughts about her aside to do what he came her for while trying not to glance at her every time she went by.
  11. “So... uh Jake” Will got his friends attention while screwing in table leg. “How did you even get the money to get this place?”
  13. Jake set chairs around a table as he answered. “Her parents funded it all.”
  15. “Her parents? Are they like her?” Will asked.
  17. “Her dad's human.”
  19. “How do the even have the money for this?” will question checking the joint wasn't loose.
  21. They run a shrine with several maidens and her older sister from what they. It seems they are treated like goddesses or something and given the stuff both her and her mother pulled I can easily believe that.” Jake then moved on to flip up the next table. “Kouzui's mother is technically the one who owns this place.”
  23. Will whistled as he screwed in another leg. “Sounds like the high life, done see why she would give it up to come here.”
  25. “Actually it was strict as hell along with this upbringing about `proper laidies`. It grated her so much much that used the game to get out of that, I haven't met Kozui's sister but from what I've been told her sister loves the attention and worship she gets while Kozui hates it. So she contacted the wizard guy without letting her mum know.
  27. A few things... happened and her mother had come to take her back only for Kozui to shout at her about her issues. They came to a agreement and now I work for Lady Raiko.” Jake grabbed more chairs to set.
  29. Will accepted the little story as it sounded believable enough (the fact that the women in question were otherworldly dragons with water powers not withstanding.) Setting the completed table down Will moved on to another. “So who's idea was it for this?”
  31. “My mother's” Will almost jumped as he hadn't noticed Kozui entered the room. The Ryu floated to avoid knocking over the furniture. “She believes that this would be a nice method of learning about this world from the people that come here as a restaurant would be to much work for two people and she detests alcohol so a bar was out of the question. Speaking of which...” she turned to Jake. “Mother is sending a maiden here today in with a supply of herbs for the `exotic` teas, if the tables are set up we could open at the end of the week.”
  33. Jake nodded to her and went back to placing the tables and chairs. Kozui's attention turned to Will. “I wonder, have you received the email as well?”
  35. “If I have I don't know, I haven't checked my e-mail in months” Will shrugged as he went for is phone, he need a brake from the tables anyway. “Besides what I done think I need... it...” will drifted off when he saw the e-mail in between the usual spam and chainmail. “Huh, so its here, but it could be fake.”
  37. “Hold on a sec, let me see it.” Jake got the phone in his hands. Staring at it for a sec, spoke. “There's no send date or reply address. This should be the right one.”
  39. Getting the phone back he opened the E-mail, as the video rolled on. “I honestly didn't think I'd get the email. Still do you think I should go for it?”
  41. “Don't see a problem, really though I could be a bit biased what with how it turned out for me” Jake smiled at his fiancée who look away in pleasant embarrassment.
  43. “Well then, it doesn't hurt to try” will said as he clicked the button.
  45. Shirohebi
  47. “What did you get will?” jack asked, Kozui looked curious as well.
  49. “Shirohebi apparently.”
  51. “I didn't think they would sign up for this” Kozui said thoughtfully.
  53. “Sounds like you know them.” Jake said
  55. “Oh, sorry I didn't tell you, Shirohebi's are the maidens that work around the shrine. Most of the day to day workings are done by them. The maiden that is delivering the tea is one of them.” She informed the two.
  57. “Huh, neat. So are they dragons like you or...?” Will thought that he might as well just get some info out of someone who meets the regularly.
  59. “Snakes actually. They do share our association with water.” Kozui looked like she was trying to remember facts.
  61. “Interesting. For the rest I think I'll ask her personally as I get to know her.” Will took a look around at the work he and Jake where doing. “This will just take another half hour and then were done, so when does a monster get wind of the roulette?”
  63. “As soon as the result pops up if my experience is anything to go by I did hear that one time a guy had been mobbed by pack of wolf girls right after he hit the button.”
  65. “You must be careful will.” Kozui said with narrowed eyes. “Shirohebi's are known to-”
  67. She was cut off by a sudden thump from the storage room. The three of them looked at each other before Will decided to go in first. When he opened the door the first thing he saw was blood read eyes staring at him. Silence reigned as they stared at each other before will shook himself out of the trance he felt he was in to get a better look.
  69. Long snow white hair surrounded a pretty and pale Asian face. Her slender body was dressed in a loose Kimono with lilac snake and flame designs on it, Like what he had seen with Kozui she had the lower body of a snake, but unlike the dragon the scales seemed softer and the where coloured white along with a light purple underbelly.
  71. “Greetings stranger” The woman's voice lifted mind from examining her. “Is this the place soon to be the `Four winds` Tea shop?”
  73. “Yeah, you've managed to end up in the storage room.” Will said and the woman let out a sigh of relief. “Your the one Lady Raiko sent here?” he asked as Jake and kozui entered.
  75. “Yeah... I was sent to make sure these where delivered to get these derived to- Ah! Lady kozui!” The snakewoman stuttered with a bow.
  77. Kozui moved over to her “Relax Suzuka, Mother and sister aren't here, I've told you before that you don't have to do that for me.”
  79. The now named Suzuka visibly relaxed. “My a apologies Lady kozui, if I may ask, who are these gentlemen?” She said gesturing to Will and Jake.
  81. “Jake here is my fiancée, you've already met Will.” Kozui said.
  83. “Will...” The shirohebi repeated as she gazed at the him long enough to make will a little uncomfortable. “You have such wonderful eyes...”
  85. Will tried to look as not lost as he was. “Uh okay... I take it your one of the shirohebi that take care of the shrine?”
  87. Suzuka's eyes seemed to sparkle “Yes, though recently I applied to that wizards game to take a break from shrine duties and I just so happened to get the call to here, to I figured Lady Raiko wouldn't mind.”
  89. Will decided that to lie to her would be rude despite his feelings. “Well that's nice and all, as I was one who used the email.”
  91. Suzuka stopped as she stared will in the eye, then her already unsettling smile became worryingly wide. “So I was right when I looked at you, my dear destined one.” she said and before he knew it, will was in her semi coiled hug, the feeling was pleasantly soft but was a little unsettling the way it moved.
  93. “Destined one?” Will asked, he was sure that this woman was the shirohebi he was meant to meet but something was putting warning signs up as he managed to pry her upper body off him but was still stuck in her tail.
  95. “Why of course!” The snake woman looked like she had descended into her own world “Isn't it wonder full to for two souls to come together under the power of fate? I promised myself when I find my beloved I'll be sure to to show him how much I love him!” Suzuka sighed to her self “Oh what wonderful things that we will do together?” She started to wave back and fro, like a snake charmed by a flute.
  97. Jack was confused as Kozui's palms met her face. “Goddammit” She muttered.
  99. Will on the other hand was great-full the coils were loss as he started to push himself out. “Well that's great and all but I don't you think you should calm down? I'm sure we could get to know each-other but I don't think love at first sight's a thing. Trust me I've been there.”
  101. Will's then thought that he must have said something wrong as Suzuka's smile fell like a tone of bricks as she stiffened. Kozui seemed to have come to a realisation as horror grew on her face. “Oh no.”
  103. “Been there? You have had... others before me?” her tone had become stuttery and cold “My beloved had tried to find love that wasn't mine? What was the need of that? Why didn't you wait for me?” The shirohebi was starting to tremble.
  105. “Oi! I didn't know you existed before today! Its not my fault!” Will growled out. “If it wasn't for the game we would have never met! Besides, what if this doesn't work out?”
  107. Suzuka's expression looked like she had been slapped in the face by those words. “You believe this could fall apart? That we could fail?”
  109. “I can't be certain about a relationship when I've just met you, is that going to be a problem?” Will asked. He was almost fully out the coils
  111. Suzuka stilled and thought to herself before looking Will in the eye as something seemed to click together in her head. “It doesn't matter, its easily fixed as all I need...” her tail was still wrapped once around his chest, a fact that made it self know when it tightened and dragged him towards her body while she rose her hand as it became engulfed in blue flames along with a scary expression emerging on her face. “Is to make sure you've only got eyes for-”
  113. “Suzuka!” Kozui shouted with authority, so much that the flames in Suzuka's hands disappeared and she straightened at attention while the two men in the room jumped at the shout. “What the hell do you think you're doing?”
  115. “Lady Kozui I just was-”
  117. The Ryu cut her off again. “Look at him!” She pointed at Will who was a mix of angry and confused but didn't get a word in her as she continued. “This man has done nothing wrong and yet you want to use your flame? This is not the way to start a relationship!” she shouted at the maiden.
  119. The snake woman looked like she was listening to reason as tears began to flow down her face. “forgive be Lady Kozui, I was just so exited to meet him that the thought that I could lose him made me...” her words fell to sobs.
  121. Kozui left Suzuka to her crying turned to Jake. “Jake, I think we all need a cup of tea, you and Will should go and set the mugs, Suzuka and I shall talk alone.” She said sternly. Not wanting to further annoy her the men excused themselves from the storage room.
  123. Jake prepared the tea as Will was trying to figure out what that flame was that the Shirohebi planned to use on him. He was so deep in thought that he barely noticed the others gathering around the table and a mug of fresh tea being placed in front of him.
  125. “Right” Kozui started.“let me start by saying that while there is no excuse for her actions, shirohebi's are known to be a little... intense when it comes to romance. I was going to tell you that before she came but I guess it doesn't matter now.” When she finished she nudged Suzuka to get her to speak.
  127. “I'm sorry for my actions, will. I was way to eager to finally see a man that I could call my husband that I wanted to makes sure every thing was perfect” She said softly, her head was bowed and she refused to look anyone in the eye.
  129. “Right now what I want to know is what the hell was that blue fire about?” Will question as Suzuka put her head even lower in shame.
  131. “Lust fire of the white snake” Kozui answered for her. “A man burned by the fire will be driven only towards the one who burned him, least he be driven mad. Which is why I stopped her, using it before you've even become a couple is insulting to you.”
  133. Will felt like we should shout at her want for using such a thing on him be she looked distraught as it was. “Well then, what do we do now?”
  135. Suzuka head sapped up and looked at will desperation. “Please don't reject me! I'll do anything to make it up to you, I promise I'll-” her almost hysterical rambling stopped when Kozui place a hand on her shoulder.
  137. Will was unsure what do, he was angry at her for tying to do such a thing but he felt like he didn't and to know what she'd do if he abandoned her.
  139. Jake took a sip of tea and then chose now to speak. “I've got a idea. Think that the to of you have controlled visits.” seeing everyone's confusion he continued. “Suzuka already has the job of haluing the herbs for us, if you to want, you can spend time getting to know each other here when she comes by, that way we can keep a eye on her if she manages to lose herself again.”
  141. “That sounds good to me, any thoughts about this Will?” Kozui asked.
  143. Will look around at the others be fore his eyes rested on Suzuka and the hopeful look on her face. “I can see how much you want to let this work, I still don't like what your tried to do but I'll five you a chance.” he sighed.
  145. Suzuka's face brightened with a smile, while Kozui looked grateful. “Then its settled. But know this Suzuka, you almost caused a load of trouble and as such you will be having a talk with my mother the other shrine members, both as punishment and as a warning to the other maidens about thinking first.” she said sternly.
  147. “Of course Lady Kozui” her maiden bowed.
  149. Kozui then drang half her mug in one go and released a big sigh. “I came here so I wouldn't have to do this crap.”
  151. Will chuckled “I'm thankful for it, without you here who knows what could of happened.”
  153. Jake joined in. “Besides, you parents were nice. And I still haven't met that sister of yours.”
  155. The glare she sent Jake could break glass. “And as long as I can help it thats how it'll say. I am not having her come here and...”
  157. The Ryus words turned in to grumbles as Suzuka turn to will “Um if its alight with you...I would like to like to know more about you before I go back.”
  159. Will just shrugged. “Might as well.”
  161. The four of them spent the rest of the day talking and Suzuka departed back to the shrine on better terms. Will thought the he could see him self with a woman like her, but first he had to tame that paranoia of hers. Either that or he should look up how counter that fire just in case.
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